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Walking towards the clan district of Konoha, a young teen around twelve was currently heading to pick up two of his close family. He wore a black mess shirt and a dark black loose jacket that seemed to have three lighter black bars on the front and had a half open Uchiha fan on the back. Even though it was autumn, he wasn't particularly cold. He wore the jacket to cover up the many scars on his body from cutting himself. He hadn't done so recently, but they seemed to stay their as reminders, which was odd because all his other wounds would heal perfectly. On his lower body, he wore loose fitting white pants that were tied around his waist by an orange sash.

Besides his clothes the most notable feature about him was his skin. It was extremely pale, almost ghostly white. So white that it would be considered an extremely unhealthy tan. His eyes were just as notable as he had two violet narrowed eyes with dilated iris. Another highly notable feature was his large fangs that were visible at all times due to their accelerated growth due to his status of a jinchuuriki. He wasn't tall, but he wasn't small as he was four foot eleven, but was still the shortest in his class at the Ninja Academy. Though no one did as the last one that did was sent on a one way ticket to the infirmary.

While he walked down the street towards his destination, villagers gave him cold glares and muttered things like 'demon brat', 'snake fucker' and other colorful things around those lines. But to be truthful, he didn't really care too much about what they said. He knew the reason why they glared and cursed his very existence. He knew it all too well as he had learned from it on his father's and Fuguku's scrolls as after the massacre of one of his living clans, he needed something to attempt to keep him from breaking completely. And that the other clan he was apart of didn't want him to lose hope and possibly become what the villagers had been calling him.

Even then, he just wasn't going to take their hatred laying down. It would be a disgrace to do so as he wasn't Uchiha-Hyuuga Naruto for nothing. Smirking at the villages, he extended both of his arms towards the crowd and flicked out the middle finger at them, effectively giving them the dual birds. He smirked even more as he heard the villagers grumbling about the 'Fucking Snake's' cunning and that they should kill it now before it decided to kill us. Of course this made him roll his eyes at them as he knew they wouldn't do anything so close to the clan complex, and even if they did he needed some stress relief and they would be good to relieve it.

'Tch. I would kill you fuckheads, but the old man always has an ANBU to make sure that they don't attack me. Or vice versa. I wonder who it is today. It can't be weasel due to him killing everyone but Sasuke and myself from tou-san clan off. Bastard, if I get my hands on him I'll pluck those eyes from his skull. Can't be Inu either because he has retired from ANBU. Tiger is an ANBU captain so it can be him as he has too many important things to do then worry about me. Falcon is on an assassination mission, though he better tell me how it went otherwise I'll kick him in the knats. So who does that leave? Oh, it must be neko. So Yugao watching me today, interesting, she seems to smell different from the last time I ran into her. I wonder why?'

Naruto smirked at this thought as he scanned the area with his nose before looking towards the general area that her scent was coming from. From the said building, Yugao's eyes widened in surprised even though no one could see because her mask, but someone with a high sense of smell could probably sniff out that she was. Quickly getting over that, she continued to follow him as he headed into the clan district. 'Damn! He's getting good at detecting me and the others. I wonder who his sensei will be. Probably Kakashi... Oh shit! I forgot he's taking a team this year! Please don't let them be on the same team. One psychopath prankster is enough. And putting him on a team with trap expert of Konoha might just make two of them!'

As he walked towards the Hyuuga complex, he shook his head as he knew something was bothering Yugao, but really didn't want to know what it was as it could be a number of things. Looking around, he noticed that he had reached his destination, seeing that Hinata and Neji were standing in front of the complex, waiting for him. A small bead of sweat fell from his head as he hadn't even smelt them and even when he was dazed out he could always sniff out what was around him. Shaking that off his mind, he bowed lightly to Hinata. It wasn't because he was a branch member, as he was considered a main branch by Hiashi, but even if they wanted to, they couldn't as Naruto was part of the Uchiha clan and they had a say in that as well. "Ready to go, Hinata-sama, Neji?"

Hinata smiled lightly before bowing her head slightly at Naruto, as he was her cousin and a technical higher up in the clan. "Mourning Naruto-kun."

Neji nodded at him as it was his custom greeting before the three of them headed off towards the academy. Though Naruto had sent a small amount of chakra to his nose so he could smell what was about to happen in the clan complex.

From inside, Hiashi sighed as he watched them leave with his Byukugan. He sighed a little more as he deactivated them and turned back to Hanabi, who was sitting at the table, reading a very familiar orange book with a large blush on her face. His eyes widened in shock and fright before snatching it away with a large blush on his face, though from it being from embarrassment or anger was impossible to tell. Turning to her slowly after he sealed it away in his secret scroll, he spoke to her as calm as he could, even though it turned out a little edgy. "Hanabi, where did you get this book from?"

She looked up at her father with her normal calm face shattered by a look of shock from the print and pictures inside the book. She answered with one simple name. "Naruto-ni-san."

At that moment, Hiashi refrained from rushing outside and catching him and using the modified Jyuken version of the Sennin Goroshi on the young vessel. 'Dammit Naruto! If you weren't my favorite cousin's daughter, I would kill you for this! Now I have to explain to her what this book means!' DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU TO HELL AND BACK SO I CAN KAITEN YOUR ASS BACK TO IT!

Hanabi looked up at her father with her pale lavender eyes the size of dinner plates before she asked the inevitable question that he was dreading to hear. "Tou-san, what does sex mean?"

He could only sigh as he stood up and walked to his secret sake stash. He was going to need a ton of it and hoped to Kami that he would get smashed before he told her what the book meant. Though that probably wouldn't happen as he would probably get wasted and have one of the branch house females tell her about it.

As the three Hyuuga's neared the academy, Neji pulled out a scroll from his pouch before turning to Naruto, who was looking oddly pleased as the last scent he caught from the complex was sake and that of shock, embarrassment and rage. "Naruto-san, Hiashi-sama told me to give this to you."

He quickly tossed the scroll to Naruto, who looked at it in confusion, not knowing what it was for and that his brain was still on cloud nine at the moment. Neji sighed as he noticed the look of confusion, though he absently wondered why he had the same gleam in his eyes that he had after a prank well done. Shaking that thought off for now as he stored it in his 'Not to question' mental folder before relaying what Hiashi had told him. "All he said was that it was a letter written by your mother and he deemed you ready to read it as of today."

Naruto nodded as he looked at it for a brief moment before pocketing it so he could concentrate on the task at hand. The Gennin Exams.

He was confident that he would pass, but the fact that one of his former teachers, Mizuki, seemed to dislike him and tried to make him fail. Of course it didn't work as on numerous times he was caught in the act by Hinata, Neji, Sasuke and even himself a few times and had reported it to Iruka, not wanting to try and confront Mizuki about it. After a few times of them reporting it and Iruka proving it to be true, the dolphin reported it to the Hokage, who set Mizuki straight and when it continued to happen he had fired him and placed him on probation.

Shaking that thought off, he looked up to see they had arrived at a large brick building with three levels, which happened to be the Ninja Academy.

They quickly walked through the doors and started to navigate the maze called a school to get to their room. The task alone was very difficult as there was many obstacles, chunin teachers trying to get to their class and lost students. Even the Byukugan was useless and it came down to Naruto tracking down the room by finding Sasuke and the others' scents. Just a split moment after they entered the room and were out the striking range of the door, it flung open revealing a blonde hair girl with a long pony tail wearing a skimpy purple outfit and a pink haired girl wearing a red dress stood at the door way, panting heavily.

