Chapter 71


Severus & Harry - The Caribbean

Harry and Severus landed firmly at the 'Portkey' dock which was cornered off so nobody wandered into it. They didn't want to start the journey with accidents. Looking around, the wide open sun and water gleaming for miles, it just screamed peaceful. Severus guided Harry off the platform, knowing others would be coming by the same means. Although there were quite a lot of people queued up outside, waiting to get onto the ship. He wouldn't be surprised if they had been in the immediate area, there certainly wouldn't be many from Britain here on holiday. Harry wandered away, looking down at the water; it was so blue, nothing like he'd seen in Egypt, as beautiful as the country was, this was much better. The heat was greater than he was used to. As he continued to stare at the blue water, his minds worries just drifted away, the Horcruxes, his stupid accident, the fact he had been a Horcrux, and the knowledge he'd be going back to hunt more. This was his holiday and he was determined to enjoy every second of it, and every second of Severus. Turning to face him, a grin spread across his face, he had no more excuses left, and if he had his way…well lets just say they both might be getting a lot of satisfaction in the coming days.

"Come, we must sign in, especially if we are the last passengers using a Portkey." said Severus, perhaps bringing Harry on holiday hadn't been his best idea. He'd seen the look crossing his face, hormonal teenagers, what had he gotten himself into? Yet as Harry took his hand in his, he found himself unable to care, come what may, it had been a long time since he let himself enjoy life as he should just like his friend said.

Opening the door, both men stepped into the air conditioned corridor, and made their way to the reception. The ship was already jam packed, Harry observed plenty of them walking around with cloaks on, they must have been imbued with cooling charms otherwise they were all insane. Their accents, he realized why, they were used to the heat unlike him, who already felt as if he was melting. The air conditioning was nowhere near cool enough for what he was used to back in the UK.

"I hate queues," said Harry, groaning at the sight of it, but inevitably stood in line. Although it moved at a brisk pace, since there were five different people getting them all set for their vacation. Basically just taking the Portkey, paperwork or whatever they had, then handing over the key welcoming them to the ship. The ship was called 'Hecate' goddess of magic, as most things; boats/ships were always named after goddess' or women in general. Ironic really, since in the older days, it was considered bad luck to have women aboard. The American's were big in believing the Greek gods, even Wizards and Witches. So it would stand to reason, they would name the ships after them.

"Indeed," said Severus, smirking, he unlike Harry wasn't impatient.

"Too bad we can't just go to our room," said Harry his gaze fixed on Severus' backside. Which he didn't get to see very often, cloaks were so restricting to sight. They were so pale compared to nearly everyone there; it made them look as if they were ill. Hopefully they would get some sun while they were there, given how pale Severus was could he get a tan? He was paler than everyone else; maybe it was the black he was used to seeing Sev wearing all the time. He couldn't wear black like that on holiday; with a bit of luck he could convince him to wear some other colours that didn't include grey, black and white. Which was exactly what he had on, black shorts and a white shirt with a grey vest underneath it.

"It appears as if you've fully recovered then," said Severus, biting the inside of his lip. That heated gaze made him feel like a pubescent teenager again. He knew what it was like to be attracted to someone, but he'd never really been on the reciprocated end of that attraction. He had been attracted to people way beyond his reach. He knew he wasn't much to look at, he still didn't understand Harry's attraction to him, but he was beyond caring anymore. It was obvious Harry cared about him, it was written all over his face and in his eyes every time he looked at him. His attitude probably didn't help matters either, especially when he was a teenager. He'd always been awkward with others, well other than Lily. That's not to say he was 'innocent' that hadn't been in his vocabulary since he was thirteen years old. Not that he ever considered himself innocent; he'd been introduced to the real world far too young.

"Mostly," said Harry in agreement, he still felt weak at times, but he wasn't letting it affect him. He wasn't going to lie on a bloody bed on holiday, even if he had to take a Pepper-Up Potion every day. He was going to go out and explore the islands, get as many exotic potion ingredients as possible. He would look forward to playing around with them, seeing what they could do. He wasn't going to tell Sev, he didn't want to end up tied up on permanent bed rest. He knew how possessive Sev could get, part of him loved it the part that had been crushed by James and Lily with his forced independence at such a young age. Both he and Severus were more alike than either realized; time would come though when they would know each other better.

