Chapter 75

Holiday Fun And Bad News

The Caribbean - Harry And Severus - Their Room

"I told you the spell wouldn't be enough," said Harry, his lips pursed to stop himself from laughing. They were on their second day of the cruise, tomorrow they would actually be docking. He was looking forward to it; despite the fact the rest had been rather refreshing. Sev hadn't let him pick up more than one book and it wasn't an educational one, Harry found he didn't mind it was nice just sitting around in the sun doing nothing other than talking to one another. Or going to the club at night, and having a few drinks. He wasn't used to it, having nothing to do; he was used to his day being filled completely then falling into bed exhausted at night. At Hogwarts he'd read everything he could get his hands on, and then came the tournament. Which made him read more trying to figure out how to survive it. Then it was a maze of studying and brewing for his O.W.L's and Mastery, which did at one point become too much for him to handle. He'd honestly felt if he read one more book his head was literally going to explode. Then before he knew it he had passed his Mastery and he'd been able to relax slightly.

Severus just looked at Harry drolly, before wincing in pain; the sunburn was down the entire length of his back and chest. He hadn't felt anything when he went to sleep last night, but this morning he felt as though he was suffocating. His body felt like one big huge blister. He had stupidly tried to go for a shower; he'd lasted all of two seconds before jumping out of it in shock.

"Do you want me to go down to the shop and get a potion?" asked Harry sombrely, his amusement fading.

"Paying double for watered down second rate potions? No thank you." said Severus his sneer evident. He didn't trust potions, at least none he hadn't brewed himself at any rate. Rummaging around in the drawer looking at his long sleeved top in disgust. He dreaded putting it on, he could just imagine how agitated his skin would be at something on it.

"Lie down," said Harry raking in his bag, looking for something that would take the edge of Severus' pain until he brewed something for him. Finding what he was looking for, after rummaging for around five minutes. He grinned in triumph; it looked as though Potion ingredients were once again going to save the day.

"No need to sound so smug," said Severus rolling his eyes as he did as instructed, feeling vulnerable but he trusted Harry completely. As evident by sleeping in the same bed with him without his wand under his pillow at that. Hissing as his bare chest rubbed against the bedding.

"I'll brew the potion for you, it will only take half an hour," said Harry as he scooped up a handful of pure Aloe Vera, there was no additives in it. They knew because it was from Prince Manor, the plant had been cut down to the root and the juice extracted from the large and small stems. Additives were a big no-no when it came to putting it in cauldrons full of different potion ingredients.

"I can brew myself, I'm not an invalid H-ahh, that feels good," moaned Severus, as the Aloe Vera began to immediately soothe and take the heat from his back. Sighing softly, as those nimble fingers made quick but lingering work on his raw red back. He wasn't used to people other than his own mother looking out for him, but even at that he couldn't stand too much of that. Biting his tongue, unable to help his body's reaction to the soft caresses.

Harry shook his head, grinning wryly; Severus had thought the spell would be enough to prevent him getting sunburnt. He had of course warned him, since it had happened to him; it wasn't strong enough to stop you being burnt in such fiery weather. He'd thought Egypt was warm; it was nothing on this climate. He couldn't deny that he liked being this close to Severus, and looking after him. Even if it was in such a minor way like helping him with this. "Sit up and turn over." said Harry when he'd put off long enough, he would have continued for as long as he could. At least his arms hadn't been burnt…but that's only because he refused to bare them. Severus sat up scooted down to the edge of the bed, his legs open allowing Harry get closer to him to put on the Aloe Vera. His skin had never been burnt to such a degree before, or at all he made a habit of staying out of the sun. It was why his skin was so pale and it was just fine with him.

"Will you let me try that unicorn blood?" asked Harry, touching the mark, showing Severus he not at all repulsed by it. How could he be? When Severus had never been repulsed by any mark he bore? He'd made that obvious. Harry shivered remembering how Severus had shown him. Merlin he wanted a physical relationship so badly, but he would wait until Severus was ready. It was ironic really, he was the younger of the two and he was waiting until Severus was ready. He knew why though, it wasn't just because of the whole Mastery thing; Severus thought he'd realize it wasn't love and just lust and leave. He didn't understand why Severus had such a bad outlook of himself, but considering the things he'd been through it didn't surprise him. Severus was in for a surprise, because he was in this for the long haul.

