This is a part of my ZTS series.

Created back in 1996, before FF came to be.

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INFO on main Character:

His name: Zack Dutches - - - - Real name: Zapadoslovenesky Kraj Dutches Beoulve - - - Zack (for short) - - - Other name: Ryu - - -Alias name: Ryu Erick

Occupation: Soldier - - - Hero of Soldier - - - Dragon King

Human Height: 5'10''

Human Weight: 120 lbs

Dragon Height: 30'10"

Dragon Weight: 9,000 lbs

Favorite weapon(s): sword - - Sword of Courage (A.K.A. Dragon Sword - - only one of its kind; sword wielded by his father Kegdan) gun - - BlackTail 9mm handgun - - - the Sword of Courage is the most powerful sword throughtout the universe and galaxies! Immune to all elements and magic, it can destroy any enchanted, special or strong weapon. Zack uses his sword often and hopes to destory anyone who thinks their sword is powerful! It can even cut galaxies in half!

Race: Dragon (pure bred Dragonian)

Birthplace: Dragonia - - - Beoulve Residence - - - Ivlaic

Rank in Dragonia: Dragon Defender - - - Dragon King

Home Planet(s): Dragonia & Earth

Sworn Enemy(s): Ajorsem the Virus, Blaze King of Darkness, Kazer Prince of Darkness


Born to a powerful race of dragons. Natural shape shifters, they take on the form of humans on their home planet. They could change into their true form during battles and anytime they want, there were also dragon slayers cause wild dragons also lived here as well as drakes and wyverns . Twins are common in this race, rarely a single child is born. A great war raged on Dragonia, a war raging between two dragons over rulership of a kingdom, Ivlaic. The Black Dragon and The White Dragon, but in this war a third party was in play, the Dark Dragon. The Dark Dragon was being run by Blaze. Another group was formed to stop both parties and place the rightful heir to rule the kingdom, the Oort Cloud. It was being run by Zack's father, Kegdan Beoulve. During the war, Zack was taken by his mother on a patrol, for she was like a general too. During the patrol they were ambushed and Zack was caught by Blaze, Kegdan heard and went to aid, when he got there he found Blaze holding Zack over a portal, Blaze demanded that Kegdan take servitude under him. He told him no and Blaze dropped Zack into the portal, casting him thousands and thousands of years into the future. Zack was teleported to Earth. Upon appearing on Earth, a mad scientist name Hojo discovered him. He took Zack in as his test subject. Zack was experimented on, this lasted for seven years. During those years, he lost his memory of who he was and where he came from. Unbeknown to the scientist, Zack got into bad things. Car boosting, smoking, theft, etc. During his years in high school, he was a skater boy. A boy who liked to ride on skateboards. Hojo always sent two bodyguards to watch Zack but he always was able to lose them.

One day while preforming one of his tricks out on the outdoor lunching area with his friends Brewhisky Vega, Max Amillon; Big Max, and Joey Lopez; Joe for short. Brewhisky makes his own whisky which he calls Brewhisky, later on in Brewhisky's life he will own a whisky company. Zack crashed into a picnic table, there he met Selphie Highwind, daughter of Cid and Becky Highwind. All her school papers flew everywhere and Zack apologizes for it and fell in love with her. One day Zack escaped Hojo, and joined in the army right after graduation. Hojo never saw Zack again but kept guards out on search for him to see if they can catch him.

During his time in the army, he met Selphie's three older brothers, Lugana, Kraitos, and Ward. All of them were Captains, and were known as "The Three'sum". Being in the army Zack met the rest of Selphie's brothers and when he got out he then met the sisters. Selphie is the second youngest of the ten kids. When Zack came back home after fighting in a few battles, he married Selphie and had fraternal twins. A boy and a girl, Lance and Vedel. But before this all happened Selphie called in for help to make Zack to stop doing the things he did, she called her aunt. Aunt Aryn or AA for short. AA got Zack fixed up pretty fast. He soon found out about Ajorsem, The Virus.

