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"We won!" Casey called as she walked through the doors of the squad room.

"Congratulations Casey." Elliot sighed wearily.

"Jesus Elliot, you scared me with your enthusiasm. Calm down for a second." Casey replied sarcastically.

"Sorry Case, heavy work load." Elliot yawned.

"What's going on?" Olivia asked as she returned from going to the ladies.

"We won!" Casey replied grinning.

"Oh, nice work Case." Olivia sat on the edge of Elliot's desk and frowned at him.

"Are you alive, Stabler?" She asked.

"Huh, yeah; I'm alive." Elliot said rubbing his eyes.

"You should get some sleep." Olivia sighed.

"Ah, Hello! We're not going to bed. We're going out for celebratory drinks." Casey answered before Elliot, "It's Friday night and it's five-thirty and I've just won a case – we're going out for drinks. Fin, Munch, are you guys coming?" Casey added.

"I'm game if you are." Munch replied, nodding to fin.

"Yeah sure, why not?" Fin replied; standing and grabbing his jacket.

"I'll check if Cragen's coming." Casey walked through the squad room and disappeared into Cragen's office.

"C'mon Elliot, you heard Casey, she wants to celebrate. Just stay for one drink." Olivia gave Elliot a small smile.

How could he resist?

"Okay, fine. But only one." Elliot resigned to Olivia.

All four detectives stood and grabbed their various belongings as Casey returned from Cragen's office.

"He's not coming." Casey said simply.

They all nodded and headed for the little green "exit" sign hanging above the doors.

20 minutes later.

All five of them walked into the bar and found a small table. They each took a seat and thought about their drinks.

"First round is on me. Beers all round?" Casey asked.

Everyone nodded.

"Okay, I'll be back in a minute." Casey stood and walked toward the bar.

Elliot, Olivia, Munch and Fin sat and talked about their recent cases as they waited for their beers.

"I'll go help Casey." Munch stood and walked over to the bar and waited next to Casey.

"Man, he has it bad for her." Fin grinned.

"Tell me about it." Olivia agreed.

Elliot just shook his head and smiled.

"Isn't it sad she can't see it." Olivia sighed.

"Not as bad as when everyone can see it except the two people that everyone believes should be together." Fin attempted to hint.

"Yeah, like on "Grey's Anatomy"." Elliot grinned.

Olivia raised an eyebrow.

"Don't ask. Maureen keeps filling me in on what's happened."

Fin let out a small laugh and shook his head.

Man, are they clueless.

Casey and Munch soon returned with the beers and the drinking began. They laughed and joked and as soon as round one was finished Fin was up and buying round two.

"I better head home." Elliot sighed.

"No stay Elliot." Olivia pleaded. "Is it really going to make a difference if you're not at your empty apartment for an extra two hours?"

"I guess you're right." Elliot shrugged sitting back down.

"Awesome." Casey added.

Fin soon came back with round two and the same process as round one commenced.

After twenty minutes they had finished their second round so now it was Olivia's turn to get the drinks.

"Who wants shots?" Olivia asked.

"Definitely." Casey grinned.

The boys just kind of grumbled.

"Okay, so that's shots all round/" Olivia grinned back.

She went to the bar and brought ten shots: five vodka and five whiskeys. She brought them back to the table and sat down.

"Okay, let's see who can down them both the fastest." Olivia said.

They all nodded.


Everyone took hold of a shot glass.


All glasses were raised slightly.


Each person quickly inhaled the alcohol; one shot after the other.

"I win!" Munch yelled.

They all gave Munch a questioning look.

"Yeah, that's right: Mr. Conspiracy won." He said coolly.

"I came second." Olivia didn't know whether it was true or not but she decided to claim the title as her own.

"Third." Casey chorused.

"Forth." Fin called.

"I guess that means I suck then." Elliot grinned.

"Aww, poor widdle Ewiot!" Olivia teased, "Don't worry baby, you know you're the best shot." She laughed at her own joke.

Fin and Munch just shook their heads.

"I guess this means it's my round." Elliot said as he stood.

"Guess it does." Olivia grinned.

