Chapter 60


The British trio Apparated to one of the biggest Egyptian markets, which of course was magical, at least part of it. The area for Apparating into was covered with spells stopping any Muggles in the area staring at it or being surprised when someone Apparated. Nobody wondered why part of it was always empty, or why they suddenly felt the need to go in a different direction. Nothing like remembering an appointment or such, just veering off as if they'd meant to go that way all along. If they did have Muggles wandering off to appointments they suddenly remember, then they'd lose business and it was dangerous since most people here were actually on holiday. Since the magical communities worked so closely with its Muggle counterpart here in Egypt, it was important to them.

"These would look fantastic in the garden!" said Eileen veering towards a stand already interested in something. The table was laden with an assortment of things, mostly weapons, swords to be specific and rather ancient looking. Harry had never understood why they made things to look extremely old and ancient as the real thing. He supposed they wouldn't be replicas if it wasn't the case. However, Eileen wasn't interested in weapons; their wands were enough for them. No she was looking at the Rushlights, used by the Egyptians for light, they were created by soaking dried pith of the rush plant in fat or grease.

"How many would you like?" asked the Egyptian wizard, speaking in perfect English but his Egyptian accent was very noticeable.

"How much?" Eileen enquired still interested.

"Two Galleons' per item," said Amun. "Or eleven Egyptian pounds."

"Fourteen galleons for eight of them," said Eileen, getting right down to it, she wasn't good at haggling, but did fairly well by only shaving a bit off the price.

"Deal," agreed Amun immediately. Not many wizards cared for them since they could create light and fire out of their wands. He was lucky enough to sell them, so considered it a bargain. Once upon a time they had been easy to make, not so much anymore.

Harry shook his head and wandered off, curious about the other stalls; he stopped at a jewellery stand when a choker caught his attention. A vintage choker necklace, multicoloured and it made him think of Luna, if he got something for Luna though he'd have to get something for everyone else. Ah what the hell, he was celebrating his passed Mastery, he could splurge a little. He decided upon some bangles for Cho, reluctantly of course, he wasn't close with her but didn't feel right leaving her out. He got a similar choker which had an Ankh in the middle dangling down instead of a small silver Horus eye for Fleur. He didn't know what the hell to buy the guys, but hopefully something would catch his eye. Paying for them without haggling he taught back up with Eileen and Severus, whose hawk eyes were observing his surroundings as always.

"Look at the spices! Don't they just look delectable?" said Eileen.

"Mother, come on, we have all the spices we need at home!" said Severus rolling his eyes heavenward.

"Why do they have Rosetta stone replicas here?" asked Harry, his eyebrows raised in curiosity. Noticing them on a stall opposite them, of course they were smaller and the writing, pretty much indecipherable.

"The stone was found here first," said Severus wryly. "In fact the Egyptians want it back where it belongs."

"Yeah I know, but it seems like something they should be selling in London," shrugged Harry, which was the stone now resided.

"They do," replied Severus, he had visited the Museum with Lily and her parents during his childhood. He decided against mentioning it, he didn't want to spoil the day mentioning something that made Harry quite rightfully furious. The Potter's were Harry's weakness, something he worried over. Especially if the Dark Lord found out which buttons to push, angry people made mistakes, and it would be all it took for the Dark Lord to get the upper hand. He did wonder if Lily had taken them to visit the Museum or if she'd began to believe the Muggle world held no wonder or joy now.

Harry made a non-committal noise as he continued walking, evidently finished with the subject at hand. They found stalls that peaked their curiosity, and went to investigate but always remained close to each other, never going further than two stalls apart. Severus mostly just kept an eye on Eileen and Harry, until he got to the books of course. Which was Severus' main purpose. He was hoping to get lucky and find more information on Horcruxes here. If he couldn't find it in the Prince library then really…would he get lucky here? Considering Egypt was one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and one of the most ancient places in existence, perhaps he would find his answers. He needed to know how to destroy them; it came first before hunting them down. He'd already searched one of the most recommended book stores in Cairo to no success, so his hope had greatly diminished but Severus refused to give in. Their very lives depended on it.