The Virus infected Dragonia when Ajorem fell from the sky, from another world, but he too is a dragon. Ajorsem a being of terrible and tremendous power, far more powerful than any dragon on Dragonia. Zack read that who ever gets in contact with the Virus will be turn into a wicked beast, a monster, lose their sanity or something much worse. He found an ancient text stating that a woman by the name of Aryn was in contact with Ajorsem but was never changed. Aryn? Zack then found out that Aryn was his long lost mother who had been searching for him for over thousands of years. Zack's mother? Yes. Aryn is one of the few ancient dragons that had survived the many wars, even the Virus Era.

Zack was born from Aryn and he is part of the Virus. She is the leader of the organization M.A.D. and others. M.A.D. stands for Master Assassins of Death and is the highest and toughest to enter, this organization was formed for warriors who wanted help others and keep justice in the land, but over the years people in the government believe that as their powers grew so would the threat of them taking over so they had them all killed, Aryn and a few others survived, a whole three generations was eliminated. They say if you kill a M.A.D. member you are curse and die by time, meaning that you only have a minute to live before the Death Dragon kills you.

Blaze, Zack's sworn enemy, is the Virus but he has harnessed it's power and is the master of it for he is the Virus, he is able to control anyone that is infected with it. Later on in Zack's life he has discovered who he is, finally found his family. He killed Blaze two or three times, the last time Zack was killed too, but was revived eighty years later when Kazer, Blaze's son, the Prince of Darkness came around.

Kazer was going to revive Blaze by bring him back from Oblivion, the realm of the Dragon of Oblivion, known as Sephrath. Sephrath and Aryn have a great history between them, nothing romantic, just the fact that they saved each others lives more than once.

During Blaze's reign of terror on Earth, people during that time called it the BDP or the Bloody Dragon Period because it was during that time Blaze summoned the Bloody Moon which awakens the Bloody Dragon. It turns out that the Bloody Dragon was Blaze and Zack. But in the end Zack showed his true colors and sacrificed himself and Blaze was killed. The Bloody Dragon was no more but the moon remained. To signal that the Bloody Dragon was near is that the moon will shine bloody red.

Another fact about Blaze was the fact he could steal souls through the Bloody Sword. The Bloody Dragon can only be brought forth through the Bloody Dragon Sword, the combining of the Bloody Sword and Dragon Sword. In the end Zack won. Another interesting fact about Zack is that he's the only Dragon King to survive. The kings of the past were all killed by Luvaic (aka Messu). Zack's dragon gem is known as the 'Bloody Gem'. The Dragon King is a legend that come to pass after so many thousand years, but as stated ealier, Zack is the only one that survive Messu's fury. The gem is stained by the fallen kings blood. Zack has proven this legend is true, and has become the Bloody Eyes Silver Dragon, the King Dragon of legend.

Now . . .

Zack walked outside and stretched, the cool air, the smell of pine and the dew still fresh on the ground was a pleasant sight and feeling. Zack always gets up this early for his twenty mile run, to the end of his road and back. As he walked into the woods, he used his magnificent silver dragon eyes to see in this semi-dark morning, he fixed his mid-length spiked black hair. Looking around to make sure no one was around, he then stretched out his wings, oh it's been a while since they were last out. When someone mentions of dragon wings, people think of big or huge wings, these are half-truths. Dragons can change the size of their wings just as their bodies so the can fit in tight spaces.

His half-armor-plated-scaly-feather wings felt the cool wind and it gently picked him off the ground just ten feet. Zack left his senses go, he noticed a herd of deer grazing just thirty feet off with a wolf stalking them, a bear at the lake getting a drink, and the birds awaking from their sleep. Zack lands without a sound. Over his years, his knowledge had grew, his abilities plenty, and his strength powerful. Zack knew how to heal, cure and even revive. Some dragons would call him the Sage Dragon for his knowledge, the Astounding Dragon for his abilities, and the Lore Dragon for his strength, other's call him King Dragon. He revived Selphie once, a long time ago, and she loved him even more. Though Zack is still considered a young dragon, he has more power, knowledge and abilities than most adult and elder dragons. He's still considered young for he was sent forward in time by two thousand years, he's about one hundred ninety years old. Zack rubs his wings, his wings felt good. Smooth-rough and leather-silk touch, a few scars marked his wings along with signs of the events of going through the Time Warp.

