Drakken had said it before a thousand times, and been proven wrong a thousand times, but now it was undeniable: This was his best doomsday device ever. And it was working. One strike against Greenland from the WHF module, and entire nations were already groveling at his feet. England, Australia, Brazil, Morocco, Greece, Japan…

"Canada." The word was almost a prayer as Shego stepped back from the world map, taking in the size of the landmass that had just turned blue. "Canada just surrendered to you."

"I told you it would work."

"You always tell me it'll work. And…well, I'll admit this is starting to, but we both know how it'll end. I mean, any second now little Kimmie is gonna find some way – "

"'To break out of the launch capsule and come barging in here with her sidekick and the rodent and ruin our fun'?" His imitation of Shego's tone was dead on. "Hardly. The only way to disable it is accessible from the outside only. Even Kim Possible can't survive in a vacuum."

"She'll find a way," Shego said darkly. "Not even literally launching her into orbit is going to stop her as long as she's in contact with…that…"

He'd promised himself he was going to be cool and sanguine in victory, but he couldn't suppress a manic grin at Shego's expression as she stared at the mangled remains of the Kimmunicator he held in his hand. "You were saying?"

"I—you—holy…" Oh Lord, she was actually speechless. Global domination seemed like a minor accomplishment in comparison. "Wow," she finally breathed.

"Thank you. It won't hold her forever, I know that much, but once the capsule's orbit decays it's programmed to land in the Mediterranean." He nodded towards the map. The coastline there was almost entirely blue, and even as they watched another country changed color. "I'll have people watching for her, of course."

"I'm impressed." Shego's voice radiated pride. "Well, shocked, really, but that seems a little rude to say to the new ruler of most of the world." She shook her head with a quiet laugh and nudged him in the ribs. "Look at you, suddenly getting everything you always wanted."

He echoed her laugh. "Not quite everything."

"Well no, not yet. I mean, it's obviously going to take a while before every country on the planet bends to your rule, but considering what we've got so far, and the portable WHF modules in production…"

Drakken cleared his throat loudly. Shego paused, turning to face him. His mad smile softened as he pushed her hair back from her face and rested a hand on her cheek. "Not. Quite. Everything."

The eyebrow she raised at him was skeptical, but there was a curve to her lip that might have been a smile. And he could swear that she tilted her chin up ever so slightly to meet him as he kissed her.

This was everything he'd ever wanted. The rest of the world could wait.