The Love That Binds Chapter 1

4 years later…November 29th 2016

"Push!" the doctor at the end of the bed to her.

"I can't…." Sora responded, her hair and face was wet from the sweat she was tired.

"Come on Sora, you can do it once more," Taichi told his wife it was another unplanned pregnancy.

Flashback to… March 25 2016 (9 months ahead of time)

"Ah welcome back, I understand that you're pregnant Sora," Dr. Sarah Ollson said to them as the two 27 year olds walked into her office.

Taichi smiled lightly as did Sora, "Um…that's what we came here to find out for sure," Sora said kindly.

"She was starting to show those same symptoms she had…um about 8 years ago." Taichi said to the doctor.

"Oh I see so you want blood work done I'm presuming," Dr. Ollson said.

"Yeah," Sora agreed with her.

"Okay now if you will follow me down to the lab we can get some blood drawn and you'll know in about an hour's time," Sarah said to the couple, they had both nodded.

At 5 months ……July 4th 2016

"Okay guys ready for the ultrasound?" Sarah asked them.

"Okay I'm ready," Taichi said, sitting in the chair next to Sora, who squeezed his hand tightly.

"Your silly honey," Sora said then gasped slightly as the gel was placed on her stomach.

"It's cold at first, but its get warm as your body heat warms it," Sarah said.

Sora remembered the first time they did it, "I know."

Sarah turned on the ultrasound machine on, the three all looked at the screen. "That's good, so far so…whoa," Dr. Ollson said looking at the machine extensively.

"Is there something wrong?" Sora asked frightened, Taichi took her hand in his. "What's wrong Sarah?" he asked.

She shook out of her serious stupor, "I'm sorry…if I scared either of you but it's nothing to be scared of…its good news…depending on how you two will look at it," She said watching them.

"Okay so um what is it?" he questioned.

"Congratulations…you're going to have twins," Sarah said with a smile.

Taichi fell off his chair, "Twins…?" he questioned.

"Yeah," Sarah said confirming and began to go over the machine when he fainted.

End of flashback

Sora pushed one last time as the second baby came out. She had a good hold on Taichi's hand Sora let go of his hand.

"Ohhhh…. my hand…" he moaned.

The doctor's handed Sora her babies she was holding them.

"Oh Taichi look," Sora said softly as she kissed the both of them.

"One a girl the other's a boy," The nurse told them.

"What do you think we should name them?" she asked.

"How about Li and the other one name can be…. you pick Sora," He replied.

She smiled at him warmly, "Okay how about Maiko?" she asked. Taichi smiled.

"Excellent choice I like it," he replied he bent down and kissed his wife's cheek.

Tokyo, Japan


In a small room…there was newspaper littered across the table. Then coming upon a woman with brown hair it's been cut short and seems really uneven. As camera falls to the floor you see the hair that has been cut, it was long but not any more. A women stares at herself in the mirror scissor in hand with her as she had been using them to cut her hair. She takes that last piece of hair from her face and then cuts it off letting it fall to the ground.

"You may have won last time Mimi…but no bodies luck can run twice in a row," She muttered, picking up the newspaper picture of Yamato and Mimi she cuts Mimi out of the picture then carefully places Yamato's picture on the table. Then she scrunches up Mimi's picture and throws it in the garage, "NEVER! YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO WIN!" she screams.


Mimi waited out side in the hospital waiting room, she was there with Saria, Hikari, Anna and Kevin Yagami, Karen and Dean Takenouchi as well as Takeru and Yamato almost all the family members had the day off from they're work, they were all waiting for words on Sora.

Yamato was talking to his brother quietly Mimi was off in her own mind…she thought back….

Flashback August 4th 2013…

"Sora Oh god I'm going to fall apart!" Mimi cried as Sora did up the wedding dress which had buttons not a zipper to close the back. Mimi's mom was in the room as well to put the veil on. Saria wanted to get her mothers attention for the past five minutes.

"Mommy, MOMMY!" she yelled.

"What Saria I have to fix Mimi's dress," She told her.

"Where's my flower basket?" she asked.