"What are you looking for?" asked Harry when he noticed Severus yet again looking at books. He loved reading, but even this was ridiculous! The shop he'd been dragged to had been sweltering; they'd done so much walking his back was beginning to ache. Severus was obviously on a mission, to find what he didn't know.

"Answers," said Severus, mysteriously, as wizards and witches passed them on either side, and the stall keeper kept an eye on them. "To our quest."

"Oh!" said Harry his eyes lightening up, of course.

"Indeed," said Severus his voice teasing.

"You really think we will find anything here?" asked Harry picking up a book but it was in another language, Egyptian of course. "Put the Linguam Intelligere spell on me." He added before Severus could speak.

Severus' lips twitched unsurprised that Harry knew the spell; flicking his wand muttering the words the spell hit Harry. Who then looked down at the book, which began to blur, twist and turn before turning from Egyptian to the English written word. "As for my answer to the question, our life depends on it, so we better come up with something fast."

"I might even find something to help Neville's parents," said Harry, going through the mountain of books. They weren't in any semblance of order; it would take ages to get through them all. Even worse there was no space, so they had to take care not to miss anything, which was next to impossible to do.

Harry found five interesting books about Potions and three possibly helpful books where souls were mentioned. Although souls were mentioned a lot, Egyptians were zealots in protecting their souls. Sarcophagi were invented to seal in the soul, or so they liked to believe. The Egyptians even magical beings, believed in preserving the human body, through mummification, the process lasted up to seventy days. They even preserved animals as well. They thought if they preserved their bodies in life, they could use them in the afterlife. Harry knew a lot about Egypt, he'd read upon them a lot, he was fascinated in their culture. It hadn't diminished the slightly even after visiting the last time.

"How much?" asked Harry.

"Twenty galleons," said Ahmed speaking Egyptian but Harry and Severus understood him thanks to the translation spell.

Harry arched an eyebrow curiously, twenty galleons for eight books? It was a bit pricey, but he really liked the look of them. "Ten." said Harry deciding to haggle this time.

"Nineteen," replied Ahmed.

"Eleven," argued Harry.

"Eighteen," conceded Ahmed.

"Twelve," said Harry.

"Seventeen," responded Ahmed.

"Thirteen," countered Harry.

"Alright meet in the middle, fifteen galleons." Ahmed said defiantly, he wasn't going lower than that.

"Done," said Harry digging into his pouch, the beauty about them was only he could retrieve the money. It was attached to his magical signature, so if it was ever lost or stolen nobody could use it. He passed over the fifteen galleons, one at a time before putting his new purchases in a bag he'd brought with him. It weighed nothing, since he had placed a feather light spell upon his bag during his first year. After that he placed the jewellery he'd bought for the girls too. His pouch was placed back into his shorts pocket.

Severus would have shaken his head in amusement if his pile of books hadn't been bigger.

"If you boys don't stop buying books we are going to have to convert one of the bedrooms into another library." said Eileen coming up as Severus asked the stall keeper how much his pile was.

"I somehow doubt that," said Severus turning to face his mother greatly amused.

"I have a feeling you'll both try," said Eileen her lips twitching.

"Power is knowledge," insisted Harry swinging his bag around and onto his shoulders, his feet were killing him. "Can we go now? We have a conference to go to in two hours and I want to rest my feet and shower again before I do I'm sweating like crazy."

"It is hot," agreed Eileen, fanning her face with a hand fan she bought a few stalls back.

"Just five more minutes," said Severus after paying Ahmed, not giving him the trouble Harry did by haggling. "One more stall, then we can head back."

"I don't suppose you can think of something I can get for Viktor, Neville and Cedric?" asked Harry as they moved away from the stall.

"Perhaps a book?" suggested Severus wryly.

"Hmm, I think I might have to, I can't think of anything else." said Harry shrugging his shoulders.

"Or one of your potions," added Eileen.

"I've already bought stuff for the girls though," said Harry, "It's not really fair giving them something I brewed."

"Still would be handy to have, are any of them Animagus'?" enquired Eileen.

"Not that I know," admitted Harry, he didn't think so though.

"Are you searching for a specific book Severus?" asked Eileen as they were dragged to another stall with a million more books.

