Bonus #2: The Results of Depravity

*This takes place about 8 weeks after Episode 12*

Eiri Yuki lay awake in his bed, staring at the ceiling. The clock on his nightstand read 3:30am. Shuichi slept soundly, buried deep in the covers right next to him.

Eleven hours ago, Eiri had returned home from his bi-weekly appointment with his doctor, who would check up on his healing process and make sure he wasn't re-injuring himself. All during that time Eiri wasn't allowed any physical exertion beyond walking and typing - and even then his doctor recommended he do as little of the two as possible. It really pissed the author off to be confined to his bed for the greater part of nearly every day, and Shuichi made sure (much to Eiri's annoyance) that all walking-related chores around the house were taken care of so he wouldn't have very many excuses to get out of bed.

One thing Eiri insisted on doing himself though, was cooking. Two weeks of Shu-cuisine was more than enough to last a few lifetimes for the novelist. The singer would still "surprise" him with breakfast on the few - and fast diminishing - times Eiri would awaken late though.

Strangely enough, he couldn't find it in him to tell his lover just how bad his cooking sucked (maybe because he didn't want to spend the next week trying to cheer up the overly-emotional singer). This really surprised him, because he couldn't remember a time when he would withhold criticism - especially when the situation demanded it. This began to bother him a bit, at least until he credited it to his current physical state, and not that he was growing soft. Still, all he did was simply tell the teen that he preferred to do the cooking himself as a "thanks" to Shuichi for doing the house chores - which was partially true anyway. Of course Shu was delighted at the prospect of eating his Yuki's fine cooking every day, so he never complained.

Anyway, this last visit to the hospital was the one Eiri had waited eight long weeks for.

After a brief check-up, the doctor took a couple of x-rays and left the room for a few minutes to analyze them. When he returned, he told the very impatient writer that he had healed completely! Eiri heaved a sigh of relief - finally, he thought.

"Even though you're all healed up, I still wouldn't recommend anything like skydiving or mountain-climbing for at least another week. Also, as long as you don't do any more reenactments of Streetfighter 3, I shouldn't be seeing you again, Mr. Uesugi!"

A vein pulsed on Eiri's forehead, "If I wasn't in such a good mood from the news, I'd have socked your pathetic sense of humor right out that sterilized window."

The doctor merely shrugged as if Eiri had said nothing more than a comment on the weather. All that did was make Eiri angrier. "Oh, go ahead. Keep up your jokes. I swear, one day you may just end up having to see one of your own."

The good-natured doctor just smiled and shooed the writer out of his office so he could see his next patient.

Eiri couldn't wait to tell Shuichi the news. You see, all throughout those eight weeks, he was absolutely forbidden by his doctor from taking part in any strenuous activity - which unfortunately included having sex. Also unfortunate, was the fact that Shuichi was there to hear the doctor explain all the things Eiri wasn't allowed to do, and Shuichi - being the good wife he was - made damn sure that he didn't do them. That was actually the last time he allowed his lover to tag along with him on his appointments.

Plus, due to Shu's unpredictable schedule, and the fact that nearly everyone who knew them entered and left the apartment like they owned the place, Eiri decided not to risk even jerking off for fear of being caught. Just the knowledge of being walked in on at any possible moment made him quite irritated.

In short, Eiri was exceedingly H-O-R-N-Y, and had been getting more so during past eight weeks. He wanted it now, and broke several anonymous world-records in driving home that afternoon.

Much to the author's immense disappointment though, he found his strawberry-haired lover asleep on the couch.

Damn, I knew I should've called him before he felt like getting all sleepy.

He knelt down to shake him awake, but stopped. For the first time since he could remember, he studied Shuichi's sleeping face. At first glance his looked just like any other sleeping face - free of any expression whatsoever - but on closer inspection, Eiri saw traces of fatigue and exhaustion buried in his features.

He probably had a rough day at the studio. Not surprising actually, considering the fact they are working overtime to get their stupid album out before the deadline. Hmph - that's why you should never procrastinate. He chuckled at his own thought, like he himself had never done the very same thing. Speaking of procrastination by the way, he made a mental note to himself to finish up the fourth chapter to his new novel before his deadline reared its ugly head.