Naruto smirked evilly seeing this as an opportunity to strike back at his cousin's fan girls, and one of his own. Also he couldn't miss a perfect attempt to get a laugh in. "Hey, I thought I told you two to stop making out before class unless you had someone taping it. If you did, I would love the tape for personal reasons."

It had the desired effect he wanted it as Ino blush heavily at the thought of Naruto watching her do something like that while Sakura blushed lightly, before her face glowed a bright red in anger. But the effect he wanted was that everyone in the room besides them began to laugh their asses off at the line and their reactions. Hell even Shino chuckled at it, scaring Kiba into submission as it sounded almost pure evil, which was why Aburames refrained from talking as their voices seemed to sound evil like. As everyone laughed at them, a tick mark grew larger and larger on Sakura's head. After a moment or two more of laughing at her and Ino's expense, she could handle it no longer and stormed over to Naruto and slammed her fist upside his head.


He flew across from Sakura's freaky strength that seemed to appear when anger and collided with the wall, only to turn into a cloud of smoke. Everyone looked around in confusion seeing this as they had never seen a jutsu like that before, the exceptions being Hinata, Neji, Shino, Sasuke and Shikamaru, though the latter thought it was to troublesome to even think about it. Hinata nearly jumped up when she felt something crawling on her shoulder, but noticed it was a three foot pitch black snake and knew instantly it was Naruto as he had a habit of Henging into snakes. Though it gave her goose bumps every time he used her as a perch, it was oddly soothing. "Ah the best thing about Kage Bunshin. You never know if it's me our not."

It slowly slid off her giving her even more goose bumps before it poofed into a smirking Naruto. He bit his lip, trying not to laugh at the poor girl's expressions along with the rest of the class. After a few moments, he shook his head and walked away from Sakura's still stunned form and sat next to Sasuke, who was smirking at him while biting his lip to contain his laughter, but was finding it difficult as a slight snicker escaped from his mouth. "That was a good one Naruto. I give it an eight point four."

"Oh come on. I thought I deserved at least a nine. Damn, next time I'll have to use some sort of gimmick." Naruto faked pouted as Sasuke snickering grew even more. A tick mark grew on Naruto's head as he was about to smack Sasuke to keep him from snickering when suddenly a massive amount of pathetic killing intent was directed at him. Slowly turning around hoping it was something else, Naruto mentally sighed in relief as he looked completely unfazed by the killing intent as almost every fan girl was glaring at him before screaming at the top of their lungs.


"The hell you are! Get away from me you psychotic lesbos! Go find someone else to stalk and pound on!" Naruto yelled right back as he unleashed a small portion of his killing intent that was mixed with his tenant's, though he didn't know that, towards the girls. Every single person in the room besides the ones knew him well since they were used it, shrunk back in fear at the massive wave of bloodlust that washed over them. Just as a few of the more brave... or suicidal girls had regained their confidence, a poof of smoke was heard and someone yelling at them with it. And it wasn't Iruka much to their fright.

"ALRIGHT MAGGOTS! SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE HELL UP! SINCE IRUKA SICK TODAY I WILL BE TAKING OVER FOR TODAY'S GENNIN EXAMS!" Yelled a man with a scared face and a bandana on his head. Naruto recognized him instantly and started to sweating bullets knowing what he could do to him and would do to him just for the fun of it.

"Oh shit! It's Ibiki! RUN FOR YOUR MOTHER FUCKING LIVES!" Naruto screamed before he bolted for his only salvation...

The window.

He never had a chance in hell to make it. A kunai caught his jacket's sleeve and pinned him to the wall as Ibiki glared at the blonde haired abomination in front of him. "No running off during the test. I'll get you some other time for what you did yesterday Naruto."


Ibiki had just came back home, covered in blood from torturing a spy that they found who was connected to Orochimaru. Ibiki grumbled at his misfortune as he walked to the kitchen. "Dammit. He had no decent information on him that we didn't already have. Well at least that's one spy that was rooted out."

He sighed as he opened his frig and grabbed the milk carton before turning to open the cabinet. His eyes widened in horror as he saw an army of moths inside before they fly out of it and towards him. Refraining from screaming, due to it would make him look bad and that he was the head of the Interrogation & Torture unit, Ibiki fell to the floor in surprise only to find a rather large tarantula on the floor. Now his fear of insects was well known, but he feared spiders even higher on his phobia list and this time he couldn't hold back.

He jumped up and screamed like a pansy, as he was petrified of any insect/arachnid. And just like any ten year old girl would do, he ran towards the bathroom, flailing his arms around in terror. As he entered the hallway in his home while running from the chasing moths, his feet got tangled up in something and looking down he noticed to be trip wire. His eyes widened in horror as he stumbled and when he heard something falling. Quickly regaining his composure, his instinct was to jump, but the only way to jump was into the moths and he wasn't going to do that. So against his better judgment, he looked up to see a bucket of pink paint over him. He could only put up his arms in defense as it drenched him completely.

After a few choose swear words about pranksters he need to torture, he suddenly noticed a painting of our favorite jinchuuriki sticking his tongue out at him. Rage consumed him as he screamed out to the heavens.


(Flashback End)

'Yes I'll get you back later and you'll never know what hit you!' Ibiki started to cackle evilly and started radiating a rather large amount of killer intent around the room making everyone there want to piss themselves. Well, one particular individual did.

"DAMMIT AKAMARU! GET OFF MY HEAD WHEN YOU DO THAT!" Kiba screamed as Akamaru continued pissing into his hair, not caring one bit as he was petrified of the man in front of him. Looking over towards Kiba, everyone in the room instantly overcame their fear of Ibiki and started laughing their asses of at Kiba's misfortune, including Naruto as he tried to pry himself free of the kunai.

Shaking his head while trying not to laugh as his killing intent died down, Ibiki spoke up in an amused tone. "Go to the restroom and wash it off."

Kiba quickly nodded and ran out of the room. After waiting a few minutes and ignoring the class chattering in the room, Kiba walked back into the room not smelling too much better. He at first was going to give the test that Iruka had set out, but it was crap and really didn't test if they were ready to be shinobi. But unfortunately, that was up to the jounins that they were assigned to so he had no choice but to use the usual test, he would just spice it up a little. Handing out the papers for the written test, he smirked wickedly as he thought of the perfect idea on how to make this more fun, for him.

After an hour of torture, the paper test was finally done. While he was ashamed of using Anko's tactic of throwing kunais randomly, half of which weren't random as they were thrown at Naruto, it still got the job done. They were thoroughly scared out of their minds and on the edge for anything. Looking at the list Iruka left, he sighed lightly knowing that he would have to do this test by the book. In fact, it was hard not to do it that way. "Damn, I'm beginning to remember why I hated standardized test... Alright class, I'll call you up one at a time for your physical exam and ninjutsu exam. If you don't wish to do them, leave. I have no problem with that, just one less person to worry about."

Shikamaru would have left right then and there, but even if he was lazy his dream was to become an average shinobi with an average family, so he muttered troublesome and laid his head down on his desk. Seeing no one else thinking about leaving, Ibiki sighed and rubbed his forehead as he pulled out the clip board and called the first name. "Aburame Shino, you're up first."