Severus watched Harry's fingered trace the mark as though it was a fascinating tattoo. Just looking at it made him want to rip it off his skin, he hated the constant reminder of the bad decisions he'd made as a teenager. He'd tried everything he could think of to remove it. If Harry thought the Unicorn blood would work, then why not give it a try? Although he wasn't as hopeful, he didn't think anything other than Voldemort's death would remove the mark of ownership he'd worn for decades. "Why not?" conceded Severus, his voice showing just how pointless he believed it to be.

"Let's get this done first, you look like a tomato." said Harry snorting in an amused way. His left hand grabbed the jar and his right hand scooped another handful up. Placing it back gently, not wanting any of it to fall it took a lot of plant to get any decent amount of the liquid. He made quick but efficient work with his front, paying more attention to his nipples than anywhere else.

Severus reached around Harry's midsection and pulled him down onto his lap, causing a delicious friction against his interested hardness. Forcefully bringing Harry's head down to his, he passionately and ardently investigated every nook and cranny of Harry's mouth. It tasted of his favourite Muggle drink, sprite, the taste of lemon and lime was strong. "I look like a what?" asked Severus, his voice hitched and breathless.

"Nothing," replied Harry, before he reclaimed Severus' lips, not going to miss out on this opportunity with talking. Talking was the last thing on his mind right now. Wrapping his arms around Severus' neck, glad it was no longer painful otherwise there activities would have definitely been put off for weeks. Especially if Severus didn't have the ingredients they needed to brew the potion to remove his sunburn.

"Are you sure about that?" chuckled Severus, wickedly into his ear.

"Yep," said Harry, drawing away, giving himself time to breathe, his body singing in anticipation. The added bonus was they only had shorts on; it was too warm to sleep with anything. He'd never felt this kind of anticipation with Viktor, and that was his first time. Sev already knew about his time with Viktor, it seemed to have put some of his fears to rest but not all of them.

"Hmm," murmured Severus, his voice reverberating on Harry's lips causing them to become ticklish.

Harry drew back looking into Severus' smouldering black eyes, wanting to be sure he wanted this as much as him. He had his answer with just one subtle look. Physically Severus did want it, and it seemed emotionally he was ready to take their relationship to a new level. How long had he been alone he was so insecure? And he was even if he didn't show it…he was supposed to be the insecure one. That wasn't right though was it? Everyone had insecurities, its how people dealt with it that showed what kind of person you were, and how the relationship would turn out. He was no means an expert, but it's what he'd observed, from his friends budding relationships and the books he'd read. Shaking off those thoughts, definitely not wanting them in his head right now.

Harry moaned softly, as Severus' lips attached themselves to his neck, arching it back, giving him all the room he desired. Harry's breathing panted against Severus' ear, and his straining erection stifled only by a pair of underwear causing the Slytherins lips to twitch in satisfaction. He'd realized Harry was exceeding easy to arouse, the simplest of touches could do it. It was little wonder having received precious little of it during his life; he wasn't a touchy feely person, so god knows why Harry wanted him.

"What do you want, Harry?" Murmured Severus, sucking on a delicious piece of skin he found at Harry's throat. His Adam's apple bobbed up and down as Severus drew back, he knew without looking that it was completely red. His arms stalling Harry, preventing him from moving around too much. He didn't want to end their first proper passionate night prematurely.

"Everything," confessed Harry, kissing him once again on his thin lips, gasping at the feeling of those hands trailing up his back and chest. Shuddering in need, his toes curling in pleasure, he desperately latched onto Severus' neck, inhaling his scent, which was slightly off due to the Aloe Vera. Although considering how Aloe Vera first smelt when it was first cut, this was completely acceptable. "Anything." he added staring back up at Severus. His green eyes were bright with passion, love and most importantly impatience. He wanted to share absolutely everything with Severus, the good the bad and the very, very good.

"Anything?" asked Severus seductively, his chin brushing against Harry's golden tanned throat. That was only two days in the sun; he wondered what Harry would be like by the time they went home.

"Mmm," murmured Harry, pressing them both down on the bed. Harry's sinful green eyes were gleaming wickedly. Many things Harry may be, but innocent he was not and Severus found himself grateful for that. Experienced or not, although it wasn't much, he wasn't about to allow someone to dominate him in bed.