Eiri stood up and decided to go do that very thing. He figured it would just be best just to let the singer sleep. Besides, how good will he be in bed if he's exhausted? That was Eiri's reasoning anyway. Lastly (but certainly not least), K had been over a few weeks ago, and hinted that something bad would be in store for him if he was ever the reason Shuichi was late or did poorly at work.

Oh well. There's always tomorrow.

On an impulse, Eiri turned back around and gently lifted Shuichi up in his arms. The poor boy was so tired, he didn't even stir - not even when the novelist changed his sweaty clothes and tucked him affectionately into bed.

He left to work on his novel for a while, had some leftovers for dinner, and took a brief shower before deciding to call it a night.


It was now 3:45 in the morning, and Eiri still couldn't fall sleep. Apparently the sleep-fairies were avoiding him for some reason.

He rolled onto his side so he could face his still sleeping lover. How much had the baka slept already? Ten, eleven hours? Isn't that way more than what is recommended for the average 19-year-old person? He decided it was.

Gently he poked Shuichi's arm until the boy's eyes fluttered open.

"hmmf? Wuzit?" Shu looked around, apparently confused as to where he was.

"Did you sleep well?"

Shuichi rose to full awareness in less than a second. "Oh, Yuki! Yeah I slept great! I feel totally refreshed and ready for anything!...by the way, it's still dark out - what time is it anyway?" He sat up to glance over Eiri's body at the clock.

Quickly, Eiri slapped the digital clock onto the carpeted floor before the boy could see it. "It's morning."

"But it's still dar-"

Eiri cut him off with a deep and sudden kiss. Shuichi - also seriously deprived of any romantic activities - took it hungrily, completely forgetting everything else - for the moment anyway. Mmm, when was the last time he'd felt like this? He couldn't remember. All he could understand right now was how good Eiri's mouth tasted, how warm it felt, how long he had waited for this to happen again...

Suddenly he pushed Eiri away, breaking the kiss, and said, "Yuki! What about your-"

Eiri sat up stiffly and crossed his arms. "I was at the hospital today, and they said I'm fine now. Completely healed. Ready to go skydiving, or mountain-climbing, or whatever it was he said."

Shuichi narrowed his eyes and gazed at him skeptically. "Listen, Yuki. I know you want this just as much as I do - if not more. But I will not stand for it if you re-injure yourself-"

"What, you think I'm LYING?"

Shu was taken aback. Did he really think he was lying? ...No, of course not. When had Yuki ever lied to him? Never. Eiri always told him the truth - even when it hurt. He never fabricated the truth either. If something was blue, it was blue. Not teal, not sapphire, not cerulean, not even sky-blue, no - just blue. Shuichi knew better than anyone else just how honest Eiri could be sometimes. Tears flooded his eyes as he thought about what he'd said. After all the time they'd been together, all the things they'd gone through together, didn't the novelist deserve more trust than that? Sobs now filled his throat as he considered how to apologize.

Eiri gently touched Shu's chin, already a pretty good idea about what the thoughts going through his head were. "Shuichi, it's okay. I know you're just worried about me, and...I appreciate it. Really, I do." He draped his arms around him, and pulled him closer into a hug. "I am telling the truth by the way, and if you don't believe me you can call the doctor later in the morning and ask him yourself." Eiri smirked, "And if it turns out I was lying, than I'll do whatever you want to do all of next week. Is that reassuring enough for you?" The figure in his arms began to tremble.

"I-I'm so sorry! Yuki..." *sob* *sob*, "I shouldn't have doubted you, but I-I-"

"Shhh." Eiri whispered softly while gently rocking Shuichi back and forth in an effor to sooth him. It was working. "You don't have to explain anything. I understand.

Just then a thought popped into the novelist's mind, and it made him chuckle silently to himself. "There is something you should know though." Eiri held him tighter, "While I am thoroughly healed, the doctor prescribed some medicine to me that I'll be needing to take at least three times a day for the next 2 weeks, and I'll be needing your help in administering it."