As the bug user stood up and followed Ibiki into the screening room, Naruto sighed out loud as he thought of what to do. He would have turned to Sasuke and asked him how he thought he did on his test, but seeing the look on his cousin's face, he thought better of it. Sasuke was in one of his, speak and I'll shove a kunai with an explosive tag attached to it down your throat moods. He would have talked to someone else, but unfortunately no one else sat by him as he sat in the last seat next to the wall. Sure, Hinata was in the seat behind Sasuke, but she seemed to be talking with Tenten much to his annoyance.

Having no one to talked to, he pulled out a CD player from the pouch he wore and put on the head phones and began listening to the Linkin Park CD he got for Christmas from Sasuke. Knowing which song he wanted to listen to, he switched it to number six and let it play as he turned up the volume so that the majority of the class could hear it.

In this farewell

There is no blood, there is no alibi

Cause I've drawn regret

From the truth of a thousand lies

So let mercy come and wash away

Naruto nodded his head to the song ignoring the look the rest of the class was giving him. He noted that Sasuke was glaring as the music was hurting his ears while Hinata could only shake her head at him. He grinned with his fangs showing even more before he started listening to his song once more.

What I've Done

I face myself to cross out

What I've become

Erase myself

And let go of What I've Done

Now Sasuke was getting annoyed with Naruto. He could ignore the music as he liked some of artist's songs, but the fact that it was so loud and that Naruto was now lip syncing with it. He absently thought about unplugging the head phones as his hand reached over to do so, but only to find Naruto gripping his wrist tightly. Deciding he would like his hand to work before his physical name, he wisely backed off.

Put to rest what you thought of me

While I clean this slate

With the hands of uncertainty

So let mercy come and wash away

He was unsure why he liked this song so much. While it wasn't his favorite it hit a lot of sore spots of his life. His life hadn't been the best, but he had gotten through it. But he would wish that the villagers would show him some mercy and let go of their idiotic hatred for him. He almost scoffed at that as the villagers letting go of their hate was as likely as the world ending by some alien invader hitting it with an energy ball.

What I've Done

I face myself to cross out

What I've become

Erase Myself

And let go of What I've Done

As the course passed again, Naruto had calmed down considerably and was listening to the lyrics more and more. He had noted that half of the class had already gone into the screening room, so he had the other half to go. He hated being the second to last person on the role sheet. Sighing to himself, he closed his eyes and continued listening.

For What I've Done

I start again

And whatever pain may come

Today this ends

As the last lines passed him, his heart ached in pain. He wished at times his pain would stop, but it seemed to be never ending at times. Sometimes he wondered why he stuck through it instead of up and leaving the village. It would have been considerably easier, but for some reason he continued to stick it out, hoping that someday he would be on top of the village, flipping them all the dual birds.

I'm forgetting What I've Done

I face myself to cross out

What I've become

Erase myself

And let go of What I've Done


Naruto eyes snapped open hearing his name and noticing everyone around him was wearing hitai-ates. Figuring it was his turn; he turned his CD player off as he pulled off his head phones and pocketed them. "About damn time. What the hell was going on in there? ...Never mind, I don't want to know. I might be traumatized for life if I did."

Ibiki growled lightly at that commit as he watched Naruto calmly walk towards the screening room. As he walked by him, he grumbled to himself before coming up with ideas on how to torture blonde hair snakes. As he walked behind the testing desk and sat down, Ibiki turned to Naruto with an eerily happy smile on his face. "Alright as much as I want to fail you for your prank last night, I can't. But if I could, I would have you fail so badly that you would be put back with the eight and nine year olds. Lucky for you, I can't. So let's begin with the physical exam. You will fight my Kage Bunshin here and I'll grade you on your technique, fluidity and damage."

Naruto raised his eyebrow not seeing a clone in view before Ibiki formed a cross seal and created one. Sliding into his stance, which seemed to be a cross of his two clans, he quickly attacked. It was kind of annoying that Ibiki's clone was blocking each of his strikes but he did remember that he was a jounin and there really wasn't much he could do to harm one. Beginning to rely more on the jyuken, his attacks began to harm the clone but didn't stop it from blocking his strikes.

After a moment of fight, Ibiki called time. "Not bad, not bad at all. I'll give you an eight-seven. That means as of now, you are... third in the physical exam. Alight now, next is the ninjutsu exam so make three Bunshin and a Henge. Also, like I asked for everyone else, if you can perform one jutsu not taught in the academy you are given extra credit."

Naruto gawked at Ibiki, slightly stunned at the simplicity of the test. He honesty thought it to be harder, but they even given extra credit on it. "That's it! I thought this was going to be a challenge. Not a walk through a park... never mind. That's pretty difficult when a certain cousin and I have fan clubs."

Ibiki nodded knowing that it was true having seen Yondaime's fan club when he was named Hokage. Shivering lightly remembering those days of fan girls raiding the Hokage tower and the Anbu units being unable to stop them, Ibiki shook his head and motion for Naruto to start. Naruto sighed lightly, wishing for the test to be somewhat harder, before putting his hands into a ram seal and channeled his chakra. "Bunshin no Jutsu."

A poof of smoke and seven Bunshins were standing in front of Ibiki giving him the finger. The said interrogator twitched in annoyance at Naruto's brazen attitude, before looking more thoroughly at the clones. Seeing that they passed the minimum requirement with ease, he motioned for Naruto to proceed. Naruto nodded as he quickly followed up using the same hand seal and muttering his technique's name. "Henge"

Another poof of smoke appeared and dissipated leaving a naked, pig tailed, blonde female with pale skin, seeming to be Goth like, bending over to show all her assets in front of Ibiki. Blood was leaking form Ibiki's nose as he was unable to contain his instincts. Before things quickly got out of hand, he gripped one of the hitai-ates and threw it at the blonde haired abomination with all his might, hoping it would either cancel the transformation out or knock him out. Of course Naruto caught it easily as he transformed back into his normal form. "I guess that means I pass and don't have to perform any extra credit jutsu. Anyways Ibiki, I hope to never see you again unless its job related."

Knowing that Ibiki was hoping the same thing, Naruto tied his headband to his forehead before walking out of the screening room. He ignored the looks of most of his class mates that were looking at him with anger that he managed to become a shinobi. While he knew most wouldn't make it past the first couple of weeks of being a shinobi, still didn't mean they didn't have some, very slight talent. Getting annoyed with their looks, Naruto bared his fangs and concentrated some of his killer intent at them before shitting down next to a grinning Sasuke.


The said girl walked by them, giving both Naruto and Sasuke a wink. Both could only drop their heads in shame. The girl was one of the few that was in both Naruto and Sasuke's fan clubs and both of their worst nightmare at times. She was the only one that had ever found a way into their house and managed to steal a lock of both of their hair. What she did with them, they really didn't want to know. After a few minutes, she came out with her hitai-ate showing it of to Sasuke and Naruto seemingly proud of her achievement. Once again the two could only lower their heads in shame as she passed by them. Neither wanted to be associated with her.

"Alright terds, be back here tomorrow at the normal time. The dolphin that can't seem to become a jounin will tell you which teams you will be put on. And yes you will be put on teams, so don't bitch about it." Ibiki looked over the potential gennins and unconsciously shivered as he watched them leave the room in a hurried fashion. 'Kami, help the souls put on Gai's team. They will need every ounce of it. And help Iruka, he's going to have so much paper work for skipping today to train for his seventh jounin exam.'

Leading the way to the Hyuuga complex, Naruto sighed deeply. While the glares would lessen with either Hinata or Sasuke around, they were still there. It was becoming so annoying that he was looking for anything to distract him. Coming up with a good subject, he turned to his other flesh and blood relatives. "So Neji, Hinata-sama where do you think you placed."