"No," said Severus beginning his search, thankfully these books weren't stacked up in bundles, but in a straight line shelved.

"Then what are you searching for?" asked Eileen, watching both Harry and Severus beginning to look at the backs of books one after the other. Replacing them after reading it or setting it aside.

"Right don't ask don't tell," said Eileen sighing in exasperation when neither answered her.

"Sorry," said Harry feeling bad for excluding her, but this wasn't something easily spoken about.

"Its fine," said Eileen shaking her head in amusement, if she'd wanted to she knew she could worm the answer out of Harry. He was a Ravenclaw not a Slytherin, and chances are, the guilt would get him talking rather quickly. She was tempted, but she had also promised her son, and she kept her promises now. She looked around in curiosity, trying to think of something the boys would like from Harry.

"Harry look at this stall," shouted Eileen so the young man in question could hear her.

Harry walked over curiously, giving Severus the books he'd collected on the way. He knew immediately what Eileen was talking about; it was a set of nine protective Egyptian amulets for divinatory oracle set. They say amulets but they were more like stones with gold Egyptian hieroglyphics on them. Luna would just love them, damn; he'd already gotten her something.

"How much is the Ankh?" asked Harry seeing the large silver pendant in amongst the items.

"Twelve galleons," said Mohammad, seeing the rising eyebrow of his customer he hastened to explain. "It has protective shields woven into it, it will help against all minor and some major hexes and jinxes." most curses were too strong for any itemized shield to protect from.

"I think I'll get that for Cedric," he was an Auror and his job was the most dangerous. He also added the divination/oracle set for Luna, what could he say? He was weak and Luna had been there for him when he needed her most. Then he saw it through the corner of his eye, a chess set. It was themed; Egyptians versus the Romans, Viktor would get a kick out of that. Grinning widely he added it to the pile, now for Neville; unfortunately he didn't think anything could really cheer him up, except getting his parents back.

"I don't suppose there's anywhere I can pick up a nice rare Egyptian plant?" murmured Harry.

"I have a box of seeds," said Mohammad immediately digging under his table and thumped it on it.

"They're all magical?" asked Harry flipping through them, eyeing the pictures on the front.

"I think I might have some as well!" said Eileen head to head with Harry as they searched the box filled with plant seeds. Prince Manor had a greenhouse full of various plants, from all over the world. Her parents had made sure to have the best of everything; her father who had been a Potions Master had loved experimenting with them. He had never created anything after passing his Mastery, but he'd enjoyed it. Or at least he had liked spending an inordinate amount of time in the dungeons.

Eileen picked up every packet that was different, double checking them afterwards to make sure she hadn't picked two the same. Harry actually decided to follow Eileen's lead and get Neville them all. He wasn't sure what plants he had, so this was the best way to go about it, with a bit of luck he wouldn't have every kind he was bringing home. Handing the money he once again put it all in his backpack. A yawn broke free, Merlin he was so very tired - it was going to be a long day.

"Thank you," said Eileen as they left the stall.

"Do you want me to put them in my bag?" Harry asked as they looked for Severus to find him buried under books.

"No, this is fine," said Eileen smiling at him.

"Alright," said Harry, "Need any help?" he asked Severus as they neared him.

"I'm just about done, did you get everything you need?" asked Severus straightening up, he had a feeling he'd need to take a muscle relaxant. His back and feet ached like blazes; he was exhausted probably because of the heat.

"I found a few things they'd like, I'll show you when I get back!" said Harry excitedly.

"Did it not occur to you to buy something for yourself?" asked Severus, Harry had nothing but books and clothes in his house. Nothing to stamp on his personality, you could tell he still wasn't used to spending money, especially on himself.

"I got some books," said Harry staring at Severus curiously, not really understanding his point.

"Exactly, books, again, you've never bought anything for yourself but books or potions." said Severus.

"Have so," said Harry defensively, which got him thinking, and he had bought stuff hadn't he? For himself? Hmm he couldn't remember, maybe he hadn't. "Well…it's not a bad thing."

"No it's not, but it's the fun of it, your nearly seventeen, most seventeen year olds would want stuff to show off where they had been." said Severus, "I certainly did at that age."

