Chapter 1

Lord Voldemort's Attack And Nick Sirius Potter A Hero

It was a busy day on October 24 1981 as it was time for Lily Potter nee Evans and her two children and husband to go into hiding. It was a stressful time for them because they didn't like hiding away from the war. However, James and Lily did it for the sake of their children. The children came first to them, it was just a shame it wouldn't always remain that way. Remus, Peter, Sirius and Dumbledore all said goodbye to them before the spell was cast and they disappeared out of view. Sure that Lord Voldemort wouldn't be able to harm their children. A year and almost three months ago she gave birth to twins at Hogwarts.

The first born was named Nick Sirius Potter; Sirius Black was named his godfather. He was born on July 31st at 11.35 twenty five minutes before his twin came into the world.

The second born son was named Harry James Potter; Sirius Black was also named his godfather. He was born as the seventh month dies; his birth time was set at 11.55 an innocent mistake by Poppy Pomfrey because of the interruption of Albus Dumbledore coming into the Hospital wing.

Peter Pettigrew became their secret keeper, not surprising Peter was excited. He could not wait to get the news to his lord; he was going to be so happy with him. So without more ado he left early insisting he was going to see his mother. Peter had been a Death Eater for a year, spying on the almightily powerful Lord Voldemort his 'Master' the 'Dark Lord'.

It was unfortunately a week before he was called.

Lord Voldemort's Current Hide Out

"My Lord I am the secret keeper of the Potter's" said Peter his eyes gleaming with evilness and no small amount of smugness. He was sure to be His Lord's favourite now after handing the Potter's to him on a silver platter. He hated the fact he wasn't even named one of the children's godfathers, hated the fact his friends pitted him enough to befriend him. His Lord saw his power; saw his usefulness and for once he was noticed on his own. Not as James Potter's almost invisible friend, he was never asked his opinion at Order meetings. He didn't regret his actions at all, and was gladly handing them over.

He even had a plan for whenever the Potter's were killed; no doubt Sirius would come after him. He would ensure Black rotted in Azkaban, before the nights end the only one who knew he was really the secret keeper. Everyone had underestimated him and that would be their downfall.

"Excellent now tell me why you took so long to tell me! They have been under the Fidelus spell for a week!" snarled Voldemort. He knew because his other spy at Hogwarts had told him so. Severus Snape, who didn't realize just who the secret keeper was and his informing him they were safe to annoy him, was for naught.

"I'm sorry Master, I'm sorry" said Peter snivelling towards the powerful wizard. Why wasn't His Lord happy? Why was he being so nasty? This wasn't how he imagined his reaction at all.

"Tell me the address" hissed Voldemort tiring of the snivelling traitor. He was useful he had to give the rat that much credit, and taking the smelly snivelling boy had been a good decision after all.

"The Potter's shall be found at Number 12 Godric's Hollow" stammered Peter quickly. Where was His Lord's praise? About how valuable he was? Rewarding him for his loyalty? He didn't like when his 'Master' was mad at him. Maybe he should have told him straight away, but he had to get plans into motion. Say goodbye to his mother and the like, despite everything he did indeed love his mother. She had always put him first but for a grown boy it just wasn't enough. Seeing his friends get girls have families had taken its toll on the ugly boy.

"Good, stay here and wait for me to return, you shall be rewarded handsomely" said Voldemort.

How could Voldemort not be happy, he had just received the Potter's on a silver platter? They only real threat to his power, he could not let the brats get older. Putting his cloak on he was gone before anything or anyone could stop him. Leaving Peter Pettigrew glowing at the small measure of praise he had received. He had been wrong his 'Master' was happy with him; he just didn't want to show it till they were dead. Then he would become his right hand man, Snivellus would be kicked aside. He may spy on Dumbledore but he had brought the Potter's to him, he would be his number one. Everyone would be envious of him, even Lucius Malfoy the strutting peacock would be moved down to number four instead of three.

Godric's Hollow Halloween October 31st 1981

'The Potter's shall be found at number 12 Godric's Hollow" said Voldemort as the house materialized out of no where. Smirking he blasted the door open with his wand, and smirking more when he heard the panic in James Potter's voice. He was going to enjoy this like no other, deciding what he wanted to do he cast Stupefy at James Potter. He wanted him kept alive, it was only the brats he was after anyway. He would relish seeing Potter utterly defeated because his silly little boys were dead.

James ducked the spell and spells started going back and fourth as Lily went running up the stairs. James' foot unexpectedly got caught in one of his children's toys, falling to the ground was the last thing he remembered. As Voldemort took that opportunity to cast a stupefy spell again. This time it hit its mark and James Potter went limp on the floor defenceless. The supposed best Auror in the division brought down by Voldemort, who wasn't even trying his hardest. Voldemort decided to award Peter for his loyalties and let the rat kill him when he was through. Evan's though unfortunately had to remain alive as he had promised Snape. Snape was too valuable to alienate if he wanted the red head he could have her. Perhaps he had a potion for her, who knew but he would take them with him. He cast yet another spell, body bind so he couldn't get away if the stunner didn't hold.

"James" yelled Lily in aguish fearing he was dead. When she heard a body hit the ground.

