"We must act now! If it continues at this rate we may be in ruins."

"I concur. The snake sannin has already attacked this village once and he will do it again. It is just a matter of time."

"Not to mention that demon spawn is now over there, we must attack them now while they are still recovering from the great demon's attack!"

This was what Hiashi had to deal with at the exact moment. He wasn't too thrilled with what was being said, but he at least could see the valid points they were making as could many other of the clan heads. However, it simply annoyed him that no one could put aside their past grudges and move on.

Otogakure had rapidly improved in strength in three years that its strength could threatened any one of the great villages. Not only that, but its economy was flourishing and taking away money from other villages as jobs were heading there instead of to them. There was also the fact that many of the village happened to be missing ninja and that was a danger on its own.

But the fact of the matter was they had not moved on them in the last three years since their invasion and there was no activity to prove they were planning on attacking again. "Putting your prejudice of the eight tail vessel aside, I do agree that they are a possible threat to our home. But as our spies have told us time and again, they are not preparing for combat. They simply are acting as any village does in peace time."

"Yes, which makes this the perfect time to strike and get back for what they did to us three years ago when they killed the Third! They won't be expecting it!" Another council member spoke, one of the civilian members of the council.

"Besides," Ryo continued on as he simply glared at Hiashi, "You are simply protecting that snake fuck you call family, knowing what he did to my son. No one else can use the Rasengan, so stop denying it and admit it already!"

"You are calling our Hokage a liar then? I clearly remember that he stated that he helped my nephew's team learn the Rasengan, not just him." Hiashi responded coolly, shaking his head at Ryo's hot-headiness. He shouldn't have been council member any longer as he no longer cared about anything other then getting revenge on his deceased son and his new born daughter.

The entire council simply looked at Ryo for a moment who was thinking about it for a moment before turning away in disgust. "Fine... But that doesn't clear you about the problem at hand. You are obviously protecting that creature and impeding our invasion of the sound!"

"I never said I wasn't protecting my nephew. To be honest, as at least half of the council here would agree with me, he took the hide road and just left this village. Many of us in his position would have leveled this place, making sure no one survived, before leaving this village." Hiashi stated, letting everyone know he was still defending Naruto despite the boy having abandoned the village.

Many of the clan heads simply nodded as Hiashi was right about that. However, Shikaku sighed as he muttered under his breath for a moment as he turned his gaze to Hiashi. "Be that as it may, Naruto's anger at this village is very worrisome. Orochimaru could very well be cultivating it and getting him ready for an invasion to wipe us off the map. It is a possibility, you know that."

While Hiashi refused to respond, Danzo decided now would be his best time to take a shot. "From the intelligence I have gathered, an invasion is imminent. While it won't be soon, we know one is coming from the sound in the next couple of years as our villages are too close together and we will have to compete for resources and jobs. It is best we strike them on their home turf before they strike us here again. Or worse, we could let this turn into a war that might very well drag in some of the other great nations. We must act now, lord Hokage."

All attention had turned onto Jiraiya as he simply stayed quiet and listened to all that had been said. He never really spoke anymore unless it was absolutely necessary or to end the meeting as he had enough. But everything still came down to him as he had taken far more control then the third and nothing could be done without his say so.

"I believe... It is in the best interest for the village's safety that we act now. An invasion that would weaken the Sound is the best course of action, only if we set aside a specific group for the sole purpose of retrieving our missing ninja." Jiraiya started as he crossed his fingers and closed his eyes.

"From what happened in the Snow and the other run ins with our ninja, we know that they still show at least some loyalty towards our village and it is possible for them to come back as they may only be being persuaded by the cursed seal. ...However, I am not foolish enough to believe they will as they feel now that their lives are better then what they were here, especially the eight tail vessel."

"As such, I cannot put anyone on the team that has a close connection to them as if they are unreasonable, we will have to kill them and I am unsure if anyone close to any of them could not perform such a task. Prepare our forces for an invasion. We will march towards the Land of Rice in a week's time." Jiraiya finished with a heavy heart, knowing that both Orochimaru and Tsunade would be there and another confrontation was inevitable.

Hiashi frowned. This was not what he had wanted. While he could support the invasion, even if he did not like the idea, the team that would be made for attempting to recover Naruto and his family should have at least people that care for him within as others very well might just try to kill them, making them just another part of the invasion.