"Mostly?" enquired Severus, eyeing Harry as if he suspected he would drop down in dead faint any second. Moving up the queue when a space appeared. Perhaps they should have a rest before exploring the ship; they had two days to do it after all before they got to the first Island. If the itinerary was still the same, then that first Island on their schedule was the Cayman Island. If Harry wasn't up for it then he would remain with him, it was his holiday after all and if Harry couldn't enjoy it, then he wasn't going to either. Although it would irritate him that all those potential herbs and potion ingredients were just lying in wait.

"I'm fine," said Harry immediately, wishing he hadn't opened his mouth now. Unfortunately he didn't like to lie; he also hated being lied to.

"Hmm," replied Severus stepping to the counter, handing over the used Portkey and their documents. Not even listening to the welcome speech, as he continued to watch Harry. Accepting the key, he ushered them away from the counter, and began to make their way to their suite. Harry had enjoyed the extravagance of the hotel they'd last stayed in, so he had gotten them the best room. Severus had never cared for showing off, he would have been happy in a normal room. He had a reason for buying what he did or doing something he did. Such as moving into Prince Manor, he had only moved there when he quit Hogwarts, to keep himself safe. Staying in Spinners End wasn't an option; it was just too open to Muggle. Plus if they came for him, everyone in the area would have been hurt or killed. He hadn't cared much for them, or even spoke to them, but he wouldn't have been able to live with himself if he'd been the cause of their death. He could fight back, they had no chance, and against magic it was utterly futile. So he'd sold Spinners End, he'd given the money to his mother, added more from the Prince vaults not that she knew. Her small shop hadn't achieved much profit, she'd been happy there so he left her to it making sure she had enough to get by. She'd always been too proud to take money from him, thanks to Harry and her concern for him she'd been convinced to come back to Prince Manor. Somewhere she would remain safe, even if the wizarding world was taken over. The wards he'd say were more powerful than those at Hogwarts, for the simple reason there were more here than at the school. There were only so many wards one could have when there were children all around them. In other words nothing dangerous, but if they tried anything in Prince Manor the results would be…excruciatingly painful.

Severus unlocked the door to their suite, and Harry walked in, his jaw immediately dropped as he gazed around the magnificent room. Harry walked further into the room, avoiding the furniture gazing up and around in awe. "I thought this was a magical holiday?" he said still gaping utterly flummoxed.

"I've told you before, America isn't as behind as England in using Muggle electronics." said Severus. They knew Muggle electronics and magic did not go hand in hand, hence there was a sight that clearly stated 'Do Not Perform Magic on the Room or Its Equipment' also one that said much to his amusement 'No Smoking'. Most wizards didn't smoke Muggle cigarettes, it wasn't good for you. Those that lived in the Muggle world with family though, that was another thing altogether.

"I know do you know what all this stuff is?" asked Harry, staring at the Muggle electronics, out of pure curiously pressing the button in the middle. The thing immediately came on; Harry cocked his head to the side, watching what appeared to be people in a play acting out scenes. It must be like the laptop Eileen got him a few years ago, or something similar.

Severus shook his head in exasperation, how could Lily have completely abandoned her Muggle roots? It's obvious she hadn't even taken them there once. "Have you ever been in the Muggle world?" asked Severus, pressing the remote into Harry's hand, pressing them to change the channels letting Harry see what it does. "It's a television, things can be recorded, saved and watched." making a note to go and buy some books so Harry could read up on all new Muggle inventions so he at least knew what was what. He was a quick study; he would pick up things like a duck took to water.

"No, well…Lily would take Nick and Roxy to the beach, James would always be too busy that day…I don't think he liked the Muggle world much." said Harry shrugging.