Thinking about it for a moment, Neji answered in an indifferent tone with a hint of annoyance. "I believe I got second unless Sasuke tripped up in the exams which is unlikely. If not, he has the rookie of the year without a doubt. I still wish Hiashi-sama would have let me go a year earlier so I could have gotten the title."

Hinata sighed at Naruto's question knowing that Neji was going to be in a bitchy mood for the next couple of days. Sighing more as she had to think about where she placed and knowing that her father wouldn't exactly be happy with her placement. "I probably finished in the middle." Turning to Naruto, she tilted her head at him having a slight suspicion why he started this conversation as she caught the villagers caught her eye. Narrowing her eyes at this and planning on informing her father of this as they were in the clan district, she decided to get his mind off them as she asked him the same question. "Where do you think you placed Naru-kun?"

Naruto shrugged indifferently as he seen that Hinata had noted the glares he was getting from some of the clan members. It seemed that it was only the head families in the clans that had no problem with Naruto. But having Hinata call him by that title either meant she was trying to get his mind off of whatever it was on or he had done something stupid. Knowing it was the former, he humored her with an answer. "Tch, Hinata what have I told you about calling me that? Anyways, I probably finished below Neji. Shino could have beaten me but no one else in the class came close... No offense Hinata. But truthfully it doesn't mean a damn thing."

Both Hyuuga's looked surprised at Naruto's words. Neji being even further irked by this meaning Naruto had asked them a pointless question was the first to speak. "And what does that means?"

Naruto rolled his eyes before responding as he had figured Neji would have figured it out already. "Think about it for a moment Neji. Both Sasuke and I are practically even in practical skill, I being a little bit better in ninjutsu then he is but he is better in taijutsu then I am. But the test also takes into account book smarts, which are the least useful bit in the entire exam but is treated to be equal to the physical and ninjutsu exam. So therefore Sasuke can be placed higher then either of us as Neji, I know you dislike study from a book as well."

Neji could only nod in agreement as Naruto continued. "But this is where it gets even worse. The ones that have almost all books smarts can at least get a twenty on the physical and ninjutsu exam, they can pass and become a shinobi. So take example, Sakura. She is probably the smartest in our class, if Shikamaru doesn't decide to be a lazy bastard. So you can be insured that she aced the written portion of our test. Now, out on the field there are at times where you are unable to use taijutsu, ninjutsu or genjutsu, sometimes even two of the three. If this were the case, Neji, you would wipe the floor with Sasuke and me, but if it happened to be ninjutsu we would destroy you. Therefore the test is useless as it doesn't properly rank us."

As he finished, both Hinata and Neji understood the points Naruto had gave them. Both of their moods picked up seeing the Hyuuga compound in the distance and had to wonder if Naruto hadn't planned the conversation just to lift them up before heading in. Turning to Naruto, he only waved his hand as he stopped them. "Well, I see you guys tomorrow."

Neji could only shake his head, knowing why Naruto wanted to get home as the scroll he had given him was something of importance. "See ya, Naruto."

"Bye, Naru-kun." Hinata couldn't help it. She just liked to piss Naruto off that way. The way he seemed to look at her when she said that mesmerized her to the point she had to do it again. Of course Neji could only place his hand over his head as Naruto glared at her before putting on his headphones and walked off.

As the two watched him walk off into the distance, they slowly turned and headed into the complex, thinking about what Naruto had said. It was very true, but what caught their attention was Naruto's voice. Noticing the small change in it, Neji turned to Hinata to see if he had as well. "Is it just me or is Naruto slowly becoming what the village has been calling him for so long?"

Hinata sighed sadly as she looked down, but anger was shinning through her eyes. "Yes, I notice it as well. It seems to become more and more pronounced every day. It just makes me so mad to see that our own village and even some of the lesser clans are the ones responsible for his deteriorating personality."

Nodding in agreement, Neji knew all too well that it was true. But something else was bugging him. Honestly, if he was in Naruto's shoes, he would have already had gone ballistic or would have left. And each and every day, it seemed to give Naruto more reason to do either. So turning to Hinata, Neji spoke in a light tone so they would not be overheard. "Would you join him if he left?" He could instantly tell that the question had sent a chill down Hinata's spine so he decided to let her answer it at her own time. "You don't have to answer now, just think about it and give me an answer."

As Hinata nodded as she turned to talk to he father, Neji turned to his room as his guard duty of Hanabi was about to start so he needed to be ready. As he entered his room and made sure he had everything, he thought of his own question before shaking his head as he walked out and headed to where he knew Hanabi would be. 'I don't know about you Hinata, but if he can discover the unsealing process of the cage seal as he researching into, I would do so in a heart beat.'

As he walked into the Uchiha manor, Naruto walked by a surprised Sasuke, who was examing a scroll, and up the stairs. Opening the door to his room as Sasuke requested Naruto to live there after the Uchiha massacre so he wouldn't be alone, he walked in, turned off his CD player and placed his pouch on the night stand before plopping down on the bed. Pulling out the scroll Neji gave him earlier, he was about unseal it when he heard Sasuke scream for below. While Sasuke normal screams were from him watching TV and being pissed that something he didn't like happened, but this wasn't one of those screams. This was a...


Naruto's eyes widened in horror hearing this and knew that hell was about to break loose. Not wasting a single second, he rushed down the stairs to see Sasuke pushing the cracking and creaking door back with all his chakra enhanced strength. Seeing this, Naruto was about to help when Sasuke's eyes lit up seeing him. "Naruto, use that shadow clone thing of yours and henge half of them! I can't hold this door much longer before it breaks!"

Seeing the desperation of the situation, Naruto using the same hand seal as Ibiki had earlier in the day used the jutsu that the old man Hokage had taught him. "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!"

In a cloud of some, around twenty clones appeared before half of them transformed into Sasuke. Already knowing the drill, each clone rushed out of the house in opposite directions in an attempt to distract and disperse the crowd of fan girls outside the front door. After a few moments, the banging on the door seized meaning they had fallen for it. Relaxing somewhat as the danger had past, Naruto laid down in the recliner in the living room. "Man, this is starting to get ridiculous. If it was villagers breaking in to hurt me, I could handle that. But girls that think we are so hot to break down door and ogle us is total bull shit! I'm going to the old man in the mourning to see if he can put guards or some sort of seals that will keep people from breaking in here."

Sasuke nodded in agreement as he plopped himself down on the love seat. He was getting far too tired from the constant attempts of fan girls trying to get into their house. "Yeah you said it. At least if they were here to hurt you, we'd have the ability to fight back with deadly force but harm so much as a hair on some of those girls and you can be jailed for days."

Naruto looked at him with his head tilted, trying to figure out why Sasuke had phrased it that particular way before it dawned on him. "Wait, you've actually been put in jail for defending yourself against their ravenous attacks?!"

The raven Uchiha could only nod in disgust. "Yeah, I have. Some brown hair slut that kept bothering me and trying to take a clump of my hair or feel me up. Whatever the hell she was doing, she was going a little too far with it so I... kind of pushed her... off a cliff."

"Off a cliff... You killed her and only got a few days in jail! Damn if that was mean I would have been executed on the spot." Naruto exclaimed, slightly peeved that it wasn't him. He could only dream of the ways that it would keep any girls from fawning over him like some hot celebrity.