Sora shrugged, "I don't know honey go ask Aunt Hikari," She said then her daughter ran out of Mimi's bedroom in a rush calling out Aunt Hikari.

Sora finished up and she told Mimi to turn around, "They're, now everything is all done, now stay right there," Sora replied.

"Here you go Mrs. Tachikawa you can do the honors of putting the veil on your daughter," Sora said moving aside as Mimi's mother put the veil in Mimi's short brown hair.

The Groom…

"Okay now Taichi do you have the ring?" Yamato asked calmly.

Taichi looked around felt his pockets, and then Yamato gave him and evil glare, "Okay I was only joking I have the ring! Man can't you take a joke," Taichi said.

"Yamato relax your going to flip already and that's not good," Takeru said making the remarked from his right while Taichi was just in front of him.

"Shut up," He said getting irritated with them both.

"Okay right come on let go to the church before we get late." Koushiro said as he pushed the three out the door.


Sora looked down the aisle trying to spot her husband. But she didn't see him but she saw Koushiro, "Koushiro!" Sora said pulled him as side.

"Come here," she demanded him he sighed and put a corsage on him,

"Now take the rest of these to the guys and make sure they put them on correctly," She said Koushiro only nodded.

Koushiro headed down the aisle with the corsages, at the back of the church Sora was arranging the order of everyone.

"Ayako here then Euiko you go behind Hikari...right behind her, Saria stand in front of me. Um…Mimi calm down and relax," Sora said.

"Mommy you should calm down," Saria said.

The girls began giggling except for Sora, "Right darling that's, why you act so much like your father," She said.

Saria frowned, "I'm not a boy!" she cried.

"Okay shh...the music is starting," Sora said.

Euiko took Koushiro arm in her own, the light melody drifted in the air like a scent, Yamato watched as Euiko and Koushiro came down the aisle. 'Now I know how Taichi felt like.' He thought to himself. Takeru was standing next to his brother; Taichi had let him take the job of being the best man because he felt bad about taking that from him besides the fact that Sora was the maid of honor, in different case he would have been extremely jealous but he wasn't because Takeru and his sister were getting married.

Next came Jyou with Ayako…they walked arm and arm down the aisle. Taichi and Hikari arm in arm, he was taking over for Takeru.

Once they were at their spots at the front of the church just like they rehearsed the other day. Saria came down she wasn't even scared of all the people were there. Taichi smiled as he watched her walk down the aisle alone, 'Just like her dad,' He thought.

Next Sora came down the aisle her self. Taichi eyes widened, 'God…her legs are so…I got to thank Mimi for picking those dresses,' his thought.

Yamato smiled to Sora as mouthed to him 'Mimi's next' Sora went up to her spot on the steps same place as Takeru was standing.

The wedding band march began…

"Are your ready to be give away?" Mr. Tachikawa asked his daughter. Mimi had tears coming down her cheeks already, which she quickly patted away softly.

"Yeah…daddy I want you to know that I love you," She said hugging him.

"So do I darling," He said smiling and then they took their places as the people open up the doors.

They stepped into view and began they descended down the aisle. Yamato smiled widely; as Mimi was walking down the aisle, she saw his smile and smiled back while attempting not to cry. Sora told her not to cry but she couldn't help it.

Once they reached the alter Mimi's father gave her hand to Yamato. "Take care of my daughter Yamato," he said warmly to him.

Yamato nodded, "Of course," He said.

The priest but his hands up, "Today we gather here today to the matrimony of Mimi Tachikawa and Yamato Ishida, we will start off with a prayer."

Most important part of the wedding…

Priest to Yamato, "You have chosen Mimi to be you're wife. Will you live with her together to live according to god's word? Will you love her, comfort her, and provide for her and in sickness and in health and be true to her all the days of your life until death do you part?"

"I will," Yamato said.

The Priest turned to Mimi now, "You have chosen Yamato to be you're husband. Will you live with him together to live according to god's word? Will you love him, comfort him, and provide for him and in sickness and in health and be true to him all the days of your life until death do you part?"

"I will," Mimi said.

