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The Love that Binds Chapter 35

Next morning…Courthouse.

"Your honour we would like to call up Davis Ichijouji," Caroline said.

Davis left his spot where he was seated beside Saria and walked up to the witness stand. The court officer came to him putting the book in front of Davis, "Do you swear to tell the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help you god?" he questioned.

"I do," He replied. The court officer took the book with him and stood at the opposite side of the witness stand. Davis sat down then the Caroline his mother's lawyer began her questioning.

"Davis, you love your mom don't you not?"

"Yes, I do."

"Would you say that you wouldn't want to see her again ever?"

"No, because it wouldn't be true…I still love my mom."

"Thank you Davis," Caroline took a seat.

Daisuke pulled his lawyer to him, "Go easy on him." he warned.

His lawyer nodded and walked to where Davis was seated on the witness stand.

"Okay Davis, your mother didn't tell you about your father that you were his son till when?"

"This year."

"Would that make your mother a liar?"

Davis looked over at Miyako then to his Daisuke. He wasn't sure how he was supposed to answer this question. Either way it wouldn't have sounded good for his mom, "Yeah…I guess." he replied.

"So would that make Mr. Ichijouji a lair as well?"

"I…guess it would."

"Thank you, Davis." Brian sat down.

The judge turned to him, "Davis you don't mind if I ask you some questions do you?" The judged asked.

he nodded, "It's okay," he replied.

"Well what your feelings through all of this?" The judge asked him.

"Well, I love my mom and Ken…but I want to know my real dad too," he replied. He looked to his real father. "I never got the change to know him as a dad and I want the opportunity to do so. I wish they would stop fighting over ," Davis replied he looked to Daisuke and then to Miyako.


Mimi held her baby in her arm's she was breast-feeding him for the first time Yamato was seated in the corner of the room looked out the window she her watching but he wasn't really watching he was troubled Mimi could sense it from him. "Yamato." she began. "What happened?"

"When the nurse took him away to be cleaned and get tests done on him…I thought it was the dream…I left Taichi and Sora to go to the nursery to make sure he was there," he replied. He still hadn't turned to look at his wife.

"Yamato…" Mimi began but he stopped her.

"No Mimi, I punched Taichi because he wanted to help me," he replied still looking out the window feeling quite low of himself.

"Oh Yamato, you told him about the dreams?" she questioned.

Nodding he continued, "And he probably told Sora by now…and they're probably going to come in here and tell me that I need help."

"Yama, I love you and I think you do need the help it's unhealthy that you just ignore the dreams…they're must be some under laying guilt when it came to Brittany." she said to him softly.

"I can handle it okay," Yamato told her his voice was raised a bit.

"You can't if you're that upset…" she began.

"This…I….I need to go and think for a while…to clear my head," he replied he left the room. Mimi watched him concerned as he approached her and gave her a kiss on the top of her head. "I'll come back," he told her before leaving the room.

Mimi bit her lip and looked down to her baby, "Don't worry, your daddy just is confused he'll be all right," she said to her son.

Taichi and Sora's home…


Sora had just stepped out of the shower she sighed. "Oh god…it feels so good to be back home," she looked at her self in the mirror then taking a brush and combed through her hair then pulling it back into a pony tail.

There was crash then bang, Sora just smiled happily. She missed hearing Taichi fall out of bed. "Taichi honey are you okay?" she called.

"Um…yeah." he replied disoriented a bit. "Um Sora where's my boxers?" he questioned.

Sora took out her moisturizer, and applied it to her face, "Where ever they landed last night," she said.

"Never mind, I'll get a new pair." He then walked into the washroom. Wearing Christmas boxers, they had ho ho ho written in green and read letters.

Sora laughed as she looked at them, "Wrong season."

Taichi looked at her confused. Until she pointed them out to him, "Oh…so what." he answered casually he then walked over to the toilet.

