All was quiet in Quantico, West Virginia. Special Agent Gaia Moore was in her office, finishing her report on the Cross Murder case. She had been sure not to leave out any details, from the moment she and Agent Lau had been sent out on the case to the moment Brendan had injected himself with the digitalis, all of it was there. For Gaia, it was all in the details. Not to mention that she didn't want there to be any questions for later. She was just printing out the report when Kim entered the room.

"Hey Gaia," he said, "I'm going over to Johnny Ray's. Do you want to come?"

Gaia nodded at him. "Yeah, sure," she said, "Just let me finish this." She stapled the report pages together and left them on her desk, making a note to give them to Agent Malloy later. With that job done, she got up and followed Kim.

"You did good work," he said, "I'm sure the city of New York is grateful."

"But Brendan's dead," Gaia responded, "I really would have liked to bring him in."

"It isn't your fault Gaia," he said, "I think Brendan may have planned on killing himself anyway. He was so desperate not to go back to prison."

"Yeah," Gaia said, and then didn't say anything more as they walked to the parking lot. They entered silently into Kim's Ford Explorer and drove to Johnny Ray's. Gaia was thinking about Brendan. It was a shame really. She had only met him once when she was younger, but he always seemed like a good guy. Mary's death had obviously hit him pretty hard. But still, to do all those things, to kill all those innocent people, just because of that. It all seemed wrong.

"What kind of world do we live in?" she asked Kim, "What kind of society produces people who take the deaths of their family out on innocent people?"

"I don't know, Gaia," Kim responded, "Brendan was obviously very close to his sister."

At the mention of Mary, tears started to form in Gaia's eyes.

"So was I," she said, "Mary was one of my only true friends in New York, aside from Ed. Oh god, I'm crying aren't I? I hate that."

"It's okay Gaia," he said, "You may be tough, but you're not made of stone. I know this case hit you really hard. Here." He handed her a tissue from the box located on the dashboard.

Gaia took the tissue and began to wipe her eyes. "Thanks Kim," she said, "I'm lucky to have you as a partner."

"No problem, Gaia," Kim said, smiling, "Come on, we're here." They got out of the car and walked silently into Johnny Ray's. They sat down at a table and soon enough Kelly Ray came over to them.

"If it isn't my two favorite FBI agents," she said, "What can I get you?"

"Red wine for both of us," Kim said, "We're celebrating a successful case."

"You caught another one huh?" Kelly said, "Who was it this time?"

"Someone I used to know," Gaia said, "But we didn't exactly catch him. He killed himself."

"Really?" Kelly said, "I'm sorry to hear that."

"It's okay," Gaia said, "We weren't really that close. He was just a relative of someone I knew." Gaia didn't want to mention Mary, so she kept it to herself. She would talk about it later.

"I see," Kelly said, "Well, two red wines for the conquering heroes, coming right up." Gaia grinned. Kelly always did know how to make her smile.

(End Story)