Severus forcefully bit his lip, the urge to ask Harry where he had been was strong. He already knew his answer, they'd forgot his very existence, either that or just didn't care enough about him to think about him. Both thoughts enraged him, as did the knowledge Lily out and back to her normal life. After all the hurt she'd caused this precious being in front of him. Shaking his thoughts off, Severus watched as Harry gleefully looked around, it always made Severus feel amused, happier when Harry acted more his age.

Severus watched Harry's fingers trail along the Baby Grand Piano, and walk to the other side of the room, nosing in the cupboards of the Private bar. He couldn't see from here, but he knew it would be a mixture of Muggle and Magical alcoholic spirits. Looking around, he noticed on the balcony there was a seven seat table/dining room. At the other side, behind the glass staircase was a library. Nothing compared to theirs of course, as Eileen had stated, they'd had to start up another room as a library. The wall had been simply removed, giving the library the appearance of doubling in size. The Elves had set up new shelves, but for most part that area was pretty empty. It wouldn't remain that way for long, he and Harry had bought so many books, no doubt here they would do the same thing. Moving over he noticed a bath and shower on the main level. When he returned Harry was nowhere to be seen.

"You should see the bathroom up here!" called Harry, standing at the doorway of the bathroom. A large bathtub, a separate shower that would accommodate five people and two sinks and a bidet. It was the size of the living room, and you could see nothing but the open water, and the side of a ship but that wouldn't remain there. The pictures hanging were bright and colourful, complimenting the beautiful colours in the room. The bedroom had a towel wrapped up in the shape of a hippogriff on the bed, smiling softly, he touched it amused.

Just then a loud voice vibrated around the room, and probably all rooms in the ship. Welcoming them onto the ship, and announcing that the safety regulation meeting would begin shortly and everyone was to make their way to atrium. Once it finished talking, Harry made his way down the stairs. "Do we really have to go to that meeting?" asked Harry. It wasn't as if they were stuck on the boat if anything happened, they could Apparate out of there.

"If you would rather remain, by all means stay." said Severus wryly, removing their trunks and returning them to normal. Flicking his wand the trunks floated themselves up the stairs. He knew if he looked he would find them at the bottom of their beds. He'd added a charm to both, preventing anyone namely the help from opening them. He didn't trust very easily, and he'd rather be careful and cautious than stupid and ripped off. He hadn't brought much with him admittedly, just two books, his clothes and his potions. Not all of them were strictly legal, so he definitely didn't want to have someone going through them.

"Thank you," said Harry, hugging Severus close, wrapping his arms around his neck, closing his eyes and just relishing in the contact. Relaxing completely when Severus' arms wrapped around him just as tightly. Merlin he hoped he could defeat Voldemort; he couldn't risk losing Severus, not now, not ever. There would be nothing for him to live for if he died, he loved his friends and Eileen of course, but they all paled to comparison next to his feelings for Severus. Shoving those thoughts aside, he was on holiday; they were safe at least for the next fortnight.

"You're welcome," said Severus, Merlin when he first saved Harry he only fourteen years old, and was lucky if he came up to the middle of his chest. Now his face fit in the crook of his neck, seventeen years of age and already a Potions Master. He'd grown so much, in just a few short years, was it wrong to love someone as much as he loved Harry? Probably, but he couldn't care less, Harry knew a lot about him, his nature and didn't seem turned off by it. He'd never find another person like Harry if he lived two lifetimes.

"Come on, we best get this over with." said Severus, then they could enjoy the rest of their holiday without interruption.

Severus & Harry Continued

Harry and Severus had stayed at the meeting, listening to them giving their lecture. Magical fires were prohibited upon the ship, or anywhere else. Where the exits were, what they were to do upon a fire starting, or if anything happened the boat. Then they told them about spells that were handy in the event of a fire, spells to use when going into the water, to prevent drowning, such as the bubble head charm and floating spells. Of course the potion Harry created (to breathe under water) was mentioned causing him to blush and duck down, not wanting anyone to recognize him. It didn't last long, since Gillyweed was also mentioned also available to purchase at the apothecary store they had upon the ship for only six sickles.

"Six sickles? Are they out of their mind?" whispered Harry annoyed; it was more expensive than they usually paid for it back home.

"Everything on a ship costs more, it's the way they make money." said Severus just as quietly.