"You did?" asked Harry curiously. Truth be told he couldn't really remember what Severus' room looked like, he really should have savoured it, but oh well, he'd been practically a walking zombie at that point.

"Of course," said Severus wryly, "I bought my mum a box of sweets wherever I went." at that point though it had been all he could afford. He'd just passed his Mastery and hadn't had the Prince estate yet.

"Oh yes, the sweets from Belgium were so tasty," said Eileen pitching in delighted.

"Belgium?" said Harry surprised, wondering what it would be like. The only conferences he'd known about so far were America and Egypt. Both beautiful and warm countries no doubt, not only was he inventing Potions it was giving him the opportunity to go all over the world.

"Indeed, now let's depart." said Severus. Handing over the gold and silver coins for the books. Then promptly handed Harry the books he'd given Severus not five minutes ago.

"Does anyone want a drink? I brought some water and bottles of Butterbeer." said Harry as he opened his bag and put his books inside. "It has cooling charms on it." he added so they knew it would be cold.

"Butterbeer please," said Severus immediately. He'd been thinking about going to a vendor the first time he passed one, he guessed that was no longer needed. Accepting it he drank the entire thing in one go.

"I'll have water," said Eileen amused, accepting the bottle wondering how Harry was so grown up all the time. Severus was right; Harry needed to let his hair down and act like a sixteen year old.

Once they were finished, Severus Apparated his mother and himself back to the hotel. Harry on the other hand, had been Apparating for nearing three years; he had passed during the summer after his fourth year, so he was able to Apparate himself.

Harry entered the hall where the committee was today, he stalled at the door looking around wide eyed. Blinking, didn't work, they were still there. Gulping in worry, he place was flooded with people, all the seats were taken and there were people standing all in any available space. Around thirty of them were press, if their cameras were any indication of their profession. Oh, he hated this; it was one public gathering after another. He'd assumed he'd be left alone, to brew potions in his lab to his hearts content. He inwardly scowled when he noticed Cooper was there, he had better not start anything, he wasn't in the mood to deal with him. He had his certificate, so he wouldn't hold back - this time.

"Harry?" said Severus exasperated, grabbing Harry's shoulders he pushed him into the room but thankfully there was too much going on for anyone to take any notice of him. Sitting him firmly on the seat, he sat down as well. He noticed Terrance was once again alone; the seat reserved for his Potions Master was empty.

"Was it like this at yours?" asked Harry.

Severus wanted to lie to make Harry feel better, but he couldn't, so chose to slightly mislead the conversation away from Harry's question. "The Potions community is much larger than it used to be, and not only that but wizards and witches have taken a deeper interest in potion experiments. Such a families with someone sick or hospitals. Potions are the first thing people think of these days to make you better." which wasn't misleading at all, but not the whole truth - since it wasn't larger per se.

"Oh, right." said Harry, getting up he went to the buffet and plated himself some food, he was starving. At least he wasn't sore anymore, or sweaty! He'd taken a shower and mild pain reliever upon returning to the hotel room after their long shopping trip. He didn't take too much, since they were going out for a celebrator meal afterwards.

"Excuse me," said Harry squeezing by the standing witches and wizards. "Sorry!" he said to the goblin he bumped into, the room was too crowded for words. He gratefully sat back down a few minutes later, staring at the mouth-watering food. Crunching through the carrots, he continued to look around still overwhelmed by the largeness of the event.

"Want a bit?" asked Harry handing it towards them so they could take their pick.

"After a dozen of others touching it? And who knows where their hands have been." said Severus immediately.

"Severus!" admonished Eileen shaking her head at her son's words.

Harry paused in mid bite, his stomach clenching at the thought. His green eyes stared longingly down at the square vanilla slice, damn Severus to hell. His hand reluctantly placed it back on the paper plate. Standing up he threw it in the bin at the corner of the room before sitting back down. He glared half-heartedly at Severus whose mouth just twitched in amusement.

"So not funny," grumbled Harry.

