This is a part of my ZTS series.

Created back in 1996, before FF came to be.

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After the events in Irth and Moon Knight.

Sorry but this story is MINE!! The Oracle DragonĀ©

Leon remembers the time in ages past, the time back on Dragonia when the Dragon War was being fought, and he was the one of a few that played a hidden role in the show. The Dark Dragon and a few others held the stones, the cursed Zodiac Stones forged by the Devil himself, 'him'. Many known the era as 'The Zodiac Stone Era' or 'Z Era'.

Blaze sat on his throne thinking of that time as well, such a glorious war. Three whole generations wiped out to the brink of annihilation, such chaos and blood shed. There were five war parties, the Black Dragon and White Dragon were fighting over the throne, the Oort Cloud and the Dark Dragon were fighting each other for their own reasons. Oort Cloud was fighting for the truth and the Royal Family, where as Dark Dragon was fighting for death and power. The fifth party wasn't exactly a war party, it was the church, they were running the whole show, corrupt bastards, running everyone but the Dark Dragon, it was being run by Blaze. Such a war!

Blaze held out his hand, his palm facing the sky an orb grows out his hand, he looks into the deep swirling black mist inside the orb as it showed the past to him, when Leon convinced the leader of the Oort Cloud to join them by an offer no one can refuse, but those that knew the truth of the Z Stones could resist the offer of ultimate power, the power of 'him'.

Past... Beoulve Residence...

The dinning room, candles lit part of the room along with liquid light coursing through the crystal tubes along the walls and floor. The massive twenty foot table seated over sixteen chairs, the finest wood of the Memory Trees, the red velvet table cloth was decorated with gold and silver trim and designs. A tapestry behind the head chair bore the Beoulve Insignia. A Dragonian sat at the head chair, his face aged only a little, his thin brown and gray hair rounded the bald spot on the top of his head, his silver robe held together by an obsidian rope. His gray eyes stared at the Dragonian at the other end of the table, his youthful looks and his serious battle armor intimidated him. He knew this man well, the Leader of the Death Corps, Leon.

Leon just stared at the Dragonian, and smiled, he was waiting to see if the man would give in or not. He read him like a book, he soon sighed and gave the man a look of calmness.

"I see you have no intention of agreeing with our ambitions."

The man nods his head.

"That's right. His Excellency's wish is to unify the kingdoms. Rather, until, Prince Orinas is recognized as the true king, we won't stop fighting. As long as the Beoulve's live, we won't give up."

Leon chuckled a little.

"Who do you think let you assassinate Duke Larg?"

"What a thing to say. Larg was killed by someone sent by the Nanten. Or... are you saying you sent the assassin?"

Leon rubs his chin and shakes his head.

"So you're definitely not going too corporate?"

"If we wanted to, we could easily beat you. Don't forget that." The man said seriously.

Leon knew what to say, the man was trying to bring him down to his level, such a fool.

"'Us'? Do you remember the 'poison' was that took out the Oort Cloud?"

The man thinks a little and soon nods his head, he remembers that day well. He was there when the poison was spread on the battle field by the Dark Dragon to weaken the Black Dragon, White Dragon and Oort Cloud as well. He was knocked out because of the poison.

"I think it was extracted from Moss Fungus."

"Right. Large doses won't kill you. But, even small amounts over a long time can be deadly."

The man is silent, he was starting to get a bit scared by being here alone with Leon, the Dragon of Destruction, the strongest of the Twins. Leon continues to talk.

"Over time, you develop symptoms similar to a cold or flu. You're not fully aware of your condition until it's too late."

The man remains silent, Leon sneers at him and brings up Balbanes the Great, former leader of the Oort Cloud.

"Didn't your father die from flu complications?"

"What are you saying?" Snapped the man.

"I heard you know a lot about the poison."

"So... what are you saying?"

"If you bury a body with Moss Fungus, the Moss Fungus begins to grow 'out' of the body. Did you know that?"

The man is silent, Leon knew the truth of Balbanes death.

"Such trivial things... Oh, yeah, I've got something for you from Lord Blaze."

Leon pulled out a bloody orange orb, it's the size of a baseball. The man looks at it and then Leon.

"What's this?"

Leon smiles as he rolled it back and forth on the table, the Dragonian mark on it showed a Zodiac Symbol, but the man already knew what it was.

"It's a holy Zodiac Stone from Murond. He'd like you to have this to show his trust in you."

Leon stopped the Z Stone and withdrew his hands, the orb flashes as if the sun quickly shined on it. Soon lighting struck outside as the man leans forward in his chair staring at the Z Stone considering his options. Outside the doors of the dinning room, the man's brother, Zalbag, saw and heard the whole thing.

Present . . .

Blaze made a fist and the orb reenters his body, he looks over at Leon standing at a window looking down at the planet and its tiny moon. Bloody Moon is ten times bigger than this planet's moon. Blaze knew what Leon was thinking, he and Jordan didn't like being Second-In-Command of the Death Corps, they were always the leaders ever since it came into existence all those long years ago.

Leon sighed, he knew Blaze was looking at him, he soon nods his head and felt the gaze leave him. That gaze could freeze anyone in their tacks, burn their souls to nothingness and insert Virus into them to devour whatever soul was left. He soon looked down at the lower levels of the castle, Jordan could be seen near 'Hell Pit' fishing for souls lost forever in Hell. Leon chuckles at Jordan's teasing about those in Hell, 'They are already cooked and very crunchy!'.

Jordan looked up at his twin, he turns his back to 'Hell Pit' and extends his mighty tale into the fiery depths, he soon impales a soul, brought it out of Hell and eats it. He smiles as he continues to claim more souls to satisfy his hunger. This made Leon hungry but he rather not eat, he was still suffering from his hosts soul, constant fighting, Leon is still waiting for his body to be found by his demon minions. They haven't even located Jordan's either.

For years they've been waiting for their bodies to be found, yet there were many bodies out there suitable for them to use yet their real bodies is what they want.

He was also suffering for the loss of Irth, he still can't figure out how he escaped but he knew there was an insider somewhere. Leon just wanted to talk to Irth about where he was all these years, what he was doing and such. He missed him since he went missing during the war, but he never figured that he would ask Oracle for Rebirth.

Blaze looked out into the massive throne room, Kazer was in deep thought. Blaze smiled and looked down at the floor, his eyes looked for Izumi, she was training new recruits. She looks up at him and bows her head, he smiled at her and soon drew his attention away. He felt that grabbing feeling again, pulling at him, . . .calling him.

"Come to me..."

Blaze looked around, he knew that voice. As he stood, his minions looked at him, they bow and back off, he dismisses them and Leon looks at him as does Kazer. They bow their heads and leave the room, as the mighty doors closed Blaze walked to the center of the room.

"Come to me, Blaze..."

"Why don't you show yourself?!" Blaze demanded, placing one of his hands on Bloody Sword.

That one voice was deep, powerful and threatening. Soon an evil laughter enters the hall accompanying it was blood red light, haunting images of death, blood, chaos, murder, corpses, Hell, wars and with those horrible images many voices began to speak, over millions of them and they spoke as one, one mighty voice that haunted Blaze and Zack from the dawn of time.

"Come to me..."

Blaze hated this, it was 'him' and 'he' was near.

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