Chapter 25 (Last chapter.)


Some large lights that looked like lamp posts were set up on the beach, brought down from garden and a fire was lit in the centre. The beach party was in full swing.

Selphie had made her famous non alcoholic punch, which people could taste alcohol in. The punch table sat by the stairs with a few white plastic garden chairs around it and some deck chairs, lounge chairs were set up facing the sea.

Seifer lay back on a lounge chair, sitting up with a drink in his hand. Zell had pulled up one of the plastic garden chairs to sit next to him.

"What do you think is in this stuff?" Zell held his glass up, peering at it curiously.

Seifer shook his head. "I don't know, it's green but it doesn't taste…. Green."

Zell chuckled. "I think it's yellow."

Seifer frowned. "It's green."

"You're sitting nearer the fire, it's the glow reflection." Zell pointed out.

"Oh yeah." The taller man moved his drink behind him into the shadows to see the colour better.

"Good party though." Zell said.

"I suppose, better than Selphie's usual parties."

Zell smiled. "Remember the valentine's party?"

Seifer made a face. "How can I forget? I spent the whole evening with this horrible girl that Selphie decided should be my date for the evening."

Zell laughed. "It was so funny to watch you try and dance with her."

"I was trying not to dance with her!"

"That's that made it so funny!" He laughed so more.

Seifer frowned. "Well I'm glad you got a kick out of it."

Since they were both single at the time Selphie had organised dates for them both and for a few other people as well. Seifer had been happy standing in the corner with Squall, the two wallflowers. But noooo he had to dance with this hideous thing. Squall had conveniently disappeared as soon the word 'dancing' was mentioned. In the middle of his protest against dancing Seifer had asked why he had to dance and not Squall. But the spot where the brunette was last in was now empty. Selphie said she hadn't seen Squall all evening.

"I didn't speak to Selphie for weeks after that!"

"It wasn't that bad."

Seifer gave him a look. "Of course you would think so, you got a hot date."

Zell winced. "Well he was okay I suppose."

"Okay? I saw your jaw hit the ground when you saw him."

"You were staring at him too! I saw you! When I first met him and then throughout the evening. Every time I glanced over you were looking at us!"

Seifer gave him a strange look. "I was looking at you, not him, idiot." He scolded.


"Well…. And I was making sure he didn't kiss you or anything. I would have killed Selphie if he had."

The little blonde grinned at him. "I was too distracted that night…. Watching you made an idiot of yourself." He laughed.

"Hey! You can't move those!" Selphie came running over. "Those chairs are supposed to stay up there." She pointed to Zell's chair.

"But no one's using them."

"Doesn't matter." She tried to take it out from under him.

Zell wrapped his legs around the chair legs and clung to it.

"Zell! Get off!"

Seifer laughed.

"I'll have my security move you if you don't move."

"You have security?" Seifer asked.

"I do!" She nodded. "I thought it was needed after the last two… incidents." She turned and called up the beach. "Security!"

Raijin came scurried over the beach. "Yeah?" He asked.

Seifer rolled his eyes. "Oh god, that's your security!"

"Hey!" Raijin said. "I always thought I'd be good at it, you know."

"Raijin, Zell has moved this chair and refuses to give it back."

The dark man looked at Zell. "Is that bad?"

Seifer sniggered.

"Yes!" Selphie said. "It's very bad, please get him to move so I can take the chair back."

Raijin looked at Zell. "Won't you just get up so we can have the chair back?"

"No! I want to sit here! Where's the point in having all those chairs-" He gestured to the top of the beach where loads of garden chairs sat with no one in them. "-If no one going to use them!"

Raijin looked back at Selphie. "He does have a point, you know."

She frowned at him. "Raijin I'm your boss, you have to do as I say. Now move this chair."

The large man glanced at the determined short girl. "Alright." He agreed.

Raijin grabbed the back of the chair and tried to tip the little blonde off, Zell kept his legs wrapped around it and staying on. "Yeeee!" He yelled as he shaken around.

"This is ridiculous." Seifer stood up.

"I agree." Selphie said. "Give us the chair!"

"No! The chair is not doing any harm down here, we'll put it back when we're done with it." He offered.

"Not good enough."

Seifer pushed Raijin's hands off the chair and stood between the large man and Zell. "Well you're not getting it."