He yelled out the blasting curse half hoping she was behind the door. The door smashed into tiny pieces showing him the huddled figure of Lily Potter. Trying, in a vain attempt to protect her children, from the evil in their house.

"Hand over the brats and you will live" said Voldemort. He loved playing mind games with his victims. She didn't need to know she would survive and be given to her ex best friend as a play thing.

"Never! Not my children take me instead, please take me. Not my sons! Please, have mercy" screamed Lily in the face of Lord Voldemort in hopes he would leave her children alone. Using herself as a human shield, not letting Voldemort see her children, and better yet not letting her children see the evil wizard.

"Stand aside you silly Mudblood" snarled Voldemort his patience waning.

"No! Not my babies, please no take me! Kill me instead" she begged.

"Stupefy" yelled Voldemort. He did after all keep his promises to his Death Eaters it kept them in his control.

Lily fell unconscious unable to hear or see anything, lost to the world.

"Avada Kedavra" was yelled and the green light of the killing curse lit up the entire room.

He was too surprised to even think about moving, when the curse rebound upon him. His soul was ripped from his burnt to ash body, pain unlike anything he had ever experienced coursed through him. Unable to do anything without a corporal body he fled screaming in agony.

Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Death Eaters everywhere fell clutching their forearms in pain. They knew that something had happened to their Lord. Peter seeing his Dark Mark almost gone, apparated to Godric's Hollow immediately. He saw James lying there motionless probably dead and hearing children crying. He fled the scene when he heard a bike roar in the distance. He assumed it was Sirius Black's bike already coming, turning into a rat he went down to the sewers wondering how things had gone so wrong. The prophecy had come true; a one year and three month of child had defeated Voldemort.

Their spy of course clutched his arm in agony too, Severus Snape. It was night and he had obviously been asleep. As soon as he saw the mark disappearing, he ran as fast as he could to Albus Dumbledore. He had to tell him what had happened; somehow Voldemort had been hurt or possibly dead. The Dark Mark was now a faint outline like someone had taken a pencil and drew it on him. Barging into the office, he was thankful the old fool was still awake as he without more ado told him. Not even winded by his run from the Dungeons and up to Dumbledore's office he might only be a Potions Master but he was no means unfit.

"He is gone Albus, The Mark is not completely gone it's still there just a little bit" said Severus his eyes wide in shock. He never expected to survive the war it was a sticky business after all spying. He was showing his left forearm to Dumbledore who could only stare in shock he knew the prophecy as well. Fearing something had happened to the Potter's he quickly spoke.

"I have to go see if they are alright; don't worry Severus its over. Tell McGonagall and get everyone in the Great Hall there is much to celebrate. They deserve it, even your Slytherins" said Albus smiling softly.

"Yes, Albus right away" said Severus coolly as if he hadn't just been given the information he had wanted for years. He was a tad bit worried about Lily though but until anything was said he refused to let it show.

Albus created a Portkey out of one of the many dark detectors on his shelves. He couldn't apparate so he had no choice but to Portkey he had to get there as soon as possible. Unfortunately it didn't take him right to the house but down the road. With speed which shouldn't have been possible for a man one hundred and forty years old he got to Godric's Hollow. The door was blown of its hinges but he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw James and Lily were fine. One of the twins was in their arms and they looked greatly relieved.

"Lily! James! Is everything alright?" asked Dumbledore stepping in looking powerful and concerned.

"Nick defeated Voldemort" said Lily still shaking. The relief in her green eyes was unmistakable.

She had been so close to loosing her children, she felt as though it was all a dream and she would wake up to find that her children were really dead. Seeing Dumbledore there she realized it had happened, but they had all survived.

"Are you sure?" asked Albus frowning. Nick had been the first born; if anything he had expected it to be Harry. He was born last and closer to the Seventh month dies. However, he would of course trust Lily's judgement she had been there and seen the whole thing. Perhaps Nick had been close enough to the seventh month dies.

"Yes Albus" replied Lily adamantly.

"It seems he is the child of the Prophecy then my dears. The coming years are not going to be very good for the little one" said Albus softly. He tried to stop himself thinking about training Nick but it couldn't be help. Voldemort wasn't gone or the Dark Mark would have been gone completely.

"What about Harry?" asked Albus after a few minutes silence.

"He's sleeping I finally got him back down, Nick's too scared to sleep" whispered Lily looking worried and a failure all at once.

"Do not worry yourself, I'm sure he will be fine just floo me if you cannot get him to sleep. I shall get Severus to brew a potion for him if that is the case so fear not" said Dumbledore soothingly.

"Would you? Thank you Albus" sighed Lily still clutching her shuddering son close. He had finally stopped crying, even if they had closed the scar and healed it as much as possible. Harry's too had been healed as much as possible, she was too proud of her son to get rid of the marks the twins bore. He had after all got rid of the Dark Lord at just one year and three months old.

If only she knew that Nick had gotten his scar when the door had been blown from its hinges by Lord Voldemort. If only she knew that Harry had been the one to defeat Lord Voldemort things might have been different for the family. Or maybe Harry might have lived the life of a prince instead of a pauper by his family. It seemed it wasn't meant to be as they ignored the crying of their second born son.

If only Dumbledore had inquired more instead of just accepting that Lily had seen it. They would in time come to regret what they had done, and by then they would never be able to reverse it.

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