When she came around she wasn't tied up any more, Jack was spooned up behind her, stroking her gently. "You really have to learn to give up control" he said. "Not everything is something that can be fixed by thinking about it, and not all problems have solutions" he pressed into her, still very much aroused, she realised he had not come.

She twisted so she could see him over her shoulder. "How did you know?" he looked at her with that endearing look he gave when she was speaking technobabble at him. "How did you know how to make me…" damn she was blushing!

He smiled at her. "I thought it was obvious really," he was speaking as if he was explaining something in a briefing, she smiled at the thought "you are too controlled, I just had to get you close and then do something to break your emotional hold" he leaned over and kissed her demanding entrance to her mouth with his tongue, she gave a slight whimper, he grabbed her jaw and pushed against her lips harder, she gave in and opened her mouth, his tongue swept in and she was overwhelmed by his taste.

"You can't control me Carter" he said, "I don't mind playing games, or even acting out fantasies, but I won't be controlled" she sighed, maybe this was what she had needed after all, she knew for sure she had never felt as satisfied in body and soul before. "and I WILL control you!" her eyes snapped open, that was going too far!

She started to get out of the bed, with no effort at all he had her laid under him again.

"Stop Carter!" he snapped, she struggled for freedom, he grabbed both her hands and held them beside her head. NO! She was NOT going to allow any man to control HER! However while her head was saying that, her body was showing her true feelings, she started to get wet again. Her body betrayed her! He impaled her on him again, she froze.

"Carter, of all the men you could have had, why chose me? Daniel is closer your age," he withdrew half way and then pushed himself back in all the way in one quick movement. "Martouf the pretty snake was soft and gentle," Again he withdrew, a bit further and pushed back in harder! "Narim was a sophisticate," again! "Why ME? I'll tell you why, you knew I could give you what no one else would" he drew right back to her entrance only the wide head still inside her and thrust himself into her forcefully. "You need someone to control you, to give you a rest from the self imposed controls you have built" he withdrew and thrust again, she could already feel herself building up! GOD! Was it true? Did she really want to be dominated like this? No wonder she had trouble coming with the others.

He started moving in and out with a pace that she could only describe as determined, he didn't release her hands, he didn't use his, or his mouth, he just pounded into her taking her to the edge again, and when she got there he leaned down and whispered in her ear, "let go" she did! She felt her body spasm around him and a most delicious out of control sensation floated around her, she could still feel him working towards his own completion and seconds later he came, screaming into her shoulder as his whole body went rigid. He fell to the side, pulling her along with him so she was half laid on top of him. "sleep" he said and before she knew it he was breathing deeply, and she rested her head on his chest and did as she was told.


She awoke and stretched, she ached in places she had forgotten COULD ache! She smiled and knew if she could see herself she would look like a cat that had cream. She noticed she was alone in the bed but she didn't care, she could smell him all around her, in her, and on her, she picked up the pillow and buried her face in it breathing deeply. She heard a chuckle and froze.

She whipped around, he was sitting in a chair watching her. "So" he said "I have to ask… why now?" she didn't want to explain, she didn't want to admit to the guilt she felt as he may take it that she was only fucking him to assuage her feelings, and that wasn't it! Or at least it wasn't totally it.

He sat patiently waiting for the answer, any other damn time he wouldn't be able to sit still that long! She looked at him and shrugged, shaking her head slightly. He rose and came to the bed, still naked and half aroused, he leant over and kissed her, pushing her down onto her back again "Why now?" he repeated

"Lots of reasons" she said, he nodded but went back to waiting, she sighed "I realised when you were missing that I had never told you how much I loved you, and had never" she blushed slightly "tasted you, when you came back you didn't blame me for… for…" tears stood in her eyes and she couldn't say the words.

"You were trying to save my life, it wasn't your fault, what happened, it was mine, I was so disgusted with Kanans actions that he felt he had to act. What about what happened after, when I kidnapped you?"

"Not your fault, we should have told you about Steveson, and you shouldn't have been allowed out of the base" he snorted at that "You weren't in control, and you DID return for me before it was too late" he looked at her guiltily

"I… I"

"Daniel told you the snake had gone?" his eyes pierced her, she was right, maybe it wasn't a delusion after all? They did come for her when he said they would, she had no way of knowing that they would! "He appeared to me too, told me to hang on, that you had been sedated trying to kill the General"

"Yeah… he was with me through a lot of it with Baal" she gave a sigh and held him tight, not only had he not been totally alone, but he didn't think she was totally crazy talking about their dead friend like that. He rested his head in the crook of her neck, he seemed to like that particular spot. "Want food?" he asked

"Need a shower first I think" she replied, "and someone damaged my clothes" he snorted again

"You're fine as you are" he said.

"Yeah but I will get arrested going home like this" she said, his gaze pierced her again.

"You aren't going anywhere, you belong here!" he snapped at her. She was about to snap back when she realised, she actually didn't want to go back to her house, she was happy to be here, with him.

"What about the frat regs?" she asked him "We can't be caught living together"

"Fuck 'em" he said "I've done enough for this country, this whole damn world, they CAN'T pay us enough for what we do, and while I have always done my duty, even if it meant disobeying orders, I want YOU! And nothing they can say will ever make me give you up! Not now."

"You are the senior officer, even though all this was my idea" she gestured around the room "you will get into most trouble, you could even end up in prison"

"Got a get out of gaol free card" he said smugly, she looked at him… "I had words with my buddy a while back, he assures me they don't have a prison on earth that can hold me if he is in orbit" he had spoken to Thor about them? Told him what may happen and got him to agree to break him out? Would it really work? He kissed her on the lips and dragged her to her feet "Wanna come with, if it happens?" he asked, she beamed at him in answer.