Title: Lies Revealed, Sweet Revenge, and Eternal Love

Author: Redneckmama

Rating: NC-17

Paring: HP/LV

Warnings: Dark fic, mention of rape, blood, gore, torture, slash, language, AU, OOC, Creature fic

Disclaimer: If I owned HP there would be lots of slash and Harry would be evil.

Summary: Harry discovers his whole life has been a series of lies, even his name. When he finds out the truth, blood and tears will be all that is left behind. Dark!Evil!Harry, Evil!Manipulative!Dumbledore

A/N---This is my first try at a Dark!Fic please be kind and constructive criticism is welcomed. This will be a Vampire Fic and it will also containing SLASH, so you were warned. I wrote like the first three chapters of this story in one sitting today and maybe now the vicious evil little plot bunny that held the gun to my head will leave me alone for a while. Maybe it'll join my muses for a party in the closet. Butterbeer anyone??

A?NII The first chapter is the prologue and basically introduces you to my AU. Some things are different than cannon and some are the same…you'll see.


Number 4 Privet Drive looked exactly the same as any other house on the street. Well manicured lawns and freshly painted houses was the rule here. To put it plain and simple, conformity was the rule here.

Now the residents of this average home were desperate. To the outside world they portrayed a clean cut, average image. Inside the home, however, was a different story.

Vernon Dursley, the head of this home, was a hard working, devoted father to those that knew him. In his home, however, he was a mean, hateful, tyrant. Petunia, Vernon's wife, was a nosy social climber that catered to her husband and son's ever whim. Dudley Dursley, their son, was a polite, well mannered, young boy; unless his parents weren't around; then, he was a mean, over-confident, self-absorbed, pigheaded bully. The Dursley's as a whole were afraid of anything different. They thrived off of sameness. Their only goal was to be better than their neighbors. They were afraid to be looked down upon. In their world the only thing that mattered was social status.

Now the Dursley's had a secret, and they were so afraid of this secret that they would do anything to keep it. There was another boy who lived at Number 4 Privet Drive. The Dursley's have a nephew, Harry Potter.

Now the Dursleys would not have been concerned about the neighbors knowing about the boy had he been normal. However, the boy was not normal. Harry Potter was a wizard.

All things magical scared the hell out the Dursley's. They had kept the boys true parentage a secret from him for 11 years. They used to time to break the boy. They made him their slave. Harry Potter was forced to cook, clean, garden, wait on, and obey the Dursley's. They kept him locked up in the cupboard under the stairs. They starved him, degraded him, and, on occasion, beat him.

When Harry was 11 things changed. Against the Dursley's wishes, Harry began school at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Now the Dursley's were really afraid. They gave Harry Dudley's second bedroom and walked on eggshells around him. They were afraid he would use magic against them. Just before Harry was to return to Hogwarts for his second year, they found out he was not allowed to do magic outside of school. Now, they beat him regularly. They punished him for making them afraid. They continued to starve and beat him every summer.

Harry had tried to fight back on occasion. Once he blew up Vernon's sister. He'd run away once, and he tried every year not to return during the summer. However, there was always a reason Harry had to return every year, or so he was told. Being at his family's home provided him with protection.

Now you maybe asking what Harry needed protection from. Well, let me tell you about Harry.

For years Harry believed his parents died in a car crash. He hated his family but put up with it because he had no other options. Then he found out he was a wizard, and he went to Hogwarts. His first year he made a few friends. But more importantly he found a safe place. He learned a lot that year.

His parents, he learned, were killed by a Dark Lord bent on world domination. Supposedly, this Dark Lord, Voldemort, also tried to kill him, but for some unknown reason the curse backfired and hit Voldemort instead, turning him into a bodiless spirit. He came face to face, so to speak, with this spirit near the end of the school year. Harry prevented him from obtaining the Philosopher's stone. It would have allowed him to regain his body. Harry put it down to just being in the right place at the right time.

In his second year, Harry decided that maybe Hogwarts wasn't as safe as he thought. He battled the sixteen year-old memory of the Dark Lord and a 40ft Basilisk that year.

Once again Harry was sent to the Dursleys for the summer. He was sure someone would come and rescue him now that he had some many friends. NO one came though and, after a particular vicious beating because he accidentally blew up his uncle's sister, he ran away. His first thought was to get to the magical world. Once there though he knew something was wrong. NO one cared that he was beaten beyond recognition just that they knew where he was. Apparently there was an escaped convict after him.