He could practically see Shu's head tilt with confusion. This brought a smirk to his face.

"Hm? I'll be glad to help! But what kind of medicine is it? And what do I need to do?"

"Ooh, it's very effective medicine...but unfortunately your job is a bit strenuous." Eiri forced himself to keep from laughing - which would totally give it away - and was glad the darkness of the room kept Shuichi from seeing the grin on his face.

"...Um, I'm still confused."

"What I need you to do-" He leaned down to plant little kisses all over Shu's shoulders and neck, "is give me lots," He turned Shu around 90 degrees so he could reach his mouth, "and lots," Shuichi wrapped his arms around his lover to pull them even closer, "of relentless sexual satisfaction."

Understanding and realization filled Shuichi's mauve eyes. "Yuki, you impatient little...!" He laughed, and leaned his head back to give Eiri more access to his neck, "The doctor did not say that!"

"How would you know? You weren't there."

"Because," Shu giggled when Eiri tickled him lightly, "doctors don't prescribe sex to patients!"

"That's really too bad," Eiri's voice got husky, arousal filling him, "'cause sex is the best medicine."

"Yuki, you're talking about laughter."

"Hey, if you don't want too..."

"No! I do! I do want too! I-"

"Good. Then you'll have no objections in getting started now. By the way Shuichi, you look a little pale..."

"I do? ...Hey, how can you tell? I can't even see my own hand in front of my face!"

Eiri ignored him, and firmly laid the giggling singer down. "Perhaps you should get a check-up...and I know a great doctor." He chuckled.

Eiri put his leg over Shu, straddling him, and sat up on his knees, using his hands to hold Shu's wrists down. Shuichi's breathing increased along with his heart rate. He was growing impatient - the result of being denied a vital sexual function for way too long.

Suddenly a dim light flashed on, but because his eyes hadn't yet adjusted, it seemed much brighter than it really was. Eiri hand returned to Shu's wrist after he turned the bedside lamp on. Shuichi stared deep into the golden eyes that shown down from above him. The novelist looked ravenous - almost predatorial - like a starving wolf gloating over his catch just milliseconds before scarfing it down.

"Allow me to introduce myself," The writer began, "My name is Doctor Eiri Yuki, and I'll be your physician for today. You'll be needing a full body check-up - among other things - but first," He tugged at his shirt, "Let's get you out of those clothes."

Shuichi smirked seductively and wriggled around a bit under Eiri's firm grasp. "And if I don't want to?"

"Oh, believe me you will - otherwise I'll be forced to give you a shot."

Shuichi blinked once, mental images of what his Yuki was implying swimming through his head, and then burst out laughing!

"Oh, yes doctor! Yes! Gimme gimme gimme! I am sooo through with waiting!"

"Such a naughty boy."

"Mmhmm, yes. So what are you gonna do about it?"

Eiri pretended to think for a moment. "I suppose the most logical thing to do would be to punish you."

He felt the singer grow hard under him at that comment, so he decided to continue. "But until I can think of an appropriate punishment for you, let's get that check-up over with. Now, stay still until I tell you otherwise."

Eiri moved down to Shu's legs and gently tugged his pants down. Shuichi tried to assist by wriggling out, but a swift smack to his thigh stopped him short. "When did I give you permission to move? Really Shuichi, you have the memory-span of a goldfish."

The singers face turned red as he realized he had forgotten such a simple command so easily. But it was hard not to be distracted, what with how long it had been since their last round, and add that to how delicious Yuki looked right now. His white shirt was partially open, revealing his lean, toned chest. And his blond hair hanging slightly over his left eye. Despite all that, he had to ask. "Um, what is a goldfishes memory-span?"

"Approximately 5 seconds."

Shuichi's face deepened a shade.