Sasuke just gave him the patented Uchiha death glare before shaking his head and sighing. "No I didn't kill her. I just pushed her off the Hokage Monument and she luckily landed on the Yondaime's head. What still the Anbu haven't figured out is that how I managed to push her while being at home at the same time."

"Oh you bastard. That's why you asked me to make a Kage Bunshin that day. So you could get away with hurting one of your fan girls. Though it kind of worked..."

Sasuke could only smirk in response as he reached for the remote. In an instant the door came crashing down to reveal a purple haired woman wearing a tan trench coat and skirt. "My, my, my. Aren't you two clever? But you didn't suspect a few of us were shinobi did you?"

Both Naruto and Sasuke turned pale as ghost hearing this. They didn't even wait for her to continue; they had fled the scene hoping they could out run the psychotic woman known as Anko with a stampede of fan girls behind her.

A couple hours later, the two had finally had made it back home and replaced the door. The way back had been the easy part, escaping the hundreds of screaming fan girls on the other hand had been a chore. Nothing they did seem to work against them until Naruto made a bold decision and led them into the Forest of Death. While it had in fact got rid of most of them, there was one major problem with his decision. The forest was a second home for one Mitrashi Anko.

Managing to escape her was a combination of genius, luck and sheer stupidity that Naruto nearly got caught in the process of. After she was caught in her own trip wire trap, they headed for the Hokage Tower to speak with the Hokage. After a few minutes and him sending an Anbu to fortify their house, the ground began to shake. Trying to figure it out, all four looked around in wonder before one extremely loud squeal let them know what was going on. The Hokage used some jutsu neither could understand and they found themselves back home with their eyes itching like mad. Looking at each other, Naruto was the first to point out the obvious. "Sasuke, your eyes are red."

Blinking in surprise and show having an idea of what he was talking about, Sasuke quickly ran to the closest bathroom. Looking into the mirror, the only thing he could do was smirk as both of his eyes were indeed red and had one tomoe spinning slowly around his iris. Walking out with the same smug grin on his face, Sasuke turned to Naruto and was about to tell him when he noticed something off with Naruto's eyes as he was looking around in shook, as if trying to figure out what was going on. While he knew Naruto was an Uchiha as well as a Hyuuga, it didn't explain to him why his eyes were so different from either bloodline being activated. "Um... Naruto, why are your eyes different?"

Hearing Sasuke's question about his eyes made Naruto even more confused. Remembering that he had read through a few scrolls of the Byukugan and the Sharingan, he believed that he activated his bloodline. To be honest, he was hoping it would be the Sharingan as it seemed a little more useful then the Byukugan, but it did have some very positive upsides to it. But there were some things different that kept him from instantly saying that he had activated the latter bloodline. One he had total vision around him and didn't have a blind spot like the scroll said. Two, he was able to see everything moving at a much slower rate. And finally, the Byukugan could be activated as soon as the user knew how to flow his chakra correctly.

Being even more confused then before, he headed over to the same bathroom as Sasuke did before and looked into the mirror, focusing on the front. His eyes widened as his pupil was no longer a violet color put gold surrounding what seemed to be a crescent moon shaped iris. To make things even more confusing the white of his eyes had turned a very dark black, not pitch black but close to it. Not making any progress on what was up with his eyes; he halted the chakra circulating to his eyes and watched his eyes fade back to their normal color. Walking back outside to see Sasuke's eyes being their normal onyx coloration, he was about to head up the stairs when Sasuke interrupted him. "So, have any clue what's with your eyes?"

Naruto shook his head as he sighed lightly. He didn't like talking, even if it was someone that was family. While he and Sasuke did talk from time to time, they both were normally silent people and getting them to be out going was not something that was easily achieved. Sighing once more, knowing that Sasuke was asking as it could possibly be a new bloodline emerging, he decided to answer. "I'm not sure. It could be a new bloodline, or a one time deal. I'll have to talk with Hiashi-sama about this tomorrow mourning as he'll most likely know more then most in this village."

Seeing Sasuke nod in understanding, Naruto headed up the stairs as the Uchiha headed for the fridge. Reaching his room, he walked through the open door and shut it behind him before flopping on his bed. He thought about hitting the sack, but in the last couple of days he was unable to because of his dreams. Before hand, he never seemed to dream even though a few times when he was younger his caretaker would use a genjutsu to put him asleep with pleasant dreams. But now, he dreamt but not good dreams. These were nightmares. Nightmares that shook him to the core and had kept him from sleeping the night before.

The amount of corpses, blood and screams of dying people were sketched into his mind as he watched what seemed to be a battle of massive proportions. He could make out that the village in the distance was Konoha and instantly knew that his dream was in fact, not a dream, but a memory. Not of his, but his tenant. A memory of Hachibi no Hachimata, better known as Yamata no Orochi. And he was taking the place of the vicious snake. The last time he had awoken after the dream, he had broken out in a cold sweat as he had manage to last till the Yondaime arrived onto the scene on top of a very large toad summon known as Gamabunta.

Sighing lightly as thinking about his dream was getting him nowhere; he looked over to the night stand and noticed the scroll he had been given earlier in the day. Figuring now was a better time then any, he grabbed it and quickly unsealed and unraveled it to read what was inside.

My son, if you are reading this it means that I didn't make it through this nightmare. No doubt that both Fuguku and Hiashi are taking care of you personally as there is no doubt that they are the clan leaders by now, so I don't have to worry about your well being, I hope. While I am all for what the Yondaime has to do, I still wish there was someone else that could be used. He hopes that the village will treat you like a savior as do I, but some part of me can only think of the worse. Hopefully it's just my maternal instincts, but it's never clear to say.

Well, seeing that this is the only thing I have left for you I leave you with a little bit about your father and myself. Your father was a fool hearted, happy-go-lucky, knucklehead that surprisingly was an Uchiha known as Obito. It was strange how he and I became a couple. Out one day, just looking for a fun time as I had finally made it to jounin, I stopped by this bar and ordered a few drinks so I wasn't in the best condition by the end of the night. AS I was attempting to walk home, this jackass tried to take advantage of me and due to my drunkenness, I wasn't in a position to fight back. That's when he came and pulled the fuck tard off me.

Knowing which clan I was from because of my eyes, he took me home that night. While I was drunk, I could still tell he was a kind person but was six years younger then I was. But being in the mood I was, I was hitting on him the whole way to the complex. When we got there, Hiashi seemed to be waiting for me and while I could tell he was mad at me for being so careless, he also seemed pleased that the boy was there and helped me. As he left, I called out my name and some other words I rather not say, I learned his name.

Once mourning came and I was no longer impaired, I went out on a search for the boy to properly thank him and to apologize. I ended up finding him in a training ground not looking that well. Apparently he had been sparing against his genius teammate, Hatake Kakashi, and got his ass handed to him for the fifty-eighth time. Why he kept track of how many times his ass was handed to him by one person, I'll never know but being myself I offered to help him and he recognized me from the night before. After getting him checked out, I offered to take him to lunch and well...

We hit it off. While some of our personality traits were complete opposites, we were so much alike that it was scary to the people around us thinking that we were clones at times. After about a month, my father learned of us going out and I was frightened thinking he would forbid it. But to my surprise my cousin, Hiashi stepped in and proposed an idea to unite the clans. While I was vocally against such an arrangement, deep down I wanted it so I let it go and we ended up being married a week later.

