Chapter 64

Reactions and Costs

Grimmauld Place - Kitchen - Remus Lupin

Remus had just taken a seat in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place, relaxing in relief; he'd had an exhausting night. Between teaching Nick, since Sirius couldn't make it, until three AM then going to Hogwarts to speak with Dumbledore, who apparently 'wanted to speak to him' afterwards. Dumbledore wasn't allowed near Nick alone, something James had made abundantly clear. Albus wanted him to come with him on a mission, which was unusual in itself, after all usually he was only tasked with speaking to werewolf's and other dark creatures or actually fighting when it came to battles with the Death Eaters. He was being extremely secretive, Albus hadn't told him where they were going or why. Dumbledore had even asked him to refrain from discussing it with anyone, as it was a 'task of utmost importance'. In other words Albus didn't want him discussing it with his partner. Speaking of Partners he wasn't in bed, nor was he in the house, it was too early to be in the Ministry unless he'd been called in on an emergency. That wouldn't surprise him; the war was turning very nasty, he was just glad Voldemort couldn't get his hands on the Death Eaters who were imprisoned. Nobody knew who the secret keeper of Azkaban was; it was a good thing, given what had happened to Alice and Frank Longbottom.

Yawing tiredly, Remus picked up the newspaper and magazines on the table. He set aside The Practical Potioneer and The Quibbler, Sirius was the one who usually read those. Although Remus liked sifting through The Practical Potioneer when he had a lot of free time on his hands. In fact there were articles from the magazine on the wall, Harry was a Potions Master after all and that magazine was about information on Potions as the name indicated. Removing the plastic cover from the paper, noticing it was the Evening Prophet, yesterdays probably, unrolling it his amber eyes widened immediately at the headlines. Swallowing thickly, he began hastily reading it wanting all the information he could possibly get.

Wait, he had the Prince Floo address, Sirius had told him it in case of an emergency. This did constitute as an emergency in his book. Standing up abandoning the newspaper he grabbed some Floo powder he flung it in and yelled the address praying Harry was okay. Unfortunately he was bounced back; they weren't accepting people through the fireplace. Cursing quietly, wincing in pain, he knelt down and shouted the same thing this time only his head was enveloped in the green flames.

"Can I help you?" asked the house elf.

"May I speak to Severus Snape please?" asked Remus. It never hurt to be polite, not that he treated house elf's wrongly he was a 'creature' as well according to the magical world. So he was always polite knowing how much it hurt to be treated differently. Admittedly there was a big difference between house elf's and a werewolf but that was beside the point.

"Can I ask what it is regarding?" asked Rose, her big tennis eyes regarding him solemnly.

"It's about Harry, my name is Remus Lupin." added Remus.

"Please hold," said Rose, popping away, leaving Remus staring around an empty room, or rather empty of people, the room itself was tastefully done. It's too bad Sirius stayed in Grimmauld place, there was only so much you can do to that house. It was still cloaked in a darkness that would never be removed. Sirius didn't like it, but with the war they'd stayed somewhere they could actually sleep without someone attacking. If anything the Black's had been adamant about the protection of their properties.

"Master Severus, a wizard called Remus Lupin is in the Floo, he wants to talk about Master Harry." said Rose appearing in the room. She'd been given the task of speaking to everyone that Floo'ed to the manor. Severus was going about getting legal advice from lawyers and speaking to St. Mungo's after what happened. He was on a warpath that not even Eileen could calm him down from. Andy had just watched him half amused and half sorry for the Medi-witch, but she had brought this on herself.

"I'll go to him, I didn't tell him I wouldn't be back," said Sirius standing up not even slightly sheepish. His blue eyes were half mast as he continued to fight off sleep. He'd had ten coffees in the past twelve hours, so between needing the toilet and the coffee he was well awake. It didn't stop him from stumbling over his own feet, yawning again he made his way down the stairs, the polished smooth banister was completely clean. Sirius really liked it, his own banister was just old and decrepit, and why hadn't his family just built a main manor? Oh yes, because there had been too many of them. Now it was basically just him, and he had no need for a huge manor. If he and Remus survived the war he promised himself to buy a nice place, one where he could have nice staircases and touch everything without fearing it had a dark curse on it!

"Sirius? What are you doing here? The newspaper was unread!" said Remus blurted out in his surprise.

"I came yesterday to give Harry his present, I was told then." said Sirius sitting down so he was level with Remus.

