Syaoran No Kangae-CHAPTER 4

Tomoyo gave me a strange smile.

"What?"I barked,narrowing my eyes at her.

She gave me the sweet,innocent smile of hers."Nothing,Li.I was just wondering what would I do now with the videotape I got in your room.Maybe I should just show it to Sakura to make your confession a lot easier,hmm?"

"Don't you dare!"I intended it to be a threat but it sounded more like a mouse squeak to my ears.

"What confession?"Sakura's head popped out from the kitchen where she's still finishing her coffee.

I felt my face burn to the third degree."Mind your own business!"I snapped instead.

Her emerald eyes were shocked,then they turned misty."Fine!"She marched back to the kitchen table.

"Real smooth."commented Sakura's best friend.

I looked down on the daisies in the vase.I felt really,really bad.I don't know what came over!It's just that I panicked when I thought she'll discover my feelings for her..and all I knew then was that I want her to leave me alone.

Tomoyo cleared her throat.I looked up."Listen ,Li.I need to be home already.I'll go ahead of Sakura."she began to gather her things.

"She might get mad if you don't inform her of these."I reminded her.

The long-haired lass smiled."I don't care.It's for a good cause,you know."She was about to leave when she turned around again."And oh yeah,one more thing,Li.Please apologize to Sakura."With that she walked away.

I sighed.Of course,Tomoyo's right.But how do I start saying sorry to her without choking up,running away or worse,fainting!

Suddenly thunder clapped outside.Instantly the lights went out and an ear-splitting scream shattered the silence of the house.

Ignoring my bleeding eardrums,I rushed to the kitchen."What?What?"I asked while pointing my penlight at Sakura whose knees were tucked under her chin and her hands were covering her face.

The girl looked up at me,eyes flooded with relief."Li-kun,it's you!"She got up and rushed to my arms.

She feels so warm..her trembling body fit so perfectly in my uncertain arms."Yeah Sakura,it's me."I murmured.
Later we settled in the living room with a lighted candle on the table.I was sitting beside her with only a throwpillow separating us.I glanced at her again but she didn't notice me because she was too busy plucking the petals of my daisies.

"He loves me,he loves me not.He loves me..he loves me not?!"Sakura dropped her fourth flower on the floor in disgust."Why can't he love me?"

I rolled my eyes ."Stop messing with my daisies,Kinomoto!They never did anything wrong to you so stop killing them."

She turned to me."Li-kun,why can't Yuki fall for me?"

I rubbed my cheek uncomfortably."Sakura.."

She leaned back on the sofa"I know.Yuki likes me only as a sister."

I forced a smile on my face."But like what he said,You'll find the one whom you love the most in due time."

She picked another daisy from the vase and gave it to me.I stared at it,puzzled.

"Why don't you try doing what I did with the daisy?See if the person you love will love you back."suggested Sakura.

I slowly shook my head."Thanks but no thanks.I think I already know the answer."But I took the daisy anyway.

Suddenly my phone rang.I reached for it,annoyed because it disturbed our little intimate moment."Hello?"I said gruffly.

"Is my sister there?"the voice unmistakably Touya's demanded,not bothering to greet hello.

I snickered."Yes, is there any problem?"

"Give the phone to her,damn it!"he bellowed.

I barely flinched."I don't want to."

"Then tell her that I'm coming over.Don't you leave that place,China Boy!You're gonna need multi-orthopedic operations after I'm through with you."Busy tone.

"Who was that?"asked Sakura curiously.

"No one special.Just your big brother."

An hour later,nobody kicked the door open yet and demanded that I peacefully surrender Sakura.

"That's strange."commented Sakura."I wonder what's keeping him so long?"She stared at the relentlessly falling rain outside the window worriedly.

"Alright,I'll take you home."I decided,standing up from my seat.

She looked up at me in surprise.

I averted my eyes from hers."Come on,I hate seeing you all worried-"I stopped abruptly.My cheeks were feeling warm again.Damn!This girl can create a biological imbalance in me in a span of 2 seconds!

"Ok."she replied,taking her raincoat and umbrella.Since my umbrella was missing and I'm too lazy to search for it,I shared her umbrella.

Soon we were already walking home,crunched together under one small umbrella amidst the deserted road.I felt like Sakura and I were the only people in the world.

She inched closer to me to avoid getting dripped by the edges of the umbrella,causing my heart to hammer loudly.She's so very near..I can even feel the silky-smoothness of her cheeks across mine!I had to remind myself to breathe every other second or so.

"Syaoran,didn't you bring your raincoat along?"asked Sakura when she saw the wet sleeve of my shirt.

"I lent it the other day to Yamazaki."I explained.

"Then why don't you move closer to me so you won't get wet?"she asked.

"Uh right."I stepped closer towards her as my body formed cold sweats.I accidentaly stepped on her shoe.Argh!I'm a hopeless case!

"Honestly Syaoran,are you really ok?"she asked again.

"No Sakura.I do not feel ok at all.I think I'm madly in love with you."I wanted to blurt out but I restrained myself.

She likes me as a friend,no more no less.It's good enough for me.


The girl,unaware of the internal emotional turmoil I was going through,snapped her fingers in front of my face."Hello?Earth to Syaoran?"

I gave her a feeble smile.If only she knew how it hurts when the person you love the most is right in front of you but you can't openly love her.

"You're sad."Sakura gazed at my forlorn amber eyes."What can I do to help you?"

"Nothing."I replied truthfully.The aid I need from her is not possible to give.I want her to love me back.

"Alright,but please smile for me,Li-kun."she pleaded.

I was about to reply when I heard a sound of an engine coming from the back and picking up speed.Automatically ,I covered Sakura with my body just as the car drenched me with mud.

"Syaoran!"exclaimed the girl.

I quickly checked her if she got dirty or something."You're safe."I told her happily.

"But your clothes.."she began.

I checked my clothes and groaned.Mud was splattered all over the back of my favorite shirt and pants!I would need more than a laundry bar to get rid of the dirt.I think laundry miracles are what I need.

"I'm sorry."Sakura hurriedly apologized."But you shouldn't have done that!"

"It's ok."I replied."Protecting you is my job."

Since when and why is that?"A voice said from behind.We turned around and saw the Prince of Doom,er,Touya standing.His eyes were shooting daggers at me.

"Big brother!"exclaimed Sakura.

"Let's go,monster.You might catch cold if you stay here."He turned to me."And you,leave my kid sister alone!"He motioned Sakura towards the blue car that ruined my clothes."Hurry up!I still have to return it to my classmate!"

But Sakura ignored him.She took off her pink raincoat and gave it to me along with her umbrella."Here.Use these to protect yourself from the rain."Sensing my hesitation,she pulled my hand and placed her things on it."Take care of yourself,Syaoran."She then gave me a cheerful farewell wave and got in the car .Her brother gave me a final,menacing look before driving the car away.

I barely noticed that I'm getting drenched by the rain already.I was just staring at where Sakura was standing awhile ago.I held her coat closer to my arms.I slowly smiled.

"Maybe someday,I'll be able to tell her how I feel.And maybe..just maybe..She'll love me back."I said softly.

I turned around and started on my way home.


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