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This is my second Evangelion and Star Wars crossover. It's almost the total opposite of the other one, because this time it's only got a tiny bit of Star Wars in it. Hope you like it!


Darth Maul awoke suddenly. 'Where am I?' he thought. 'Am I not dead?' he looked around. He seemed to be in some kind of forest. But this was no forest he recognized. And what kind of trees where they? He got up and- he got up!? He looked down, and saw that he had his legs.

'What?' he thought. 'I remember being cut in half by that Jedi. How am I still whole? Where am I?' Upon further inspection, he discovered that he was also wearing his cloak, with the hood over his head. He checked his belt to find his lightsaber, undamaged. 'But it was cut in half,' he thought. 'What is going on?' Suddenly, he heard loud noises coming from behind him. He turned around. 'What is that?' He saw what appeared to be a large- no, gigantic blue droid being attacked by a giant glowing purple worm. Currently, the worm seemed to be burrowing its way into the droid.

Maul didn't know what the Worm was, but he got a strange feeling from it. Some instinct inside of him just screamed, "Kill It!" He ran with superhuman-like speed towards the droid, and began running and jumping up along its body. He activated one of the blades on his lightsaber. He reached the droids chest, jumped up, and then brought his saber down through the Worm, carving halfway through the width of it's body. The Worm gave a terrible screech. As Maul fell towards the ground, he activated the second blade and sent his lightsaber flying back up to finish the Worm off.

He landed on his feet, the force still flowing through him. He guided his lightsaber down without looking, catching it and deactivating the blades.

The Worm howled out again in agony, and disintegrated.


Rei froze when the pain vanished, her hand stopping just above the self-destruct. 'The Angel...' she thought. 'It's dead?' Armisael had died, and the mental link it had created with Rei had died with it.


Everyone who had been watching the scene inside the NERV complex was stunned. What on earth had that black thing been? And how had it been able to kill the Angel so easily?


"What?" said Shinji, sitting inside Unit 1. He had seen the black thing run up Unit 0. It had looked human in shape. But that wasn't all. Whatever it had been had saved Rei.


Maul stood up, and looked up at the blue droid. Who could make a droid that large? And why had he sensed life when he had run up it? He looked around, and saw an equally large purple droid. 'What are these things?' he thought. 'And more importantly, where am I?'


OMG short! All of my first chapters are. And it's about time I got back to Evangelion. A note to anyone waiting for the next chapter of "Star Wars: The Shinji Saga":I've hit a major snag. I've sort of lost interest in it as well. This is only temporary. What I really need is a break from it (what, like three or four months isn't enough?) for a while. So if you were waiting for it, please forgive me.

I've got another Eva fic planned, and I'll get chapter one out soon.

And I don't know if Maul was out of character. He didn't do much in this chapter, and we don't know much about his character anyway. Well, I'll do my best.

Hope you liked it!