Ah, the Time Warp. Zack remembers it well, going through Time and Space just to save the worlds from falling into darkness and oblivion, going into the past and into the future, going to different worlds and the other world. What a joy ride that was... During that Zack met new people, made new friends, even saw his mother when she was young. But she acted a bit strange, not the way he knew her... He then spread out his hands, his dragon hands. Strong and deadly, he then fully changed into his true form, spikes, quills, horns, armor, razor blades and a gem in the middle of his forehead, his black hair formed spikes on the back of his head and neck, his silver scales glistened in the semi-morning light, this is his true form.

True form... Zack remembers the day the Bloody Moon appeared, he remembers the pain he went through when it's beams hit him. Such pain, nearly killed him if he hadn't changed form. Zack breathed steadily, his stomach growled. He was hungry, again. He checked his surroundings again, he had to keep this a secret. Many would want to kill him for glory, since few dragons are left on Earth. Only a few people know that Zack was alive and what he was, and they dare not tell anyone about his true identity and about him being a dragon.

Zack swayed his tail, an extremely sharp retractable blade on the end. It felt really good to be out of human form. He spread out his forty foot wings, and stretched out, he felt like fling but he had little time to do that. He now felt like going back to sleep, why was he so tired? He can go up to three years without sleep. For some odd reason Blaze popped into his head, his haunting words rang again.

'We're brothers... You and I are the Virus... We are the Bloody Dragon...'

What could he mean? There could be no possible way that they are brothers, but Zack had to believe it, for Kazer is a son of Aryn, the Holy Dragon. Many also know her as the Oracle Dragon, she is also known as Oracle.

Aryn the Holy Dragon, Blaze the Darkness Dragon also known as Hell Dragon or Bloody Dragon. But that one night... the Bloody Moon... Zack witness first hand the Bloody Dragon's power. Even if you combine all the dragons in the universe, none will beat it, the Bloody Dragon is that powerful. The reason Zack was able to defeat it that time was because he was inside Blaze and used 'Full Cure' the only cure that will kill the Virus, Aryn developed it. She was infected with the Virus too, but her will power suppressed it. As Zack's mind slowly swayed back and forth through the memories, the sun was just about to peek over the mountain. Zack looked at the mountains and his surroundings, just how long has it been since he last seen Dragonia? He couldn't remember, but he still can't believe people still know about him, the days he was in Soldier. People say that he was a hero.

Hero? He never felt like one, heros only last for a few months then your just a common person again. Zack changed into his human form, his eyes emerald green today. He loves it when he changes his eye colors, for when the ladies walk by they always take a second look. Zack's appearances never change, he still looks twenty three. Full muscles, good looks, but he is devoted to one woman, Selphie. He visits her grave often trying to figure a way to break that sorrow stone. Selphie died of sorrow and was turned to stone waiting for Zack to return, that was years ago... Oh how he misses her and her famous Victory Stew. Man, that makes Zack even more hungry. Now Kazer, as he remembers, with the help of Rehito, revived the Twins; Leon and Jordan.

Leon and Jordan are able to combine together to form an opponent worthy of Zack's blade. They can either change into Loed or Jordo, each one has different skills and challenges, but both are known as the Dragon of Fear. They were killed long ago by Kegdan during the Dragon War. Blaze later revived them and they came to Earth acting as friends, befriending Lance, Zack's only son. They betrayed everyone but were killed yet again, this is the time when Kegdan made his appearance. Zack didn't know him at first but soon appreciated Kegdan's help. Blaze then summoned The Virus, Ajorsem. Zack kicked his butt too, but Blaze escaped that. Lance was killed when Zack was away by Blaze, saying: 'No other heir will be victorious.'. Soon years went by and Zack was a grandfather. He made sure Selphie would stay alive to seem those two grow up, but that was short lived for Blaze returned and kidnaped Li and Alyssa. This is when the Bloody Moon appeared and Zack sacrificed himself... Those days... A thought again popped into his head, Hwang. His so called conscience.

