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Last time...

Elliot walked over the elevator and hit the "down" button. He leant against the wall and waited for the 'ding'. It came after about two minutes of waiting. Elliot turned only to walk straight into somebody.

"Oh fuck, sorry." Elliot stepped back again.

"No, no; my fault." Olivia rubbed her forehead where it collided with the man's chin.

"Err…Olivia?" Elliot avoided her eyes. He figured she already knew from Casey.

"Err…Elliot…Hi." Olivia shifted uncomfortably.

Olivia looked up and made sure she caught Elliot's eyes before speaking, "I think we need to talk."

One of the top five worst phrases in the English speaking world.

Elliot nodded, "I agree."

"My place, say seven?" Olivia asked.

"Okay." Elliot nodded again.

Both avoiding each others gaze as they headed in opposite directions as they tried to anticipate what might come of their meeting…so to speak.


Olivia could have sworn that Elliot had been sitting outside her building in his car because right on seven o'clock there was a knock at her door.

"Who is it?" She called out, smacking herself in the head for her stupidity.

He still replied.

"It's the milkman, who the hell do you think it is, Liv?" He threw in her name at the end – just incase she didn't guess.

Olivia pulled the door open and took in his appearance. He seemed relaxed but Elliot always looked relaxed…unless he was in a fit of anger.

"You gonna let me in or just stand there all night?" Elliot asked, smirking slightly.

Olivia pushed her self off the door jamb and turned to walk inside; giving Elliot a good view of her black cotton short, pale grey cameo clad self. Elliot quickly recovered and reminded his legs to take him forwards, closing the door behind himself.

"Go sit down, you want a beer?" Olivia called from the kitchen.

"I'd love one." Elliot realised he had the wrong choice of words but he'd said them now.

He walked into her living room and sat down on the edge of her couch, surrounded by her cushions and comforted by her blanket draped over the back. He was beginning to feel the butterflies taking flight in his stomach.

Olivia walked into the room, carrying two beers and a glass, "I wasn't sure if you prefer drinking from a glass." She admitted awkwardly.

"Bottle's fine." Elliot said, taking a beer from her.

Olivia flopped onto the couch next to him and dumped the glass onto her coffee table before taking a sip from her already de-lidified beer.

Elliot followed suit, but instead, took a larger gulp before setting his beer to sit on his thigh.

"About the other night…" Olivia began, "Do you have any recollection? At all?"

Elliot contemplated the outcome of both responses:

"Yes, I remember everything." He'd say.

"Why the hell would you take advantage of me like that? I hate you. I never want to be your partner again." Is pretty much what she'd say.

Then again;

"No, I don't remember anything." He'd say.

"Oh, okay, neither do I. How about we just pretend it never happened?" She'd say.

Either way, he wasn't going to be able to have a repeat of the night before. Upon this revelation he made a choice: He opted for the truth.

"Bits." He replied.

"What bits?" Olivia asked as she chewed on her lip, praying they were thinking along the same line, hoping that their close partnership had brought some kind telekinetic skill with its growth.

"Drinking, and getting drunk and some other stuff…" He trailed off.

"What other stuff?" Olivia asked, now surprised that her teeth hadn't drawn blood yet.

"Kissing you."

At least he hadn't said it was a mistake.

"Casey…and I…Well, she told me and I started to recollect some things and well…" Olivia furrowed her brow in thought, "She said I was in love with you as well as mentioning something about fireworks and rocking chairs."

"Munch said something similar…about the whole love thing…and sparks flying or whatever you know, this is Munch, born conspritualist and all around pain in the arse. What does he know?" Elliot huffed as his thoughts ran into each other.

Olivia was about to reply with Casey think the same thing when a better idea came into her head, "maybe we should test his theory…prove him wrong. I mean," Olivia paused trying to think of what she wanted to say, "If there's nothing there we can just leave it at a stupid game that our stupid lawyer friend started. Agreed?"

Elliot nodded, "But what if they're right?" He asked.

"They won't be." Olivia replied.

"Ahh…okay then."

Elliot and Olivia turned to face each other, now each with one knee bent on the couch, foot touching the inside of their thighs and opposite foot sitting flat on the ground. They both shuffled forwards until they were as close as they could get. Olivia was now sitting as best her legs would fit while remaining in her same position in the awkward triangle Elliot's legs had created.

The inevitable was drawing closer and as each millisecond passed another butterfly joined the group that had claimed residency in each of the detectives' stomachs.

"How should we…" Elliot trailed off as each of them drew closer to the other, "…do…"

"…this…" Olivia murmured as she closed her eyes, their lips now only mere centimeters from each other.

Elliot closed the gap, gently fusing his lips to hers with a hint of the passion that they both felt for each other. They stayed softly manipulating each others' lips for several moments until the situation nudged them towards taking a breath. They pulled away from each other slowly, still close enough to feel each others breath as they gulped air into their lungs, the idea that the kiss had just happened leaving them breathless more so than the act of kissing the each other it's self…although that was quite a thrill.

They each kept their eyes closed, afraid of what they might see in the others, afraid of what they'd see in the reflection. It was Elliot who spoke first, snapping the silent tension which had filled the room.

