Title: Lies Revealed, Sweet Revenge, and Eternal LoveAuthor: RedneckmamaRating: NC-17Paring: HP/LVWarnings: Dark fic, mention of rape, blood, gore, torture, slash, language, AU, OOC, Creature ficDisclaimer: If I owned HP there would be lots of slash and Harry would be evil.

A/N: Remember when in their Dark Lord guises Tom and Diemos are referred to as Voldemort and Prince.

Chapter Warning- Battle Scenes…There will be death and dismemberment…this is your warning.


As the black-robed horde descended on the castle, the Order of the Phoenix looked on in shock. They were vastly outnumbered and no help would be coming. They didn't have a chance. Gathered outside the front doors of the castle were their only defences; Albus Dumbledore, Aberforth Dumbledore, Arthur and Molly Weasley, Kingsley Shackelbolt, Mad-eye Moody, Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, Rubeus Hagrid, Emmeline Vance, Hestia Jones, and all the members of the D.A..

When Prince saw the small number of defenders, he ordered everyone to stop. And they thought I would defeat you, he hissed to Voldemort. If this was to be my army we would have died quickly and painfully. It's a good thing I'm not with them now. There deaths will be much more fun this way.

Voldemort stifled a laugh at his mate's comments and ordered his troops to surround the castle, but not to attack. He called his generals to his side and together they walked to meet their counterparts.

"Hello, Albus. Fine day to die, isn't it?"

"Hello, Tom. Surely there are other ways to end this. Must everything end in blood?" Dumbledore asked.

"I like blood. It tastes good," replied Prince.

"Ah, yes. You must be The Dark Prince. I've heard much about you."

"I'm sure you have. You're so scared of me you sent your goons to attack innocent families."

"Death Eater families!" spat Molly Weasley.

"And how is your family, Mrs. Weasley? Missing a few members I hear? Would you like to know what happened to them?" Prince smirked.

"What have you done to my children? You Monster!" she screamed.

"Nothing." Prince aptly replied.

"Now, now is that anyway to talk us into not killing all of you where you stand?" Voldemort interrupted. "I believe Albus, here, was trying. I, however, believe that we will be the only ones to leave here today."

"Surely, you would let the children go, Tom?" asked Albus.

"Prince? What do you think? Should I let the children go?"

"No. These people believed that a child was good enough to face you several times. What makes these children any different?"

"That child was Harry Potter, the Boy-who-lived," shouted Minerva.

"Yeah, well, that didn't help him any did it," replied Prince, angrily.

"Because you killed him!" screamed Hermione.

"Oh, like you were taking good care of him; leaving him with those Muggles?"

"Like you would know anything about him? You weren't even around then," huffed Ginny.

"I know more than you think I do, little girl. Now, we've settled the matter about the children. They will be staying. So everyone one here is fare game. Who shall we start with? Hmmm. I think the Weasley's deserve to know what happened to their children. What do you think?" Prince turned to four of the hooded men behind him.

The four hooded men stepped up to stand at Prince's side. "These are the men that helped me kill your son, Ronald. I do believe you've met before." The men lowered their hoods and sneered as the group before them gasped as one.

"Hello, Mother, Father," Bill said.

Molly Weasley took one look at her four eldest sons and collapsed to the ground.

"W-w-why?" asked Arthur.

"Because, Father, you were so blindly devoted to what was going on right in front of your face," answered Charlie. "Anyone smart enough could see that the Light wasn't quite as Light as we were all led to believe."

"Because you couldn't see the atrocities Dumblefuck, over there, was committing," answered Bill. "Stealing, manipulating, lying, murdering, all so he could be this paragon of Light. Defeater of the big bad. Sending a child to stop the most powerful wizard in the world."

"Because Ron was a right git to Harry and Harry was a forever faithful friend to him. Ron wanted to be Harry Potter. Harry just wanted to be Harry," answered Fred. "We love him like a brother and can not believe you all would use him like that."

"Because all of you stole, cheated, lied, and made Harry's life a living hell. We stand here, united, for Harry," answered George. "Harry never asked for his fame. Harry never asked for his gold. Harry just wanted to live and be loved. You all took that from him. Besides…It's fun on this side."

"I don't believe this," whispered Molly. "You killed your brother?"