"Oh no, I don't think so." said Severus, wincing slightly as he turned them both around, he felt like his skin got ripped and torn when he moved too quickly. He made a mental note not to let it happen, moving a lot slower until he was on top of Harry.

"Are you alright?" asked Harry breathlessly, looking concerned. His emotions were going haywire, mixing together in a cacophony of sorts but his worry for Severus was paramount to anything else.

"I will be," replied Severus, the Aloe Vera would work wonders, he should have thought about it earlier. Not wanting to talk, he attacked Harry's lips again before venturing further slowly. Smirking in amusement when Harry impatiently wiggled around on the bed, yet even as Harry continued to squirm Severus avoided the part of him that was most clamouring for his attention. And it was clamouring for his attention, since it was almost standing straight up if the tent in front of him was anything to go by.

Stopping for a moment, causing confused green eyes to stare at him before they flared with a need so deep it almost took Severus' breath away. Barely able to catch it, he removed Harry's shorts then his own, desperate himself now for relief, but determined to make it last as long as possible.

"My fingers or a spell?" whispered Severus seductively his voice smug and velvety, staring down at Harry his eyebrow quirked in an enquiring manner.

Harry moaned at the image that presented, his time with Viktor had been cursory, but the feelings had been remembered the overwhelming sensations had blinded him to any pain he felt. Biting his lip, he nodded eagerly, reattaching his lips to Severus for a few seconds as he spread his legs further apart. To give him more than enough room to reach back. Part of him did want the spell, so he could feel that thick shaft pounding into him. Yet there was something so erotic and personal about being thoroughly stretched before being completely fucked.

Severus chuckled dryly, already knowing the answer to his question without words needing to be exchanged. With precision he opened the drawer to bedside cabinet and opened the bag and found what he was looking for. Since he was very precise where things were put. Especially when it came to his potions, uncorking it hastily with his teeth he placed it on the level wood and dipped his fingers into it.

Harry arched into the prodding fingers when they hit a spot deep inside him that made his entire body throb with need. Unable to say anything his mouth open, breathing harshly, this was the first time in three years he'd done anything. He'd been too busy to indulge in anything at all since he'd explored his sexuality with Viktor. Hell he'd hardly had the time to sleep, never mind masturbate. So it was no wonder his body was reacting so strongly, so sensually to everything Severus was doing.

"More," panted Harry, pleadingly, arching up determinedly.

"So demanding," murmured Severus, his need throbbing between them both, stimulated by Harry's constant wiggling.

"Please," begged Harry wiggling seductively, pouting.

Severus laughed in amusement, causing Harry to groan at the smooth chocolate-ly sound leaving his lovers lips. Lovers, Harry thought to himself, they were that now in every sense of the word. Part of him had wondered if it would ever happen he need not dwell on it anymore now. Noticing a moment he came out of his thoughts, immediately and automatically lifting his hips, which shook under the pressure, his body was too gone to put up with too much strain.

"Ready?" Severus said, positioning himself at Harry's entrance his body tense with anticipation. There was nothing that could be compared to this. His mind was now wondering why he'd waited this long, his mind then went blank as a guttered moaned slipped passed his lips as Harry's heat encompassed him. "I'll take that as a yes."

"Move." demanded Harry arching up groaning in need, rasping out a choked gasp as his bared throat was bitten as Severus thrust into him in one single move causing the bundle of nerves deep inside him to be stimulated again. Such pleasure as it was, Harry came violently over both of them unable to prevent it. "Severus!" Harry shouted at the same time his eyes closed.

Severus moaned pressing his face into Harry's neck, trying to prevent himself from coming so soon, as his entire length was encased in the spasming silky walls. Eventually it calmed down and gave him the ability to think back, and only then did he begin to move, thrusting in and out of Harry, his mind buzzing and repeating over and over again the single word Harry had used. His name, it was obviously not a one time thing for him…he truly felt all he had expressed on his sixteenth birthday and it warmed his chilled heart.

Reaching between their bodies, he began to coax Harry into a full hardness, which wasn't difficult to do. After all he'd been slowly rising again for the past few minutes. The only sound that could be heard was their moans, groans and Harry's mews as Severus increased the tempo until his body came explosively, Harry's own followed shortly afterwards. Slumping on his side, his chest rapidly moving up and down as he tried desperately to regain control of his erratic heartbeat. Reaching for his wand, which was never far out of his sight, he waved it over them removing all trace of mess.

