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Titel: Voice of seduction.

"Jack, come to me."

Jack stirs in his sleep, hearing the voice but not yet wanting to wake up.

"Jack, darling.. don't you want me?" The voice chants softly, seductively.
Now he is starting to wake, not longer able to resist the soft female voice. He opens his eyes and stares at her. Her voluptuous body, her slim neck.

He reaches out and gingerly strokes her belly, enjoying the cool touch on his fingertips.
"Jack, my love. What's holding you back? Please, just one time?" she whispers, teasing. He can almost hear the smile on her lips.
He really shouldn't, he knows but. But oh.. it used to feel so good, so warm, so comforting. Perhaps, just one last time?

"No love, I can't. You know I can't. Remember what happened last time?"
She laughs, a tinkling clear sound. "Yes Jack, I remember. But I also remember we had quite some fun. Once more Jack? For old times sake?" She's pleading now, making herself almost irresistible. Almost..

"No, I really really cannot do that." Jack flops over in his bed, pressing his head in his pillow.
He waits for her next reply, knowing that if she insists on him having her he will be powerless. All he can do is give in to her.


Jack frowns, this isn't how it's supposed to go. He lifts his head a little and glares at her from the corner of his eye. She is just standing there, sulking. He knows she can't, but if she could, she would've pouted.
"Bloody hell, stop doing that. You know I hate it when you do that." Jack growls, pressing his face in his pillow again.

Suddenly he jerks up again. Was that a sob? No. It can't be. There it is again!
"Ah love, stop doing that. I'm sorry alright? Here, let old Jack make it all better again."

Soft lips caressing her moist neckline, rough calloused fingers fondling her belly. Teasing, anticipating. Then finally, after what seemed a lifetime, his lips find her mouth. Jack groans satisfactorily, this is what he really wanted. He throws his head back and takes a firm swig out of the bottle.

"Ahh.. my bottle of rum.. love of my life. I never will be able to resist you, my girl." He mumbles, before hugging the bottle and falling into a deep sleep again.

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