"Well I won't be buying anything on the ship." groused Harry; he knew what it was like not being able to afford anything. Although people on the boat could probably afford to splurge, Harry didn't, he bought only what he needed. The only items he bought that could be remotely considered for pleasure was his books. Like Severus had said before, Harry didn't buy anything for himself on holiday, he usually bought for his friends and that was it.

Severus just smirked sardonically, wondering how long Harry would be able to live up to that one. Once they were finished speaking, everyone began to wander off again. Most going to their rooms, the boat was already in motion, and would remain so for two days.

"Hungry?" asked Severus, turning to face Harry, he had to make sure he ate a lot; he'd spent the past week or so recovering. He had been unconscious so he hadn't received much nourishment other than the potions he'd given him. He was surprisingly famished himself.

"Yes, actually I am." said Harry, his stomach growled in agreement.

"Then lets go find a breakfast bar," said Severus, leading the way.

"You are still coming to the Delacour's aren't you?" asked Harry curiously, as they walked through the ship. He was looking forward to seeing Fleur's house; she'd missed her family a great deal while she was in Hogwarts. Despite the fact she wouldn't have seen them anyway; he assumed she missed the lack of familiarity of home. The food Hogwarts served had been too heavy for her. He wanted Severus to come with him, Severus was his partner now, and he wanted to share all aspects of his life with him.

"I gave my word, of course I will be there." said Severus, although he didn't think he would be eating much. Frogs legs and snails…those were Potion ingredients not food he wanted to consume. Perhaps it was because he's spent years slicing and dicing them or because they sounded disgusting unappealing. He was hopeful they would have at least another Horcrux found and destroyed before then. The smell of a proper breakfast caught his nose, they were close, and of course he was proven right, when the doors opened giving way to the restaurant.

"Here is a menu, take your time I'll be back in a few minutes," said the waiter, handing both of them a menu. After sitting both of them down in a table for two.

"It much cooler in here," commented Harry, as he read his menu.

"It is indeed," said Severus, he was actually shivering; it always amazed him how quickly the body could acclimate to certain temperatures. He hadn't even properly been outside in the sun yet, if this was how it was now, it was going to be difficult to adjust when they got home.

"What can I get you?" asked the waiter returning, waiting patiently for them to speak a small smile on his face.

"Full English breakfast, a side of pancakes with syrup, the fruit platter and coffee." said Harry, he was starving.

"Full English breakfast with a blueberry muffin and coffee." replied Severus, handing their menus back.

"I'll be right back sir," the waiter said, accepting the menu's before disappearing into the kitchen. The restaurant was still pretty empty, although it was early at least here anyway. At least they would be able to eat in peace before it got too loud with all the passengers.

"How is the Potion to help the Longbottom's coming? Any progress?" asked Severus, he hadn't asked lately and he was admittedly curious.

"Not very well, I don't think I'm going to be able to do it alone, there are so many different aspects of the potion. It request people with knowledge on different things…I felt so stupid talking to the healer; I need someone with definitive knowledge and understanding on the human brain. Like Terrance, he had to learn about it for his potion, so at least a years worth of knowledge and he had a sister I think he said that was a healer. I'm thinking about asking him if he would like to try and make it together…but I don't trust him completely, what if he ended up taking my idea and publishing it for his own?" said Harry. "Plus he would have to be here, and with the war…it would be at the height of madness to agree."

"What else?" asked Severus thoughtfully.

"Well I'll probably need someone like you too, you know the mind better than anyone else," said Harry, grabbing a roll and munching on it.

"They are both the same thing," replied Severus frowning.

"No, they aren't, there's so many pathways, you know thoughts, feelings and how magic courses through the mind. Terrance knows about brains, how they function its two sides of the same coin but totally different. I can't get any further in my studies until I learn more about them. To do that requires too much reading, especially with everything else going on. I'm going to need help, it doesn't sit well with me admitting this either." said Harry scowling petulantly.