"Lord Hokage... If that is what you want, I will concede... But the Hyuuga clan will have no part of this and we officially secede from the Leaf." Hiashi stated staying calm as he did. While he was nervous, as no other clan head in the history of Konoha had attempted this before, he was protected by the law in such a case.

Looking at Hiashi for a moment, Jiraiya closed his eyes as other council members began barking out at Hiashi that he couldn't do that. But with a wave of his hand, he silenced all as he looked the Hyuuga clan head in the eyes. "Very well. I have no power over such an act as it is completely in your right to do so as a founding clan of Konoha."

"However, anyone that wishes to stay is granted that freedom whether or not if they are a part of the main or branch house. You also must be aware that if you are to take your clan to the Sound, we will do anything to keep you from reaching your destination. So leave if you wish, but be prepared as I will have a squad after your heads if that is your destination." Jiraiya stated but let Hiashi know exactly what would happen if he headed for the sound.

Hiashi already knew the risks as he nodded his head. Simply standing up, having no right to be here any longer, he exited the room as they would begin discussing their invasion plans and how to neutralize them as they indeed were heading to the Sound. He had already discussed this possibility many times with many of his clansmen and they were ready.

Seeing Haruna and Neji, having selected the two for his guards today, Hiashi spoke silently to them, knowing he was being watched. "Get ready. It is time for us to leave. ...Make sure she is informed as well. I know she wishes to leave this village more than anyone else."

"I will inform her." Haruna commented before disappearing in a flicker of leaves, knowing exactly what the head was talking about and who he was talking of.

Neji, however, frowned as he had not thought it would come down to this. But he knew to say nothing as they had to be watched as since they were seceding from the village, they were no longer trusted. "Are you sure of this, Hiashi-sama? There are a lot of risks to this."

Hiashi simply nodded at Neji, not going to verbally respond to his question. They had to get home quickly so he could begin the arrangements for their leave. There was no time to answer questions.

"Fuck... You... Snake... Fucker..." Naruto groaned as he slowly began to pick his limp body from the ground and glared at the snake sannin before him. "If it wasn't enough that you are already stronger then I am... Why in Buddha's name did you put me in this gravity sphere?"

"For fun." Orochimaru simply answered as he brushed the dirt off his clothing and wiping a small amount of blood from his lips. "And for the fact that you almost had me before I trapped you in that seal. You are much stronger then you realize my apprentice."

"And yet I haven't beaten you once!" Naruto growled out as the effects of the gravity seal wore off, leaving him to bend over and began panting as it was taking all his strength just to stand up within the binding gravity.

"That is because I possess much more experience then you and have a greater knowledge of techniques. It won't be much longer till even that won't keep me on top of our spars. You are become stronger every day and I can see that you have only just hit your stride. You are just entering your prime." Orochimaru commented as he walked over to Naruto and gaze him his shoulder to lean on.

Using Orochimaru's help to get out of their sparing chambers, the pale blonde only groaned as now they had to go see Tsunade. "I'm not getting blamed for my injuries this time... I took the fall last go around."

"Shit boy... I always take the fall. You are just not there to see the fallout." Orochimaru grumbled as no matter what the circumstances when Naruto was severely injured he always seemed to become a mess of sticky goo for the few days after. "You haven't seen her get angry... MY LOVE!"

"What did you do to him this time?" Tsunade yelled out as she turned watching Sakura's progress on advance regeneration of limbs and saw Orochimaru helping a rather pathetic looking Demon Prince and checked his status. "SEVEN BROKEN RIBS! HIS FIBULA IS CRACKED AND THE REST OF HIS BONES ARE BRITTLE AS HELL! YOU USED THAT DAMN GRAVITY BIND AGAIN, DIDN'T YOU?"

"Would you just heal him and then get on with beating me later? I still have a village to be running here." Orochimaru bleakly stated with his right eye twitching as Tsunade went off on the simplest things... Naruto had far worse injuries since they began sparing this last year.

Growling at her husband for a moment, she simply flicked him in the head before she moved Naruto to one of the prep tables not being used. Ignoring Orochimaru groaning in the cratered wall, Tsunade motioned over for Sakura to join her. "Alright, we're going to actually test how your progression has been going. You'll be taking care of restoring the firmness of his bone..."

