Chapter 63

Not-So-Happy Birthday

Severus sighed as he left the room, he'd told the elf just to go back to its tasks, and he'd deal with whoever was in the Floo Network. It wasn't going to be the last time today either, since Harry's friends always made sure to visit him on his birthday. Last year he'd had a party, this year though things had been too hectic to plan one which was a shame, since it was his seventeenth birthday. It was a big day, well to most wizards, but Harry was already emancipated so he already had his magic to use as he liked. It wouldn't have mattered even if something was planned, thought Severus tiredly. Walking into the sitting room, as soon as he saw who it was his lip unconsciously curled, Black was the last person he wanted to deal with.

"I know you don't want to see me, Snape." said Sirius, "After the shit I put you through I don't blame you. I'm only here to wish my godson a happy birthday and give him his present. Should I come back later?" obviously Harry was still asleep, he couldn't blame him it was his birthday after all. Even his own parents let him sleep in on that day.

"He won't be available," said Severus bluntly, slightly bemused at the fact Black had almost apologized to him for all the stunts he pulled while they attended Hogwarts.

"Look, just tell me when I can speak to him at least?" sighed Sirius exasperated. He'd put up with anyone for Harry, because he was desperate enough to be in his life. Sometimes though Snape made it extremely difficult, but he couldn't blame him, he had been a shitty godfather. He wouldn't be surprised if the Potions Master was just trying to protect Harry. He seemed very protective of him, hell Snape even put up with his presence that said a lot.

"He's had an accident," admitted Severus deciding just to tell Black the truth.

"Accident?" asked Sirius, his eyes filling with worry, "What happened? Is he going to be okay? Can I come over? Please I'll stay out of your way." it looked as though he wouldn't be going to work today, whether the man let him through or not. He'd certainly be Flooing now and again to be updated on his progress. His mind tried to think of anything that happened. It couldn't be Voldemort, or it would have been in the paper surely?

Severus was surprised by the use of 'please' never in all his years had Black said please to him. He knew Harry was beginning to spend more time with the Animagus but did that mean he wanted him around? He certainly didn't but this wasn't about him, no it was about Harry. Sirius wasn't going to be the only one wanting to come over when they heard the news. "Fine, but one word Black and you are out." said Severus seriously.

"Thank you," said Sirius sighing in gratitude, the fire returned to normal, as Severus opened up his Floo network. He always kept it closed, not wanting to risk anyone coming in through his Floo. It wasn't the Dark Lord's normal way, but he was a Slytherin, and his mind went through each and every way it was possible to be ambushed. The only people able to use it, when it was closed were, Harry, Eileen and himself who's magic was imbued in the manor.

The Floo flared to life spitting out Sirius Black, who calmly stepped out, banishing the ash on his robes and the floor at his feet. The present for Harry still clutched in his hand. "What happened?" asked Sirius concerned, his eyes shadowed with worry and fear for Harry's safety.

"Potions accident," replied Severus taken aback at the strength of worry Black was displaying. Why did it take Harry leaving the family and becoming someone amazing for them to realize he existed? Admittedly neither Black nor Lupin had been around. From what Dumbledore told him they were often away on Order business since they didn't have children. Everyone had known the Dark Lord wasn't completely dead, including Lily and James, who had decided to waste away the years when children actually absorbed information. If it had been his child, they would have known everything by his age. Severus' breath hitched when he realized what he'd just thought, never once in all his years had he thought about having children. Harry was changing him, they hadn't been together yet and he was changing him. "Follow me." he added as Black opened his mouth, truth be told he didn't want to deal with him.

"No way," said Sirius paling drastically, now as pale as he liked to bully Severus for being. A shudder broke through Sirius' body, the last potions accident he'd had to investigate was the Lovegood one, years ago just after returning from the states. The mother had died; the little girl had seen it happen and was inconsolable. They all had been it didn't help the fact she was younger than his own godsons at the time. He knew Luna was friends with Harry now and not so young anymore.

"It can happen to anyone, Black." said Severus defensively.

Sirius didn't reply his mind overcome in the horror remembering one of the worst cases of his career as an Auror. He prayed to Merlin that Harry was alright, he shored himself up for what he was going to see. Swallowing thickly, his heart beating like an erratic drum as he continued following Severus up the stairs and into a bedroom.