While it came to a shock to his team that both he and I were a couple as he always seem to court the girl in his team, Rin I believe, they all were happy that he finally found some peace in his life. A month after I met his team they were called off to a mission in Iwagakure that could end the war as the Yondaime had perfected his newest and quite possibly the deadliest technique to ever be created. I wasn't able to see them off as I was at the hospital at time, trying to figure out why I was always sick in the mourning and grumpy as hell in the afternoon. At the end of the examination, I learned I was pregnant with you. I was overjoyed and would have told Obito this, but he had already left. So I waited for him to come back from his mission so I could tell him.

And I waited for two weeks before his team returned without him. He had died during the mission protecting both of his teammates and in a selfless act as he lay dying he donated his spare eye to replace his teammates missing one. I was saddened by his lose and closed off to the world completely. The only person that could bring me out of that darkness was the Yondaime, Namikaze Minato. He too had just lost his love one and had adopted her younger brother as his son in memory of her. I don't know why, but my heart called out for him as he knew the same pain I felt. While I don't think it was love, I did care for the man as we helped each other through the dark times and looking out after the kid gave me some experience on what I was to expect with you.

But this damn snake had to attack right now! Right after I had just given birth to you and introduced you to this world. This is not how I wanted this to be, but I have no choice in it as God works in mysterious ways. Now it seems that all medics are being diverted to the battle field leaving me here with only the nurses that have no clue how to stop my bleeding. They've tried stitching me back up, but it isn't working and I know I'm dying. So with the last of my strength, I wanted to write you this so you knew of your mother and father a little more. I just wanted to let you know that I wasn't killed by the damnable snake... I have to stop now baby, but don't worry. My last minutes will be watching over you before you are taken for this ritual.

Love, Uchiha-Hyuuga Mai

As he finished the letter, a lone tear fell dripped from his eye. Normally nothing could get him to shed a tear, but this was just enough as it dealt directly with him. Not only that, but it also was somewhat uplifting to read as his mother seemed to be in high spirits when she wrote this, even if she knew she was dying. He smiled sadly knowing that neither his mother nor the Yondaime's wishes were held out, but it was enough to know that they believed in the better side of the village. Feeling slightly better, he rolled up the scroll just as the door slammed open with Sasuke standing with his foot in front of him. Naruto rolled his eyes knowing that his cousin loved to make an entrance put the scroll in the desk of his night stand before sealing it shut.

Sasuke noticed the scroll as well as he put it up and noticed the Hyuuga symbol on it. Understanding as his father created a few as Naruto as well; he shook his head before tossing a to-go box to Naruto, who easily caught it on reflex. "It's the sushi plate from the stand just outside the district, so you better eat it before I do. Besides, I rather you not have you go to the Hyuuga complex for a month just for not eating again." At the end his normal emotionless voice was laced with worry as much as he disliked it, he didn't like being known as the only Uchiha left in Konoha.

In all reality, he was not only worried for Naruto but on edge as Naruto past was one thing that should stay a secret. In all reality, the Uchiha massacre wasn't the most traumatizing thing to happen in Naruto's life. While he was rarely beaten, mainly because of the Anbu's quick response, it didn't keep them from keeping all their children from him unless it was to hurt him, then they encouraged it. Add to that stonings on holidays and the occasional assassination attempt from mostly retired shinobi and there was one event that even Naruto refused to talk no matter how hard he was pressed. So he was just hoping that the scroll had nothing that would send Naruto over the edge and have him try to commit suicide in front of the village.

In fact, that was the reason Naruto ended up in the psych ward when he was younger. Sasuke, while not liking to admit it, was put in around the same time as he too had tried to commit suicide as the massacre was still fresh in his mind. And there time in there, neither was getting better, only worse. As the doctors were running out of options, they finally hit a break through when Naruto and Sasuke had met. Not to long after they were released and put into the same house hold, hoping that it would keep the two sane.

Sasuke was broken out of his thoughts when Naruto shook his head and opened the to-go box. "Nah, it's nothing to worry about. While it is somewhat depressing, the way my mother wrote it kind of makes me feel a little better. So all in all, it negates itself leaving there nothing to really be felt."

Understanding what Naruto said, Sasuke could only nod as he had read a few books like that before. Still he had to admit it would be kind of depressing to read a letter your mother wrote while she knew she was dying. Shaking his head, he walked to the door with his hand pocketed. "Night Naruto and try to get some sleep tonight. I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night because of some explosion."

Smirking in an innocent way, Naruto nodded as Sasuke walked out of the room. Knowing that he probably wasn't going to get any sleep tonight, he walked over and shut the door before walking over to his work desk. He would try to not wake Sasuke up, but he didn't say it verbally so he didn't make a promiseā€¦

His eyes snapped open as sweat dripped from his body. Once more he had the same dream, but the problem was he didn't remember going to sleep. Looking up, he found that he had fallen asleep at his work desk. Looking down and seeing the scroll in front of him, he quickly rolled it up before placing it in the same seal drawer that he had placed his mother's scroll. While he knew no one would know of the scroll, it was just a precaution as to what was inside of it. In fact, he wasn't sure himself as he had found the scroll in an abandon shed when both he and Sasuke were playing hide and seek with Itachi when they were around six.

Shaking his head, he looked over at his alarm clock to see it was only six in the mourning. Knowing that Hiashi woke up around the same time, he walked over to his dresser and pulled out a similar outfit to what he was wearing before grabbing a towel and walking to the upstairs bathroom. After five minutes, he was out and dried and heading down stairs to surprisingly see Sasuke going over the same scroll he was when he came in yesterday. Looking over his shoulder, Naruto could only shake his head as he knew the fire jutsu that his cousin was attempting to learn was hard to learn. Having been noticed, Sasuke raised his eyebrow at him before shrugging his shoulders. "I order a breakfast pizza so it should be here in a few minutes. So you can head out afterwards."

Shrugging his shoulders as well while not wanting to admit he was hungry, Naruto sat down at the other end of the table as he pulled out his CD player and placed another CD in as they waited for the pizza. After about two songs, the breakfast pizza had arrived and after getting his feel, Naruto stood up and motioned to Sasuke that he was leaving and after a grunt confirming that Sasuke seen it, he was outside heading for the Hyuuga compound.

Taking a deep breath of the fresh mourning air, Naruto smiled lightly as there was no one out on the streets other then maybe the occasional merchant preparing his store to open in a few hours. Even still, no one noticed him making this his favorite time to be out on the streets. No villagers to give him a hard time, no drunks to throw anything at him or threaten him and no retired shinobi to try and attack him. A small part of him wished that it was always mourning as the village seemed to be most peaceful then. Of course he knew it never would, but he could hope. After a few minutes he had arrived at the complex with a single branch member, Haruna he believed, guarding the entrance. "Mourning Haruna-san, is Hiashi-sama awake?"

The young woman turned to Naruto as he walked up and nodded as if this was a normal routine. "He is Naruto-kun. I believe Hiashi-sama is in his study right now as no one other then you really is up this early for him to worry about."

"Thank you. I would stay and chat for little while but I have some business to attend to. So maybe later when you're not on guard duty or a mission." Haruna nodded lightly as Naruto walked by her, heading into the complex.

Naruto could never understand how he managed to find his way around once inside. The hallways looked exactly the same and the design was like that of a maze. Hell, on a few occasions he had brought Sasuke with him the said Uchiha had become lost before Hinata had found him looking for the bathroom. Shaking his head of that, he reached his destination and knocked lightly, waiting for Hiashi to speak or answer the door. "Come in." Obeying the command, Naruto slid the door open and stepped in before closing the door.