"EW! EW! EW!" Sakura began screaming out as her perverted mind had to kick in at that exact moment, especially with what Tsunade had been trying to distract her with moments before Orochimaru and Naruto broke into the room for healing.

"Oh, now you get distracted." Tsunade grumbled as in practice Sakura seemed infallible but once she went to the actual process she got distracted if anything like that was brought up. "...Just do it. I'll take care of his broken bones."

"Yes mam." Sakura responded as she decided to start from the head up... Staying away from his lower region right now as her mind was deep in the gutter at the moment.

It had been a long day for Sasuke. His training had been kicked up a notch and he had a tough time keeping up. Sure, he wasn't dealing with Orochimaru and Tsunade as tutors, though they did contribute immensely to his training, but Yugao knew how to work him like a dog. He wasn't too sure he could get back to his house today as he had a hard time seeing five feet in front of him.

"Looks like you've went through hell today." He heard Naruto comment before he felt his brother move next to him, moving rather sluggishly himself. "My day wasn't much better... I'm not allowed to spar or fight for the next week till my bones recover properly... Sakura didn't do it quite right and Tsunade had to fix it."

"Lucky you... At least you're healed." Sasuke grumbled before he nearly tripped over his own feet just barely being stopped as he fell straight into a young woman's cleavage. "Hello Tayuya... I'm too tired to care right now. Bitch at me later."

Tayuya blushed for a very brief moment and in the next she pushed Sasuke back to his feet with her face bright red, this time in anger. "What the fuck you perverted ass munch? We aren't even inside yet and you are already trying to diddle with my pooder!"

"Tayuya... I don't even think I could last a full round at the moment." Sasuke mumbled as he shook his head, trying to clear his ever fading vision. "And I don't have Naruto's stamina..."

"And why are you here, shit stain?" Tayuya turned to Naruto, frowning as he normally didn't visit that often as he had his own problems to deal with.

"I'm avoiding going home... I'm not even allowed to have sex for the next week thanks to my training... And soon as I walk in that door I'll have at least two to worry about jumping on me and ravishing me." Naruto honestly admitted as he noted Karin coming out of Sasuke's household and shook his head as his brother seemed to have a thing for red heads.

"Bummer. Sucks to be you. I'll just take what I need from Sasuke when he's out." Tayuya grinned before she caught Sasuke as he nearly passed out before her. "Karin, would you take him inside? I think he had a bad day."

"Tayuya! Shouldn't you have just brought in Lord Sasuke? He looks like he's rather hurt!" Karin scolded her fellow red head before lifting Sasuke onto her shoulders and quickly got him inside.

Shaking her head, not really caring that much as she was all about tough love, Tayuya turned to Naruto before waving him off. "Well good luck to you, fucker. I better go in otherwise Karin will bite my god damn head off... Oh, and I think your love wanted to talk to you about something rather big so you better get home quickly."

Sighing as he really didn't want to go home and deal with his demonic harem, Naruto slowly turned and began to make his way to his house... Just three houses down. So he made sure to get there as slow as possible as he really didn't want to have to go back to Tsunade and explain WHYhe couldn't follow her directions.

Naruto was still there much too quickly for his liking but whether or not he was ready to be jumped at the door, he opened it and entered... And was pinned to the door by the least likely suspect. Yugito, the least lustful of the four in the household.

Hissing out in pain, almost ready to yell out, Yugito suddenly let go as she was surprised as Naruto almost never did such a thing. And of course this said reaction drew out Kyuubi and Nibi, who Yugito had come to an agreement to and allowed her out of her cage only when they were home.

Regaining his composure, he released Hachi from her cage who stood by him and helped him keep on his feet for a moment. "Sorry... But I had extremely tense training and my bones are in a very fragile state. I can't do anything too physically strenuous for the next week to let them completely heal."

"He was caught in a gravitational shell that at least had twenty G's. Even if he is almost half demon that kind of pressure would easily bend and weaken him if not have killed him if he were in a weaker state." Hachi added onto what Naruto had told to explain to Kyuubi and Nibi as it wasn't easy to hurt a half demon with a solid regenerative state.

Narrowing her eyes hearing this, Kyuubi could only growl and shake her head at the thought. "Damn humans are becoming too powerful... Learning how to bend gravity to their wills now? ...That sounds a lot like that sage over a hundred years ago."