Sirius let out a whimper when he caught sight of Harry, sounding more like Padfoot than human at the moment. He felt sick to his stomach, what had happened to cause this? If anyone deserved it the least, it was Harry. He would have taken the pain and injuries for him, if he could, unfortunately he couldn't. He had a drip attached to his arm, getting fluids into him, something you didn't see often in the magical world. Remus though had told him its how every patient in the Muggle world got fixed. "How is he?" asked Sirius, talking to the healer beside Harry. Sirius averted his eyes unable to continue staring at the damage done to his godson. He'd never worried about Harry being hurt with Potions, he'd always seemed so…brilliant at them. He'd created potions for Merlin's sake.

Andy looked up at the newcomer, recognizing him having treated him just a few months ago. He was one of the many wounded in what they called the battle of the Ministry. He'd been one of the few in better condition and able to leave quite quickly. She stared at Severus enquiringly, was she allowed to update him on Harry's condition? He nodded grimly back, so she told him what was happening. He was an Auror, so she told him as she would tell any Auror of a patient's illness. "He's in bad shape right now; he has sepsis and is undergoing a course of Antibiotic's."

"How's his arm?" asked Severus, Andy had removed the bone from his arm, since the break hadn't set properly when she used the spell in the dungeons. Which didn't concern them, the main thing was the fact his spine had been repaired properly and was setting back to normal. He'd probably find himself riddled with pain from time to time, but considering the alternative it was preferred. The break had been pretty high up, so it may have had him paralysed completely, not just from the waist down.

"It's as good as new," said Andy, the Skele-Gro had done its job as it always did. For most part they ended up having to use it, when the breaks didn't heal as well as they hoped. Just like last night, when she removed the bones that hadn't healed properly and given him the potion. Thankfully Harry had been pretty much out of it the entire time and didn't feel it. Although the other pain would have made his arm feel like child's play.

The healer removed the Clingfilm with delicate care, not wanting to hurt Harry further. Not now he was finally resting peacefully, sleep was the best thing for him right now. Once it was off, she removed the paste, ignoring the gagging coming from beside her. It wasn't a pretty sight, but you'd think an Auror would have more composure. She knew it was different when they knew the person, so refrained from saying anything. "I'm going to put a salve that will help fight the infection; unfortunately it means we cannot put more burn paste on for at least half an hour. Until it's seeped into his skin, and begun its job." Andy said quietly, as she placed the used paste in the bin; it was no good to anyone now.

Severus nodded in understanding, as he also removed the paste from Harry's chest. The blisters were already half the size they were yesterday. Taking a deep breath he took some of the salve from the jar and began putting it on the wound keeping his hands steady. Once he'd finished he cast a sterilizing charm on his hands again, before getting to work on another burn. He could smell the Aloe Vera properties in the salve, and a dozen other different smells on top of it. They worked simultaneously and finished in record time, leaving it to soak into the wound.

Severus covered as much of Harry as he was able without getting his bedding covered in potion. Keeping him as warm as he could, as the healer had ordered. In half an hour at least the burn paste and Clingfilm would be back on and he'd be able to put the rest of the covers on him. Severus gave a startled gasp when Harry grabbed a hold of him, holding his wrist in a bruising grip.

"Harry?" asked Severus calmly, staring down at him, his heart soaring in hope that Harry really hadn't suffered any memory loss/damage. Harry's mouth opened and closed, as if he was trying to communicate with them. "Don't try and talk, just stay calm, sleep, you'll feel better soon I promise." soothing the seventeen year old, his other hand stroking the side of his face that wasn't burnt. It was a good job he was around this side; the other had the drip in his hand. He shuddered at the thought of the needle breaking off, he was ill enough as it was.

Harry grunted in frustration, making pain lance through his throat. Staring straight at Severus, his green eyes tried to tell him what he needed to. Read my mind! Thought Harry desperately, gasping in pain, he could feel that he wouldn't remain conscious for long. A sigh left his lips as the pain reliever worked again, trying not to move, he begged with his eyes, praying Severus would understand.

"I won't read your mind Harry, you are in a bad enough state as it is." said Severus firmly, he wasn't going to back down. Reading someone's mind took a lot out of them, so no, he wasn't about to do it. He was extremely relived that Harry seemed to know who he was. His heart felt lighter just knowing Harry was mentally fine.

