Nall was living in Burg as long as he can remember. He had found himself one day on Alex's bed. Alex and Luna had told him a million times that they had seen him fall from the sky and plummeted to a pile of hay just outside their house, and that's how Nall was known.

Something very important was trying to break free from the back of his mind, but it wouldn't come out. He was fully convinced that he had amnesia when he came to Burg, and was quite sure it was his memories that were trying to break free.

So one day he decided. He left Burg on his two tiny wings to try and find his true homeland. Searching the whole Caldor Island for a few months, he was still determined to find his lost home.

He suddenly remembered that Dyne, the legendary Dragonmaster before Alex, had been known to use dragons to travel. He thought whether Dyne knew where the dragon's land is, and Nall was sure that wherever the dragon's land is, that is its home, for he was a dragon himself.

But where is Dyne, more commonly known as Laike?

He racked his brains to where could Dyne be now. While thinking, he heard the crunching of leaves and rustling of low lying branches, and six or seven monsters attacked him.

Then something like a slashing of a sword was heard through the growls of the monsters. The next moment, all monsters were scampering away from a strangely familiar man, his sword raised into the air. Then it hit him: Dyne was standing there, his sword repelling the terrified monsters.

"Dyne! What're you doing here, in Caldor Island?" said Nall.

"Thought I might visit you guys," said Dyne, retreating his sword. "However, I am shocked to find you here alone. Where're Alex and Luna?"

And Nall explained his mission to find his homeland, and all the while asking Dyne if he knew where dragons live. Dyne looked at him with a strange expression. Was it pity? Nall looked puzzled.

"The dragons…are all dead, well…except you, Nall. I knew you, and you knew me before that fall that took your memories…"


"Yes…you see, the dragons depend all their lives on Althena. If she goes down from her tower, they weaken. So…when she lived inside Luna…well, the dragons couldn't survive, and…they died. Only a young dragon remained, just out of its egg…that was you. I couldn't leave you to die, so I used Lemia's potion to transfigure you into what you are now, and also cut off your connection to Althena. Then I sent you to Burg, where you will be safe."

Nall couldn't bear this. He was the last of the dragons…

Nall found his voice and used it painfully.

"Can you take me there?"

Dyne gravely nodded. He extracted a battered-looking Dragonwings from his pocket and used it. Both of them were sucked into a dimension and were suddenly standing on a large barren land, full of white colossal stones. Close-up, he saw that the white stones were actually dragon bones.

Kneeling down on the mossy skull of a dragon, Dyne patted it, then went silent for a prayer. Now, the once happy feeling of finding your birthplace was now overtook by sorrow and grief as Nall, too, sat down and prayed, tears clinging from his whiskers.