Harry's bleary eyes opened for a few seconds before closing them, resting his head against Severus' chest and pulled the sheet up over himself. He could never sleep without something over him, he didn't know why but he couldn't. Thankfully with the air conditioning always on, it didn't make it unbearably hot.

"Sleep, I'll order some room service in a few hours," Severus said quietly, barely able to keep his own eyes open. Thankfully though his breathing had returned to some semblance of normalcy. Shifting, he turned Harry over slightly so he wasn't lying on his chest. Not only would it hurt like blazes in a few hours after the Aloe Vera wore off, the sweat would cause them to stick together and it truly was the last thing his chest needed right now as burnt as it was. He looked like the bloody lobster he and Harry had shared for dinner on the first night of the boat. He wasn't a big fan of fish but he had to admit it was delicious.

"Humph," hummed Harry, moving slightly before settling down again.

Severus wasted no time in following him, a few hours rest sounded very inviting.

Severus & Harry - Caribbean - Their Room

Severus' black eyes opened, momentarily disorientated, wondering why on earth he was so exhausted. The answer was snuggled into him, his head lying across his stomach. Internally wincing, knowing it was going to be torture getting Harry off him. Thankfully he couldn't feel too much sweat, but it would still be difficult it just depended how long they'd been sleeping. Although if he was honest, the sunburn didn't hurt, but he knew it wouldn't last forever. Stretching his hand out, he managed to grab onto his wand between his pointer and middle finger. It wobbled for a few seconds before his fingers tightened their hold, and he had it properly within his grasp. Quietly flicking his wand and saying the incantation for the time, he looked at the large hovering red digits. Surprise flickered over his features; they'd been sleeping for five hours, five whole hours.

They had woke up at nine o'clock both days on the cruise, enjoying the chance to sleep in since they frequently both got up at six o'clock in the morning back home. That's if he went to his bed, but keeping up with St. Mungo's demands hadn't been easy. He would no longer have to worry about that, in fact Harry had stirred his desire to do more than just brew potions that had already been invented. It had been a long time since he'd invented a Potion of his own; in fact it was going on five years now. A long time to go without stirring the Potions community, although Harry had certainly been doing that on his own. He was very proud of Harry and glad he'd taken him on as an apprentice. He'd done him proud, it was just a damn shame he hadn't had parents who gave a shit. Yet Harry hadn't cared, he'd gone on to make a future for himself, when many others wouldn't have had the courage to do what he did.

Did Lily even care about how wonderful Harry was? Thought Severus to himself, his fingers carding through Harry's long soft hair. Merlin, he wished Harry wasn't so hostile against everyone knowing he was the true Boy-Who-Lived. Frowning thoughtfully, he tried to remember what the papers said the night after it happened. As far as he was aware, there was no explanation for it, they'd made it sound like sheer dumb luck, or a miracle that had caused 'Nick's so called defeat of the Dark Lord. He doubted Albus would have made any assumptions; he would have wanted to make sure it was the right child. At least the wizard back then would have, Albus he had known wouldn't have done what he did over the past seven years. He would have had to accept the Potter's word for what happened, and considering he knew when he was being lied to he'd ever been too stunned and relieved to think properly and accepted it or Lily had made a genuine mistake and truly did believe it to be Nick. It was a hell of a mistake to make, one that had essentially nearly ruined Harry's life.

He'd always been a little prejudice at Hogwarts with the students, preferring to give his Slytherins' favourable treatment since they didn't receive it elsewhere. He didn't know how many times he'd held his tongue over the teacher's treatments of his students. They were not Death Eaters, they hadn't caused all those deaths, and they were innocent. Yet they were publicly scorned, humiliated and hurt, even if they didn't show it. Which in turn made them bitter, and some of them turned to bullying to let some of that angst out. Thank Merlin Harry hadn't turned out like Nick Potter; they certainly wouldn't be where they were today. At least he didn't think so, but it was hard to be certain of that. Reese had been worse than he was, at least he had never graded anyone's work unfairly, and he gave them exactly the grade they deserved. Harry had not deserved the T he continued to get; if Harry deserves the T's then he was a Monkey's uncle. Unfortunately he couldn't spend his entire life watching over his snakes, it had been put on hold for nearing thirteen years at that time. It would have been nineteen years nearly if he had remained; regretfully his snakes had to stand on their own two feet. Which hadn't happened as he would have liked, his snakes had joined Umbridge's rampage allowing several of their own to be hurt in the process. After the dressing down he gave them, hopefully it would prevent another occasion such as that from happening.