"Maybe we should try that again…just in case." He murmured, now looking up.

Olivia felt his actions and lifted her head also.

His eyes were glazed over in desire, his lips slightly swollen from their duel of passion. His skin had the slightest flush which pooled more so in his cheeks. And back to his eyes, now clouded with emotion he wasn't quite ready to reveal.

She was sure her features mirrored his.

"Probably shouldn't." She breathed, her body showed every sign of disagreeing with her mouth.

"Probably." Elliot pressed his lips back onto hers with more force this time.

Their battle was fueled with fire, each feeling it pass through their bodies and explode in their mouths. More ferocious now, because this time it's duel to the death, winner takes all.

Elliot's hand fisted in her hair and held her in place as hers reached up to cup his face. Olivia braced herself with her other hand pressed against his chest, her nails digging in slightly. Elliot ran his tongue along her lips asking for access, ridding them off any gloss or taste of beer that might have remained after their previous kiss. Olivia gladly granted his request, letting her own tongue run along his teeth as his licked out her mouth, touching each crevice at least once, leaving no place forgotten. His efforts elicited a moan from somewhere deep within her as she struggled not to collapse onto him. Instead, she moved herself to straddle him, never once breaking the contact that their mouths fought for.

Olivia's hips rocked gently against his as he moved his hand under her shirt, gently running across her back, causing a shiver from her. Elliot's other hand moved to her hips, just resting there while drawing light circles. Olivia could feel her body flushing and breaking out in goose bumps at his touch, her arousal evident in the dampness of her panties and her nipples pulling tight against the fabric of her cami. Elliot felt this as she brushed up against him, letting his erection rub against her core. Olivia moaned into his mouth again at the friction. Elliot moved his hand around to her front and gently massaged her breast, quickly realizing there was no bra to remove at the feel of her soft flesh in his palm. Olivia finally broke the contact their lips had, moaning as she arched into his touch, "Oh god, El." She mumbled.

Elliot relished in the husky quality her voice had taken on as she moaned his name. He brushed his thumb over her nipple lightly as he dipped his head and sucked and nipped at the other through the grey fabric. Olivia moaned again; not quite able to form a coherent thought as she involuntarily bucked against him, earning the same reaction from Elliot as well.

Olivia gasped at the quick contact, letting her eye lids flutter as she arched again, "Ellllliot…" Olivia moaned again.

She leant her head forward, resting against his neck, kissing him ever so lightly. Elliot brushed his thumb over her nipple again, feeling her teeth sink into his shoulder. She bucked against him again, more forcefully this time. He could feel the heat from her as his own arousal tugged against the fabric of his very loathed slacks.

"Bedroom?" Elliot mumbled as she began rocking her hips again.

"N-no time." Olivia's head was clouded at the closeness of her peak, finding it hard to concentrate on anything than the other hard thing.

She bucked against him again as if to prove her point. Elliot nodded slightly against her neck as he shifted the hand resting on her hips to her stomach, ever so slowly sliding his hand down the front of her shorts, making her tingle in anticipation. His fingers brushed against her sweet spot before pressing onto it and blowing her apart.

"Ohhhhh…god!!" Olivia screamed as her body convulsed over him, throwing back her head and calling out, "Ohhhh god…Ellliot!!"

Elliot started to feel the pressure mounting as he watched Olivia, as well as her hand slipping into his slacks as well as his boxer briefs. He moans at the contact she has on him, his own hand back to kneading her breast as the other slips into her shorts once again. He slides one finger into her as she rubs him up and down. He can already feel her walls clenching as he adds another finger, watching her eyes spring open and dilate.

"God, Liv." Elliot half mumbles as she begins to ride his hand, all the while still stroking him.

His fingers fumble with her breasts, gently tweaking her nipples as he feels the edge incredibly close. He can feel that she's close too and adds another finger.

"Oh my god, Elliot!!" She cries out and picks up her pace on everything. She struggles to hold out for him as she moves.

She feels him harden even more so as she sucks on his neck. Now knowing that's the key, she begins to nibble and bite.

"God, Olivia!!" Elliot moans.

Both their breathing is becoming ragged and shallow as they try to hold out for the other. Elliot knows somewhere in the clouded recesses of his mind that she's stubborn and adds his thumb gently against her sweetness and she's gone.

They hit their peaks at the same time, both calling out to each other loud enough for Olivia's as well as Elliot's neighbours to hear.

She collapses against him in an effort to store some sort of energy to move…eventually. Elliot falls back against the couch before leaning in and exchanging a chaste kiss with Olivia, "I love you." He murmurs, "They were right and I love you."

"I know they were right, I love you too." She sighs as she rests her head on his chest.

"We probably shouldn't have done that." Elliot smiled lightly as he slowly recalled her words from before.

"Probably." She whispered.

Elliot could feel her smiling against him.

"We probably shouldn't have said that." He whispered as well.

"Probably." She replied.

"Remind me to thank Casey later." Elliot closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Olivia.

"You can thank her for me too." Olivia mumbled.

"I love you." He whispered again.

"I love you too." She whispered back, as they let sleep gently take their bodies captive to a dream they couldn't wait to wake up to.

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