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Gendo sat in front of the Seele committee. They were each silent, waiting for Gendo's report. After a few moments, gathering his thoughts, he finally spoke.

"There has been," he said carefully, "a problem."

"A problem?" asked one.

"What sort of problem?' asked another.

"Explain yourself," said a third.

"Something unexpected has come up," said Gendo. "The last Angel that arrived."

"I understand that it infected one of the Eva's," said a Seele member. "This is the second time that such a thing has happened under your watch, Ikari." Gendo grimaced.

"That is not the problem I was referring to," said the man, keeping his cool.

"Then what?" asked another Seele member.

"An unexpected visitor has arrived," said Gendo. "He appears to be from another world entirely. He is neither man nor Angel."

"What?" asked one incredulously.

"How can that be?" asked another.

"Explain this, Ikari," demanded a third.

"I do not know how to explain it," said Ikari. "After all, there is nothing about this in the Scrolls." The members were all silent, as was Gendo.

"Not in the Scrolls," muttered one.

"What could that mean?" asked a second.

"This is unprecedented," said a third. "What should we do?"

"At present," said Gendo, "there is not much we can do. The subject is a fascinating one, albeit highly dangerous. I am currently masquerading him as a human child."

"It may be best to dispose of him," said one.

"I agree," said a second.

"The risks may outweigh any potential benefits, Ikari," said a third.

"I assure you, gentlemen," said Ikari, "I have taken all of this into consideration. However, he may prove a valuable asset. And, as of now, he is NERV property, and I will do with him as I see fit. He brought with him a weapon capable of cutting through Angels and solid metal with ease, and he projects some kind of field, or a force of some kind, that is able to bypass the Angels' AT Fields. He killed the Angel by himself, and he did all of this without an Eva. He is, therefor a valuable asset."

The other members were silent. They pondered what to do about this new situation. Unbeknownst to Gendo, they had muted themselves to him for the time being, as they spoke amongst themselves.

"Ikari is becoming untrustworthy," said one. "He is keeping secrets from us."

"Becoming?" asked a second. "I have never fully trusted him."

"Regardless," said a third. "We must now develop a contingency for this as well. A new player that can combat the Angels directly. Without use of an Eva. This presents a danger that needs to be considered." They all unmuted and resumed talking with Ikari.

"We will leave this situation to your discretion for now," said one.

"But we expect you to report to us about this from now on," said a second.

"Also, in the future, notify us of any drastic events like this immediately," said a third.

"I understand," said Gendo. With that, the committee vanished. Gendo sat there for some time, contemplating. He knew Seele didn't trust him. But he didn't care.

He could keep them at bay. He could keep this situation under control. While the time for Third Impact was not yet at hand, it soon could be. For now, though, he must be patient. He'd waited this long. He could stand to wait a while longer.


Darth Maul prepared his room as he did each morning. He had found the cameras hidden in and around and disabled them, as he had been doing. They were hidden better each time, but Maul was meticulous in his search, and left nothing to chance. Once he had disabled each camera (seven, this morning) he hid his lightsaber in the most secretive place he could. So far it had not been found. It would remain so.

He then got dressed for school and gathered his things. He walked out the door, and then secured the room with a complex lock he'd built soon after receiving the room. It always showed signs of a break in, but he was satisfied that by the time anyone was able to crack the lock they would already be mentally exhausted and in no condition to search his room properly. He left nothing to chance.

He arrived at school early, managing to, for a few instants, lose his Section 2 escorts. Upon arriving at school, he saw what appeared to be Shinji and Rei. They were standing together, quite close. They were far enough away that Maul couldn't quite see what they were doing, but it did not matter to him. He assumed they were talking.

Shinji and Rei, meanwhile, had just broken off a kiss when Shinji turned and saw Maul coming, his black and red skin standing out very well, even though it was a cloudy day. They moved slightly apart, knowing that were Maul was, Section 2 would be close behind. Maul walked up to them, and knew he only had minutes, so he began talking right away.

"Shinji," he said, "Rei."

"Hello, Maul," said Rei.

"Hey," said Shinji.

"Shinji," said Maul, "I would speak with you." He began walking, motioning for Shinji to follow him." Shinji looked to Rei, who smiled at him to go on ahead. Shinji quickly caught up to Maul. They rounded the corner, and then Maul turned to speak.

"I will keep this brief," he said, "as there is not much time before Section 2 arrives. I have mentioned to you that one may be taught in the ways of the Force." Shinji nodded. "The fact is, Shinji, that you are a Force Sensitive."

"I'm a... what?" asked Shinji.

"A Force Sensitive," said Maul. "You are attuned to the Force, though you may not know it. I wish to teach you how to control it."

"W-what!" Maul put a hand over his mouth.

"Be quiet, boy," he hissed. "I only just lost Section 2. They cannot know about this, understand?" Shinji nodded.

"But why me?" asked Shinji. "Why do you want to teach me?"

"I have my reasons," said Maul. "Chief among them, at present, are these two: the first is that I desire to pass my knowledge to someone else. I have my own ideas about how the Force may be taught, and I wish to teach those ways. The next is simply this: you have helped me since I arrived here. You have helped me acclimate to this 'school life' and have taught me the native language. I wish to teach you something in return. You have made my life easier. Allow me to improve yours as well."