"Timizit?" exclaimed Harry jerking awake, looking around until he met Severus' eyes and a sweet smile spread across his face, just for him.

"Two o'clock, we've been asleep for five hours," said Severus dryly.

"Really? I didn't expect it to be that long," admitted Harry, amazed, rubbing his eyes still actually tired despite the fact he'd slept so much. He leaned on his arm, touching at Severus' chest. "Does it hurt?"

"No, at least not yet, I need to take a shower." said Severus; the stuff had dried in making his skin look as if it was peeling. Which was what happened to all salves eventually, if they weren't wiped off and it was because of this particular ingredient as well as a few others.

"Wait, let me try first." said Harry adamantly, praying with all his might it worked. He knew what it was like to be burdened with scars you hated showing the world. Thanks to Fawkes though he didn't need to endure it, the dark magic imbued scars couldn't fight against the lightness, healing of phoenix tears and their proprieties. Looking around for his wand, frowning when he couldn't find it, half crawling off the bed, searching his shorts. The long piece of wood was promptly found causing Harry to grin in triumph, although it wasn't much of one, it would have taken less time to grab the Potions bag. Summoning it from the floor at the bottom of their bed, where he'd left it just hours ago.

"Did you put it in yours?" asked Harry, turning to face Severus curiously.

"Actually no, I placed it in yours or rather the remains of it," said Severus, watching him his face impassive but his eyes had a twinkle to them that Harry hadn't seen before.

"Hmm, I don't think I unpacked mine," confessed Harry, moving off the bed, uncaring that he was naked he swiftly found his bag at the bottom of the cupboard and raked through the mostly empty bag. He was beginning to think he hadn't brought it, but it was unlike him, he'd been taught by Severus to always bring potions and of course empty vials and a potion knife. The knife was only used to cut any useful Potion ingredients they saw and liked the look of. Just as he was going to give up, his hand pressed against Dragon hide, he had bought it after all. Snapping it up, he wandered back over to the bed shivering slightly; the air conditioned room was doing its job perfectly - chilling the room.

Harry dived under the covers before opening his case, inspecting all white coloured ingredients properly, not ever wanting a repeat performance of what he'd stupidly done a week ago. He was able to distinguish which one was the Unicorn blood, and noticed that most of it had thankfully been preserved. How it managed to survive the devastation to the Potions lab he did not know, but he was nonetheless grateful. He would never get Unicorn blood again, when he got that it was a once in a lifetime gift. A gift for helping a Unicorn in need, the blood had been unexpected but extremely welcome. He'd never used it; it was more of a novelty to him, an important one at that. Now due to an accident, he was Horcrux free, something he hadn't even known he was. They also had a way to get rid of the remaining ones as well.

"It's extremely rare for a Unicorn to freely give up their blood, and it was freely given otherwise it would have turned black within five to ten minutes." said Severus his finger brushing across Harry's arm he was fast becoming addicted to touching Harry in any way he could. Probably because he couldn't believe he was there, and for once his life was complete.

"Is it really that rare?" asked Harry. "A lot of potions have Unicorn parts in them."

"Unicorn horn, yes, but seldom is blood used." said Severus softly, "For that very reason, freely given is extremely rare. It has only happened twice in our recorded history since the wizarding world began writing things down to pass on to the next generation. This started even before the time of Merlin."

"Interesting," Harry said thoughtfully, there was still so much he didn't know. With Severus each day was always educational to say the least, despite the fact he now had a Mastery under his belt. Harry took a hold of Severus' arm, laying it flat as he uncorked the potion, using his teeth to do so. Spitting the cork out, he tilted the vial a little, and let two drops of the luminously white pearly liquid to fall freely from it and onto Severus' arm. Hitting the Dark Mark, nothing happened, Severus had been proven correct, even if in his heart he felt disappointed despite everything he had held hope to see the mark gone.

