Ello Humans. Nice to meet'cha! I'm Byakko the Player Killer! I'm not really a player though. I'm actually a bunch of game data that infamous Sora(the Player Killer) made. Thing is, I have my own conscious and junk. Just no real body in the real world. If you had to compare me to someone, I would pick the kid Sora talks about all the time. Tsukasa, I think that's it. But really, I'm what you call a AI(Artificial Intelligence) I also have to listen to what Sora says because he made me. And, well he can destroy me as well. Sooo. Yea. That's me in a nutshell. Pleased to meet ya.

I'm here to tell you about my life. Well, if you would call it a life. But its more about finding out that the kid(Tsukasa) is not as innocent as everyone thinks…

Ok to start off. I'm about 5'5 not very tall. But good enough for me. I have shoulder length white hair and red eyes. I know weird no? Sora uses me a lot in the snow areas. Reason for my hair. I'm a twin blade like Sora. So I'm small and lithe.

Oh! I forgot to tell you. Sora also made me part cat. Yes, I know weird again. Not a lot of characters in The World are cat. Sora likes things original and unusual. So he gave me cat ears and a tail. Their all white along with my hair. If I need too my nails can turn into claws. But I only use that rarely. I have markings on my face, two white lines facing downward under my eyes(think of Kiba from Naruto).

I wear a tight long sleeve shirt that's black and has weird white markings along is arms and back. My pants are tight as well and go till my ankles. Its also black with white markings. I have no shoes though. Sora thought I wouldn't need them since I'm only a AI. So my feet are always sore. My twin blades are sliver and are connected to my hands. They can be removed by pressing a button on the side.

So on to my life.


'Curse Sora and merry bunch of PKers.' I sat behind a rock my shoulder length hair pulled back into a short pony tail. I was ordered to watch the kid. Tsukasa. But the only things he's been doing the whole day is play with that monster thing.

I was so bored.

So right now he was sitting on a hill covered in grass. His monster was moaning something to him. He seems to be able to understand it though. I have no idea what that thing moans about. I sat behind a boulder that was close to him, but not close enough for him to see me. So back to listening to them.

The thing moaned a long high pitched sound and the boy laughed.

"Really? I never noticed. Is he a danger to me?" He? He who? Oh that sounded like something from that weird movie... Ok stop thinking, its not like I've ever seen a movie before. The thing moaned again its voice low pitched and long.

"Is he pretty?" Pretty? Why would he want to know that? And who was he talking about?! I was getting quite interested.

"Really now?" He sounded happy as the monster moaned a long low note.

"I wonder if he'll play with us?" The monster moaned again and nudged the boy with an arm. Who chuckled at the action.

"Ok. Bring him to me. Don't hurt him though." I was peaking from behind the rock and saw the boy turn his head to stare right at me, smiling. Oh, god. They had been talking about me!!! I got up and started running. Taking out my blades as I ran. I saw that brown blob vanish. Oh great. Its playing hide and seek. I had to get out of here! I tried gating out but found that I was in the middle of a battle.

I was trapped.

A moan sounded and the thing appeared in front of me. I skidded to a halt and ran the other way, making sure to not go the way the boy was. I knew I wouldn't be able to defeat this thing. I heard from Sora it killed Sliver Knight without even moving an inch. I might be a good PKer but I'm not as good as Sliver Knight when it comes to playing fair. I usually attack from the dark and kill my opponents quickly and silently. So fighting on normal terms was hard. Especially if your opponent wasn't even a real monster!

The thing moaned again as it sent one of those arms at me. I dodged and ran again. I felt something grab my ankle and looked down. One of its arms was holding it! I tried to shake it off but found that two more of its arms grabbed my arms. I tried slashing it by my arms were pulled apart so I couldn't get close.

"Let me go!!!!" I screamed. I was terrified of that thing. Just because I'm a AI doesn't mean I don't feel pain. Actually, it felt even worse! Then I panicked more once I thought of something else. I can't die. So if they catch me they could torture me until, well, when ever they decide to let me go. That is if they did. Its grip loosened. I tried slashing my blades at it but it just dogged somehow and then its grip tightened.

I heard a very suppressed laugh from behind me(note the sarcasm). I turned my head to see the boy just sitting where he had been before. He was laughing at me! Then I felt something grab the back of my neck firmly. I went limp. Curse cat like reflexes! I tried to shake it off but found that it wrapped around my neck.

