I t is a truth known all over England that servants and maids are given no more attention than a mouse would get. Still, knowing this I applied for a job as a maid in one of the mansions on top of the hill, where all the rich people live. Thankfully I was accepted. The house belongs to the Cullens, they are the most respected family in the country.

They are treated like royalty and I don't see why, nobody should be given extra privileges just for having money, it seems really unfair but life isn't fair. Nevertheless they all look like angels who walk the earth to do God's will. Some people believe that they are very generous, some say they are to ruthless and others are to mesmerized by their beauty to pass comment. Society finds it difficult to fault handsome people, the lone few who find them ruthless are mere peasants, jealous of their wealth.

But, who isn't jealous of their wealth, for not only have they many material objects they also have a nice atmosphere about them and everyone knows that they are a very close family. In my line of work I have both seen and heard the Cullens plenty of times, yet I never tire of seeing their beautiful faces or the ladies equally beautiful gowns.

At first glance it was the youngest Cullen boy that caught my eye. So handsome yet so melancholic. He is the only person in his family who doesn't have a partner and that seems to attract some unwanted attention. This fact causes worry for his parents. You can see it on their faces when their son rejects the idea of even talking civilly to one of the rich, amiable ladies.

Although I have I noticed the Cullens, its needless to say that they have never even glanced sideways at me, which I am grateful for. I have seen the effect they have on people when they turn their penetrating upon them and I would rather remain coherent. Sometimes I am grateful for my chores in their house. I mostly work in the kitchens, so I am far away from any of the Cullens. But sometimes I have to clean some of the rooms, I am always careful to pick the rooms that are less likely to be occupied at the certain time of day that I do the cleaning.

My most favourite job is when they are having a party, I am the servant who takes the guests coats. I have always loved to see their expensive clothes and jewellery, always imagining that some day I will a guest at one of these great parties wearing even more expensive clothes. I was snapped out of my day dream when I was met with the stairs. Oh how I hate these stairs, seeing as I am not the most graceful person, myself and the stairs have become quite good acquaintances. As of right now my job is to clean the music room and to mop its floors. This is my least favourite room to clean, all the heavy furniture like the grand piano are hard to move. I cant just clean around them I have to actually move them and clean, then move them back. But at least I only have to do this once a week.

It would kill me to have to do every day. I made my way down the stairs one at a time, being careful not to fall. Once at the bottom of the stairs I let out a huge sigh of relief. Wanting to put as much space as possible between me and the stairs I walked briskly down the hall, passing the big grandfather clock that chimes at every hour. I glare at it with hatred, ever since I started to reside here I have been kept awake with that stupid clock. I don't know how the Cullen family sleep with it. I put my bucket and mop down at one side of the ornate door and grabbed the handle with two hands.

Putting all my weight against the door, I pushed and it moved inch by inch until it was wide enough for me to fit through. At first I didn't hear the sweet music filling the room, but once I saw the player I nearly dropped the bucket full of water, the shock of hearing such beautiful music coming from such a beautiful person was vast. All of a sudden the music cut off mid-note and the god sitting on the piano bench looked up at me with intense eyes.

It was then that I realized that I was interrupting him and my cheeks flushed crimson red. Wanting to correct the situation and to get out of the room as soon as possible I spoke to him. " Beg your pardon Sir, I didn't mean to rudely interrupt you". I curtsied and began to walk out of the room, when his soft, velvety voice stopped me in my tracks. "No, wait, its ok, I should have left the doors open to let you know of my presence in the room, I can leave if you need me to".

When he spoke it was like little bells tinkling in tune with each other to form the sweetest melody that was his voice. It took me a moment to process what he actually said. Wait he wa trying to make this his fault, I cant allow this, one of the rules is to not upset any of our Masters or Mistresses. This rule compelled me to reply.

"Nonsense Master Edward, the fault was my own, if you would excuse me I have many other rooms to clean and dust."

His eyes filled with sadness, as to why I don't know but he answered me with a curt nod, I said my thanks and once again picked up my heavy bucket of water and strode out the door to head for the kitchens.


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