"What happened? Is he okay? The newspaper says…" asked Remus panicked.

"He has septicaemia, but the Antibiotic's are working, he's got a little colour on him today." said Sirius. "He's not out of the woods yet, but the Healer says he is healing nicely." although he had a feeling the woman did not like him, then again he had been asking stupid questions. What could he say? He hadn't had any sleep in two days, and before that he'd only been getting five hours of sleep between working and teaching. He'd never thought he'd see the day where he taught anyone, Sirius had never seen himself as a teacher.

"Merlin, how did he even get septicaemia?" asked Remus, it was such a silly thing to do, hurt oneself and not make sure it was taken care of properly.

"He had a potions accident," revealed Sirius, "Harry ended up with second degree burns all over his body."

"Was he healed in time?" asked Remus worried.

"Yes to both," said Sirius, exhaustion radiating through him.

"Sirius…you need some sleep, please come home for a while." begged Remus. Sirius looked as though he was about to collapse any given second.

"You are kidding right?" asked Sirius his head jerking back up suddenly awake again. "I've let Harry down enough, the least I can do is be here for him now."

"You're completely exhausted! You aren't any good to Harry like this!" protested Remus.

"Everyone else in the room has stayed awake," said Sirius bluntly.

Eileen was the exception of the group; she had some sleep the night it happened, probably due to the calming draught the healer had administered. But since coming to the manor, absolutely nobody had slept; they'd kept a constant vigil on Harry, worried to death about him. It made Sirius' heart clench knowing how much they cared and how long they'd been there for him. It also made him felt like an outside, they knew so much about Harry that he didn't.

"Everyone else?" asked Remus his tone now curious.

"Yes, his friends, Cedric with his girlfriend Cho, there's Viktor Krum and his fiancé, Fleur and her partner and of course Luna and Neville." said Sirius. "I can't leave Harry need's to know I'm there for him when he wakes up." although a sneaky thought caught up with him - 'If Harry recognized him' the words the healer had uttered terrified him to the bone. What if Harry couldn't remember the progress they'd made? He would loose Harry all over again, he'd take it as long as Harry could brew again and didn't have problems concentrating and could remember everything else. His Potions Mastery had been the most important thing to Harry, as well as his education. He'd sat there and listened to how conflicted Harry was about everything, and how it was too much.

"That's nice," said Remus his smile bittersweet. "I'm surprised he's letting you stay." he couldn't help but add.

"I am too," said Sirius nodding, thankfully for most part he'd been quiet, with the exception when Severus had entered Harry's mind. "It's not been easy though, Snape's mum isn't exactly happy about it."

"You almost cost Eileen her only son," Remus reminded him without a hint of apology. He couldn't say kill because in fact it would have been him doing the killing. Or worse still turning Severus into a werewolf, not something he'd wish on his worst enemy.

"I know," scowled Sirius. He had been a teenager for Merlin's sake, why the hell couldn't everyone forget about it? He certainly wanted to, but was unable to do such a thing, with everyone bringing it up every other week. He had to admit he was ashamed of his actions, but he doubted he'd ever be able to say it out loud.

"Keep me updated, please." said Remus, "Will I keep teaching Nick while you are occupied?"

"Would you? That's great! Thank you Remy," said Sirius gratefully, he didn't want to have to choose between them, although if he had to at this point it would be Harry who wins. James could just take time off work to teach him if it came to it, Harry was hurt and needed everyone around him. Although he wasn't sure how much he was wanted, but he didn't let it deter him. "Does James know yet?"

"We trained Nick and everyone went to bed almost right away, he probably won't know until he reads the paper or goes to work." said Remus.

"Has he gained any measure of control from Fiendfyre yet?" asked Sirius, the grass in Potter manor was gone replaced with ash and blackness.

"Actually yes," said Remus nodding. "He even put it out before it caused any undue damage."

"Good." said Sirius.

"Sirius, Dumbledore wants me to go on a mission with him; he was extremely edgy about it. He didn't want me to tell anyone so don't tell anyone I told you." said Remus. "Tomorrow evening just in case you can't get in touch, so do not worry."

"Really? Just the two of you?" asked Sirius surprised, Dumbledore sent them on missions but never went any himself, and he usually worked behind the scenes. He stood out too much everywhere he went so he preferred to send everyone else to do things for him. The fact he didn't want Remus telling anyone was confusion and it made him a little apprehensive.

