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------------------------------------Chapter 1:Act Appalled-----------------------------------------

Last day of exams. It felt as if winter break was coming slowly. Ichigo wanted to break free and just have a little fun but each day has gotten progressively worse for him. Rukia and Chad at the same time, hell even the most vicious warrior would fall if he lost his best friends. His friends knew he wasn't all right even when he's trying to play it off as if nothing happened. Tatsuki, Keigo, even Uryu has tried to make him feel better, but all have failed.

The final bell rang and Ichigo calmly got his things and set out for home

What am I going to do? I really need to get out of this rut, but it's just to hard. This whether isn't going to make it better either, Ichigo thought to himself.

"Ichigo wait!" shouted a familiar voice behind him.

Ichigo snapped out of his thoughts and saw Orihime running towards him. A year has gone by and still kept that secret deep inside him.

"O hey Orihime. What do you want?" Ichigo questioned.

" I was wondering if I could maybe walk home with you?" she said with her head looking down.

Totally awesome. Ichigo thought. Maybe this would be the day. Maybe this would be the thing to finally cheer me up. Wait a minute. She asked me to walk her home. My pride is a little hurt, but I'm totally ok with it.

"So what do ya say Ichigo?" asked Orihime blushing a little

"uugg… O yeah sure." said Ichigo. Damn it all I "f"ed that up. O well at least this can't get any weirder.

She smiled and was glad he said yes. She was the last person left to try and cheer up Ichigo but she has had these little apprehensions that maybe he wouldn't give her the chance.

The sky was ominous with clouds and Ichigo and Orihime walked quietly for a few blocks. Ichigo loved the fact that Orihime was next to him. He has no idea why he has held it in for so long. Why can't I ask her out? It doesn't add up. I faced death, almost died a few times and still living to tell about it. Why the hell does this freak me out? Maybe it was her beauty; her character or maybe I am just a giant wuss. She was the only one who could warm his heart from his icy prison of depression. Finally Orihime broke the silence.

"Ichigo your friends are worried about you." She said.

"Please don't worry about me. I'll be fine?"

" We've all seen you get worse as the days go and it hurts us to see you in this depressed state. I like seeing you happy Ichigo." Said Orihime.

" I know I know, but it's one of things that stays in the back of your mind. Always being constantly reminded that they won't be there tomorrow. I know it wasn't my fault but I know there was something I could have done to prevent this from happening." He said.

"There was nothing you could have done. You went there to save me and your friends went there knowing that they could die at any time. You tried your hardest and you did what you came there to do. If anyone should feel guilty it's me" Orihime said.

"Why you?"

"If I wasn't so weak I wouldn't have been captured or taken back to that place. None of you would have risked your lives to save me. None of you would have died." She squeaked.

Ichigo noticed the depressed look on her face knowing that she was right. He did give it all and he did accomplish the mission. Their lives weren't for lost and the proof was standing right in front of him.

"Orihime your not weak ok. You're strong in your own way. You think I can mend fatal wounds. Your brand of strength comes from a different perspective of battle. I am the offense and you're the medical aid." he said.

"I guess your right." She said.

He realized he couldn't live his life like this anymore. He needed help He knew he did. Hiding secrets from everyone else. Lying to himself. Something had to be done and he took his first step by asking "Orihime you have dealt with the death of our brother, may I ask, how did you move on?"

"I found someone who would erase those thoughts and make everything better. Someone who I knew would be there as my brother was" she said.

"Really who?" asked Ichigo.

O crap what do I do. I am so screwed he needs an answer, but do I tell him the truth or lie To much pressure, so little time Orihime thought. Ichigo broke the silence "well, who was it?" he questioned.

She was blushing now she could tell. "urr well it was you Ichigo"

He skipped a heartbeat. He couldn't believe what she just said" Come again?"

"You were the person who I knew would make me happy again. I anticipated school everyday knowing that I would see you again. I know we never really knew each other but I couldn't stop thinking about you. I knew you were the one."

His mind was on fire from the knowledge he had just learned. No longer the fear of rejection. No longer the feeling of sadness. For the first time in a while Ichigo was truly happy. Maybe the happiest he has been his entire life. "Really Orihime? I was the special person for you."

"Yes." She said while looking away and blushing deeply.

I don't care. I'm playing the pity card he thought. I like her she obviously likes me, so what the hell I'll give it a shot.

"Orihime, well if you don't mind maybe you could help me get over my depression if maybe me and you go somewhere sometime together" O my fucking God I should thought that out better!! he screamed in his mind.

"Yes I would love to" she said enthusiastically. He did it he asked me out on a date. I have been waiting for this day for so long and it was even better than I expected. She thought.

"Ok great" he didn't even realize he was at his front door until she stopped. "Well this is me so I'll call you later with the details k" he said. So many questions were encircling his mind right now. Why do I feel like such a chick right now? Wasn't that line supposed to be hers? Why does this entire conversation seem completely backwards? Did I really become so girly that Orihime is manlier than me? No wonder people don't like emo kids.

"Great" she said. "I'll be waiting at home for the call?"

"K I'll call you soon I promise" said Ichigo

He quickly turned around and tripped on the doorstep. Damn I tried to get that right. He thought. He turned around giving her the I'm fine look and closed the door behind her. He did so many things in just like five minutes. He asked his dream girl on a date, found his pride, and hopefully got out of the ditch he has dug. All this sense of accomplishment vanished when Isshin landed a foot right on Ichigo's mouth.

"You let your guard down son. What the hell your usually better than that"

Ichigo got up and landed one in his father's gut and went upstairs to wait for the right time to call Orihime.


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