"P-u-lease," murmured Harry his face spasming as pain tore through him.

"Stubborn blood brat," growled Severus half-heartedly.

"You aren't going to do it are you?!" snapped Sirius.

"Unless you are forgetting Mr. Black, Mr. Peverell is off-age, he is perfectly able to make his own decisions." said Healer Walsh angrily. She'd heard what the bloody family had done to their son; Black had no right to play the concerned wizard now! Not here when someone had taken him in and nurtured his talent, showing off a wizard who she'd have been proud to call her own son.

"He isn't even in his right mind!" hissed Sirius.

"One word, Black." said Severus gritting his teeth harshly, the urge to strike out at the wizard was overwhelming. He just couldn't help himself, he had to dig himself to China every situation he got himself into. Normally Severus was a man of his word, but not today, he was more concerned about Harry. Although if the idiot kept it up, there would be nothing to stop his anger from exploding and expelling Black from his home.

"Sorry," said Sirius stepping back, eyeing Severus warily, but he wasn't even looking at him. Okay, Snape really was worried about Harry. It was the only explanation for why he was still here. Even he knew Severus meant what he said, the fact he wasn't removed from the manor was telling. He bit his tongue, realizing he was going to have to be quiet or Snape would snap eventually. He wasn't the most patient man in the world.

Severus stared at Harry, wavering at the desperation Harry was conveying. What was so important that he felt the need for Severus to read his mind? Unless he was barking up the wrong tree, but he doubted it. Closing his eyes, unable to deny Harry even this, opening them again he slid into Harry's mind, refusing to dig too far. It didn't take him long to find what Harry wanted him to, considering Harry was practically throwing the memory at him. By thinking it over and over again, Severus fell to his knees as he experienced the pain Harry did as well.

"Mr. Snape!" shouted the healer, moving around stopping the wizard from falling to the floor. Making sure he kept eye contact with Harry so he could withdraw without cutting the connection too abruptly. She strained to keep him upright, but as a healer she'd dealt with worse.

"My apologies." said Severus using his left hand which was now out of Harry's grasp to hoist himself back up.

"Are you okay?" Andy asked, scanning him to make sure the healer in her coming out.

"A little disorientated but I'll be fine," said Severus.

"What did you see?" asked Sirius worriedly.

"Let him rest for a second, it takes a few minutes to process the memory, especially if pain accompanied it." said Andy, sitting Severus down on a seat she moved over to him.

"You may call me Severus," requested Severus, as he closed his eyes and watched the memory until he made sense of it.

"Very well," said Andy surprised.

"Presents for Master Severus," said Dobby popping in with a big bundle of cards and presents.

"What the hell…" murmured Severus surprised, shaking his head. He was now able to make some sense of the memory; Harry had somehow seen a glimpse of the Dark Lord's plans as the Horcrux was removed. He had Shacklebolt, not to torture him but he was under the imperious curse, from what he could piece together the Dark Lord wanted the Auror to attack Hogsmeade.

Cursing inwardly, how was he supposed to tell anyone this information without exposing Harry? Rubbing at his forehead, deep in thought as he tried to come up with a way. Perhaps he could tell Albus he had been down at Knockturn Alley, and happened to overhear about it. He obviously couldn't tell the others in the room either, Merlin things were getting extremely complicated.

"He wanted to show me what happened," said Severus lying bare faced.

"That's it?" asked Sirius frowning in confusion, staring at Severus trying to detect if he was holding something back.

"He just became a Potions Master, he feels extremely embarrassed," explained Severus tiredly. Which was true, he felt extremely horrified at screwing up.

"Oh Harry," said Sirius quietly, standing closer to the bed, but he was sleeping so anything he'd say would be for naught. Avoiding looking at his injuries, which was hard to do, his eyes just seemed drawn to them. Without thought he put his present and card next to the ones Dobby had put on the table.

"He's coherent?" stated Andy surprised. That shouldn't be possible; he'd only had one dose of the antibiotics.

"Slightly, most of what I got was past feelings," said Severus.

"That makes more sense," said Andy.

"Indeed," said Severus, he'd wait for his mother to wake up before speaking to Dumbledore. He wasn't leaving Harry on his own with people he didn't know very well. He trusted the healer somewhat, but Black he didn't trust at all.

"May I use your Floo? I need to call the Ministry and let them know I'm not coming in." said Sirius respectfully.