"I believe that was what it was based on except he doesn't have the Rikudo Sage's eyes and therefore no other human will have the ability to control gravity to such an extent." Hachi quickly caught on as she remembered the sage too as did most of the bijuu as he was the only one that could compete with them and even, to an extent, tame their wills.

"So wait... Why don't you heal the damage done then? That way we don't have to worry about hurting him and he gets a week off!" Nibi quickly countered with glee at the thought of having Naruto free for another week so that they could have some fun with him.

"That's no longer possible." Yugito responded, wincing slightly as she had been the one to accidentally hurt him before sitting with him in their living room. "Due the fact that he is almost half demon now, his body rejects Hachi's and will not allow it to heal him any longer. It can still be used for a burst of power as it was before but that is about all it can do now."

"Oh... I forgot about that. Dammit... Whose been teaching you this?" Nibi asked angrily as she didn't know this and she wanted to know how her vessel was able to keep this from her, being within her for most of the day. "I don't like it when you're more knowledgeable then I am and I'm going to hurt who this is that telling you."

"That would be me, neko." Kyuubi responded, grinning as the cat demon paled at ever crossing Kyuubi now that she possessed eight of her tails and was once more a formidable force, not counting the fact that she was a considerable force with only six tails. "Now what is this about hurting little ole me? ...Do we need another session?"

Ignoring Nibi desperately pleading to Yugito to be put back in her cage before Kyuubi dragged her off for some kind of punishment, not that he cared, Naruto softly sighed as Yugito laid in his lap while Hachi moved to join in whatever Kyuubi was going to do to the cat.

"I'm sorry love... I didn't think you were hurt and I was a little too excited." Yugito purred as she rubbed her head into his chest, glad now that he was finally taller then she was... Although upset that he was now nearly half a foot taller then she was and still had a few more years to become even taller.

"It's alright... This kind of stuff happens here all the time. ...So what is it that you want to talk to me about that got you so excited?" Naruto asked before having to explain seeing Yugito give him a weird look. "Tayuya told me you had something important so I came home seeing Sasuke is out cold."

Feeling better, glad that he wasn't catching onto her telepathic link and looking into her mind, Yugito nodded as she curled up further into Naruto's chest. "I do... But I wish you were in better health so that we could celebrate."

"So do I... But now you have me wondering even more now, babe. What is it that you are so excited about?" Naruto curiously questioned as while she was normally affectionate, she was far more so then usual and she was purring loudly. All of this just made him wonder even more.

"I'm pregnant."

It took a full minute for Naruto to finally decipher those words. During the meantime Yugito was looking at him in an odd fashion, wondering why all of his brain functions ceased and he was running on autonomous mode. She knew Naruto. Now that he knew he would be a full fledged demon by his twenty first birthday, he wanted a child so that it would be entirely human and born with his blood line, not his demonic heritage.

So she had to wonder why he had shut down... "AIEH! Naruto! What the hell?"

Having suddenly picked her up, Naruto trotted to their bedroom with her in his grasp before laying her down in the bed. Climbing on top of her and passionately kissing for a moment before breaking, he had one of the content smiles Yugito had ever seen from him. "I don't give a damn about what Tsunade said... We're celebrating."

Sighing as he had been called to Orochimaru's office, which was still underground for some weird reason as the rest of the village was above ground, Naruto was rather ticked. He, for one, had been given another week off thanks once Orochimaru learned that Yugito was pregnant and decided to give them more time with one another.

But now he had to call him right in the middle of a very pleasant session with Nibi. The sannin was going to pay slow and painfully for cutting her time short as he entered the sannin's office. She had a really good tong...


Naruto twitched at the name he had just been called. How he hated that name and he always wanted to maul Haruna for... "Wait... Only Haruna calls me that? ...HARUNA!"

"And now he realizes I'm here... Are you sure you've been training him?" Haruna glanced over at Orochimaru, who only shrugged as Naruto could be the most perceptive person he had ever seen and in the very next be so focused on one thing that he was blind to everything else.

"Yes... But he is probably pissed so he was only focused on me. I gave him an extra week off so that he has some time with his wife with child. ...I would be pissed to if someone called me away from Tsunade after I just learned she was carrying." Orochimaru reasoned as he completely understood why Naruto was upset.