Zack found out the truth of Hwang. Hwang was a drake from Dragonia, he has helped Zack through the many years and it was funny how they met, just sheer luck. But still, who is Hwang really? Zack could never figure that out. Zack looks at the sun rise, should he still run or go home and get ready for work?

"I'll run, can't stand this standing still thing."

After his run, he quickly got dressed. Good thing for dragon speed, he then filled his coffee mug up with coffee and headed to the end of his ten mile dirt road, to wait for his car pool. As his friends picked him up, he sat in the back with his mind again swaying through memories... Where is Blaze now? What about Kazer? It's only been two years since Kazer summoned Blaze from Oblivion, but where are they? Did Oblivion trap them? Or did the Oblivion Dragon kill them both? As his friends talked about their plans today, someone mentioned Brewhisky.

Brewhisky, how long has it been since they last had a long talk? Zack needed to make an appointment and see him, other wise throw another party down at the lake.

"What do you think Zack?"

Zack quickly looks at them.

"What? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention."

"You're a dragon and you can't pay attention to a small conversation. What's wrong anyway?"

"I have a lot of things on my mind."

"Still, what do you think of Ashley's ass?"


"You know, that hot nurse at the hospital."

"Hey man, she already taken. She's married."

"Really? Crap... but still, what do you think of her ass?"

"Zack I need advise."

Zack looks at Mark, his friend sitting next to him.


"It's my wife. She doesn't seem to be happy anymore, is their anything I can do? Oh, Sage Dragon."

"Hey! You ain't a dragon! You can't say that!"

"Yeah, what's wrong with you?!"

"It's alright fella's. Well if I were you I'd..."

After a long drive into the city. They dropped Zack off at the City Prison and he went to work. After ten hours of working, he then went shopping, pick up a newspaper, and grab some coffee. As he read the paper he found out that the are finally rebuilding Rocket Town. Selphie's hometown. A great storm wiped it off the map, but why wait over eighty some years? The paper didn't say, but a something catch his eye.

'Monsters attack local harbor and factory.'

Monsters? Ding Idea!! Zack can make more money... wait a minute, he can make his own money. He is a dragon after all, he can materlize it. Just like everything else... What's this feeling he's having? It's strangely familiar. Zack looked around, crowds of people, wait! There, in the distance, someone was watching him, a young woman. Zack stood up, and acted like he didn't notice her. He then left the coffee shop and walked down an ally. He quickly made sure none were in the ally as he climbed up the wall. He then waited, sure enough that woman was following, as she entered the ally, Zack descended to the ground.

"Who sent you?" he asked with his BlackTail pointing at her.

"Captain Ryu Erick?" Zack recognized that voice, it was that woman from Star City whom he met a few years ago.

"Lt. Selphie, it's been awhile." he holsters his gun.

She faces him, still looking like Selphie.

"I never consider you a gun slinger."

"Neither did I, but it comes in handy when a sword can't be used."

"I know who you really are."

"Really?" Zack said sarcastically with a grin. "Well now, I can kill her but--"

"Now now, no need to get rough. Lore Dragon, ha ha ha."

Zack looks at her in shock and scared, just like him.

"Ha, should of known, you too? Huh?"

She moves her hair behind her ear, Zack can see something faint on her forehead, a small scar. All Dragonians and their decedents have a gem in the middle of their foreheads.

"Ahhh, so your dragon too, so my genes have finally gave way to Earth/Dragonians. Very interesting, let me guess..."

Zack looks at her closely, moving around her, studying her, she is one of his decedents.