"Yes," admitted Remus his own concern evident in his voice.

"Let me know when you get back, the minute you get back Remy." said Sirius sternly.

"Of course," said Remus in agreement.

"Good." said Sirius; just then a knock at the door interrupted them. "Come in." added Sirius awkwardly, this wasn't his house after all.

"Hi, are you finished? I need to use the Floo," asked Andy, she was to report to St. Mungo's. Andy had a good idea what it was about. They didn't have move off their arses when complaints came from their brewers, people with money and connections to make the hospital suffer. Then again it might have something to do with Harry's name being mentioned, she wouldn't know.

"Err, yes we are, I'll Floo you later," said Sirius.

"Okay," said Remus before his head disappeared from the Floo network.

"Thank you," said Andy scooping up a handful of Floo powder and shouted in her destination, she too disappeared in a flash of green flames.

St. Mungo's Hospital For Magical Maladies And Injuries - Healer Walsh, Medi- Witch Tantum And Healer Bonham

Andy knocked on the door; waiting patiently for the head of St. Mungo's to answer her door. She didn't know why but she felt worried, it was like being sent to the Headmaster's office. People sent here usually ended up sacked, demoted, promoted or suspended. She had taken her two weeks paid holiday as well, in order to help Harry, once he was well she was going to take her husband on a holiday. After all the time she was sending away it was the least she could do, that's if he could get time of his work too. He worked as an Unspeakable at the Ministry of magic, he never said much about his work, but she understood that. She didn't talk about her work either, so other than how was your day, work didn't come up as a topic often.

"Come in," shouted Marian Bonham, not many recognized the name for what it was. Marian Bonham was a direct descendant from Mungo Bonham not only had he founded the hospital he had worked hard to become a healer afterwards. It had been a tradition afterwards to be healers, but the recent few generations had disregarded that, until she had become a healer. Her mother was proud of her; she had scarified a lot to be sitting where she was right now. She would never regret it though; she had settled down old but had two children and a man who loved her.

"You wished to see me Healer Bonham?" asked Andy walking in and standing next to the desk.

"I do," she said, "Take a seat." she added as she shuffled paperwork on her desk.

"Now I have had a serious complaint filed, I am to understand you are part of it care to explain?" asked Marian staring at her enquiringly. Noticing the witch wasn't in her line green healer robes, which meant she wasn't working today. She should be according to the roster but that didn't matter. Someone had abused the sanctity of professionalism, respect and privacy of the hospital and informed the press.

"Not part of it, but involved yes," explained Andy, "I was called away on a serious emergency; Mr. Peverell was injured badly in a Potions accident."

"How is he?" asked Marian concerned in a way only a healer could be.

"His recovery is going slowly, I arrived in time to save his spine, the first time I've used since I was a student." said Andy proudly.

Marian nodded understanding her enthusiasm and pride, so she didn't take it the wrong way.

"Unfortunately I was called back at home a few hours later; the second degree burns had become infected. He was suffering from Sepsis, and I had no choice but to use Dobby the house elf to gather antibiotics for him. Potions Master Severus Snape didn't have any made in the house, something he will probably rectify in the future. I made the mistake of asking for Medi-witch Tantum's help. The next thing we knew, there was an evening addition of the prophet about what had happened to Mr. Peverell."

"How far do you think this complaint could go?" asked Marian, she didn't really want to loose Medi-witches or healers, so before she did something she wanted to know Andy's view on things. Both of them were very influential, they could roadblock everything if they wanted to. Potions Masters stuck up for one another, it wouldn't be the first time, and Severus no doubt would remove himself from St. Mungo's employment. They would be lucky to get anyone else if he was angry enough to ensure it.

"My personal opinion is that he will leave no stone unturned. You know how it is with Potions Masters and their first apprentices, there's always a special bond between them." said Andy, if she was right judging by how Severus acted around Harry they were more than just Potions Master and apprentices/new Masters. She wasn't about to tell anyone either, not even her boss.

"Indeed, it is the same with Healers," said Marian smiling fondly as she remembered her own apprentice days under a renowned healer. They still kept in touch, even though she was not working at St. Mungo's anymore. "How sure are you that it was her? Could it have been anyone else?"

"I wish I could say yes, but no." said Andy. "Severus, Eileen and I were the only people who knew, house elf's don't betray their families. Outside of us only she knew and if needed I will swear an oath I spoke to nobody about it."