Sora exited the washroom closing the door behind her. "Hmm…messy very messy." Sora commented she started to pick up the various items of clothing that were thrown to the floor careless earlier that morning. She threw the items into the hamper. "Taichi come on we have to get to the hospital," Sora told him. She looked into her closet looking for something to put on.

"I have to take a shower first," he told her from the bathroom.

She threw on a blue sweatshirt then grabbed a pair of jeans, then put them on, "I'll be downstairs." Sora said.

The shower started up when she left the bedroom she walked to where Li's room was of course it was empty because he was over at her in-laws.

She wiped away the tears from eyes then walked to Saria's room she peeked into there. She went down the steps of her home and made a u turn to the kitchen; she stopped for a second looking around it was clean. "My god," Sora whispered in total shock. "I guess Taichi didn't make a mess," She went to the fridge looked in 'nothing looks rotten, it look rather fresh.' She thought. Then turned to grabbed the toast bread out and put it near the toaster as well as the butter.

A while passed…

Taichi came down stairs carrying his sweater on his shoulder, he stopped half way down the stairs to but it on then walked down the rest of the way. He went into the kitchen he found Sora she was watching the tv.

"Hey." he whispered he put his arms around her and kissed her cheek.

"You shouldn't be watching the news." Taichi told her gently.

The story about Sora came on she just watched it absently, "It's okay." she told him.

Taichi sighed, "You know that I told the truth right Taichi…" Sora told him, he nodded.

"Yes I know the truth…it doesn't make you out to be a murder because you save our daughter and yourself. I still love you, now and for ever and that won't ever change." he told her.

Sora smiled and started to cry, "Oh no…Sora don't cry." Taichi told her he when to her she gave him huge.

"I love you…Taichi you're the best friend I ever had. I'm so lucky you married me." she whispered to him sniffling a bit.

"Come on now…you still have to see Li…" Taichi replied as he wiped away the tears on her cheek.

"Now, whenever people start talking about him you tell them that you did what you had to do to protect your family. There is nothing wrong in telling them that." he explained to her.

She nodded, "I know that Taichi….I do…it's just that I'm finally home with my children and my loving husband," She smiled at him softly. "I'm happy, that Jeff's gone. He can't because any more trouble for us," she whispered.

Taichi smiled and stroked her hair gently, "You know that I love you so much and that the past year for us has been painful and upsetting…but we got through okay and it has made us closer then ever." Taichi told her.

Sora hugged him again, "Your right Taichi…you're so right about it, and I love you." she whispered to him. Sora pulled away from their hug and looked at him.

"I love you," Taichi replied once again, they leaned in and kissed gently.


Yamato walked out side in the hospital's park he had his hands in his pockets, finding an empty bench he sat down. He rested his head in his hands then ran his fingers through his blond hair.

"Yamato…you love me right…" Brittany's voice echoed through his mind.

Yamato sat up right he looked around, there was no one there he swore he heard someone call him he shook his head.

"Yamato, you did this to me…you made me crazy, you made me like this…" her voice once again rang through his mind.

"NO!" he shouted out he got up from his seat on the bench he looked around and quickly left, but the voice followed him.

"Yamato why won't you admit it…if you didn't go back to Mimi I would be okay." she replied.

"STOP IT! STOP BLAMING ME STOP IT!" he ran back to the hospital. Once getting inside he went to the information desk.

"Is there someone I could talk to? A professional?" Yamato asked the women who was there.

"Just a second sir." she turned to her computer, and then turned back to him. "Yes Dr. Ivy Mishiru, here's her office number," she handed the information to Yamato.

"Thank you," he replied and left.


Takeru came into Mimi's hospital room; Hikari wasn't with him that morning, "Are you decent?" he questioned.

"Yup." Mimi replied, the baby was in the small crib provided by the hospital, which was near Mimi's hospital bed.

He moved his hand from his eyes and looked round the room, "Where's Yamato?" he questioned.

Mimi sighed as she looked at him, "We didn't tell you guys this before…but he has been having sleeping problems," she said to him.