"Then get a Vow from him if you are determined to go down this path. That way he cannot publish anything not his own, at least not without dying and for a young man that idea probably isn't all that appealing." said Severus wryly. Many who brewed Potions preferred to brew alone, not wanting to share credit for what they preserved as their accomplishments. However, a potion as Harry was attempting, would take months if not years. What he said was true, for someone not experienced in the mind fields would find it very difficult.

"I suppose I could," said Harry nodding as he ate another piece of the roll, his mind drifting. The thought of someone coming in and dissecting his work didn't sit well with him though. Wouldn't he and Severus be able to do it? Sev was brilliant at Potions, if anyone could do it, it was him. "I guess I'll just have to see how it goes."

"At least he isn't asking every time you see each other," said Severus, pointing out a good thing about the entire situation. In fact Neville was getting on with his life, and Severus greatly admired that. He was engaged to Luna Lovegood, despite the tragedy that stuck the family he was holding it together remarkably well. The brother though, was younger but he didn't know anything about him.

"Yeah," said Harry, "He loves them though, and I can see it in his eyes how much he wants them. I envy him, I always have done." Neville and Frankie had been raised by parents who cared, about both of them, neither was treated differently. He'd watched them a lot growing up, when they were over at the Potter's anyway.

Severus didn't reply there was nothing he could say to make the situation any better. The Potter's had treated Harry despicably, nothing would change that. All Harry could do now was face a very bright future; he had certainly broken from the mould the Potter's stuck to. Becoming Auror's and living life as a 'hero' in the spotlight, that's what they usually did. Harry seemed to shy away from any thoughts of fame and being recognized. Just earlier he'd ducked away when his potion was mentioned. He truly feared what Harry would do if and when the news got out he was the Boy-Who-Lived. It was inevitable; he was surprised it wasn't already out. As much as he hated it, Dumbledore was right, secrets just didn't stay secrets; sooner or later it got out. He would just have to stand by him, assure him it didn't change anything, especially not for him or his friends…he hoped.

"Your breakfasts," said the waiter, Jim said returning placing the plates on the table before leaving.

"Thank you," said Harry to his retreating back. "I guess they don't use House-Elf's."

"You'll find them in the back," said Severus wryly, glad Harry wasn't dwelling on the Potter's anymore. He had wondered on and off if he should have told Harry or not. Now he realized, it was probably for the best after all, otherwise he would be thinking about the Potter's even more. It was ironic really, since Harry could go months without thinking about them. Oh he knew when Harry dwelled on his past; he just got that look in his eyes, on his face.

"I didn't think of that," said Harry sheepishly, as he dug into his breakfast.

"Hmm," said Severus grabbing his coffee, by this time he'd usually had four cups, so he was dying for some caffeine. His eyes caught outside, the ship was on the move, nothing but water could be seen. Had they moved that far they couldn't see the other ships? They were probably off to different islands; he really should find out their itinerary, Dobby had not returned with one, he wanted to make sure they were going where he thought they were. He would go after breakfast, and then their days were pretty wide open.

"I brought all my potion journals with me, would you like to see if you can offer suggestions on the potion?" asked Harry, giving Severus his best puppy dog look.

Severus chuckled, shaking his head wryly, "That look doesn't work on me," he said. "Never has worked."

"No? Then there's definitely another way to convince you," said Harry, stubbing his shoe off, before seductively trailing his foot up his leg, until he got to something that was stirring in interest to his touches.

"Enough," said Severus, pressing his hand against Harry's foot, he was not going to walk around with a hard on in front of everyone. Especially in these shorts, he had no way of hiding it, so he was going to have to think a hell of a lot of cold thoughts before standing. Cursing inwardly, he was going to be driven insane, perhaps they should just go back to their room after breakfast...

Harry pouted before reluctantly acknowledging it was too public, removing his foot he put his shoe back on. On one of the islands he would need to buy a pair of sandals, his feet were boiling, hardly surprising since he was wearing socks, so he didn't end up with aching feet. He hadn't brought any with him, because he didn't own sandals. Just wait until they were in their room, then he wouldn't have an excuse.