"Come on." I heard the boy call, his voice eager. The thing managed to lift me by wrapping its arms around my waist and back. I started growling since it was the only thing I could do.

The thing set me down when we got close to the boy. It took its arms off except the one around my neck. I glared at the boy in front of me and growled, bearing my teeth. Which were like a cats, sharp fangs. My ears were flat on my head, my tail was flicking irritatingly.

"Calm down kitty." Kitty!?!?! He smiled at me and reached out with a hand. I flinched back and growled more.

"Bring him closer." I felt the thing around me neck pull me. I held back digging my feet and hands into the ground. It dragged me until I was in reach of the boy. The boy reached out and started petting my ears.

"Be a good kitty." He nodded at the monster and two arms came out and held my hands down.

"You wont be needing these." He took off my blades and tossed them far enough where I couldn't get them. Then I spoke for the first time.

"What do you want?" The boy smiled at the sound of my voice which held a high amount of fear in it, and answered.

"I want to play." Play? What is wrong with this kid? He stood and brushed his robes.

"Lets go Home." The monster moaned behind me and pulled me up. I didn't like this. Not at all. But I couldn't do much since it held my hands and my neck. The boy grabbed something from his pack and then took a hold of my arm. Then he gated out, taking me with him. We ended up at the Root Town, Dun Loireag. There were a few people there. A lot froze when we gated in, eyeing the large monster that held me. He just ignored them. He took out another item and gated us somewhere else.

We landed in a small clearing. Surrounded by trees. On the bed in the middle of the clearing was a small girl that wore a white dress. Her hair completely white, like mine. What was odd, is that she floated above the bed instead of laid on the bed and she didn't get up at all when we came in.

"You're the first one I've every brought here." I looked around. As they say. Curiosity killed the cat. This defiantly wasn't anywhere I've been before. Thing floated around. The trees were an off color. A doll floated past.

"Isn't it peaceful?" The boy asked. I looked at him. Sure it was. If you liked things like this. He walked over to the girl and the monster pushed me to follow.

"This is Aura. I have to take care of her." The boy smiled fondly at the sleeping girl. Brushing a strand of white hair from her face. I made no movement to do anything. I was thinking in my head of how to get away from the monster.

"Lets play now!" He turned to me, his eyes held a scary look. Then he froze.

"Aww. My friends are calling." He stood for a second, probably reading mail. Then he looked at me and smiled.

"You stay here. I'll be back in a while." The boy gated out and left me with the monster. Surprisingly the monster left too after the boy, but not before cutting one of its hands off to bind me to the bed.

"Ew." I touched the arm that was wrapped firmly around my neck. It was soft, but it felt odd. It looked slimy, but was clear from any substance. It had about four feet before connecting to the bed post. I tugged at it to find that the bed must have been super glued to the ground or something. Since it wouldn't budge a bit. But since the monster was gone I tried gating out. But again. Like everything that's always happened to me, I couldn't. Something blocked me.

I sighed and sat against the bed. I decided to sleep since that monster was seeping my hp when it got the chance. So I only had about one hundred left. As I fell into a power sleep I saw movement to my right but decided that it was nothing to worry about, since there was no sign of monsters.


"Tsukasa!" A female Heavy Blade ran over to the Wavemaster who had just gated in. The boy smiled at the girl and waved.

"Morning Mimiru." A Blademaster walked up behind the girl armor on his shoulder, waist, and legs. The Heavy Blade wore red armor on chest and waist. Also they both wore boots.

"Hi Bear." The Wavemaster smiled kindly. The Blademaster smiled back and waved.

"So what's up?" Tsukasa asked. Bear pointed at the Chaos Gate.

"We were wondering if you would come with us to a dungeon." Mimiru nodded.

"We need a Wavemaster." Tsukasa faked a smile.

"Sure. I'd love to come." He was thinking about his new cat. He wanted to get back as fast as possible. The Heavy Blade smiled and grabbed his hand.

"Ok then! Lets go!" She dragged him to the Chaos Gate and they all gated out. A Twin Blade stood in the shadows close to where the three had been.

"Where's kitty?" He asked to no one in particular before gating out himself.