Then like what had happened to Harry, the spectre began to rise off Severus' taking with the very essence of the mark a black cloud of smoke that turned white in the air screeching angrily. Then as if it couldn't sustain itself on air, it gave off a little puff before exploding into thin air and evaporating harmlessly. No dark or evil magic can sustain itself on the blood of a Unicorn which was the epitome of pure light magic. Just like anyone who dared drink the blood of a pure creature ended you with a cursed life, a half life. Fortunately with this being willingly given, it was in its purest form and harmless to whomever uses it unless it was against the darkest of magicks.

"I told you!" exclaimed Harry grinning in insane pride. The next thing out of his mouth was a grunt, as he was taken in a death grip; Severus wrapped his arms around him tightly. His face buried in the crook of his neck, his breath shaky and warm. A small smile worked its way onto Harry's face as he returned the hug, but remaining delicate knowing his back was probably sore. When it became apparent the embrace wasn't going to end any time soon he lay his head on his shoulder just enjoying the rare intimate moment together. Severus wasn't the one for big displays of emotions, such as prolonged hugging and kissing in public. He was very reserved, but Harry didn't mind, he liked blending in while in company anyway. "I'm glad it worked, Sev." he confessed, kissing him on the throat but their moment was broken by the fact both their stomachs grumbled in complaint.

"Room service?" suggested the both of them at the same time before smirking wryly.

"You shower, I'll make the potion, then order room service." suggested Harry.

"I think its one of your best suggestions," said Severus stepping out of the bed.

"Better suggestions?" asked Harry in mock anger; Severus just chuckled wryly making his way to the bathroom. Harry's hand fishing for the cork to replace on the vial to keep the remainder of the Unicorn blood safe. Once that was done, he put it in the box and clambered out of bed, heading down the stairs to the kitchen where a cauldron was already set up.

Severus & Harry - Caribbean

Half an hour later, refreshed after a cool shower Severus joined Harry down in the main sitting area, the sun was blindly hot and Severus certainly wasn't going out there today, he had enough sunburn to last him a lifetime, the potion would turn the burn into a tan almost right away, after that he was certainly going to be using the sun cream from now on. Moving over beside Harry, watching him work with hawk eyes, he didn't think he would ever forget the sight of him on that dungeon floor. It was hard to believe it had only happened a week ago, Harry seemed to have suffered no ill affects, and he was up and about. Eileen's potion and Fawkes had well and truly done the trick, and he was grateful for it.

"Perfect," said Harry to himself, as he began to fold the potion instead of stirring it. It was now a paste and impossible to stir, and near unachievable to fold perfectly. He did not need to do it long, but with the fire under the cauldron he had only a few minutes to get it into a jar and let it settle for at least an hour before Severus could use it. Which would give them time to eat something, maybe watch the TV; the Muggles had the most fascinating way of entertaining themselves. Movies, all sorts of movies, where actors were paid millions to take part in, it made them famous and that Harry didn't understand but enjoyed the various works nonetheless. "Done." he said in satisfaction, screwing the cap into place.

"What would you like to eat?" asked Severus wrapping his arms around Harry, a young man he owed everything. He'd spent the majority of the time in his shower just gazing at his arm. Free of blemish for the first time in nineteen years, he'd felt sick when it didn't work, which revealed to him how deeply he'd thought it would work. Then just as they'd given up hope, it had worked.

"You pick," said Harry shrugging his shoulders.

"Very well," said Severus, kissing his shoulder he quickly called room service and ordered a three course meal for both of them to be delivered. They'd missed out on breakfast and lunch, they were both extremely hungry no doubt they would get through the food no problem. He doubted very much they'd be leaving the room today, so they would be bringing dinner for them as well. Tomorrow would be different however, since the ship would be docked on the island and they would definitely be going to investigate it.

"What kind of ingredients do you think await us?" asked Harry excitedly, as they sat down on the large couch, the TV was put on, but muted so they could hear when their food came.

"On islands they grow in abundance." said Severus, "Which they sell on to us in the mainland. It's the main source of income and trade."

"Won't they be protected then?" asked Harry, leaning against the back of the couch, lifting his feet and curling them up under a pillow.

"They don't have the resources for that, they will have greenhouses set up full of them, but not in the wild." replied Severus.

"Aren't you going to talk to Eileen? It's been nearly three days," said Harry, or at least it would be tomorrow morning or was it afternoon? The time difference was beginning to annoy him already.