"I see," said Shinji, thoughtfully. "I... I don't know what to say. Well... what could be the harm in it?"

"Good," said Maul, taking that as an agreement. "Then I shall teach you. But you must follow my training, and do as I instruct, understand?"

"I-I guess."

"For now," said Maul, "We will proceed as normal. I must be free of Section 2, and so I must act as if I am trustworthy. Continue to help me blend in, and access to a near unlimited power will be yours."

Shinji admitted to himself that Maul sounded sinister as he said this. But something inside told him to go along with it. Shinji nodded, and the two of them rounded the corner again and began walking back towards Rei. Maul, now in a good mood, was actually smiling.

Section 2 agents finally reached the school in time to see Maul, Shinji, and Rei standing together, simply talking and laughing. The three children noticed that there were four agents today rather than the usual two. Unbeknownst to them, two of the agents were Kazuma and Mizaki, the same agents who'd been ordered to follow Rei.

"Four?" asked Maul upon their approach.

"Yes," answered Mizaki, keeping to himself his thoughts about how odd it was to see Rei smiling. "You were a hassle for Section 2 today Maul, deliberately trying to lose them."

"I wouldn't say trying," said Maul, smirking. Behind his sunglasses, Mizaki narrowed his eyes at Maul.

"The point is," said the agitated agent, "in response two more agents have been assigned to you today. You had best improve your behavior and cooperation."

"My apologies," said Maul, surprisingly humbly. "I was only having a bit of fun. I will cooperate the rest of the day, I assure you."

"You'd best," said Mizaki.


The day passed mostly uneventfully, until PE class. Maul played a few games of basketball with Shinji, and then challenged another group of three players to a 3-on-1 match. After soundly beating them, he was approached by the coach.

"Son," said the coach, "have you considered joining the school's Basketball Club?"

"Hm?" asked Maul.

"The team," said the coach. "We could use a player like you."

"And what would happen if I joined this team?" asked Maul.

"You don't get out much, do you?" asked the coach. Maul shook his head, which prompted some head shaking from the coach. "If you join the team, we can compete against other schools."

"There are others?" asked Maul.

"Of course!" exclaimed the coach. "Things may be rough in the world right now, but we still have enough people that we need multiple schools, especially in a city this size. Join the team, and together we can wipe out the competition." Something in the way the instructor had put that appealed to Maul.

"Alright," he said. "I will join this team."


"Congratulations, Maul," said Shinji. It was after school. Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and Maul were walking together, as they had to report to NERV after school that day.

"I can't believe you've been here for, like, a week and you're already on the basketball team," said Asuka. "I hate to admit it, but considering you didn't even know what the game was before you got here, that's pretty impressive."

"Thank you, Asuka," said Maul, surprising the group. "I enjoy the sport, but I tire of the limited competition at the school. Perhaps the other teams will provide more of a challenge."

"I think I should warn you, though," said Shinji, "when it comes to games between schools, there are more rules. You'll be working with a full team, not just by yourself." Maul frowned.

"That almost takes the fun out of it," he said.

Rei remained silent. While they had all been congratulating Maul, they had overlooked one thing. Gendo Ikari. Ultimately it was up to him wether or not to allow Maul to join the team, as he was the one overseeing Maul. If her past experience was any indication, he would likely not be allowed to join, as it would be seen as a distraction.

She kept this to herself though, not wanting to spoil the moment for her newfound friend. He would likely find out himself soon enough.


"These sync ratios are amazing," said Ritsuko. All three pilots were performing above and beyond normal levels.

"I know," said Misato, looking at the numbers. "Come to think of it, the kids are all in better moods lately."

"Oh?" asked Ritsuko. Misato suddenly feared she'd said to much. She had been talking with Shinji about his situation with Rei, and although she approved and was happy for them, she had a good feeling that she should kep her mouth shut about it all.

"Yeah," said Misato. "Well, at least I can say that for Asuka and Shinji. She's been recovering pretty well since her incident with the Fifteenth. And Shinji's just been in a better mood than usual lately. I think it has something to do with Maul."

"What do you mean?" asked Ritsuko.

"Well," said Misato, carefully picking her words, "remember that the Sixteenth attacked Rei. She was fairly close to dying before Maul stepped in."

"Go on."

"Well, Shinji almost lost a friend that day, right?" said Misato. "But, now she's ok. Couple that with the fact that Asuka is also feeling better, and Shinji's mood was bound to improve."

"I see," said Ritsuko, looking back at the numbers. "Well, you live with two of them, so I'll have to assume you know what you're talking about. That doesn't explain Rei's increased performance, though."

"Who knows with her," said Misato, trying to blow it off. "She's always so quiet, you know? Who knows what she's feeling at any given time. Besides, she could actually be happy too. I mean, she did survive that attack. Maybe it's making her appreciate life a little more?" It was a weak argument and she knew it, but Ritsuko seemed to buy it.

"I suppose it doesn't matter," said Ritsuko. "The numbers are better. That's what's important." She activated the intercom. "Alright pilots, you're done for the day. We got really good results. Keep up the good work."


Maul sat in his room. He had checked his room, and actually found no evidence of a break in. There were no new cameras, and the lock had not been tampered with at all. He began meditating, reassembling his lightsaber.

He had chosen his apprentice, and the boy had been informed. He had worked on his furnace, and made some progress. Soon, training could begin. And soon, things would begin to change.

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