"Now we will bless the rings," He said aloud Takeru took the ring out of his pocket and passed it to Yamato, as Sora took Yamato's ring and gave it to Mimi. As the two held their wedding band in their hands, the priest began to bless them.

"Let us bless the rings, so those who wear them will keep in faith with each other and loyalty," He said making the sign of the cross.

"Now for the vows, I understand that you too wish to say your own vows," Both Mimi and Yamato nodded.

"Mimi, I know we might have meet under weird circumstances, with all that has happened thirteen years ago. But we did get to know each other better so that's why I want to say that I love you…I promise for worst and our bad times that I'll be there for you, I promise to be there when your feeling alone, through our happy days and for the rest of our lives. To remind you of that I give you this ring," Yamato slipped her ring on to her ring finger.

"Yamato, I promise to love you to cherish you to honor and to be a loyal wife to you. I didn't think I'd find someone I love more then you, but I was wrong because you're the only one for me…and I promise you that I'll stick by in our rough times and in our sorrows and to just treasure my life with you. I love you Yamato Ishida with all my heart and to remind you of that I give you this ring," She said then slipped her ring on his ring finger.

She took his hand and put it on his finger…she looked up to Yamato who smiled and seemed he had tears in his eyes, Mimi had tears in her eyes also they couldn't believe that this was actually happening.

"Now in the power of god that is invested upon thee, I now pronounce. You man and wife…you may now kiss the bride," The priest said.

Mimi and Yamato smiled and kissed, the whole church stood up clapping.

End flashback….

"Mimi…Mimi!" Yamato called as she shook her head.

She snapped back to reality of the moment, "Oh I'm sorry I must have drifted off," She said.

"Any word though?" she questioned.

Yamato shook his head, "I don't know what's taking so long I hope nothing bad happened," He said concerned.


In Sora's hospital room the two babies were taken to get cleaned and have a few test done, Sora watched as a nurse bandaged Taichi's hand up, "Oh my god I'm sorry Taichi," she said she had her hair tied back and she was exhausted.

Taichi shook his head, "Don't feel sorry you were pain it was only fair that I had to go through some too right?" he asked. Sora laughed at him then he said, "Go get some sleep I'm going to tell everyone in the waiting room the good news."

"Okay just a kiss before you leave," Sora asked him.

He complied and kissed her, and then they pulled away. Taichi began out of the room. Sora lay down on the bed; she slowly felt the sleep coming to her as she closed her eyes.

Taichi walked in the waiting room where his parent and in-laws were. Saria came running to him, "Dad, can I see mom?" she asked as him.

"No sweet pea, she's sleeping…but you got a new brother and sister. Li and Maiko," He said Saria hugged him. Taichi winked at the rest who were standing watching

"So I can teach them how to play soccer when they get older," Saria cried out. Taichi laughed, as did the rest. Saria pouted, "That's not funny! Dad,"

"No…. Saria I wasn't laughing at you…. it cute thing to say," He said.

Saria looked at him confused, "You're confusing me dad."

"How about you come with me to the cafeteria, I'll buy you ice cream," Anna said to her.

Saria smiled instantly, "Okay!"

Tokyo, Japan…

"Miss. Coners, are you going to let us in to you room?" the nurse asked thought the door.

"I'm sorry," Brittany replied.

Two nurses came into the room and put two cups of each contain one pill of two different medications, and a glass of water. Brittany took the pale yellow pill from the cup and she put it into her mouth and swallowed then she took the other and swallowed it down with some water.

"Very good Miss. Coners we will see you later on in the afternoon," She said smiling nicely to her, as did the other nurse and the two left the room locking to door.

She glared at them and spit the pills back out, "There not going to drug me up any more," She said to herself as she picked up the pills and threw them into the toilet and flushed them.

Brittany scrambled around to look for some kind of item that was able to break a window or to get a lock unhooked.

However, she couldn't find anything, "I have to get out of here, I can't stay here any more eight years was enough," she sat down on her bed, and took the picture of Yamato and looked at it.

"My love, I'll come back don't worry I'll find a way," She said softly, she stroked the picture with her finger lightly and then laid it down on her night table.