"What? Why didn't you two tell me sooner." Takeru replied shocked and a bit angry they would shut him out.

"He has been having dreams…where Brittany does things. He was taking sleeping pills to help him sleep and get rid of the dreams," Mimi whispered.

"Well…for how long?" he questioned.

"Years off and on."

Takeru almost exploded. "WHAT!" he cried.

"Be quite." Mimi hushed him.

He sighed then watching her. "Why the hell didn't someone say something! We could have helped," he complained.

"Yamato said it was okay and not to worry about it…but lately it had been getting worse then ever since that latest stunt she tried to pull…"

"Takeru?" she questioned.

"So where did he go?"

"He went some where. He said he needed to clear his head. Takeru just let him alone." Mimi told him.

he just watched her and sighed looking away, "all right," was his replied. "But don't think I'm happy about It." he told her.

"I know." her eyes travelled to the where her child was. "Well come on and see you nephew, Mimi slowly got out of the bed she was wearing a pair of light pink pyjamas that had little white rabbits on it. Takeru followed her to the small crib…the baby was wearing a baby blue knitted baby out fit that the hospital workers put on him.

"He's so small." he whispered amazed.

"Did you want to hold him?" she asked.

Takeru shook his head "No it's okay."

"Takeru…your not scared to hold him are you?" Mimi questioned.

"Well no, it's just that he looks peaceful right now." He told her.

"Yeah…I should wait he's still small and he needs rest," Mimi shook her head and smiled at him. "It's just I can't believe, that he's ours, he so beautiful…he has his fathers eye and hair," she looked down at his small sleeping form.

"Well you should believe it." Takeru said to her he gave Mimi a hug.

"Takeru can you go find Yamato for me?" she questioned him as they pulled away from their hug. She looked up at him.

"Sure, I have a few questions to ask him myself," he replied.

"Okay just don't cause any trouble okay?" she warned him before he went out the door.

"Don't worry, I'll see you later bye," he walked out the door then closed it.

Mimi sat down on the bed, 'I hope your okay Yamato.' she thought.


Yamato walked into the office and he met with a secretary. "Um…is Dr. Mishiru in the office?" he questioned.

"Yes she is did you want to schedule an appointment sir?" she questioned him.

"Um no that's okay…" he quickly left the room. The secretary watched him in total confusion as he left.

Out side the office Yamato just closed his eyes. 'I can't…they'll criticize me and think I'm crazy.' he left quickly until he bumped into some one.

"Watch where…Yamato there you are," Takeru replied the two brothers looked at each other.

"Where did you come from?" Yamato questioned.

"From the elevators. Anyway we need to talk," he told him.

"No we don't, I got to go back to Mimi," Yamato was about to go past him when Takeru grabbed him by his arm.

"Yamato don't dance around the issue," he demanded strongly.

"Look, I don't appreciate that you're trying to bud into my life." Yamato began his voice raised as he pulled his arm away from his brother's grasp.

"Yamato I'm not prying, Mimi told me about the dreams…and I want to help you." he told him.

"Mimi didn't have the right to tell you," he replied.

"She certainly did. She's worried about you and so am I," Takeru replied. He looked down at Yamato's hands. He was holding a piece of paper in them. "What's that?" he questioned.

"It's nothing," Yamato shoved the paper into his coat pocket.

"Then why didn't you let me," he stopped noticing that his brother was glancing at the door behind him. He turned noticing the sign Dr. Ivy Mishiru Psychiatrist.

"Well, I guess you went to get help then." he turned back to his brother who looked at him with a sigh.

"I tired but I didn't make an appointment," he whispered.

"Why not you should in fact I--." he cut Takeru off suddenly.

"No, okay…I'm not going to go to a psychiatrist al right. They'll blame me for everything I did in my life. They'll analyse my life so much that they will think I'm crazy and put me in that asylum where Brittany is. And I do not want to go there." Yamato replied quickly.