"We killed Dumbledore's puppet," replied George. "Harry was our brother. Ron was a selfish, jealous, spoiled prat."

"Yes, besides, we had to delay Dumblefuck's plans somehow," sneered Fred. "And it was fun."

"Harry is dead," replied Albus. "He was born to defeat the Dark Lord. That was his only purpose. So what if others profited from his existence."

"You do not deny your actions?" asked Prince.

"No, I took a poor, little orphan and tried to make him a strong weapon. Somewhere along the line, I must have failed."

"But…Why was he an orphan?" Prince asked again.

"Because that man standing next to you killed his parents."

"Did he?" Prince laughed. "Both of them? Are you sure about that?" Prince turned to another masked man behind him and nodded. Severus removed his hood and stepped to his son's side.

"Severus! I thought you were dead. When you didn't return I thought your loyalty to me had been found out," Albus replied, looking at Voldemort as he spoke.

"No, Albus. I am alive and well. More importantly, free from the spells you had placed on me. I know the truth now, Albus. You cannot manoeuvre your way around this anymore."

"Around what? I don't believe I know what your talking about."

"Oh, I think you do. I think you know all about why the Potter's died that night. After all, you did force my wife to marry that bastard just so you could set your pretty little trap."

"Your wife? Severus you don't have a wife," spoke Minerva.

"I did. Her name was Lily. Her maiden name was Evans."

"That's a lie! Lily Evans was married to James Potter!" yelled Hermione.

"No. Dumbledore kidnapped her and had his pet, James Potter, place her under Imperius. She was my wife!" Severus screamed.

"Now, now, Severus you know that's not true. Lily Evans and James Potter were the best of friends at the end of there time her at Hogwarts. They fell in love and were shortly married. No one here can dispute that."

"Oh, I'm sure they can't but I know some people who can." Severus turned to two more of the hooded people behind him and gestured for them to remove their hoods.

Sirius and Remus lowered their hoods. Remus' face contorted in anger at the Headmasters words.

"We would know the truth. Wouldn't we, Albus? After all, we were Lily and James' friends. We know for a fact that Lily couldn't stand the sight of James Potter. He was our friend, yes, but more than that he was your puppet. You orchestrated every move he ever made. He followed you blindly and look what good it did him. You had him killed just so you could have a child to mold and a martyr for your cause. Severus and Lily were in love and planning on joining the Dark Lord. James had a crush on her and you used that to get him to agree to your plans. You didn't care if Severus got in your way. He was just a good-for-nothing death eater in your eyes," Remus said.

"Yes, Albus. You had everything planned perfectly didn't you. Pettigrew in your pocket, ready to run to the Dark Lord with their whereabouts. Suspicion on me as the traitor so I couldn't take Harry and run. Severus under mass amounts of spells so you could have a high ranking Death Eater under your thumb. And last, but not least, the magic-hating Dursleys as Harry's only living blood relatives; ready to beat every ounce of magic out of him so that you come "rescue" him at the right moment. You didn't count on the Dark Lord being cast out of his body that night, but you played the game perfectly and sent Harry against him time and again until the Dark Lord was restored and you could once again come to the rescue of the Wizarding World and help defeat another Dark Lord," responded Sirius.

"What you didn't count on, though," said Prince. "Was Harry dieing. That ruined all your plans didn't it. No more puppet on a string to dangle in front of the Dark Lord. Oh, and you didn't count on me did you? I still mystify you. I am an unknown in this game of yours. I came in and ruined all your fun. Found out all your secrets. Stole all your game pieces, didn't I? Placed spies right under your nose." Prince turned to the other masked figures, "You can remove your hoods now too. You see? I have Neville here safe and sound, standing by my side. You probably already guessed that Bella would be here wanting revenge for that stunt you pulled yesterday. You already knew the Malfoys would be here, they have always stood against you. I really should have taken Draco up on his offer of friendship sooner. Maybe I would have been freed sooner."

Prince chuckled at Hermione's gasp. He knew if anyone understood what he had just said it would be her. "You always were the brightest witch of your age, Hermione. Too bad to were blinded by your books and penchant for following the rules. You really should have learned to question the establishment. Just because they are the ones in charge doesn't mean they are always on the right side of things."

"But how?" Hermione whispered.