He was taken back to Hogwarts for his third year. All anyone could talk about was this murderer, Sirius Black. It seemed he was a follower of the Dark Lord and was after Harry. NO one seemed to cars about Harry himself they just wanted to catch this man.

Soon Harry found out that this man was supposed to be his godfather. Harry wondered why he would want to kill him and why no on ever told him he had a godfather. Well they never found him that year and Harry once again found himself wondering about his live. It seemed everyone knew more that they were telling him.

When Harry went back to the Dursley's for the summer, he wondered if this was his punishment for something.

Someone clearly didn't want him happy. His parents murdered, godfather on the run, stuck with a family who despises him. Harry decided to play along and see if maybe he could figure out this puzzle.'

Fourth year came and went. Harry worked extra hard at his studies. He had a feeling something was coming. He didn't know exactly what but he knew it would change his life, and he wanted to be prepared for anything.

During fourth year there was a tournament at the school. Harry was too young to enter and by the end he was glad he couldn't. Two people died during it. One, a little girl, she died in the lake and the other was, believed it or not, the winner. He'd made it through the maze, grabbed the cup, and disappeared. A few minutes later his body returned with a message, the Dark Lord had returned.

This time when Harry returned to the Dursley's things were different. The Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, accompanied him back. He was going to strengthen the wards on the house and had a chat with the Dursleys.

After speaking with the Dursley's, Dumbledore spoke with Harry and warned him of the dangers now that the Dark Lord was back. He then said he had a few rules for Harry. He was not to write anyone or try to contact anyone. He was not to leave the house and the Headmaster warned that the wards wouldn't let him leave until he, himself, had removed them.

Harry was shocked. He was to be a prisoner in his own room. Worse now because the Dursley's would know he couldn't leave. He'll be lucky to live through the summer.

But live thought the summer he did… barely. He was beaten to unconsciousness on several occasions, starved for two weeks, and, once, raped by his cousin.

Fifth year began and with it came the visions. It seemed that the Dark Lord, Voldemort, could send Harry visions. Sometimes it was of him torturing someone, other times it was of a hallway. Harry began to enjoy the tortures, not that he would admit it, and it was a great stress relief. He was still pretending to be a good little boy, but had decided that too many people had lied to him and mistreated him. He would not put up with it anymore. He would train to make himself stronger and once he saw an opportunity he would seize it.

Late into the school year, Dumbledore called Harry into his office. He told him that Death Eaters had broken into the Department of Mysteries and stolen some very important items.

The Headmaster looked very upset and Harry knew it really must have been important to fluster the great Albus Dumbledore. Harry asked the Headmaster what was stolen and his reply was that he could only tell Harry of one thing. He said that there was a prophesy concerning him and the Dark Lord and that now that the Dark Lord knew of this prophesy he would be coming for Harry. He said he'd sent his spy to find out what the Dark Lords plans were, but as of yet he hadn't heard back. He said that he would inform Harry of any information when received it.

Harry was then sent back to the Dursley's. For the rest of the summer he sat in his room and studied. He'd stolen, bought, begged, and borrowed every book he could find on the Dark Arts, weapons, fighting, warfare, etc. that he could while at school and had brought them back to the Dursleys. He took his "punishments" from them when he got them, but mostly he just stayed out of their way.

Whatever it was that was coming, Harry knew it was coming fast. He could feel it in his bones in a few days he would turn 16. He would receive his full powers, his magic would mature, become easier to use and more importantly he would be able to gain control of his life. Maybe now he would have the means to escape.


Preview of Chapter One--Revelations

Harry glanced at eh clock. 11:49. one minute the thought. He sat on his bed waiting for the moment his powers would mature. He'd read every book on the subject and knew it would be a little uncomfortable but not painful. He was not afraid. He would be ready. Accepting this change would alter his life forever.

11:50. A light began to glow from somewhere within Harry's chest. He stood to look in the mirror. A blinding light was pulsing from his chest. He welcomed it and it grew and grew. A sound began buzzing in his ears. Pain erupted from all over his body. It felt as if needles were being stuck in every pore of his skin. His nose began to bleed, and he became very dizzy. The light flared and then everything went dark as Harry slipped into unconsciousness, and collapsed on the floor.

Next time on Lies...Changes take place, Secrets are revealed, and an enemy isn't??