"You weren't staring at your face." chuckled Severus; it had taken him biting his tongue to stop himself full out belly laughing. Not something he would ever do in public, wouldn't want to spoil his reputation. Or be called Teddy Bear Snape, Merlin, it caused him to shudder just thinking about it. Although the likelihood of actually being called Teddy Bear was slim to nothing, it would be something just as sickly sweat.

"I'm bloody starving," complained Harry.

"Well, it's only going to be another hour or so before we leave," said Severus, stating just as calmly "I did warn you to eat something before we left."

"I wasn't hungry then, my stomach was doing back flips!" protested Harry.

"And I told you dry toast helps," said Severus non-pulsed.

"I give up!" cried Harry exasperated; it didn't look like Severus was going to take pity on him anytime soon anyway.

Eileen burst out laughing, honestly they were like an old married couple, and they hadn't officially been out on a date yet. She laughed harder when both of them stared at her unimpressed. Oh, she couldn't wait to see how they would evolve once they began dating properly. Her breathing still hitched she tried to get herself under control, when a wizard went onto the raised platform to announce the start. It wasn't just her of course; the entire room had fallen silent.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the monthly potions conference, today I'm pleased to announce we have two distinguished young men, who have successfully passed their mastery!" said Liam loudly, and cheering and polite clapping began for the two men. Harry slunk further into his seat, Terrance on the other hand, seemed quite happy to revel in the praise. He didn't seem hurt the slightly that his Master wasn't there to celebrate him coming to his own. No not his master anymore, since he was one himself now, they were on equal footing.

Liam raised his hand to quiet the room, as he spoke again. "Please help me welcome Terrance Whittaker!"

Everyone cheered politely, as whistles started up at the back, no doubt Terrance's friends or family. Terrance grinned back at them as he headed for the podium. Both Harry and Terrance had a seat in the front so it wasn't far to walk. Flash bulbs went off, and Harry couldn't help but wonder what he had created.

"Hello," said Terrance not bothering to cast a sonorous charm on himself, since it had immediately gone quite again.

"What two potions have you created?" asked Cooper his boredom showing from the panel behind Terrence. Four Potion Masters had taken seats to watch everything basically repeating the questions they had already asked earlier.

"Ooo I hate him," muttered Harry irritated.

"I assume that is Cooper?" whispered Eileen.

Severus nodded curtly without saying anything.

"I created two, one that allows for twenty four hours, for two people to communicate telepathically." said Terrance smugly.

"Wicked," said Harry in admiration.

"Just two people? How?" asked a reporter from the audience her notebook floating in midair with a quill poised just above it, writing everything that's said.

"By placing one drop of each person's blood into the potion, and drinking half each," said Terrence.

"Side-affects?" asked a male reporter, if Harry wasn't mistaken the badge was for the Daily Prophet.

"Perhaps a headache if they don't shut up," said Terrence giggling madly, evidently remembering something funny. Everyone laughed with him, finding amusement in it as well. "But no other side-affects." he finished seriously once everyone quietened down.

"The second one?" asked the same reporter curiously.

"My second potion helps shield against intrusions of the mind," said Terrance.

"For how long?" asked Severus, genuinely curious.

"Twelve hours," conceded Terrance slightly dejected, he'd tried to get it for a longer period of time to no success.

"Side-affects?" enquired Severus.

"It can't be used long term, there's some ingredients in it that shouldn't be taken all the time." said Terrance.

"Can it help one master Occlumency?" asked Severus, and everyone was looking like they were enjoying a tennis match. Going from Terrance to Severus every time he asked something.

"I have no idea," admitted Terrance looking baffled.

"Would it hold against a powerful Legilimens?" said Severus, truly curious about the potion.

"It should," said Terrance looking overwhelmed by the influx of questions.

"Severus! You're overwhelming the boy," admonished Eileen.

Severus just stared at his mother drolly.

"Thank Merlin his Master isn't here, or I'd be dog food," said Harry sliding further down his seat.

Severus chuckled, "I very much doubt it." he told Harry. He did keep quiet and let the young man continue to answer questions from the others. Not that there were many, and it wasn't about the potion itself, just the price, how many, and of course if he was patenting it.

"Is anyone who tested the potion here?" was shouted from the crowd.

"No, they couldn't make it, but I have sworn statements from them here," said Terrance disheartened, he'd given them to the committee members.