Hogwarts - Ravenclaw Common Room - Roxy

Roxy moved to sit on the blue leather couch, the fire warming her up as she crossed her legs. She had been through so much, yet in a weird way she felt more at peace than she ever had done. She had friends in her new house, friends that genuinely cared, liked the same things she did. In her years as a Gryffindor, she hadn't had any friends, even Frankie; a childhood friend had found his own thing here at Hogwarts. She wasn't angry at him anymore, she wasn't angry at many people anymore. Opening the letter, she wasn't surprised it was from her dad, her mum had been released but she hadn't written yet. For the past few years, she'd realized Nick came first; she'd gotten a little taste of what Harry went through. She'd been in denial of course; instead she blamed Harry for the cause of it all. It took Nick and her dad to make her see that Harry was innocent in all this, and that Lily's actions were her own.

Family life had gotten so hard for a while, but when she accepted the truth, she was finally able to move on. Her dad had taken her to the study and told her to let it out, that he wouldn't stop her or give her a row for anything she said or did. She'd yelled so much her throat hurt afterwards, and after a lot of tears, potions, explanations and cuddles she saw what her dad and brother had seen before her. She'd often thought about writing to him, in fact she had done but she didn't send it. Roxy had just scrunched them up and put them in the bin. She just didn't know what to say, the things she'd said to him was unforgivable. Maybe one day she would be able to write something that didn't sound silly, she was only thirteen years old at the end of the day.

Roxy read the letter from her dad, explaining that her mother would have to stay at Potter Manor for four years during her probation. It was one of the stipulations the Ministry required, she wasn't supposed to be alone, unsupervised. His dads thoughts over the past year had changed, he'd mourned for her then became resigned. She had known somewhere deep in side they'd never be the happy family they'd been before Hogwarts came into their life. She just had to deal with it, like everything else that happened.

Her mum had been an inspiration, she'd always wanted to be just like her, and that included putting herself in Gryffindor. Then all this had happened, even a year on she wasn't sure how she felt about her, but at least she wouldn't have to face it until Christmas. Her dad said she could stay if she wanted to, that he'd understand, even though he'd rather have her back home in the safety of Potter Manor.

"Are you coming Roxy? We are going to the library to begin working on the essay!" said Roberta, as she rushed through the Ravenclaw common room. Grabbing her school bag, and stuffing her quills and extra paper into it. She couldn't wait to get started on her first essay for defence of the year. She wanted it to be good enough to get an EE, to do that she had to research properly. Last year she'd only gotten A's, and she was hoping to change that, her parents would be so disappointed if she didn't get her grades up.

"We?" asked Roxy, looking up from her letter.

"Yeah, Joan, Hilary and Margret are coming…how about it?" asked Roberta, standing up, slinging her bag around her back. Ready to leave the common room and head to the library, just as the others she'd mentioned trampled down the stairs. They had a few hours before dinner, and they were all hopeful to have it finished by then.

"Give me a second!" said Roxy, running up the stairs to grab her own things, pushing everything from her mind not wanting to dwell on it anymore. She had until the sign up sheet to decide if she wanted to remain at Hogwarts or not. She was just from now on, going to take the days as they came. Who knows? Maybe one day she'd gather up the courage to write to Harry and tell him all the things she felt in her heart.

"Thanks, let's go!" said Roxy, as she emerged from the girl's staircase and ran to her friends who were waiting rather impatiently on her.

"Can I come with you guys?" asked Danny.

"Sure," said Roxy blushing, unable to look him in the eye. He made her feel funny inside, every time he spoke to her or stared at her. She glared at her friends who giggled at her discomfort; they were teasing her mercilessly about her 'crush' on Danny. She'd liked him even in Gryffindor but that was only in passing, now that she was in Ravenclaw though she saw him a lot more. His messy blonde hair, blue eyes and the way he spoke, he was just so cute. He was a year older than her, and didn't need to pay any attention to her yet he did.

"Great," said Danny standing up and joining the group as they exited the common room.