"Hey Elliot, this time bring one of the beer bottles back." Casey had a mischievous smile playing across her lips.

"Okay…" Elliot walked over to the bar and brought five beers back.

"I don't think so." Said Munch, pushing his away.

"Fine by me." Said Casey who took Munch's beer as well as her own.

Casey gulped down about half the beer before she pulled the glass away from her lips.

"Hey! Give me some!" Olivia grinned, snatching the glass out of Casey's hand and finishing it off.

"Sculling comp!!" Elliot called, "Between the two ladies.

"You're on!" Both Olivia and Casey said in unison.

"Okay, ready…set…go!" Elliot shouted.

Both Casey and Olivia put their glasses to their lips and sculled, Casey missing slightly and dribble some of the beer down her blouse. They quickly finished, each wiping their mouths with the back of their hands.

"Who won?!" They both asked.

"I proclaim Liv the winner!" Fin said, puling Olivia's hand into the air.

"Oh well, you win some you loose some." Sighed Casey.

"Hey Case, why'd you want the bottle?" Munch asked, all of a sudden remembering it.

"Ah, well my friends, we are going to play a little name by the game of spin the bottle." Casey grinned.

"Don't you mean a game by the name of spin the bottle?" Munch corrected.

"Whatever Munch." Casey laughed, "Who's going first?"

Everyone mumbled something and fidgeted with their glasses.

"Fine, I'll go first." Casey sighed, placing the beer bottle on the table and spinning it.

The bottle slowly came to a stop on Fin.

"Come here Fin!" Casey placed a light kiss on his lips then pulled away, "Your go."

"Okay." Fin span the bottle, almost sending it flying. It came to a stop on Olivia who grinned.

"Liv; baby girl." Fin gave Olivia a quick kiss then handed her the bottle.

Olivia span it. Everyone stopped. Each hoping it would land on Elliot…but when it stopped on Munch they all let go of the breath they were holding.

Munch tapped his cheek and Olivia placed a small kiss there. Then Munch picked up the bottle.

When it landed on Elliot Munch couldn't help but be disappointed.

Everyone else thought it was hilarious and a roar of drunken laughter erupted from the lot of them.

"I'm not kissing him." Munch said coolly.

"Munch baby, show me some love!" Elliot grinned.

"No, just spin the damn bottle." Munch shoved the bottle at Elliot.

Elliot span the bottle and sat back is his seat. The whirring of the glass on the table seemed to deafen every other sound in the bar as it slowed to a stop, the neck of the bottle pointing to Olivia.

Casey grinned, Munch tried to conceal a smirk and Fin just laughed.

Olivia bit her lip as Elliot shifted in his seat.

Casey, Munch and Fin all held their breath as Elliot and Olivia moved closer.

They both paused slightly, only inches from the other, both contemplating the consequences, neither of them coming up with any in their slightly incompetent state.

Elliot delicately brushed Olivia's lips with his own. Her touch was one of heaven; neither of them able to resist the urge that had been plaguing them for years. Elliot pressed his lips onto Olivia's, slightly messaging her bottom lip with his tongue. Olivia could no longer use her lips to defend her mouth, letting Elliot tongue slip inside; the passion no longer contained to themselves. Elliot gently caressed Olivia's jaw with his fingertips, sending tingles cascading across her skin. Olivia touched Elliot's cheek, not wanting the contact to stop: she craved his touch.

She tasted like warm maple syrup with a hint of beer; all flavours coating his tongue.

He tasted like caramel coated strawberries; sending Olivia's mind into a tail spin.

When they finally broke apart they quickly straightened themselves up, avoiding the eyes of their friends, savoring the taste of each other.

The others were silent.

"So anyway." Casey broke the awkward silence.

"Err… I have to go." Elliot said, trying to sound normal.

"Um, me too." Olivia agreed.

Each of them stood and grabbed their coats.

"Bye." They each waved and left in different directions.

"Do you think they'll remember?" Casey asked.

"Not a chance." Munch sighed.

"Do you think we should tell them?" She asked.

"Don't know." Fin sighed as well, "Anyone up for anther round?"

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