"I see," said Marian it seemed as if the case was pretty much settled. "What is your opinion? On what should be done?" wanting to make sure she wasn't being overly harsh with the Medi-witch.

"My opinion?" asked Andy wide eyed, "…Well…I…That is to say…I don't, can't say this is someone's career we are talking about."

"Indeed it is, but you are her supervisor, is there any redeeming? Is she outstanding at her job?" asked Marian, as she filled in some paperwork before giving the healer her full attention.

"She's adequate, but she's always the one to give most overtime when it's required," admitted Andy, which was difficult to come by.

"She still broke the oath all healers and Medi-witches are required to take." said Marian.

"She did," said Andy.

"Then I am afraid we really have no choice," said Marian sighing sadly, at the end of the day good Medi-witch or not they couldn't let it go unpunished. She had picked the wrong person to tangle with; Peverell and Snape were too powerful to let it go.

A hesitant knock sounded the door.

"Shall I leave?" asked Andy standing up.

"No, please stay." said Marian, "COME IN!"

"Healer Bonham you wished to speak to me?" asked Medi-witch Tantum entering the room, her blue eyes wide with worry. She had on her white robes, the emblem of a bone and wand crossing each other. Medi-Witches wore white robes while the healers wore lime green ones. In other words Medi-Witches fixed minor problems while healers fixed the worse ones.

"I do indeed, please have a seat." said Marian grimly.

Looking sicker every step she took, Tantum edged into the only available seat looking between her supervisor and her boss. She had been very surprised to get a letter from the head of St. Mungo's and terrified, it had taken her two calming draughts and going to the toilet five times to get up here. It was never good news getting called up; at least that's what her co-workers made abundantly clear.

"I shall get straight to the point," said Marian when the silence continued to stretch, feeling a slither of pity at the fear on the witches face. "Did you or not you not threaten the integrity of St. Mungo's by revealing private information about Mr. Peverell?"

Tantum made herself as small as possible on the chair, her thoughts whirling with the ramifications. Did she admit it or did she lie and then get found out? It would be worse that way; they had to have some reasonable doubt if she was up here. Which wasn't good, she'd known deep down whenever she got the letter that she was in trouble. "Yes, it was me. I am so sorry; my father is in debt up to his eyeballs, they are close to being evicted from the manor to pay for it, which has been in the family for five generations! I didn't mean for any of this to happen. Or for the hospital to be in trouble. I really am sorry." she said in a rush to explain herself, the money they'd given her for the story had paid it off, but at what cost? Her career? She'd planned on taking a course on healing now that she could pay for it. She hadn't wanted to remain a Medi-Witch the rest of her life, now she may not have either opportunity.

"If you want I can talk to Severus and Harry, see what they say about this," suggested Andy after ten minutes of silence. It was obvious they weren't sure how to proceed now they knew everything.

"You can," agreed Marian, "Until a decision has been reached, on whether you are fired or not, you will be suspended without pay starting now."

"Yes ma'am." said Tantum cringing, her life was now in the hands of Snape and Peverell, it wasn't looking good at all. She wouldn't even blame them if they wanted her job for what she did. She just didn't think it would come back to bite her, if she had waited longer maybe, but she'd had a chance to pay of her fathers debts and took it. She was wrong and she acknowledged that, perhaps someone would take pity on her.

"Very well, you may leave." said Marian, nodding at both of them curtly as they stood up and exited her office. Removing her glasses, she rubbed her eyes tiredly, she didn't like ending anyone's career, and it was the hardest part of her job. Unfortunately with power came great responsibility, and that responsibility was solely focused on the hospital and its reputation.

Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry - Headmaster's Office - Minerva and Dumbledore

"Did you read the Evening Prophet Headmaster?" asked Minerva as she entered the Headmaster's office.

"I can't say I did," said Albus staring at his Deputy headmistress surprised, "Has something happened?" he'd been catching up on some sleep he was behind on all the scholarship applications, which was important not only to the school but the students selected for it. Not everyone could afford the thousands of pounds it cost to send their child to Hogwarts. Mostly Muggle borns, since most half bloods and pureblood parents started putting money away the second their child was born, or those extremely rich pureblood's just paid for the seven years.

"Harry's had a Potions accident, he has sepsis," said Minerva sadly, placing her copy on the desk, she had already sent off flowers and money in a card. She didn't know him well enough to buy him something, she'd thought about making it vouchers for the apothecary but felt it was best not to.

