Who is she ?

Why must I be tormented with the ignorance of her name? Am I not worthy enough to taste the sound of her sweet name upon my monstrous lips?

I can picture it now, the beautiful contrast that we would make. A loving angel paired with a dark, bitter monster.

As I thought of her striking face the wonderful scent that emits from her body flooded my senses, leaving me in a momentary stupor of bliss.

That sweet bliss was ripped away from me the second I tasted the venom entering my mouth, reminding me of what I am and what I could potentially do to her if I was to get to close.

Despite knowing that I should leave her alone and retire to my chambers, I decided to follow her scent anyway, I was curious as to where she worked in the mansion.

I had never seen nor smelt this beauty before, I can definitely say that I would have remembered it.

I followed her scent through the many corridors, up and down staircases and in and out of rooms, never catching even a glimpse of her.

Having come to the same room for the third time I was on the verge of giving up when I smelt her scent again, only this time fresher.

Quicker this time I set off at a moderately swift pace only to slow down as soon as I realised the direction I was headed in. The kitchens.

Before you scoff at me and shake your head disgustedly at my stereotypical actions just know that I would have kept running straight through that door if only my social status hadn't kept me from doing so.

This is the official dividing line between the two worlds, or universes more like it. Yet, being the barrier between the two its seems very penetrable, I could just push the handle down, open the door and then… what, what would I do then.

What did I plan to do after I barged into the kitchens, unannounced ?

I guess I hadn't thought that far ahead.

Raising my hand I ran it through my hair, my accursed hair that seems to draw womens attractions every where I go. I repeatedly ran my hand through it in frustration, making the bronze strands stick up, which only added to my wild demeanour.

Finally, reaching my decision to not scare all the maids by bursting through the door like a crazed maniac, I ambled on upstairs, not knowing where to go next.

Passing the windows on the first floor I saw that the sun was beaming down upon the ground, trapping me in the confines of the house. The sun streamed into the hallway, via the window, only to be thrown back off by my skin.

Another perk of being what I am. Never will I be able to stand in the sunlight in public. Perhaps that is where the legends come from.

But I do not stay indoors for fear of being burned to death by the rays of light rather because, when I do venture out into the light my skin sparkles like a million of the finest diamonds have been embedded into my skin, casting light all around me.

If my good looks do not attract peoples attention certainly my sparkling skin will.

Feeling the need for warmth, well, as much warmth as an eternally damned being can get, I doubled back to the stairs, heading to my favourite part of the house, the top floor.

This floor is mostly filled with guest rooms and since we have no guests, and usally don't ever, I find it unoccupied. To walk the halls and peer out windows curiously without someone always watching you, waiting for you to make a social mistake so they can shame you, is so liberating.

Its moments like these that I seem to forget how violent a being I could become at just the mere sight of blood, I seem to forget my sadness.

But unfortunately my forgetfullness can only last so long, I am doomed to remember every good and bad thing that I have done in my extremely long life time.

It's the haunting memories of the bad things that bring me to this part of the house, when I need to forget I come and sit by the windows, gazing across the lands and gardens, not thinking, just gazing.

Now, my kind cannot sleep but when I manage to temporarily forget my past and find a peaceful area to sit or lie then I can almost feel the sleep hovering over me, never fully enveloping me in its throngs but leaving me with the sense of drowsiness, enough to enable me to imagine that I am asleep.

But once again, good things don't last, well at least not for beings like me. I am forever destined to walk the earth, unhappy and despondent.

And that is just what I plan to do, no point in trying to delude myself into thinking that I am happy, when im obviously not. Some of my kind can find a certain level of happiness, my family for instance but I feel that I was not created to have a romantic relationship with any women.

Though many women have sought me out as a husband or just as a lover.

I wanted to be neither to no one, I am perfectly content to live out the rest of my meaningless existence all alone, the way God had intended for me.

Ascending the last step of the stairs, I stepped onto the landing of the top floor, breathing a sigh of relief. My haven.

When I am required to stay indoors, nowhere in this house can put me at ease like this place does. Although playing my piano does give me a certain amount of happiness, it is never as much as when I feel the suns rays heat my face throught the window.

Walking down the landing, eyes closed, arms wide, I take in all the scents that surrond me, secretly searching for one in particular.

I try to shut out all the sounds, which is harder than it one might think. Its bad enough having super sensitive hearing without having to hear everyone's thoughts as well. Most of the time I try to ignore them, out of courtesy for the people, everyone deserves privacy.

But at times like these I close my mind to all the thoughts so I can get a little bit of peace. The thoughts never fully go away but I have learnt how to lessen them to a dull hum in the back of my mind.

The quietness that I had worked hard to attain would interrupted by the soft laugher of what had to be an angel.

That glorious tinkling penetrated my mind, blocking all my rational thoughts untl I could only focus all my attention upon that sound. All too soon it stopped, leaving me feeling empty inside, hollow.

What I wouldn't give to hear that sound again, what I wouldn't give to have been the one that had made the angel laugh.

In a second flat I arrived at the window, pressing my face up against the panes, flattening my nose against them, but that didn't matter, for from where I stood I could see her.

Unfortunately I could also see the stable boy sitting with her, taking her feet within his hands. How inappropriate! Although I suppose I wouldn't find it so inappropriate if it was I that was holding her delicate feet.

I ripped myself away from the window, no longer wishing to see my angel socialize with this beast. She must have no idea of what he is, or what he will become. Just like she has no idea of what my family and I are.

But I would much rather see her safe in my arms than in the claws of a rabid dog.

Slowly, my anger builds as I see the boy rubbing and massaging her feet. It rises until it becomes a stifling crescendo. Then he has the cheek to tickle her, that's it, he is dead!

Another sound reaches my ears, her laugh, and if possible it is more glorious than when I first heard it. My anger dissipated, leaving my body to make room for my dead, unbeating heart to swell.

The longing I felt to sit out on the garden bench, next to that angel was unbearingly strong. I knew I had to pull away from these feelings and move on with my existence.

One look at a maid should not shake my very foundation like I have already allowed it to.

Although knowing that I could no longer go on like this, I couldn't seem to be able to tear my eyes from her beautiful face. Her angelic laugh was not helping the situation either.

While the angel and the mongrel were saying their parting goodbyes I stepped closer to the window once again. She slips her dainty feet into the shoes, which I can only guess, hurt her. I see no other reason for the mongrel to handle her feet, or for her wince of pain while putting them back on.

As I watch her pass by the window, completely ignorant of my presence, I begin to formulate a plan, no angel should wear such painful shoes. I will provide a new pair for her.

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