"You're staying?" asked Severus, his feelings written across his face.

"If I can," said Sirius stiffening half way as he stared at Snape, wondering if he was going to be kicked out after all.

"For now," said Severus.

"Thank you," said Sirius straightening up, relived that Snape was taking pity on him.

"I think the salve has had enough time now," said Andy standing up, retrieving the jar of burn paste.

"I'll do it now," said Sirius hastily making his way out of the room.

"And that's an Auror," said Andy shaking her head in irritation.

Severus smirked liking Andy more now that she didn't approve of Black; she obviously had a good head on her shoulders. Sterilising their hands, they began put the paste on and wrap them all in Clingfilm, all bar the one on his face, which obviously couldn't be covered with it.

Prince Manor - Harry's Room - Eileen, Sirius, Severus Healer Walsh and Harry

"Severus what is going on?" asked Eileen alarmed as she entered the room, her left eye twitching when he observed Black in the corner. Feeling better when he sank further into the seat, at least she could make him feel ill at ease if nothing else. Healer Walsh was back, nothing good could be coming from that. She had left last night saying she'd see him in a few days. Now unless she'd been sleeping for a few days something was wrong.

"He's going to fine, we caught it in time." said Severus trying to calm his mother down. Although judging by the look on her face he hadn't succeeded. He'd never been good at helping people, or calming them down, he'd rather just shove a potion down their throat.

"Caught what in time?" asked Eileen terrified. A thousand injuries passed through her mind, each ten times worse than the last. Not even her son saying he was going to be fine eased her at all, what had happened during the night?

"The Sepsis," replied Severus quietly, praying his mum wouldn't overreact.

"Sepsis?" asked Eileen blankly, "Is that similar to septicaemia?"

"It's the same thing, Sepsis is commonly referred to Septicaemia or blood poisoning." said the healer quickly.

Eileen paled significantly, blood poisoning was very bad, and closing her eyes she forced herself to calm down. The Antibiotic's should help him; if it didn't there was a healer here for him. He really should be in St. Mungo's its where he'd get the best help. Unfortunately Harry wouldn't want to be there, he hated any attention being on him whatsoever. So keeping this quiet was vital, especially with the Dark Lord Voldemort wanting to kill him. Ironically enough because he was 'the boy who lived' as she knew very well he was, but because he'd bested him and humiliated him in front of his followers. Voldemort would indeed attack St. Mungo's to get to Harry, she wasn't stupid. She may not have been around during the last war, but she heard enough from her son to give her nightmares. Or rather concerns, the only nightmares she'd had in her life was about her husband and of course the attack at the Ministry. Up until then she'd been able to avoid anything to do with the war.

"The antibiotic's seems to be working," Andy reassured Eileen smiling at her, it wasn't a significant change but the chills and fever had reduced two percent.

"How long will it take for him to recover healer Walsh?" asked Eileen sitting on the bed her legs to weak to support her.

"Call me Andy please," said the healer smiling, "It depends on a variety of different things."

"Such as?" asked Sirius, wasn't it as simple as giving him the antibiotics and getting better? What kinds of things could the healer be talking about?

Andy paused staring at Sirius, how the hell had this idiot become an Auror? The condensation in his voice was grating on her nerves. "Do you even know how bad Sepsis is Mr. Black?"

Sirius gulped, fidgeting at the look on her face, she made him feel terribly insignificant. Like a bug she had trod on in Diagon Alley. "No?" he said after a few seconds of silence. Figuring it was best to tell the truth, he didn't have a clue.

"I gathered as much, Sepsis is blood poisoning, it poisons the blood which travels around your body and internal organs. Which in turns poisons everything, if given enough time, it starves them of oxygen and inevitably kills you." she replied grimly.

"Can you answer my question PLEASE!" demanded Eileen looking even more worried now.

"I'm sorry," said Andy regretfully, "The length of time to recover from Sepsis typically depends on the underlying infection and the severity of the symptoms. The more severe the symptoms the longer it takes to recover. Since we caught the infection at its beginning stage, it should only take Harry six to ten days to recover outwardly."

"Outwardly?" asked Severus joining in his concern obvious.