"That is half of it... The other deals with what she contains and that cat's oral." Naruto stated, making both face fault into the ground and/or desk.

"I didn't need to know that..." Orochimaru grumbled as he rubbed his temple, going to have a hard time getting that image out of is head as Nibi left nothing to the imagination with her choice of clothing, if any at all.

Waiting for a moment, Rikimaru, Yugao and team seven entered the room wondering why they all had been summoned together as that was rather new. Soon as they did, Orochimaru informed them of what was going on. "Now getting onto why I called each of you here... I've just learned some troubling information. Konoha is planning an invasion on us tonight."

"What?" Naruto fiercely hissed as his cursed chakra began to rise around him, dangerously dancing around and looked ready to lash at the closest figure to him. "Then why haven't you called everyone up to arms..."

"Relax... I'm spreading this to everyone quietly to make it seem like we are unprepared. We are already evacuating the few civilians we have and those incapable of fighting to our safe points. ...There however is another problem. The Hyuuga clan has defected from Konoha and wants to join our village." Orochimaru calmly explained the situation before crossing his arms on the desk.

As Naruto's head nearly snapped to Haruna as that was said, as did Sasuke who was stunned the Hyuuga would defect from the Leaf, Orochimaru continued on. "But now that they have warned us about the invasion, they are in danger and need some assistance on getting here..."

"I'm on it..." Naruto hissed and restrained his cursed chakra as his own replaced it, not looking to horribly different due to its now wild nature. "Get a team of Anbu to follow me and have Haruna lead them so they can act as their guard. I'll use her trail to find them and provide them protection until they get there before going on the attack."

"They're already here." Orochimaru stated before Kabuto along with what seemed to be a dozen Anbu guards appeared around them. "I'm sure you've heard... Make sure they get here. The Hyuuga clan will be an immense boost for this village's prestige so securing them is top priority!"

Not wasting another second, Naruto burst from Orochimaru's office having caught Haruna's trail. This was now personal... No one endangered his family.

"Kaiten!" Neji's cry was heard by all Hyuuga as he stood before a grand burst fire and repelled with his whirl of chakra once more.

Heavily panting as this had been the fifteenth time he had used it to shield those incapable of fighting; Neji was drawing on fumes at this point. The last one he had no clue where the chakra came from but he still managed to bring it forth to defend them. "Dammit... I don't think I can do that again."

"Let me, Neji." Hinata stated as she stood next to him, her Byukugan flaring to life as she saw her opponents staying out of their range knowing they could not come and meet them as that would leave the children and noncombatants vulnerable to the others waiting in the wings. "Take a soldier pill and rest for a bit... I'm not sure how many times I can do it."

"Kaiten!" Hinata cried out, jumping before Neji and the whirl sprung to life and repelled the electric dragon that another of the hunters had summoned to wear them down.

Stunned that Hinata knew the whirl, Neji quickly kicked that out and fumbled with his pouch. He picked out the pill and swallowed it, praying for it to activate quickly as he knew he had to get back out quickly. They could not afford to waste any capable ninja that knew Kaiten to guard what was precious to them.

Still, their numbers were rather low as half the branch house had decided to stay within Konoha much to their disappointment along with a good few of the main house that had been seeking power. So that left much of their clan that was incapable of fighting and those that could had to defend the others.

"Shit... This is bad. We're like sitting ducks out here." Hiashi admitted as he used yet another whirl to defend the front half of the formation. "Dammit... Where's that guard from the Sound..."

Many of those that were not part of the battle could only think the same as fear began to overwhelm them. But as he saw this, Neji turned to them before speaking out. "There is nothing to fear... They will come and we'll live together in peace once this is all over. ...Trust me."

"Everyone... Please take a rest." A lone voice said as she stood from the middle, wearing a rather formal dress for the occasion, tired of being guarded as she had always been used as a weapon. "I'll keep everyone covered with my mirrors and let everyone rest. ...I should be able to hold until they arrive."

"Are you sure you can do that, Haku?" Hinata stated in worry as she did not want her to over exert herself in her pregnant state, having had a man forced upon her so that Konoha could possess her clan, which was the main reason they had brought her along.