Potter Manor - Lily & James

Lily jerked awake, panting as sweat poured of her in waves, and nightmares plagued her sleep, as they did in Azkaban. She had been hopeful once she was back home they wouldn't be so…frightening. Her heart felt like it was going to burst out of her chest; she hated the fear that coursed through her. She'd thought it was the Dementors that caused her unease after she'd been asleep apparently it wasn't. Lily looked around and her eyes dimmed, James was acting so odd, it certainly hadn't been the welcome she'd wanted that's for certain. At least she was home, she tried to console herself, and she couldn't wait to see her son, what would he look like? A year had gone by he'd probably changed, her little boy all grown up.

Like James had said, all her clothes and everything were in here, if left a poignant pain in her heart. It was as if James didn't want to be with her anymore. Sliding out of bed, she looked through her wardrobe for something to wear. Putting them on, she shrank her clothes to fit her better. Hopefully she wouldn't need to keep doing that for long; unfortunately her stomach couldn't stand much food.

She was grateful to be on the first floor, because after walking only a few feet she was beginning to ache again already. Not letting it deter her she made her way down the stairs. Keeping a tight grip of the banister as she did so, then using the wall to support her until she finally got into the living room. James was busy writing something at the corner of the room; he didn't even notice her at first.

"Good morning, how are you feeling?" asked James, when he finally did notice her.

"I'm a little better," said Lily, a small smile on her face, he still cared even if only a little bit and it gave her hope.

"Good, breakfast will be here in a moment," said James, and just as he spoke, platters of food appeared on the table.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" said Lily, flicking her wand at the plate, as she sat down. Puzzlement flashed across her face, why hadn't the spell worked? "Wingardium Leviosa!" still nothing.

"What is going on?" panicked Lily; her wand had worked just moments ago.

"Calm down, it might just be that it's not the right wand for you anymore." said James not sharing her panic.

"It worked five minutes ago to shrink my clothes!" shrieked Lily, her eyes bulging with panic and fear.

James frowned; the wand obviously worked so why wasn't it with that particular spell?

"Try a different one?" suggested James eventually, flummoxed by what was going on.

"Accio salt!" shouted Lily, and the salt pot flew towards her.

"Interesting," said James, he'd never seen anything like this happen before, and he'd seen a lot as an Auror.

"What did they do to my wand?" cried Lily; they'd said she could cast magic so why would they take away certain spells?

"What do you mean?" asked James, sitting himself down on the dining table.

"Wa…wasn't it the Minister?" asked Lily sniffling, she felt as though she had lost her magic altogether.

"We don't have the power to do something like that Lils," said James, shaking his head.

"Then what is wrong with me?" asked Lily terrified.

"I have no idea," said James, flicking his own wand out, "Wingardium Leviosa!" the plate of food floated towards Lily effortlessly.

Lily closed her eyes as dread shifted like a volcano about to erupt.

"I'll go get help, see if they can shed some light on the situation." said James, moving towards the fireplace and shouting in 'Headmaster Dumbledore's office Hogwarts!'

"Albus are you there?" called James, unable to see anything other than the Headmaster chair and desk. Which was it usually was, was filled with tons of paperwork. He knew the feeling of frustration, there was an unending amount of paperwork to do as an Auror too.

"I am. Is everything alright with Nick?" asked Dumbledore concerned.

"He's fine, but I'm not calling about that, can you come over to Potter Manor? I have a situation here I could use your help with…its something I don't even know where to begin with." said James tense.

"Of course," said Dumbledore stalking over as James disappeared from the fire.

is Love is in the air for Roxy or is it going to be another hurt as she grows up and matures? will this be what Harry and Roxy bond over potentially? will Dumbledore know or merely suspect that its Merlins law doing it to Lily? will she ever get her magic back when she learns her lesson or will it be for good? as someone did point out the dream thing was way overdone! so this is the route I've decided on well the slashy snarry goodness is coming...but im not sure if I want to post it on really worried about my account being purged but if it was going to be I'm sure my other stories would have been affected as well :P so will Harry top the first time? since he is doing the seducing or will Severus as always be the one in charge ;) what do you think so far? will I add scenes with Eileen? I don't want to leave her out...but she wont be doing much! will Harry and Severus be able to create the potion alone or will they have to add Terrance in the ground breaking potion that will change the face of potions forever? R&R PLEASE!