Takeru looked at him shocked, "Yamato…that's not what they're going to do." he replied.

"How do you know Takeru?" he demanded angry.

"Because…they're psychiatrist's they want to help you through your problems," Takeru explained to him.

Yamato looked at the door to the Doctor's office then to Takeru. "Okay….I will."


"Will both defendant and the plaintiff please raise," the judge told them; Daisuke and Miyako both stood up with there lawyers.

Davis grabbed Saria's hand as the two waited for the news to come out on who had full custody.

"It is obviously clear to me that, both the defendant and the plaintiff have problems with one each other. Problems which could easily be fixed. I have decided that it is best for your son if you were both to share custody. The court will give out visitation rights out…I suggested that Davis should be allowed to stay with his mother during the week and his real father on the weekends. The court is demised."

Davis hugged Saria, "Thanks you Saria for being there for me." he replied.

Saria smiled at him. "What are friends for?" she replied, the two still in a gentle embrace.

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At The Hospital….

Taichi and Sora walked down the hall to Mimi's room holding hands like they used to do way back in high school. They met Hikari just coming to the room as well.

"Well, look at you two happily married," Hikari said.

"We always been happy Hikari," Taichi replied.

"Yes, I know but you looked exceptionally happy," she replied with a smile.

"We resolved a few things about our stuff," Sora told her.

Hikari entered Mimi's room, followed by the two lovebirds.

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Yamato came out of the office, Takeru patted him on his shoulder, "There's the first step to get over what ever problems Brittany is causing for your bro." he replied.

"I know; I want to be back to the way I was before Brittany with out having to worry," he replied.

The two brothers headed down to the Mimi's room where they found the whole gang in there, they were chatting.

"Hi," the grouped declared.

"Hi…um Taichi about last night about the punch I'm sorry….I know you wanted to help." he said apologetically.

"I understand…and that's something we want to talk to you about." Taichi was stopped by Takeru.

"It's dealt with Taichi don't worry, he is going to see the psychiatrist here at the hospital," he told them.

"That's good Yamato," Sora smiled, as did Taichi.

"Thank you Yamato," Mimi gave her husband a hug. "I love you for doing it and making a positive move." she whispered and gave him a kiss.

"I wanted to be able to sleep without the nightmares. To help me feel better and not only for myself but for you and our baby boy," he told her sincerely.

Hikari looked confused, until Takeru went over to her and explained what the dreams were about and what was happening. "That's good…You have to fix the problem now so that way she can't ruin your life any more then she has in the past," Hikari told him, she gave her brother in law a hug.

"Thanks Hikari."

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The Yagami's family photo…Karen standing beside Dean who was had his arm around his new wife Aimee. Kevin and Anna next; Then standing just in front of Karen is Sora, she is holding Li, and Taichi who is stand behind his parents. Saria is in front of her father with Hikari is standing next to Taichi and Takeru is standing next to her. Everyone has a big smile on their faces. The photo is framed with oak at the bottom engraved in gold coloured letters is 'Takashi's, Takenouchi's and Yagami's 2017'

The Ishida family photo…Tina and David stand beside each other. As were David and Nancy who are standing next to the parents. Mimi is standing in front of her parents holding little Michael; Yamato standing behind his parents…beside Yamato is Takeru and Hikari. Each having bright smiles on their faces. The frame is in a sliver and engraved it saying 'Tachikawa's , Takashi's and Ishida's 2017'

The Ichijouji family photo...Miyako and Ken stood next to them with their parents behind them. Davis was standing next to his mother and Ken. They have smiles on they're faces as well. It is lined in a false gold trim and engraved on it's frame was. 'Ichijouji's & Inoue's 2017'

The Motomiya family photo…Daisuke and Kara's Parents stood behind them as the two stood in front of they're parents Davis stood near his father and Kara held on to they're baby girl who was named Liana. they were smiling as while. Their photo was framed in a pine and was engraved as well with the names 'Motomiya's & Mashia's 2017'