"It will be fine. I may be eight months in, but I'm still capable." Haku commented as she began to focus on the moisture within the air, preparing to form a dome of ice around them that would not melt from any flame they came at them with.

It was at that very moment everything stopped. All jutsu that were being used came to a cease the very air itself stilled before them. A massive signature was moving towards them with so much chakra that Hiashi was reminiscing of Hachibi's attack of Konoha. But it was not the demon's chakra...

It felt just a little calmer then the snakes...

"They're here!" Neji yelled out as he suddenly caught sight of a very familiar sight despite his change of clothing.

"SEN'EITAJASHU!" A loud cry came before dozens of snakes flew from their left flank and blasted the southern tip, ripping the hunters out of the trees.

Leaping from where the snake's came from, Naruto skidded on the ground and landed in front of Hinata and Neji with Kusanagi in his hand while blood drip from his other hand. His chakra was still dancing around him like that of a snake ready strike before his bloodied hand slammed into the ground.


In a massive burst of smoke, multiple giant snakes burst from the mist and into the tree lines while a giant purple snake slithered around the Hyuuga's, Naruto standing on the snakes head, his eyes glinting dangerously.

Yet they softened as he looked down to see Hinata and Neji just below. "Didn't I ever tell you...? The hero always arrives at the last second."

It was at this moment many cries from the hunter's were heard as kunais began to rip through their critical points allowing them to become easy snacks for the summoned serpents. Skull, heart, jugular, you name it. They were being hit with pin point accuracy as Yugao, Kabuto, Sasuke and Sakura jumped to the Hyuuga's side.

"Let's go. We'll leave this up to Naruto and his team." Yugao spoke as she went straight to Hiashi, hurdling Manda in the process. "We can't waste any time so if anyone that can't move at least a jog we'll carry. Now lets..."

"I don't think so." An ominous voice stated as another group of ninja made their appearance, a blast of flames taking away their escape route. "I was told to eliminate any Hyuuga that was to head to the Sound and I will do as I was ordered. ...Besides, your eyes will be made to good use once I take them from you. And you took our Yuki from us? Now that is unacceptable. We'll need her blood after losing the Sharingan as well."

"So you finally show your true self... And those Sharingan in your prosthetic. Those are from the Uchiha massacred by Itachi, aren't they?" Hiashi growled as this wasn't looking good if Danzo was sent after them and he had his top men here to dispose of his clan that decided to come.

"And my name isn't Yuki... That may be my family's name, but I don't accept it for I never was a part of their clan. I am Onbinaisu Haku." Haku growled as she hated her original clan name and had changed it to her current as she did not want to be remembered only for her blood as it was because of her blood that her mother died and she had to kill her father.

Growling as he drew upon his cursed chakra, Sasuke's Sharingan spun madly as he could see the man had released his arm from its armored state and saw the Sharingan embedded into his arm along with the one he possessed in his supposed missing eye. "You... You son of a bitch! Those do not belong to you!"

Leaping towards him, his skin slowly turning gray as his hair lightened to a purplish-blue, Sasuke had drawn his scythe and electricity surrounded the blade as he swung it. "Chidori Nagashi!"

Rolling away from the electric burst that sliced into the ground where he had been standing, Danzo could only grin as the dirt plumed around him giving him a temporary cover. The Uchiha's anger would make it easier for him to eliminate him as he was always reckless and would forgo any common sense when his family had been disgraced.

Preparing for a jutsu, he caught movement from the side of his vision and turned to see a puff of pink hair. Stopping his seals, he used his normal arm to push away Sakura's fist to keep her from connecting causing major damage only to be forced to jump out of the way as a second wave of electricity nearly severed him in two.

Soon as he became airborne, however, he realized it had been a set up as Naruto was right there on him with the legendary Kusanagi in his grasp. He could not be cut or stabbed by the blade so his first priority was to separate it from Naruto but that proved to be more difficult then he thought as he couldn't even touch the boy's arms.

Being just able to evade in the air, something he was glad for as it seemed the snake jinchuuriki seemed rather awkward using a blade in the air, Danzo caught his feet into the blonde's chest and flung himself down to the ground and forced Naruto higher into the air. "Sai take him!"

"MANDA!" Naruto cried out to his summoned snake, holding Kusanagi behind his back, as if he was sheathing it while his gaze focused onto the one called Sai while he created a bird out of ink.