"The most common shall we say after affects of Sepsis is organ dysfunction, such as kidney failure. Then there is memory loss, and the inability to remember things the way you could before it happened. As always after something like this acute fatigue, the body has been through severe trauma. Harry will need a lot of rest, and then begin to regain strength and rebuild your bodies reserves. Healthy eating and plenty physical exercise will help overcome that." said Andy.

"Are you telling me he might not be able to brew potions again?" asked Sirius horrified.

"I wish I could say that he will be fine, but unfortunately I cannot." said Andy, "But all you can do is hope for the best." she wouldn't lie to them to make them feel better, it was wrong to offer false hope.

Lily Potter - Azkaban Prison

The women were lead back to their cells an hour ago, having showered and replaced their dirty striped clothes. Lily was nursing a split lip, and a black bruise forming on her eye. Counting down the days until she got out of this hell hole wasn't enough. Her spirit was greatly diminished being here, she felt like a piece of dog's dirt. She wasn't used to it, at Hogwarts she'd been the best, loved by the teachers and trailed after by James Potter to the fury of the pureblood women. Then the acclamation began marrying a pureblood, then triple fold when her Nick defeated Voldemort. She felt so beautiful and powerful, and where did it land her? Here in Azkaban prison. Needless to say she felt world weary and tired she hadn't slept right since she'd been Portkey'd to the Ministry on charges for trying to use the Cruciatus curse. The food they'd passed through the bars an hour ago was still there, she felt sick to her stomach.

"Patricia Wormwood, step forward." said Rachel, the guard hand her wand in hand, as she led the woman out of her cell. She was dressed in the clothes her sister had brought for her, she was being released today. Sandy hugged the woman tightly; they'd shared a cell for the past year, so they had become close.

"I'll come and see you, I promise." said Patty releasing her, "Don't worry, it will be your time soon." Sandy only had a month left herself.

"Give my best to your family." said Sandy watching the door open then close with a bang after Patricia exited it.

"Bye," she said waving sadly at the others she was leaving behind. Yet she was so excited to be off the island and getting back to her family. She'd learned a valuable lesson; she certainly wasn't going to perform magic on Muggles again. It wasn't worth being taken away from her family again.

Lily watched her leave, her green eyes glaring at the woman's back, oh how she wished that was her. They'd all had visitors on Wednesday this week, all bar her; nobody had come to see her yet. She began to fear James was dead, what was happening to her kids? God she wanted to know what was happening. She was determined to get the newspaper first this time, so they couldn't rip it to shreds before she could read it.

"Are we getting a newspaper today?" asked Sandy hopeful.

"I'll have it for you in half an hour," said Rachel.

"When do I get my wand back?" asked Patty quietly, shivering against the coldness and Dementors.

"You can retrieve it at the Minister of magic, which is where the Auror's will be taking you to give you the release forms." said Rachel; predictable really, that's what they always asked as soon as they were lead out. Not that she could blame them, to be without a wand was to be defenceless. With the war worsening each day, it was utter madness to be without a wand for a second. Usually the Auror's didn't escort anyone back, but with the place under Fidelus Charm, it had to be done.

"Can I get the paper?" asked Lily crawling to the bars, as the guard returned. They were all female on this floor, as were the prisoners.

"Sure," said Rachel, passing the newspapers to the prisoner in the cell next to her. Staring at her impassively Rachel moved away back to the sitting area where she could play exploding snap with the other guards. Their duties were done for the day, now it was just making sure none of them got into fights. Which happened quite often unfortunately, but with so many cells it was simple to separate them. In actuality they preferred to share cells, it made everything easier. Being alone could drive even the strongest to madness; it's partly why the secure prisoners ended up insane of course the Dementors didn't help matters.

"What do they say?" asked Sandy moving closer to Amy who had been given the newspaper.

"Hold on," said Amy, opening the paper and reading everything she could get her eyes on. She was relieved beyond belief that there didn't seem to be any attacks. Merlin four years she'd been in here, to this very day, she realized looking at the date. It wasn't fair that Potter got half the sentence when she'd done something worse than her. Closing her eyes, breathing through her nostrils wanting to scream at the injustice. A year, one single bloody year was all she got for casting an Unforgivable. The son deserved better, but at least he was making a life for himself. Once she read seven papers (the entire week's news) she passed them over to Sandy with difficulty but the girl grabbed it just as desperate as him.

"Has anything happened?" choked Lily, her green eyes wide and fearful, withholding a scream of exasperation when her question was met with silence. Grabbing her hair she rocked herself back and forth, trying to comfort herself.