"Are they patented or can anyone brew them?" asked Severus.

"Anyone can," said Terrance. He didn't want bombarded with requests, he was going on a well deserved holiday to regain his sanity. His Potions Master had driven him to the brink and he was glad to finally pass. Cooper was no help at all, not once had he made this easy for him.

"Alright everyone, if anyone's interested in the potions you can get them after the conference is over!" said Liam coming back. "Let's hear a round of applause for Master Whittaker!"

A polite round of applause followed Terrance off the podium and he gratefully retook his seat. Harry noticed he wouldn't look in Severus' direction; he smothered his amusement still feeling slightly sorry for him. Although he should have been prepared for all kinds of questions coming his way.

"Next up, someone you no doubt have heard a lot about in the past few years. Please help me in welcoming the youngest Potions Master in the world - Harry Peverell!" said Liam, making sure to remember the right name after the earlier fiasco.

The applause was deafening as Harry took to the stand.

"Hello everyone, as you know my name is Harry Peverell, thank you for the warm welcome. I wish to thank everyone who has helped me get here today. First and foremost my Potions Master, Severus Prince-Snape, his mother who helped me have confidence in myself, Eileen Prince-Snape." said Harry thanking them from the bottom of his heart.

Severus' lips twitched, and Harry wondered why everyone wanted to know what he was doing? The press were eating it up, their eyes tearing slightly for his bad childhood. No doubt tomorrow he'd be reading a full recap of Harry's life in the paper. Poor Harry, perhaps in time some of his Slytherin nature would rub off on the Ravenclaw.

"What potions have you created?" asked Cooper sarcasm dripping of every word.

"Resero Animagus, as the Latin suggests it unlocks all your possible Animagus', it has no side-affects it's been described as turning into an Animagus form. He's had no problem changing forms or turning back." said Harry before anyone could ask.

"Is he here today?" asked Cooper scorn lacing his voice.

"Yes," said Harry, gesturing to the side of the room, "To prove the worthiness of my potion welcome Sirius Black." his chin jutting out in defiance aimed at Cooper. Watching his eye twitch in obvious irritation. Thankfully Severus was already aware of Sirius' presence

Sirius stalked towards the podium still wearing his Auror robes, he had come straight here from work. He'd be leaving again straight after unfortunately, he had Nick to teach, he'd promised James not to leave Dumbledore alone with him. He immediately turned into Padfoot, wagging his tail as everyone clapped politely. The applauding got louder as he transformed into a badger, squeals rented the air when he turned into an Asp, then to everyone's curiosity because they couldn't see him - a fly. Gasping when he turned into a chameleon and blended in and out of the background.

"What if they aren't an Animagus?" asked the reporter from the Daily Prophet.

"I have no idea, I assume when they learn they'll be able to turn into whatever they want." said Harry.

"What about someone just learning?" asked Rajesh a Potions Master from the American branch of St. Mungo's.

"Same thing," said Harry.

"What if they turn into more than one of their Animagus forms?" asked another reporter from the American Digest.

"They can't, I asked Sirius to try," said Harry sniggering.

Sirius nodded that it was true.

"Have you patented it?" asked a witch from Potions weekly.

"I have," said Harry firmly, which got people talking surprised by his response.

"What's your second one?" asked Rajesh excited.

"My second one is Promoveo, its for people who cannot get the hang of Apparation." said Harry, "You don't drink it, you throw it on the floor, think of where you want to go and it takes you there. Probably very handy in a rush, it can take you out of warded building but you cannot get into them."

"To prove its worth, I'm going to ask someone to come and test it who's not been involved in the process." said Harry, eyeing them wondering if any of them had the guts to agree.

Sirius goggled wide eyed at Harry, unfortunately he'd already tried one of his potions, and he didn't want to go through that again any time soon.

"I'll do it," said Cooper standing up and strutting forward as if he owned the place.

"Remember to think of a place," said Harry handing one of the potions over, "Preferably a volcano." he whispered to himself.

"Fine," said Cooper.

Severus' nostrils flared once again, he was getting truly irritated beyond belief by this man. He could see the others on the panel were just as exasperated at him, he knew them all well enough to read their tells.