Eiri smirked and finished his task. Now Shuichi's long, slender legs were spread out before him, and he couldn't help but admire how beautiful, and how utterly edible they looked. He all but licked his lips at the sight. Eiri forced himself to keep control of his impulses. His natural inclination after being depraved for so long would be to jump his boy and fuck the living daylights out of him, but he realized that he wanted this to last. He wanted this to be good. Again, another surprise he discovered within himself. His life with Shuichi really was beginning to change him - for the better.

He began his work at the very tips of Shu's toes. His eyes taking in the perfectly pedicured nails, and then wandering slowly up his legs until he reached his crotch, who's arousal was more than obvious.

He put his hands on Shu's legs, and gently squeezed and rubbed them, starting from his ankles and working his way up. Shuichi moaned and whimpered his impatience. Eiri loved those sounds. "A good pair of legs you have, boy." He said when he finished.

"That feels good, thank you doctor." Shuichi said grinning.

"Now let's move on."

Shu had assumed that had meant that they were finally gonna get started on the good part, and was once again disappointed when Eiri turned his attention towards Shu's torso and told him sit up so he could remove his shirt. Shuichi tried to hide his displeasure and obeyed without question.

Once Shuichi's shirt was off, Eiri had him lie back down. This time, instead of just rubbing and massaging, he leaned down and gently kissed and nipped at Shu's tender flesh. He worked his way up slowly, thoroughly enjoying the taste of his skin, which was a little salty from the remains of his sweat. When he reached his nipples, he nipped at them just a little harder than before, causing a slight yelp to illicit from the singers lips. When he worked on the other nipple though, Shuichi was prepared and Eiri only succeeded in getting a low moan of pleasure from him. This displeased the novelist, so he bit just a little harder. This time getting Shuichi to arch his back and give a cry of surprise and pain.

Eiri then worked his way towards Shu's neck, nuzzling and kissing, leaving little hickies all over. Shuichi moaned each time he bit his skin, much to Eiri's private delight.

"Quite a fine body you have. I bet your mouth is just as nice..." He hungrily pressed his lips against the singer's, and prodded his tongue into Shu's welcoming mouth. Shu moaned, and reached his hands up to stroke Eiri's chest, but was met with another slap to his leg.

"Control yourself, goldfish." Eiri warned.

Oh great... Shuichi thought wearily, Now he's gonna dub me a goldfish anytime I forget something!

Eiri's kiss became deeper - more needy. Now they both were moaning, and were getting a tad loud. In the back of his mind, Eiri wondered if the neighbors could hear them. Not that he really cared if they heard them or not.

He reached down to pull off his pants. His throbbing erection just begging not only for release from his clothes, but from the arousal that filled it.

Shuichi could feel what Eiri was doing, and his breathing quickened with long held anticipation.

Eiri rubbed their erections together, nearly causing Shu to cum at the spot. He arched his back again, this time out of pure pleasure. "Aahhh ooh...mmm y-yeah!"

"You like this?" The question was purely rhetoric. Of course Shuichi loved it! Eiri only wanted to hear the answer.

"Mmmm! More Yuki!"

The answer was good enough for him. Eiri decided it was time enough to comply, and reached for the lube which was laying conveniently on the bedside table.

Shuichi noticed, and nearly laughed with relief. He couldn't wait to have the novelist inside him!

Eiri squeezed an ample amount of the substance onto his fingers and swiftly prepped the overjoyed teen. One by one he worked his fingers in, making sure to thoroughly coat his ass. He made careful sure not touch Shu's sweet spot too much, that way they would both last as long as possible.

When he had finished, he carelessly tossed the lube container over the side of the bed, out of the way. In one smooth movement, Eiri lifted Shu's legs over his shoulders, and pressed their bodies together as hard as he could, this time not having any mercy on the singers body and shoved roughly inside of him.

The pain ripped through Shuichi's body, and he clenched his teeth and dug his nails into Eiri's shoulders.

Almost immediately Eiri began pounding into him, swiftly, roughly, without any mercy whatsoever. The room filled with loud moans of pleasure as both men let the growing bliss flow through their bodies.