Hiashi was slightly surprised to see it was Naruto, but then again the boy really didn't have a particular sleeping pattern so it was impossible to guess with him. Regaining his normal stoic features, he motions for Naruto to sit down as he rolled up the scroll he was looking over. While it wouldn't hurt for Naruto to know of it, it just was something he rather not anyone know about for a little while. Sure, Mai was probably cussing him out in her grave but it was in the better interest for Naruto. "So what brings you here and this early in the mourning I might add."

Knowing that Hiashi did have a small sense of humor that was rarely seen by others, he knew the clan head was playing with him. So he could help but smile for a second before remembering the reason he came. Slowly pushing the same amount of chakra to his eyes as last night, his eyes morphed into the golden pupils with a crescent moon in the center. Seeing Hiashi jump slightly at the transformation, Naruto deactivated his eyes before speaking in an emotionless tone. "The eyes you just saw are what brings me here today."

Quickly recomposing himself, Hiashi's eyes narrowed. He too had believed that Naruto would have had either on or the other doujutsu but after seeing that a very, very small possibility had emerged. "I see. While I knew this was possibility, the odds of it happening were almost none as every child that has been from both Hyuuga and Uchiha has had either one or the other doujutsu. The very rare ones that didn't, died weeks after their birth due to difficulties that are still unknown but it is known that if they had survived they would have had a mix between our bloodlines. While it wouldn't be as strong as either in the mixed abilities, it would have them."

After hearing this, Naruto's eyes were narrowed as well. That meant that if he had the mixed bloodline, he technically had a new bloodline on hand. But it troubled him that everyone else that would have had the same mix in the two doujutsus had died at a very young age. Knowing that Hiashi knew more then what he had said, Naruto spoke in very cold, dark and calculated voice. "Hiashi-sama, I know you know what happened to the children that would have had these eyes. Now please explain to me what happened to them or I will go look up their records."

Hiashi cursed mentally for teaching Naruto how to read people as well as he could at times. Hell, the only person besides him that could out read people was Neji and that was because he taught both how to do it. Sighing out loud, he reached into his desk before pulling out a few folders and placing them in front of Naruto, who quickly began to go through them. Seeing this, Hiashi decided to explain it as well. "As I said, the reason for their deaths is unknown but the cause isn't. They were killed when their chakra cords had begun forming. But the weird thing is they all died the same way; by a brain aneurysm as the chakra cords began forming in the head, more specifically the eyes."

Naruto's eyes narrowed to the point that they were almost unseeable. Everyone else that had his eyes are anything similar were killed by the very own eyes as they rejected the chakra which ended up causing the aneurysm. But the main question was why had in not happened to him. He had a deep suspicion as to why it was, but he wasn't ready to call it the snake's work yet. Putting the folders back on the desk, he could only shake his head as he had now had more questions then answers. Before he could ask anything, Hiashi put the folders back into his desk before pulling out a blank scroll and a pen. "Now, as customary with the appearance of a possible newly developed bloodline I need you to write everything it can do and submit it to the Hokage when you are sure it is everything your eyes can do."

Knowing that it was basic procedure as every clan had to do it to become part of Konoha in the past, he took the scroll and pen and was about to start when Hiashi looked at the clock on the wall. "Don't bother with it now. It's seven forty-five so head out with Hinata and Neji. I'll inform him that you working on it so just turn it in when you are sure it is complete."

Nodding in understanding, Naruto picked up the scroll and pocketed it before standing up. "Thank you Hiashi-sama." Seeing him nod Naruto took his leave and headed out to the front just catching Hinata and Neji as they left.

Naruto sighed as he sat in his normal seat as the entire class chatted while they waited for Iruka. While he was normally a patient person, he was getting annoyed that Iruka was already ten minutes late. Sure he was probably making sure the teams were all evenly matched but still he could do that here to make sure the class was quite. Growling lightly to himself, he pulled out the scroll and his CD player and started getting to work with his doujutsu scroll.

Seeing what Naruto was doing, Sasuke was quite surprised. While he figured that it did make sense, he wasn't one hundred percent sure that he liked the fact that Naruto would become a clan of his own meaning that once more he would be the only Uchiha in Konoha. He knew it was selfish, but after the mental trauma he had gone through being selfish was just part of his nature. Shaking his head, he looked over to the door to see Iruka walk through with a clipboard underneath his armpit. "Everyone shut up and listen! Naruto, turn off the CD player!"

Seeing that everyone obeyed him, Iruka wondered what Ibiki had done to them yesterday, but was glad for it as normally someone wouldn't have shut up; Naruto normally being the one keeping his CD player on. Shaking his head at the said boy, he smiled lightly as he looked over at the class before sitting on top of his desk as he was in a rather lazy mood.

"Alright class, today is your first official step in becoming a gennin of Konoha. As most teacher say to their graduation class, this is a special class and truthfully this one is. There is no doubt that this class will end up shaping the world as this is one of the most talented classes ever to graduate from the academy. Now before most of you let this go to your heads, that does not mean you are the best that is out there. Right now there could be a more talented gennin then anyone in this room in another village, so you most keep diligent in your training. Now as I call your names for your teams, I want you to know that this year I was not the one that assign the teams, but the Hokage himself. So if you have any complaints, pick them up with him."

No one said a word as if the Hokage had personally took the time to choice their teams, it most mean that he really believed that there was some special talents in their class. Or a few smarter and more knowledgeable students knew that a few clan heads personally request certain teams and he made sure that the happened. Iruka shook his head, wondering why his class was being so obedient today before taking the clipboard out from underneath his armpit and began reading off the teams.

Naruto along with a lot of other students ignored the names of who was being called unless it was a friend or family being called. It wasn't till the list was almost over when Naruto started paying attention.

"Team seven is Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha-Hyuuga Naruto"

Naruto could see Sasuke seething that he was placed on the same team as Sakura, mainly because she was a fan girl that hounded him day in and day out. He was slightly glad that Sasuke was on his team as well, but knew that Sakura was put on due to her lack of skills outside of book smarts. Of course it wasn't helping that she was squealing like a hamster caught by a cat. Once she was finished he just barely caught the other teams being called out.

"Team eight is Aburame Shino, Hyuuga Hinata and Inuzuka Kiba. Team nine is Hyuuga Neji, Rock Lee and Tenten. And finally team ten is Akimichi Chouji, Nara Shikamaru and Yamanaka Ino."

"HEY! Why do I end up being put on tub of lards and lazy bastard's team while Sakura is put on Sasuke-kun's and Hebi-kun's team?!" Ino screamed at the end, completely forgetting that Iruka had said he hadn't picked these teams.

Iruka just glanced at her for a moment like she was an idiot, which was true if she was in fan girl mode, before sighing as he rubbed his forehead. "Didn't I say I didn't pick these teams; the Hokage did. But in your case Ino, I know why he put you on your team. The reason was because it was requested by your parents as the Ino-Shika-Cho trio is and has always been a deadly combo. Now if that is all, I would like to finish." Ino shrunk back as a loud smack was heard as Naruto's head hit the desk almost breaking it as he mumbled something that sounded like 'Stop calling me that'.

Iruka sweat dropped before shaking his head as he shook his head while trying not to laugh at the poor boy before turning back to the class. "Now then, those are your teams. Most of your senseis will arrive in an hour so I suggest you spend this time to get to know your new teammates if you don't already."