"Only if you want to wake her up," said Severus wickedly.

"You have it the wrong way around, it's around eight o'clock at night back home," Harry couldn't help but point out.

Severus said nothing, but if someone looked close enough, like Harry was would have seen red marks appearing on his neck showing his embarrassment. "Actually that's a good idea, I'm going to Floo her right now, if the food comes remember to tip them." said Severus, remembering the first time, Harry had taken it, thanked him then closed the door in his face. Unaware that they relied on the tips given to them by the holiday makers.

"Shut up!" said Harry throwing a pillow at him; it was his turn to be embarrassed.

Severus & Eileen - Floo - Prince Manor

"Severus! I was beginning to think you'd forgotten the Floo address," teased Eileen, putting her book down.

"My apologies, mother." replied Severus, "What's been going on?"

"Well, He attacked Hogsmeade, Kingsley Shacklebolt was recovered, he's currently in St. Mungo's," said Eileen, "The paper hasn't said anything about his current state of mind." and they wouldn't especially not after what happened between Tatum and the newspapers. St. Mungo's wouldn't want to risk a sudden lawsuit on their hands. It had been a close call before, but thankfully giving the Medi-Witch the boot had sufficed for Severus and Harry.

"How many deaths this time?" winced Severus through the flames.

"None were reported, I think they got off lightly." admitted Eileen.

"Well that's a relief," Severus replied sighing in relief.

"Are you enjoying your holiday?" asked Eileen a twinkle in her black eyes.

"It has been…enjoyable so far," said Severus his pause obvious.

"What have you done to yourself this time, Severus?" asked Eileen leaning over slightly, to look at her son properly.

"And why would you assume I had done anything?" asked Severus, quickly and too defensively.

"You are my son, I know you all too well." said Eileen, "What happened?"

"Nothing," said Severus.

"Well if you don't want to tell your poor mother, who's been lonely these past few days in the Manor by herself…fair enough." said Eileen quietly, her face full of sad longing.

"Mother, that doesn't work on me, I learned from the best." stated Severus, barely able to stop himself laughing at her look.

"Are you at least having fun?" asked Eileen, changing the subject realizing she wouldn't get it out of him. She would just have to pry Harry for information. He would share it of that she was one hundred percent certain.

"Yes, me and Harry both." said Severus.

"Good." said Eileen smugly.

"Indeed," replied Severus dryly. "I have to go, the Floo powder is getting weaker." it was little wonder, they were calling from a boat in the middle of the Caribbean.

"Give my best to Harry, have a safe trip!" she said before Severus was gone.

Harry & Severus - The Ship

"Is she okay?" asked Harry placing the large tray on the table, evidently the food had come during his Floo call.

"She's fine, no doubt she's enjoying having the place to herself." said Severus, Harry's worry for his mother was expected.

"Hmmm, I know the feeling." grinned Harry wickedly, "So what are we going to watch tonight? Anything that looks interesting to you?"

"I don't mind," said Severus sitting himself down and dividing their food, passing a bowl of soup to Harry and a spoon. He wasn't big on the Muggle movies but Harry had taken a liking to them. He alternated between his potion journal and the film.

"Alright," said Harry, putting a random one on to watch, not really into it since they were after all eating their dinner. "So what did Eileen say?"

"To have a good time," said Severus after swallowing some soup.

"And? She didn't say anything about what's happening back home?" asked Harry, observing Severus curiously.

"Yes," admitted Severus, he wasn't about to lie to Harry.

"Well?" Harry said.

"The Dark Lord attacked Hogsmeade just as predicted, luckily with the Order there they had no fatalities, and they managed to save Kingsley Shacklebolt." Replied Severus. "I do not want you beginning to feel guilty."

"I don't." said Harry simply.

Severus blinked his black eyes boring into Harry's.

"Well I don't, I'm not responsible for them, they're grown adults if they want to survive they need to get up off their arses and fight. I can't be responsible for them, and I refuse to be. They never once looked at me before I became the youngest Potions Apprentice/Master. Although I'm not saying that out of spite, it's just they…well…need to learn to fight…if they wait on someone saving them then they're stupid." said Harry shrugging not sure if he was getting his point across or not.

"Indeed," said Severus nodding firmly, inwardly impressed.