Not even a minute went by before Shuichi felt the familiar feeling of pleasure build up inside him like a pressure waiting to be released. He looked up at Eiri, and though his eyes were already hazy from the sensations, he could tell that his lover was close to cumming as well.

"Louder, Shuichi."

The command was short, and almost inaudible, but Shuichi had no trouble hearing it and equally less trouble obeying it. He rose his moans and cries to a level he hoped would please his lover.

Just then he felt himself cum, the sensations finally having reached their boiling point.

With loud cries - even louder than before - Shuichi came, and felt Eiri cum along with him. They both trembled as the waves of immense pleasure ripped through their bodies. Shu came so hard he could feel tears stream from his eyes.

Eiri vaguely remembered thinking that this was the hardest he had cum since he could remember. It felt good. Really, really good. He hoped he could figure out a way to re-create the same sensations without having to deny himself and his lover sex for any length of time.

After a few minutes, the novelist looked down to see how his baby was doing. Shuichi was resting his head against Eiri's chest, breathing softly, almost in little gasps.

Without thinking, Eiri turned his head to glance at the clock, then realized he had knocked it to the ground. He shrugged, wondering why he was interested in the time anyway. Shuichi had also looked up, but only to gaze into the writers eyes.

With a smirk, Eiri asked, "So, now that I've given you your "shot", how do you feel?"

Shuichi smiled, sleepiness already beginning to cloud his watery eyes, "It did more for me than a thousand Advil's could have done!"

"If you took a thousand Advil's, it would kill you."

Shuichi obviously hadn't paid much attention to both what he had said and Eiri's answer, because he just laughed softly, and fell asleep right in Eiri's arms.

He released Shuichi from his grasp, and gently laid him back into bed, all the while gazing at him with loving golden eyes. He left to get a towel from the bathroom, and cleaned both himself and the little singer before tucking the boy back into the soft blankets.

Before slipping under the sheets himself, Eiri picked up the clock from the floor and set it back on it's place on the nightstand. The clock now read 4:57. Time to catch some z's, he thought to himself.

This time sleep came easily.


*Later that day at N-G*

"You are late." K declared.

Though short and simple, the sentence carried an ominous tone not unlike the personality of the speaker. This sent an involuntary shiver down Shuichi's spine.

He gulped, "I-I'm not that late!"

K glanced at his watch. "You call 7 minutes, 18 seconds, and 15 milliseconds not that late? Well, there's nothing to worry about; I'll have your definition of "late" re-programmed before this day is through."

Just then, Shuichi's cell phone rang. It was Eiri.

"Konnichi wa!...is everything okay?"

"What? I can't call you at work unless things aren't okay?"

"Oh, no! I-I didn't mean it like that! I'm just...surprised, that's all. You never call me at work unless there's something up. Don't get me wrong though, I'm really really glad you called!"

"Well, don't get all cheery on me now. Listen, next time you see that damn American you call "K", tell him I said this: I don't know what kind of perverts they breed in Land of 50 Pieces, but if I ever find another camera in our bedroom again, I'm gonna rip him up into tiny little shreds and burn them up one by one."

With that the novelist hung up.

Shu stared at his phone, not sure how to react. Surely the partially psycho American would never do anything so vulgar as plant a camera into a lovers bedroom. He glanced up at said American who was currently talking to the other band members. Well, forcing them to do his bidding at gunpoint would be a better description of the scene in front of him. Okay, maybe he was vulgar enough to do such a deed. But how did Eiri know the camera even belonged to K? It didn't really make much sense to him.

K now turned to Shuichi, "Oh, remind me to have that little chat with Yuki I had promised if he was ever the reason you were late....you were there when I warned him about that, remember? Or have you forgotten already...you little goldfish?"

Actually, Shuichi wasn't really surprised.

"Goldfish?" The other band members echoed questioningly.

Shuichi gave them a defeated look and turned his attention back to K. "Um, Yuki just called and told me to tell you this..."



I don't know if or when I will write another fanfiction about Gravitation... I've had a particular idea growing in my head though for the past 3 years, but we'll see if it ever pans out into an actual stor. Until then, ja ne!