Obadia General…

All the men were outside the hospital smoking the cigars well attempting to at least. Takeru had lit his he took a puff and started to cough violently, "This is gross Taichi why do I have to smoke it?" he asked Taichi and Yamato both coughed after taking one puff as well.

"That's what I thought," Takeru said as he stared at them.

"Boy's you don't know how to smoke?" Dean said to them, and then he showed them how to smoke one. But they all of them failed miserably. Yamato chucked his into the sand pit, which caused Taichi to flip.

"Yamato you moron those cost me money!" he cried, Taichi went to go get it and brought it back.

Yamato rolled his eyes, "Taichi you don't have to freak about it. Get over it besides you knew that it was a waste of money," Yamato told him.

"Not really, great cigar son," Taichi's dad said to him.

Dean nodded in agreement.

"Yeah I think I'll just keep it for souvenir," Takeru replied as he put the cigar out and placed it back into the package it came from.

"Ah come on…" Taichi whined as the two brothers went back into the hospital, he silently glared at them, "Yeah and next time you two want something don't come to me!" he shouted, as if they could hear him.

"Taichi, just relax not ever one wants a cigar, I don't even think you want it do you?" he father in-law asked him.

He just sighed and put out the cigar and put it into the package, "Your right…all I was doing was trying to do that North America tradition, thing," Taichi said taking a seat on a bench, then he got up again.

"Don't bother you with that tradition it's not worth it," his father mentioned.

"Okay Dad, I think I'm going to head back in and check on my wife and my new babies," he said.

They nodded as he walked back into the hospital.

Hikari, Takeru, Yamato and Mimi…

"So…when are you two going to start having a family?" Hikari asked Yamato and Mimi were startled by the question they both looked surprised.

Laughing nervously Yamato began, "I don't think I'm ready for the happy family stuff yet," He replied. Mimi looked at him startled at bit, and then her face showed obvious disappointment.

Hikari looked from Yamato to Mimi and immediately regretted, questioning them, "I'm sorry you guys I didn't realize it was something…you didn't talked about," She said.

Mimi shook her head, "Nope don't worry Hikari. We haven't thought about it yet," She said sincerely.

Yamato looked up at the two, "But any ways how are you two doing?" Yamato asked, he casually went to put his arm around Mimi, and then she pushed him away suddenly and walked away in a huff.

He looked after her confused then called her, "Mimi!"

"Yamato I think you need to do some explaining," Takeru replied as he watched Mimi walking toward the terrace.

Yamato turned to Takeru and Hikari, "I'll see you later," He said.

The two younger siblings watched him heading toward the terrace.

Hikari bit her lip, "Look what I did," She said.

"It's not your fault Hikari, if it's anyone's fault it's Yamato's," he said solemnly rubbing her back gently.


"Mimi, wait!" Yamato called to her he went up to the door however only to have the terrace door close right in his face, He sighed and opened it, "Mimi I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings," he said.

"Your sorry, so am I!" she replied.

Yamato frowned in confusion to her sudden anger she was showing him, "If this is about the family remark…I'm sorry I am…but I want to wait till we are ready," He said his eyes showed he was totally sincere about this, Mimi looked away from him.

"Yamato I'm sorry for yelling at you. It was uncalled for," She said looking to her hands but still not looking directly at him.

Yamato watched her shortly before continuing, "Don't get me wrong but I'd love to start a family with you but not now…I don't think I'm ready," He said.

Mimi stopped fiddling with her fingers and looked up to him, "Yeah…. neither am I," She replied sort of distance but Yamato hadn't caught on to it.

He in turn, turned to her and smiled, "Come on, let's get back inside and see Sora," He put out his hand to her

Mimi smiled, "I'm going to stay out here a while longer just to think," She said.

"Okay sure…I'll see you at Sora's room okay," Yamato told her.

"Yep," She smiled; Yamato came to her and kissed her lips softly before leaving the terrace. Once he left Mimi's smile faded and her features displayed those of distress then sunk down onto the ground, "God what have I done," she said crying out tears escaping from her eyes and running down her cheeks as she sobbed silently to herself.

To Be Continued…