"Although if it was a friend…I'd probably feel different." admitted Harry.

"Wouldn't we all?" was all Severus had to say about that.

"This actually looks interesting," said Harry settling down, the subject changing.

James Potter & Healer Hunter - St. Mungo's

"Good evening, Mr. Potter how may I help you? What seems to be the problem?" asked the healer gesturing for him to sit down.

"Look…" said James starting then stalling, taking a deep breath before he continued on. He hoped since the healer was older he would be more open to helping. "I know my wife is persona non grata with the entire magical world, but there's something happening and I have no idea what to do."

"Calm down, now can you explain the symptoms to me? I will of course need to see her before I can diagnose anything. I assume she's having difficult sleeping?" asked Healer Hunter, being professional about the entire thing.

"That's not it." stated James cutting him off, "Her magic has gone all wonky, she can cast a fourth year spell but the first years spell is screwing up."

"Which spells?" asked the Healer his hazel eyes gleaming as if he already suspected what was happening.

"Levitating spell didn't work but the Accio spell did." stated James, "I've never heard of a case like it before in my life."

"I have," said Healer Hunter, pensively. "Tell me was your son an apprentice at the time of the assault?"

"My son?" asked James blankly.

"Mr. Harry Peverell." stated the Healer frowning.

"Oh, um, yes, yes he was." said James, he was so used to people not referring to Harry as his son that it was so odd to hear him stated as such nowadays.

"I believe the retribution spell is in play, it has not been done in over ten decades." said Healer Hunter; his father had been the victim of it. He had thought his father innocent of course, such a folly of youth. When'd he'd researched it, trying to find a way to help him he learned the truth. His father eventually recovered, only once the magic had punished him enough for his misdeeds. It was at the height of irony that he was the one here right now, if it had been someone else they wouldn't have known for weeks as they researched the archives.

"Nobody cast any magic on her," said James confused.

"It isn't cast, it is a law, Merlin's law, and he cast it in such a way that it would remain affective even after his passing. He wanted to ensure the safety of apprentices from less scrupulous Masters." said Healer Hunter, putting it as delicately as possible.

"Wait are you saying this…this…Merlin's law thing is punishing Lily by taking away her magic?" asked James his face paling five shades.

"It's not taking it away, Mr. Potter." said Healer Hunter.

"Then what?" asked James calming slightly.

"The spell affects everyone differently, but I suspect she is being punished by losing her ability to cast certain magic." said the Healer.

"Certain magic?" echoed James, feeling completely overwhelmed he didn't understand what the Healer was getting at.

Healer Hunter sighed in almost silent exasperation, "Mr. Potter, the spell your wife cast could be construed as a defensive spell and it can be used to harm another. That is the kind of magic she won't be able to cast, and there is no knowing how long it will last."

"No defensive magic?" gasped James, wide eyed, how the hell was she supposed to protect herself? He might not love her anymore, but it didn't mean he wanted to see anything happen to her.

"I am sorry," said Healer Hunter feeling sympathy for the Auror.

James just sat there, completely shocked.

Harry & Severus - Caribbean

Jerking awake, Severus wondered for a few seconds what had woken him up, but he didn't have to wait long. Harry was shifting and moaning occasionally a word he couldn't decipher left his lips. Perhaps he was beginning to remember the accident, turning over he quickly began to shake him. "Harry, Harry wake up, it's only a dream." said Severus, making sure to press down on his chest to prevent him from falling off the bed; it depended on just how violent the nightmare was.

"Harry wake up, come on, that's it easy does it." said Severus, carding his hand through Harry's hair.

"NO!" shouted Harry, his green eyes opening, "The snake…the snake was one…the snake was one." murmured Harry over and over again, his breathing ragged.

Will Severus be able to get any sense out of Harry? Will Harry remember what he was talking about or will it be a few weeks before the dots connect? Do you want to see Severus actually destroy the Gaunt ring? Will the Unicorn blood work or will we use basilisk venom and maybe a dagger of special making to ensure their destruction? will the Dark Lord manage to get into Prince Manor while they are gone and they lose everything? giving Harry the incentive to fight with a ruthless fury? or will it merely be an attempt to get through the wards that causes Harry to get furious? Will we have Nick learn Occlumancy and in doing so remembers he'd not the boy who lived? or will he find out with everyone else? R&R PLEASE! :)