"Is he going to be okay?" asked Dumbledore a frown marring his features; it would devastate Severus if anything happened to him. After all the Potions Master had chosen Harry over him, for something that hadn't been really intentional. He couldn't afford to spend time with Harry; it was Nick who had been important. He had to ensure the boy could defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort. He was nonetheless worried for the boy, and extremely proud of his accomplishments. Just like he was of any student who went on to do something with their life. The fact he had so young made him admire Harry greatly, its how he had hoped Nick would be like. The irony was abounds, Harry received more positive media and acknowledges than Nick ever did. They didn't know how Nick had survived the curse, they never would but Harry had worked hard for his fame.

"It doesn't say, I've written to Severus to enquire how he is, Filius has as well I believe." said Minerva. "I am unsure if he will be better to return when the term starts again. Sepsis is nasty business." she had known someone in her childhood who had died from it; she had been five years old at the time. And Penicillin had only been around for ten years, and wasn't widely used by everyone in the medical profession. Not even the magical world had antibiotics at that point, but they did when the first witch had died from it. It had first been discovered by Alexander Fleming, a Scottish scientist who had won a Nobel Prize for his work. Thankfully if it had been caught quickly, the potions should work, that's if the particular strain of bacteria wasn't immune to the potion.

"I do hope he recovers," said Albus, "I should also send a card, but I do not think it will be well received." he added sadly.

"Oh, Albus, stop being melodramatic, Severus still cares," said Minerva shaking her head.

"I wish he did." said Albus, he wanted so badly to be able to tell him about his latest discovery, see if perhaps there was a way Severus could see going forward. He had finally found out what the diary was it had horrified him to the bone. Instead he was going to have to take Remus along with him, hoping against hope to keep what they were looking for from him. None was better than Remus and Severus at detecting magic; even he was mediocre compared to them. Remus was great no doubt due to his creature side, Severus was just unique. He was glad to have him on his side, or rather side of light. He created his own potions, his own spells, was fast with a spell, created his own counter spells, was it any wonder he would have been proud to call Severus a son?

"Just talk to him Albus," said Minerva, "None of us know how long we have got. Don't let there be any regrets, with war its even more uncertain." her voice solemn as she spoke the heartfelt truth.

Albus looked up at her, a sad sympathetic smile on his face, he knew of Minerva's past, not many people did. Minerva had been an extremely private woman, and remained so to this day. Severus knew of course, both of them had bonded over not having someone in their life and wanting it badly. "You are right of course, Minerva." said Albus quietly, he had a large target on his back so out of them all, he would be the most likely to die in the war. He wanted Severus to know how proud he was of him, and to do that required more than contact for Order meetings.

"Has James discussed Lily at all?" asked Minerva, she would soon be released from Azkaban. Lily would have had her sympathy if it wasn't for the fact she'd tried to curse her own son. "I do hope you aren't going to allow her to stay here?"

"James hasn't said anything, no. I cannot offer her a safe heaven here, the Ministry would be furious. She tried to cast the Cruciatus curse on a sixteen year old boy. She will not be able to take a job that centres around children again, a fact that will no doubt be made extremely clear to her when she is freed." said Dumbledore solemnly.

"Of course," said Minerva nodding her head, she hadn't thought about that. "I wonder if he will be letting her stay at Potter manor or if she will have to find somewhere herself."

"He stood by his wife Minerva, no doubt she will be going back to Potter manor, although Nick might not be impressed." said Dumbledore thoughtfully, pouring himself and Minerva a cup of coffee from the tray that materialized on his desk. Passing one over he relaxed further into his seat, he would have to get right back to catching up as soon as Minerva left.

"Poor boy," said Minerva sadly, no doubt all this was difficult for him. "How is Roxy?"

"Come to think of it, I haven't seen her," mused Albus, frowning in concern, perhaps he should ask after her. He didn't want to repeat what he did with Harry and have another Potter furious with him. Well Harry was no longer a Potter but it was beside the point. It was too late with Harry but not with Roxy, maybe he could even suggest her sitting in on the lessons with Nick. It couldn't hurt either way.

"Perhaps she's spending the summer with friends?" suggested Minerva unaware of Albus' thoughts.

"She could be," said Dumbledore nodding.