In that very moment the giant reptile burst from around the Hyuuga clan and into the sky, blocking the path between the bird and Naruto. Sai easily weaved around the great beast only to see Naruto was no longer where the snake had passed by. Checking the snake, expecting him to have made it to the summon, he had no idea what hit him.

Danzo's eyes widened as he watched the air around Sai literally sever the Root agent in two. There had been no chance for the young man for the attack was quick that even his many Sharingan had not caught it. Yet there was still no sign of...

Barely being able to roll from his spot, the war hawk stood onto his feet with narrowed eyes gazing into Naruto's violets. "What is this...? You are moving too fast for it to be pure speed. It can't be..."

Naruto did not say a word and waited till Sasuke and Sakura stood at his side, his eyes shifting to the sides for a moment to meet their gaze. It was as if that was all that was needed to convey their strategy to one another before both charged.

A truly frightening thought. To have such chemistry that it wasn't necessary to even say a word was almost unheard of. Not even the team work of the legendary three went this far. To know what the others wanted just by eye contact... Amazing. They truly were deserving of the title Neo Sannin.

Managing to get enough seals in before they were on him, Danzo spewed out a massive burst of flames to force them to jump out of the way. "Katon: Eien no honoo!"

The burst of fire lived up to its name. The flames seemed to be unending despite Danzo having already seized using the jutsu. It was a peculiar jutsu that fed on the oxygen in the air and all possible fuel nearby to continue amassing more and more flames until it was either extinguished by the user or all possible fuel had been used.

And the man was smart for he knew both Sasuke and Sakura would take their attention off him to allow him so distance from the two. He had aimed it at the retreating Hyuuga clan and their guards. He knew none of them could stop the technique for it was S-rank for a reason. It took a massive burst of water or...

Naruto appeared before his old clan, his hands formed in the simple tiger seal and his massive chakra flaring around him before he bellowed out. "Katon: Gokakyu!"

Danzo's eyes widen. The kid had to be insane. A C-class fire jutsu like that was no match for the Eternal Flames. It was on the forbidden scroll for that exact reason. It took the amount most jounin possessed just to use the technique and then it took an almost absolute control of the fire element to use it. There were also the repercussions that the user might not be able to deactivate it once it was started or have enough chakra to do so...

But to sheer astonishment the flames were put out by the vast amount of flames generated from the demon vessel. The sheer volume overtook his fire in an instant, cutting off all fuel and effectively ceasing his jutsu.

It was impossible to have such chakra. The amount it took to make a C-class fire jutsu be that deadly and that massive could only be performed by Bijuu! And there was not and ounce of the demon's chakra within that attack! It was all Naruto's chakra!

How was that possible?

Pausing like he had nearly cost him his life. Neither Sakura nor Sasuke had abandoned their attack like he had thought they would. They seemingly knew Naruto could and would extinguish his jutsu and leave them open for the attack.

He was just able to avoid the fatal crush of Sakura's fist from above, having it clip his shoulder instead of the center of his skull. Still that amount of force shattered every bone in his right arm for she had perfected Tsunade's super strength technique.

Skipping across the ground from the force, he managed to flip himself to a slide before noting the one technique he despised Hatake for teaching the Uchiha. He had taken it far beyond what Kakashi could and had made a multitude of jutsu from it. This one literally being a sword to slice through his throat.

Danzo escape with a deep gash along the side of his neck, almost a fatal blow for it slightly cut into the artery. The only reason he has survived was the burst of tree bark exploding from the ground next to him to slow the blow.

"The Mokuton too... You devious monster. Aiding such abilities to yourself who does not deserve them. Your fate is sealed." Sasuke spat in disgust as Naruto just besides him while Sakura took her flank besides Naruto yet again.

These three were good, that he knew. Before they left they were easily better than most chunin with Naruto and Sasuke being comparable to many jounin within the village. Now... Sakura compared to a young Tsunade while the other two were stronger than Kakashi and Gai.

There would be no choice in this fight. These two alone were dangerous and now that Naruto had rejoined them he stood little chance. Despite his confidence in his own skills the lack of a true left arm and having lost his right arm's functions made this fight impossible without it.