"Young, strong, pretty. Your only twenty-five, ah, Ice Dragon, no?"

"Fire and Ice, sir. You know all dragons have ice, fire, lighting, light, darkness, and other abilities at their disposal."

"True, but some tend to use one ability more than the others, hence the name."

She then studies Zack. Smiling at his features, short pointed ears with three earrings in each. Mid-length black hair with faint red tips, strong muscles and handsome.

"Oh! You can control them all, no wonder many call you the Dragon King. But still, there something different about you, maybe because I'm an Earth/Dragonian, and you're a pure Dragonian. Still something's not right, has Blaze tainted you?"

"You know him too?" Zack said loudly, this was an accident. He hasn't heard someone say his name in a long time.

"Of course, all dragons know him. The Bloody Dragon, the eldest of us all."

"Not all true, what about Aryn?"

"The Oracle Dragon? Is she not a legend?"

"She's my mother..." Zack hangs his head. "And the Virus..."

Selphie jumps back, a dragon reaction covers her face. Her dragon eyes of ice blue and dark red, reacts to Zack in anger.

"Virus!? You are the Virus to then!"

Zack hunches his back and waves his hands around telling her to be quiet!

"Yes, that's what I'm told. Since I'm part of the Virus, you should be too." Zack takes a deep breath, taking in her essence.

"Hmm, no Virus in you. But still, I'm part of the Virus."

Selphie's eyes go back to human eyes, a nice light blue.

"Who told you that the Virus is in you?"

"Blaze, Kazer, want me to continue? But still, how is he my brother? Where are they now?"

Pain suddenly hits his heart.


Zack falls to his knees, Selphie runs to him.

"Sir, what's wrong?"

"This pain... I know this pain... take me away from here."

"Anywhere, sire."

She took him away from the city, out into the deep woods. She had taken him to her vacation cottage.

"Feeling better?"

"Not really... this pain..." Zack suddenly looks in front of him. "Blaze." Zack shakes his head. "Shit! He's causing me this pain... I can't... no, it's been far to long..." Zack begins to mumble to himself, he then stood up and nods his head. "Alright."

Zack walked outside, Selphie followed.

"Young one, you will be at the Dragon Council."

To be at the Dragon Council is great honor to dragons not part of it. This council has lasted thousands of years, the founder is no other than Aryn.

"It's an honor."

Since Aryn wasn't around anymore, Zack was left in charge... but still, where is Aryn? Zack hasn't seen her in a very long time. Zack left his human form and into his real form, he left out a tremendous roar that could be heard over the entire planet. Every living thing heard this roar, the dragons knew what it was. The ones chosen to be at the council quickly flew to Emerald Mountain. Zack left to Emerald Mountain with Selphie following, as young as she was, she showed great muscles all over her dragon body. Zack hasn't seen so much muscle since he fought Blaze in dragon form.

As they reached Emerald Mountain, they enter a cave through a waterfall. Inside the cave ten dragons sat around a circle, all different types of dragons. In the middle of the circle was a pit with an entrance to it. They all look at Zack as he enter, some lowered their heads. Zack took his spot and Selphie sat behind him, looking at everyone, they all look at her then each other. Zack pounds his tail on the floor three times. Some of these dragons were Dragonians, they came here to start anew. They all know Zack's story for it is part of their history. They may be older than Zack, but Zack is still older and wiser than them all. He may be 190 years old, but the portal that brought him here actually makes him 2,190 years old. During his years he has seen horrors that would change anyone forever. He's seen so much death to last a thousand lifetimes. The memories will never leave him, they haunt him. How terrible these memories are, you would think that a dragon can handle it.

"We will begin. I have called you all for an important reason. Blaze and Kazer."

They all look at each other and murmur, in the center of the circle a Yautja appeared. Zack looks at him, studying his every feature, and smiles as the Yautja takes a knee.

"King of Dragons, Zack. I am Irth and I bring word from Oracle..."

NOTE: You thought they were a fairy tale. Shame on you!