"GiRai Don!" The Wavemaster shouted. A thunder bolt dropped from the sky instantly killing the water based monster he was fighting.

"Nice Tsukasa!" Mimiru shouted from where she was. She was currently cutting down a large water based monster. Like the one he just killed. Suddenly Bear flew by Tsukasa's head and his back hit a rock. He grunted as he stood.

"Ol Repth!" A blue glow wrapped around Bear as his hit points were restored. He flashed a quick smile as thanks and charged at the monster that threw him.

They were currently at a water field in a dungeon. It was the fifth floor. The last one. Tsukasa had gained two levels from this place. They were on the last battle. The Gott Statue was in the next room. Bear and Mimiru finished their monsters off and a couple seconds.

"Well. That was fun!" Mimiru punched the air with her fist. A smiled was shining on her face. They went though the gate and found the Gott Statue treasure. Mimiru opened it and pulled out four things. A large broad sword, a handful of Automatic Grass, a Golden Grunty, and a jewel encrusted collar. The two others saw as Tsukasa's eyes brightened at the sight of the Automatic Grass and collar.

"Can I have those?" He asked eagerly pointing at the two items. Mimiru gave him a look. Why would he want such useless items? The collar was something you would give Grunties. The Automatic Grass was useless for nothing but money.

"Sure." He handed the two items over. His face brightened.

"Okthankyougottogobye!" The boy was gone before they got a chance to even say anything.

"Wonder what's up?"


"Kitty!!!!!" I woke to the voice of that Wavemaster that had kidnapped(?) me. He was staring down at me a wild grin was covering every inch of his face. I just glared. My ears fell flat on my head.

"Look what I found for you!" He produced a collar and some grass from his pack. At the smell of the grass my ears perked up and my tail started dashing around. It smelt delicious. The boy chuckled at me and smiled.

"If you want it. Purr for me." Purr? For him?! For him!? I tried to not want it. But the smell was intoxicating. My chest was soon rumbling happily and then the Grass was given to me. But only a bit of it. The rest was held in his hand as he stood.

"Macha!" He called. My mind was fogged because of the grass. But I managed to see a cat like character appear in front of the boy. About two feet in height. It had purple and white fur. It wore clothes like a human and stood like one too. Its face was half white and half purple along with the rest of its body. Except its tail which was fully white. Its left eye had a purple star in the white. It had a brown tunic on along with boots. Its eyes were red as it blinked at the boy in front of it. It floated in front of him. The boy smiled and handed the rest of the grass to it.

The cats face lit up. Its purple and white face was soon rubbing the boy as it clutched the grass to its chest. He just chuckled and smiled down at me.

"This is how Macha shows her thanks. She cant talk out loud." He explained. I just nodded and continued to admire my portion of grass.

After the other cat was done thanking Tsukasa. He came over with the other item still in his hand. That collar, what did he plan to do with it? Well, his next action explained its use.

"This is yours now." After pulling the arm of the monster off. He clipped it around my neck. It was made of black leather and had red jewels doting it in a pattern. It was very pretty. I just blinked at him.

"Cute." He smiled down at me. Since I was still sitting from my nap. I still couldn't gate out from this place. He leaned down and started scratching the back of my ears. My purr started up again. Who knew it could feel so good? I leaned into his hand. Giving up. Since I couldn't leave this place, why not enjoy it while it lasted?

"You'll stay with me right? Like Macha?" I looked at him. Stay? What did he mean by that?

"Mother might let you become another one of my guardians." Mother?

"You'll like it, I promise." I had no idea what he was talking about.

"She'll let you. I'll ask her. Then we can all be together, you can be my friend." Friend. I've never used that word before.

"Mother can get you new blades too. Better ones. Maybe a new outfit too. This ones too, revealing." Revealing? Not for me. It fits me just fine. I pouted at him.

"If you like this one we can just change it a little then." He said giggling at me. He sat down at my side and pulled me to lay my head in his lap.

"Such a good kitty." He smiled down at me and started petting my ears again. My purr was the only thing you could hear in the room for the rest of the day.

For weeks I stayed in that place. I didn't know why he wanted me. Sora never had much use for me. Except for killing off other players he didn't like. But this guy really liked me. Some days he left to play with his friends. Macha would come out to play with me sometimes too with us, all together.

But then one day when Tsukasa was gone.

Mother spoke to me...