"SHIT!" Sasuke screamed out, his eyes nearly bulging out at the name of the technique he was using. "We've got to stop him now for with this he can make anything into a reality for a brief period of time! Even wounds that are suppose to be fatal can be absorbed like they were nothing and with the amount of..."

"The amount of Sharingan eyes I have this jutsu will last quite a while for I've managed to extend the time of it thanks to blood of Senju Hashirama to sixty seconds. You fools stand no chance for once this is over I will simply replace these eyes with spares I have and then the clones I've made of them." Danzo grinned for he was assured victory now.

He would have preferred to have used this to help Jiraiya in his fight against Orochimaru and Tsunade but this was necessary. These three had become a great threat and he had to take them down before they started using the seals.

"I remember the technique now... There is one flaw to it." Naruto commented while focusing his chakra, preparing for his next technique. "It can't exactly prevent a wound. It can weaken the damage it causes and rapidly regenerate the wound... But what can it do against this?"

Raising his hand into the air, both Sakura and Sasuke smirked before a single clone of Naruto formed directly behind him. As a ball of chakra began to form, all three set there hands around it before focusing on their natural element and applying it to the rotation of the sphere.

It seemingly spiraled out of control as the wind focused around it and created what seemed to be a giant shuriken around the sphere. Then lighting began crackle around and within all the while a hardened center seemed to focus at the very core. "Behold the power of our teamwork! Not even in your wildest dreams will you ever be able to overcome our power!"

"Tori Rasenshuriken!" Naruto bellowed before jumping towards Danzo and with a deep grunt threw the orb towards him.

Naruto's wind chakra turned the Rasengan into a deadly technique that would tear anything to shreds to the cellular level, including his own arm. Sasuke's lighting made it that nothing would be able to stop it and added onto its destructive force. And finally Sakura's earth element made it possible for the technique to be thrown, allowing him to focus the technique onto and around the core instead of the palm of his hand.

Danzo knew even despite Izanagi he had to avoid this attack. There was not a doubt in his mind that this attack would obliterate him on contact from the sheer amount of charka. Even as he tried to dilute the attack as it quickly raced to him, he knew it was too powerful. Dodging was the only option...

So why wasn't he able to?

It was at that very moment he realized why and cursed. The shadow that was connected to his instantly receded, his reality becoming true but it was too late. The technique made contact.

In that instant everything within a twenty meter radius seemingly exploded from the violent shockwaves. The earth crumbled away, disintegrating, as did the trees. Nothing was able to withstand the blow and all that was left was a smoking crater from what was left of Danzo...

"No way!" Naruto yelled out in shock, seeing a lone figure standing within the smoke before a horribly wounded and gashed Danzo stood.

Izanagi had just saved his life... No, it didn't even do that. It allowed him these last seconds. It allowed him to activate his final technique for the sake of Konoha to kill all of these traitors. So gazing to the one that stopped him, his eyes narrowed. "Nara... You are a fool. You will be crushed along with the rest of them."

"I may be..." Shikamaru stated with his two teammates, not being able to stand what their village was going to do. "But no one will ever know. The Sound is not a threat to Konoha. With Naruto there... We are not to worry for while he my hate the village for we, his friends, live there and we there is one thing we know better than anyone else."

"Naruto will do whatever it takes to protect us." Ino narrowed her eyes at the man before turning to team seven for a second and smiled. "And for that we will leave him alone... To let him live in peace."

"Fools..." Danzo growled at the Ino-Shika-Cho offspring. "You have no clue what you talk of... And you will die along side of him for your idiotic beliefs!"

"Ura Shishou!"

Naruto's eyes widened. This was seal technique he had learned from Orochimaru to wipe all evidence from a single area into a seal that could never be broken. Not even the best seal's master could reveal the contents for when it was finished the seals shattered, forever sealing what was within.

If he was using it like this... This would kill all here! He couldn't allow that! Everything around them was being sucked in. There wasn't enough time for him to use the technique he had been using to get everyone out. Sure he could get Sasuke and Sakura out but... What about Chouji, Ino and Shikamaru?

They had risked their lives and forsake their own village just to show him that they would not be a part of this foolish war. He couldn't just let their lives be snuffed like this. ...They were... They still were his friends!

For just a brief moment, his Taiingan lit up and for that brief moment it morphed into a clear white eye with only one characteristic within it.

His pupil had morphed in a blue x-shape.

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