Cooper threw the potion with confidence and one second he was at the front of the room, the next he was at the side of the room right next to the double doors. Everyone began whispering again, completely awed by the potion. Cooper's brow puckered, he had evidently not expected it to work.

"As you can see it's fast and just as easy as Apparating, I've looked up the laws there's no permit required. I tested it myself, there is no side-affects and it can be used as often as you like." said Harry confidently, smirking at the look on Coopers face.

"Is this patented as well?" asked the reporter from the Daily Prophet writing hastily.

"Yes," said Harry.

"How many do you have for offer?" shouted out one of the seated people.

"There are five hundred potions," said Harry wide eyed, was he going to be trampled for them? Oh Merlin, he hoped not…maybe patenting it wasn't a good idea.

"How much?" asked another.

"A galleon," said Harry, truth be told he got less than half as profit by the time he bought all the ingredients.

"Alrigt everyone, thats the conference over, the room to your right is where you can buy any potion ingredient you wish! Please do so in an orderly fashion. Just give the new Potion Master's a few minutes to set up, and look around the other available potions and ingredients. Let's give Master Peverall a round of applause!" shouted Liam ending Harry's time at the podium.

"That went well," said Harry looking relieved, brushing his hair back.

"You were brilliant, the second potion was amazing!" said Sirius in reverence.

"Thanks," said Harry wryly.

"Indeed," said Eileen, staring at Sirius with a blank look on her face. It was taking everything in her to keep her mouth shut. She would never forgive Black for his actions, no matter what age the boy had been, any mother would say the same.

"Hey guys, are you ready to go?" asked Sorens grinning widely.

"Yes," said Severus immediately, he didn't want to spend any more time in Black's company than he had to. The drink was begining to look all too tempting, Black just had that affect on him.

"We offered to take Terrance as well, poor guy looks like he could use it." said Damon joining the group.

"Why's that?" asked Harry curiously.

"With Cooper he probably needs to drown everything out, Sorens told me he humilliated his own Apprentice earlier today," said Jacob.

"Cooper was his Potions Master?" gaped Harry shocked.

"Yeah," said Sorens in sympathy.

"Are we going?" asked Jacob, he was looking forward to a good drink, he had been bored all day.

"Are you sure you want to do it Eileen?" asked Harry, she had offered to sell his potions for him and let him go and have fun after the conference finished.

"Of course, now go on have fun!" said Eileen ushering them away. Afterwards she was going back to the hotel room and was going to order room service and have a quiet dinner.

"Alright," said Harry in agreement grinning widely.

"Bye Harry, I'll talk to you soon," said Sirius awkwardly, not being part of Harry's life he didn't know his friends so he felt extremely out of place.

"Okay, I'll write to you when I get back," said Harry immediately, waving him away as he left the conference room with the other Potion Master's, he was one of them now even if he was young.

Staring awkwardly at Eileen, aware of how she felt, it would be hard not to since she'd been glaring daggers at him for the past few minutes. Activiating the Portkey he left, once again wondering if he and Harry would ever have a godfather/son relationship.

Eileen 'hmed' as she went through to the room and began setting up the potions, ready to sell them to whomever was interested. As she did so, a sly smirk settled on her face, wondering if her son and Harry had realized yet...that they would be sharing a bed. Oh to be a fly on that wall when they returned...she'd pay a lot of money.

There we go! :D i hope you liked it! so will harry manage the potion to help Neville's parents just in time for his graduation? how about the unicorn blood coming into play? it was willingly given so its not a 'half life' as it was for Voldemort...but it won't be easy I want to show Harry working hard to accomplish it :) would you like severus and harry inventing it together? or just Harry? still need a way for them to figure out where the horcruxes are...looks like Dumbledore might have to be brought in on it or have him telling Snape...or maybe have them checking the gaunt property? after all thats the easiest one to figure out and it would stop dumbledore dying gosh i just wish to do something different...and the gaunt ring seems always to be the first one found...will we have luna taking a central part of the story and helping them find the horcruxes? she is a seer of sorts and could guide them in the right direction talking in riddles? R&R PLEASE!