"I'll tell you the short version. After Dumbles decided to send me back to my starving, beating, raping, and verbally abusive relatives, cutting me off from the magical world completely, I decided it was time to change. Luckily, I came into my magical inheritance on my birthday. All the Headmasters spells broke and my father came to me. I choose my family. An easy choice, if you think about it. Father, Lucius, and Draco already had plans on how to fake my death. Getting to kill the Dursley's was a welcome bonus, even if they tasted badly. I went to Voldemort, here, and he welcomed me with open arms…and legs. I became the Prince of Fear, or the Dark Prince, and I did make you afraid. Didn't I Dumbledore? The Weasley's came to us, one by one, and were told the truth. Then came Sirius and Remus. We attacked the Platform, killed Ronald, kidnapped Neville, told him the truth, and planned our next attack. You, however, shortened our timeline by your antics last night. You know, if you hadn't attacked, you would have got to live a little longer."

"Harry? Harry! You must stop this now, young man. There is the man that killed your parents. Kill Tom, Harry."

"NO! I don't think your listening Albus. Tom is MINE! My mate, my husband, my lover, my world. YOU are going to die. RIGHT NOW!" Prince, deciding that death by Avada Kadavra was to good for the pile of shite in front of him, bared fangs and leapt at the Headmaster.

The Headmaster raised his wand, but Voldemort was quicker, "Petrificus Totalus!" Dumbledore was froze and could not move as Prince sunk his teeth in and ripped out his throat, blood spraying in every direction.

Everyone else was frozen in shock, but not for long. The Weasley's took advantage of the distraction and shot binding spells at their mother, father, and sister. As they moved in on their kill, the others snapped out of their trance.

Lucius fired off curses at his promised target, Minerva McGonagall. Draco took on the injured mudblood. Sirius, Remus, and Severus began taking on the remaining adults. Bella, grinning from ear to ear, went after the children.

Voldemort and Prince finished with Headmaster. "Now you can no longer interfere, old man," laughed Prince.

"That was the hottest thing I've ever seen," gasped Voldemort.

"Later, luv," chuckled Prince. "Right now, we have a battle to fight."


The two Dark Lords turned to survey the scene. Upon deciding whom to help they ran off. Sirius and Remus were have a hard time on their own so the Lords' joined them. Severus was holding his own against the order witches. Five against two quickly turned to four against four as Prince feasted again . Voldemort began duelling Mad-eye one-on-one, leaving the odds at three against five. Sirius was hacking away at Shacklebolt, bit-by-bit. Remus had decided that Flitwick would be fun to levitate and drop over and over. Leaving Prince to deal with Emmaline Vance and Hagrid. Prince looked over at the Weasley's and yelled, " Oi! If you all are done I could use a few more hands over here?" as he threw another curse at Aberforth.

"Just enjoying Ginny's screams. Think we should keep her to play with later?" Fred yelled back.

"Sure, tie her up then get your freckled arse over here. Its going to take at least three of us to take down the half-breed."

"Right." The twins stopped torturing their sister, tied her up and stupefied her, and ran to assist Prince, leaving Bill and Charlie to finish up with their parents.

Bill and Charlie looked down at their bound parents. "You know if you'd ever learned to think for yourselves you might not have been in this position. Wait…yes you would. You never had any self pride. Well we do, and we now have a better family than we could ever hope for. Goodbye." With two well-aimed flashes of green light the Weasley parents were no more.

As Bill and Charlie turned to survey the scene, they laughed at what they saw.

Lucius had a dead cat by the tail and was dragging over to the others'.

Draco had a bleeding, bound, and gagged Hermione levitating behind him as he walked up.

Remus was still bouncing Flitwick it was unknown if the little man was alive or not.

Sirius had transformed into Padfoot and was currently attacking Shacklebolt's body every time it moved.

Bella was giggling and laughing as she chased the last few members of the D.A. around. Every so often you could hear her yell, "Aww don't the ickle witle babies wanna play? Mommy Bella wants to play."

Voldemort had a wooden leg in one hand and was throwing what appeared to me Moody's eye into the air and catching it.

A blood-covered Severus was draining the last of the order witches.

Fred, George, and a blood-covered Prince were standing over the bodies of Aberforth and Hagrid, exhausted from taking down the half-giant.

"Well, Bill. Looks like we missed all the fun."

Next Chapter…..Epilogue.