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Chapter One: Forget me not, good valley!

Once upon a time, two twins were born. One was a boy and the other a girl, the girl was given the name Aiko, the boy Taro. When they were at the tender age of five, their mother passed away and their father was nowhere to be found. Even though Taro was older by six minutes, Aiko took over the role as the older twin. She protected her older brother from everything, from eating the wrong foods to sunburn and, of course, girls.

Aiko was no saint with a clean criminal record, she had ruined many a pretty face throughout her teenager years; and that includes boy and girls. Anyway, Aiko and Taro grew up into fine young adults and married and had seven children each. And they lived happily ever after!

But that would be a lie, and I don't like to lie. They were twenty-one when their troubles began.

This tale really begins on the next-to-the-last day of winter. Aiko had just asked, (Well, more like ordered.) Taro to go get the mail. Aiko hated the cold. She also hated the heat. Right now she was huddled in front of the fireplace with a down blanket draped over her, wondering that if there was such a thing as a rain dance, there must be a sun dance. She'd do anything thing for a little bit of sunlight.

Taro walked into the dingy apartment at that moment, interrupting Aiko's plotting, carrying the mail. Aiko lifted her hand from under the blanket and snatched the mail from Taro and quickly and hid under blanket before the cold air could ruin the warmth with its… its… coldness.

"Junk, junk, junk, bill, bill, bill, junk," Aiko muttered, this continued for two more minutes, while bills and junk mail flew out from the blanket, until: "Takakura?! Who the heck?" The blanket was whip off with a flare to unveil a lovely young woman with dark brunette hair and eyes the fierce color of amethysts.

She skillfully ripped open the letter, which smelled quite, shall we say, funky. She quickly read the letter, and then her eyes took on a shade that Taro had learned meant trouble.

"A-Aiko? You have that look in your eye," He said, barely managing to keep his ever present grin on. Taro had the same color hair as his beloved sister, but his eyes were as blue as the summer sky. He was also quite cute!

"My dearest brother, I have no such look in my eye. Now go pack your bags!" She then disappeared into a small bedroom.


"'Cause we're moving to Forget-Me-Not Valley!"

This deeply puzzled Taro, he and his sister had never left the city, so why on earth would she want to move all of a sudden because of a stupid letter from… Tequila? Taco? It started with a T, but he could not quite remember. He picked up the discarded letter to see what that guy's name was. Takakura...That was it... He scanned the letter to try and find out what on earth had made his sister want to move.

The valley girls are quite cute, good respectable girls… Of course.

"Aiko, um, this couldn't be because you want to be an aunt? Could it?" He asked, smirking slightly.

He was answered with silence.


"I'm sorry, but I've become temporally deaf!"


"Fine!" She said, walking out of the bedroom carrying two suit cases, one was his. Oh, dear. "I want to have nieces and nephews to spoil!"

"Aren't you supposed do that with your grandkids?"

"Besides," She said, ignoring him, "I'm sure they'll be better than the others,"

"Which others? The girls that got out of the hospital? Or the ones still recovering?"

That comment made Aiko very, very angry. She could not believe her brother was still so dumb about city girls! They never really cared about her poor brother Taro. I'd bet she's probably mad enough to…

"TARO TADAHIRO KIWU!!" She yelled, livid. "GO GET THE BIKE, NOW!!"

…Say his full name…

"We're going to bike there? That'll take forever!" He said, while backing steadily away from his sister.


And that was how both Aiko and poor Taro ended up in Forget-Me-Not Valley.

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