"I best get off Albus, I must get the letters signed and posted, and ensure all the correct books are on the school list." said Minerva sighing in exasperation. Summer she had learned long ago, wasn't for teachers, it was sometimes just as busy as the school year was. Although the first week was without a doubt the worst, all the summer homework she assigned had to be marked, and that was worse than getting the new student letters out.

"I know how you feel," said Albus smiling in sympathy, gesturing towards his tray.

"I shall see you at lunch," added Minerva walking towards the door and leaving.

"Will Harry be alright Fawkes?" asked Albus.

Fawkes thrilled spreading his wings and singing a few notes, soothing Albus' worried soul.

"I hope you are right," said Albus his eyes twinkling as he observed his beautiful familiar.

Prince Manor - Harry's Room - Everyone!

"Is that a rash?" asked Eileen in concern as she gazed at the redness worried. It was in the inside, in a cervix of his upper and lower arm.

"Let me see," said Andy immediately, taking over and lifting his arm up. Gazing at it she signed in exasperation, this was turning out to be anything but a straightforward case. "It is a rash." she confirmed, "It's a side affect from the Penicillin in the potion. It affects one percent of anyone taking it, its one of the more mild affects one can get."

"Does he have to stop taking it?" asked Viktor worried from where he sat next to his fiancé Lukas; they'd planned on asking Harry to be best man when they visited during his birthday. It hadn't gone according to plan, he had known something was wrong when he saw Severus' face, and the Potions Master had confirmed it. Viktor and Lukas had dropped everything to be here.

"No, but if it gets worse it might be best," said Andy.

"What happens if he has to stop?" asked Fleur her accent thickest in the room. She curled into her boyfriend trying to get some form of comfort as she waited on the Healer replying.

"The only other option would be to use the Muggle antibiotic and method," she admitted.

"Muggle medicine? Does that take longer?" asked Neville. He didn't know much about the Muggle world, but from what he learned the Muggle borns seemed to love their potions. Luna had burst into tears when she first saw Harry, so he tried not to wake her up from where she sat slumped against him asleep. This would just set her off again, she felt so guilty for something that wasn't her fault.

"It does," admitted Andy.

"Do you have access to Muggle medicine?" asked Cho, she may not be as close to Harry as the others, but she had gotten to know him and really liked him.

"Of course they do, they treat squibs with Muggle medicine since it's easier on their bodies." said Severus bluntly, answering before the Healer had a chance to respond to the silly question. Given that it was a student it wasn't answered with scorn and mocking. Of course it didn't stop Squibs from taking Potions, but without active magic they didn't get the full use of the potion.

"Oh," said Cho her cheeks turning pink.

"No worries sweetie," said Andy smiling at her in sympathy. Knowing Severus, as she was becoming all too familiar, she knew if he had wanted to, he could have been much worse.

Just then a burst of light erupted in the room, causing everyone including Eileen to remove their wand with speed that would have caused onlookers get whiplash. Or wonder what the hell had happened to cause it, as it was they relaxed quite quickly when they realized it was only Fawkes the Headmaster's phoenix. An animal everyone in the room was all too familiar with.

"Hello Fawkes," said Severus, stroking the bird's magnificent plumage. Then he removed the letter from the Phoenix's leg, and placing the letter in his pocket having no intentions of reading it here and now.

Fawkes flapped his wings, keeping a steady pace, before lowing itself down to a space on the bed. Thrilling loudly, calming everyone down, soothing their worries leaving them feeling peaceful. Fawkes then stared at Harry, his small eyes roaming over the injuries. It was almost as if Fawkes was judging Harry, in reality it was in awe of Harry's power. Lowering his head, he cried just above the wound. His pearly white tears, falling and continuing to absorb into Harry's skin. Ignoring the hush and loud shouts that followed it.

Then Harry's green eyes flew opened alert and aware.

I bet you werent expecting that were you! just be warned though Harry still has to recover just becuase fawkes has gotten rid of the infection he still has to get better his organs have been through a great ordeal. So it seems Dumbledore knows about the Horcruxes will he confide in Severus and be astonished that he already knows? or will severus pretends he knows nothing? will Dumbledore end up cursed again or will Remus prevent that from happening? what other ones will he retrieve? or will Harry and Severus beat him to each of them? or will they allow Dumbledore to get them? dying in the cave with Remus trying to help? or will Harry and Severus brew a potion in one of the books that causes all soul pieces to come together into one container to be dealt with making Voldemort vulnerable and mortal once more? R&R PLEASE!