Just as he finished, the sound of glass shattering was heard as a blur rolled on the floor before a banner exploded behind the said person as they stood up. Both Naruto and Sasuke shrunk back in fear as they tried to use their desk to hide from the woman. Of course Anko noticed them, but she was on duty now so she would have to wait for later to have some fun with them. "Alright kiddies..."

She was interrupted as the door slammed open and a green and orange blur flew into the room before the said object stopped besides Anko, completely stealing her thunder. With a bright smile and a bowl cut hair, Maito Gai blinded pour Kiba with his smile as he boisterously pronounced himself to the class. "Hello my youthful students my name is... OW! Anko what was that for?!"

Gai hoped around on one leg as Anko brought her foot back from kicking him in the shin. "For stealing my thunder and interrupting my entrance. Now kiddies, will team eight please come with me. If not I'll just take Uchiha-san and Hebi-kun then." Another thud was heard along with a crack as Naruto's desk nearly snapped in two as his head hit the desk while uttering the same phrase again.

Snickering to herself as team eight slowly approached the known to be psychotic jounin; she led them through the door as Iruka cried from having to pay for a new desk. Gai could only shake his head as he gingerly placed his leg back on the ground before turning to the students in the class again. "Alright now my youthful subjects, my name is Maito Gai and I'm here to pick up team nine!"

Lee liking the man already enthusiastically ran over to him as both Neji and Tenten followed them at looking at each other hoping that he was just excited about getting a team. Naruto brought his head out of the desk as they left and pulled out the scroll again while ignored Iruka's crying as he left the room as well. "Well, that went well. Hey Sasuke, I need your help here."

Sasuke blinked at Naruto before seeing what he was writing and understood what he needed; after all he did know more about how the Sharingan worked then Naruto did.

As Kakashi was watching the team selection with all the other jounins through Sarutobi's crystal ball, the said Hokage began passing out folders to each jounin to show what team they were getting. When he opened his folder, he was utterly livid as Anko and Gai left without question having deemed their teams okay. "Why am I not in charge of training the last Uchiha? While I don't care for the fan girl or the vessel, I can at least train him on how to use his Sharingan as there is only so much you can learn from scrolls."

Sarutobi sighed lightly but knew this was coming. After all Kakashi still felt guilty about Obito's death, but he still was in the dark about Naruto being his child as he never paid attention to Mai. "That was originally the plan till this morning. You see, Hiashi came to me while I was reading over the teams. He informed that Naruto had activated a bloodline that was neither the Byukugan nor the Sharingan, but what probably is a mix of the two. Seeing this, I had to adjust the sensei to the team to someone that can break down and analyze how doujutsus work along with teaching Sasuke how to use his Sharingan as well. That is why I gave your old Anbu unit's captain the job. And to top it off, Riki-kun has wanted a gennin team for a few years even though he still is young."

As that was said, a young teen made his presence known as he read over the folder he was given. He was still wearing a creamy white Anbu cloak over his Anbu gear as he was called in unexpectedly. His face seemed to have a regal feel to it as it was kind of boney. His wave brown hair was somewhat reminiscent of a blue hair warrior from another anime known as DBZ. But his eyes were what were the first thing noticed by anyone that crossed his path. His pupil was in the shape of a four point shuriken that stretch from eyelid to eyelid that surrounded a gold iris and was surrounded by the same color. "Hokage-sama, while I appreciate the generous offer, but I do believe Kakashi is the better sensei for this team though I do voice my concerns of him being on the same team as the vessel."

While Kakashi was grateful that the Anbu that he choice to replace him when he retired a second time, seeing that he came back for a little while after the Uchiha Massacre, had said he was the better for the team, he didn't like to what he was leading to. That was only a one time thing and he swore never to do it again as he wasn't in the right mind when he did it. He would have said something to let him know he wasn't going to do something like that but the Hokage beat him to it. "Which is exactly the reason why I am asking you to be their jounin sensei. While it was a one time thing, I rather not have it happen again and the fact that you've watched over the boy the most over the last three years then any other gives you the best footing on handling the team."

Kakashi was getting angrier by the second. It seemed the Hokage did know what happened that night years ago but hadn't done anything. Not only that, but Rikimaru seemed to begin to understand why the Hokage wanted him to have the team. Not being one to give up, Kakashi blurted out before thinking. "Surely you must be joking Hokage-sama. While I do admit that I was wrong that night, I do believe that the two aren't quite on the same level as Sasuke. If he is trained properly he could become a great asset to the village." His eyes narrowed as he noticed chuckling coming from Rikimaru's direction.

Turning his head and glaring at him, Rikimaru seemed to get the point but still was chuckling as he answered. "Kakashi-sempai, you don't know that Sasuke is equal if not weaker to Naruto." Kakashi raised his eyebrow at this and looked at him to continue as he was wondering why he would say that as Sasuke was the rookie of the year. "Oh come on sempai, I have watched over the boy more then almost any Anbu, more then any if you don't count the murdering Uchiha. I know both boys skills better then what the academy can show and by all means, they are about even."

"The only reason why Sasuke got the top slot was that he has more of knack for book smarts then either Naruto or Neji. And if you compare scores in their test, Sasuke only beat Naruto in taijutsu by one point and Naruto didn't even perform an extra ninjutsu though he knows plenty. As for the girl, I have no clue about what she can do but from these notes she would make a damn good medic if trained properly and force out her fan girl side. If Tsunade were here I would ask her to teach her a little in exchange for some dirt on Jiraiya. She does like making him miserable, especially when he's acting like a damn super pervert..." At the end Rikimaru was grumbling while shaking his head in disgust.

At the end Kakashi, while was further convinced now had more footing as he knew how to deal with the team while training Sasuke harder as Uchiha always were the strength of a team. He was about to say more when Sarutobi interrupted him. "And it was both Mai's and Minato's wishes that if Rikimaru was a jounin by the time Naruto graduated that he would be his sensei. If Obito was still here, I would say he would want the same for his son."

Kakashi's eyes widened as far as they could hearing this. He felt even more ashamed then ever for that event years ago and shushined out of the room, wanting to think about what he had done. Shaking his head at the now gone cyclops, Sarutobi pulled out a few papers before pulling out a pen. "Now if you would sign these release papers, you can take the team. And as in Anbu tradition, your recommendation for the next captain for you unit is needed."

Having already decided that he was going to take the team, Rikimaru picked up the pen and signed were he had to before thinking for a moment. While his unit was full of possible captains, it was a difficult choice to choose just one. Thinking over it for a second as he handed the papers in, he looked over at the other corner of the room before pointed at the Anbu that was there. "Neko-san would be the best choice. She's been in the unit longer then even I have and her skills are still improving on a daily basis. If anyone, she should become the unit's next captain."

The Hokage nodded as he motioned her over before pulling out a creamy white cloak. "Alright then, you can keep your mask and equipment if you like." Rikimaru nodded as he pulled his mask off the mask and sealed it away in a scroll as the Anbu with long purple hair and a feminine body walked over, looking straight at Rikimaru before giving him a hand sign that meant thank you. "Yugao, seeing that your former captain has deemed you fit and I concur as well; you are named the captain to Unit 1B-S."

As she took the cloak from Sarutobi, she turned back to Rikimaru, who nodded with a small smile on his face which earned him a glare from Hayate, who had been courting Yugao for the last two years. As she left the room and the rest of the jounin senseis were heading out, Asuma walked over to Rikimaru and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Alright gaki, what did Kakashi do as I feel like I'm out of the loop here."

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