Half an hour later, Lily got the shock of her life when one of the girls spoke to her. "Here." she said handing her one of the newspapers, Lily's wide eyed stared at the woman to find her face impassive. She sat there for a few seconds, wondering if it was a joke. It wouldn't surprise her, it wasn't the first time they'd yanked it back the very last second and ripped it up. Then apologizing as if they hadn't meant to do it. Her heart thumping like a drum, she quickly snatched the newspaper from her hand not seeing the sadistic smirk gracing Amy's lips.

Flattening the paper out she felt a sinking feeling in her stomach, realizing why they'd given it over. Emblazoned on the front of the paper was 'YOUNGEST POTIONS MASTER IN THE WORLD' disappearing and new words appearing 'HARRY PEVERELL AT CONFERENCE' below were a collection of pictures, one with Harry and Sirius Black, another with a boy named Terrance and another with Severus and Harry standing together. Along with an old picture of Harry, taking a potion, during what could only be the Tri-wizard tournament. The one at the bottom was a picture of Harry and Nick barely a few weeks old clutching at each others hands.

A broken sob left Lily, as tears flowed down her face, closing her eyes and it was as if the Dementors had closed in on her. Memory after memory assaulted her, with Harry, and the lack of them over the years. For the first time in sixteen years she realized Harry was just as innocent as Nick and had not deserved the neglect they'd foisted upon him. Yes Nick had been important, but not more than all her children. They'd given Roxy the same amount of attention as Nick, there was no excuse for what they did to Harry. Finally her husband's words reverberated around her mind.

'Harry isn't at fault; it's our actions that caused this. If we had loved him as we should, he wouldn't have done all this.' He was right, they'd raised Roxy and Nick properly with affection and love, and they hadn't done what Harry did. Oh what had she done? Getting up on shaky knees she lay down on her small camp like bed and curled up, the newspaper still clutched in her hand as she cried silently, not wanting to be mocked further. Perhaps she deserved everything that was happening. She wanted her husband so badly; to tell her everything was going to be okay.

Prince Manor - Harry's Bedroom - Dobby & Everyone Else

"Master Severus, we think you should look at this," said Dobby handing over a newspaper.

Severus stared at Dobby in blank curiosity, accepting the newspaper, the Daily Prophet, when he saw the headline he cursed angrily. This was exactly what he had hoped to avoid, crunching the paper up in his hands, he stared at everyone in the room with suspicion.

"What's wrong?" asked Eileen and Sirius immediately, while Andy looked on confused.

They all blinked and stared warily when his head emerged from the paper, his glare was ferocious.

"Did you tell anyone about Harry?" he asked furiously.

"I didn't even tell my husband," said Andy shaking her head immediately, it wasn't her fault.

"I didn't tell anyone," said Sirius earnestly, holding his hands up in surrender hoping Snape would believe him, it was the truth.

"Oh no, it seems I have to have a serious word with Medi-witch Tantum." said Andy looking stricken, "I apologize Mr. Snape; I did not expect this to happen."

Severus rubbed at his forehead, cursing once more unable to blame her, Harry needed the Antibiotics after all. He wouldn't even get a chance to tell his friends, they'd find out the second they read the newspaper. He wouldn't be surprised if everyone began Floo within the next hour depending on when they got up. Severus was tempted to just use the tickets for the holiday to the Caribbean now, and get away with Harry. Unfortunately he couldn't do it, he got it for Harry's birthday, he deserved to be aware and enjoy the holiday. Perhaps once he recovered a little he could organize for them to go, rest was what he needed, on holiday that's what he would get.

There we go the next chapter, how long will it take for Harry to recover from the sepsis? i do want it to be realistic of course so fingers crossed i can. will harry realize how much he's loved? will Lily just be feeling down in the dumps and end up angry again before too long? i cant see this Harry really forgiving his family and being what they should have been all along, but Roxy might have a chance...would you like to see Roxy getting on with Harry? will she be there for him getting permission from Dumbledore or will severus draw the line at her being there? will severus manage to track down at least one horcrux during the time harrys in bed? will Sirius black overhear Severus and Eileen talking with an extendable ear about the horcruxes and that be how he finds out? or will he find the locket shortly after or simply gift it to Harry because he didnt want it? R&R PLEASE!