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Author's Notes: AU. Pre-Season 6.

The Only Ending

"Une moreenk otre by-ink lomensar. Eevr Jrappe moa rahm. The chant is begun by the blood-changed. Only for the reversed lovers does it flow." Tara.

"Ooefme Eaonoa boneeak crimay aop. Omniscient Powers forgive those causing unintentional harm when it is corrected by effort." Willow.

"Offa doema charm laerkum raffa! Reverse of change given with desire!" Giles.

"Yoomsha layecha shimeo rem! Original allowed, beloveds returned!" Buffy

I heard them all. I heard the shout of magical words in four different languages, none of which I recognized. I, myself, was chanting words that I didn't recognize, couldn't even hear. My childe and his lover in front of me, chanting as well.

A glow is coming from all the humans in the room except Spike. The glimmer leaves their bodies and joins in what looks to be a sphere behind the boys. Suddenly, everything is silent for a split second. The silence is shattered by the final shout.

"Oveem con larae. Let them be!" Tara again.

Make that five languages that I don't recognize. The glow ends, and the strips of glimmer that attached the floating ball to the people are sucked into it. The sphere falls unto itself, then explodes in the brightest light I have ever experienced, it rivaled the sun! The last thing I remember is covering my eyes and falling back. I guess I blacked out.

I'm content when I wake up. I can feel the sun streaming unto my face and it's wonderfully warm. Two bodies lay on mine, both fitting comfortably into the crook of my shoulders on both sides of my body. Perfect fit completely.

The light burns at my eyelids, but I don't want to wake up. Then I remember, the sun will kill me. I jump up, carrying the two bodies with me. I drop them as soon as I can't feel the sun anymore. I scream and cover my face, still warm from the rays that had touched it seconds before.

Soon, several hands are on my back and pulling at my arms. Several voices are talking and shouting and whispering and I don't know what to do and I'm frightened and worried. Suddenly, all but one of the hands disappear. I'm thankful that they have left me, but I also miss them.

Then a voice is at my ear, quiet and reassuring. "It's okay, calm down. Everything is okay." The one hand is rubbing my back, soothing me. I haven't been this frightened since my last day of living, but the voice and the hand are making the situation tolerable. I love them for that.

Another realization hits me, where are the sounds? I can't hear any breathing except for the person that is comforting me. No other heartbeats, either. But that's not completely true. I can hear one. My own.

I'm breathing and have a pulse and coursing blood that is rushing through my ears at this very moment. I new surge of fear makes its way through my body. I lower my hands from my face, my eyes still closed.

I lift my hung head. I'm on my knees, leaning forward, so I lean back. My butt now on my heels. I sit arrow straight.

When I finally open my eyes, I see Tara and Willow in the corner I face, crying on each other's shoulders as they embrace. Willow is leaning against a wall slightly.

I begin to recognize things, like the sound of sobs and the voice that has been comforting me. I want to pinch myself at the thought of Buffy doing that for me again, because it's so much like a dream.

I hear shuffling to and fro, and decide that Giles acquires nervous energy too easily. The murmurs in my vicinity telling me that everyone is still alive.

"We're all here?" I whisper it as quietly as I can, so as to not spoil it if it is a dream.

"Yeah, we all made it. Just another one of those near deaths that let us say 'hey, we have more lives than fifty cats with multiple personality disorder." That proves Xander is alive, and he wouldn't be talking if Spike, his Wil, weren't here as well.

"Angel," Buffy begins, "why are you warm?" I turn my eyes to hers. Shock and relief are mixed and intertwined in them. I suppose the same is true for me.

I see something in them, though, that I haven't seen for years. My own reflection. I jump back, startled. Scramble away unexpectedly. She must think I'm crazy with all my jumping and jerking.

Spike appears in my line of vision, then forces his face into mine. "What's your problem, peaches?" His eyes widen for a second then he smiles. "Well what do we have here?" His cocky grin makes me want to slap him because I have no patience and no confidence to hold out with.

And I leap forward, into him and make him fall onto the ground. I hear Xander say something and Giles say something back. And I don't know how to explain this irrational need to hold someone I've known for so long, that's known me. I turn over and pull him to me, our torsos touching, me nearly crushing me without my vampiric strength and tell him the only thought I can make, the only ending to the story. "Spike, we're human!"