Raijin glanced nervously between the glaring petite girl and Seifer. "Raijin, get the chair." She commanded.

Raijin looked at his friend. "Seifer, man."

"Raijin don't listen to her."

The dark man looked back at Selphie who sighed. "Fine."

Seifer grinned.

"I'll call for reinforcements."

"Reinforcements? You have more security?"

"Security!" Selphie called.

"YES?!" Fujin asked in full disciplinary committee mode.

Seifer's grin fell off his face.

"Fujin I want this chair, please take it from Zell and put it back up there with the others."

Zell looked over his shoulder and paled.

The albino nodded. "FINE." She stepped up to the chair and Seifer blocked her way.


"Fujin you don't want to do this, can't you just- OW!"

She kicked him in the shins and threatened to do it again but he stumbled out of the way. She shook the chair that Zell was in.

"GET OFF!" She yelled.

"No!" He held onto it.

She slapped him round the head.

"OW! Fujin! Are you nuts?!"

"PROBABLY." She agreed.

He let go off the chair and fell to the sand. Fujin picked it up and turned to give it to a smug looking Selphie.

"Thank you Fujin." She walked off up the beach with her thugs in tow. Seifer sat back on the lounger, Zell stood and dusted himself off.

"Now what do I do?"

Seifer patted his stomach. "Come here Chickie."

Zell sat on the edge of the lounge chair. Seifer gestured for him to lie next to or on top of him again. The little blonde moved and spread himself out, his head tucked under Seifer's chin, one arm around his lover's neck and the another resting on his chest.

The taller man slowly put his arms around him too.


Squall had just got a drink from the kitchen and was walking down the beach. He stopped to watch Selphie struggle with Zell on a plastic chair for a second before shaking his head and moving off down the beach.

He found a nice little corner to watch the party from.

"Got it!" Irvine said as he approached. "Here." He handed Squall his sketch pad.

Squall took it and opened it. "You don't have to stay here, go and enjoy the party."

Irvine settled down in front of him. "I like to watch you draw."

Squall shrugged. "Suit yourself." He started to draw the people sitting around the bonfire.

"What?" He asked, feeling the cowboy's stare.

"I'm just watching you."

"Feels like you're studying me."

Irvine smiled. "I just like watching you."

Squall glanced at him quickly before going back to his drawing.


"Hey!" Selphie marched across the beach towards a group of male Seeds. "You can't drink beer at this beach party!"

"Why not?"

"There are cadets here, young cadets. We have non alcoholic punch or soft drinks in the kitchen." She held out her hand for them to hand the beer over.

They just scoffed and turned their backs on her.

She frowned. "Security!"

Raijin and Fujin hurried over and smirked at the Seeds. Raijin held a hand out for the beer. The group all paled, quickly handing over their drinks.

"This party sucks!" One of them muttered as they walked away.

"There's more to do on this job then I thought, you know." Raijin said.

Selphie nodded in agreement. "Good job guys, take a break for twenty minutes."

They nodded and went off to get a drink.

Rinoa lay back on her sun lounger pointing out hot guys to Quistis, Xu and Nida. "What about that one?" She pointed.

"Which one?" Xu asked.

"The one with the sun glasses on his head."

The red head made a face. "No I don't like guys who put their glasses on their heads."

Nida took a sip from his bottle then frowned at her. "What's that got to do with anything?"

"Well I think it looks stupid, it's not like their heads need to wear glasses is it?"

"But I sometimes do that." Nida said.

Xu made a face. "Not anymore you don't sweetie."

He rolled his eyes. "Yes mother."

The house would be finished in no time at the rate people were working on it. Edea still planned to re-open the orphanage. The gang had plans to come back and see it when it was open. Though Selphie would probably want to bring the kids home with her.

"Everyone!" Selphie said from standing on top of a crate stacked on top of another crate. "I'll like to make an announcement." She wobbled slightly. "Matron- I mean Edea has told me to tell you all that she is gratefully for all the work you've done. She would told you herself but some reason she didn't want to stand up here." She wobbled again. "Anyway-" She did a little excited jump and accidentally fell backwards off the crates.

Raijin was standing behind the stack and caught her and pushed her back on again.

She straighten herself up as if nothing had happened even though half the people were laughing at her. "As I was saying um- keep up the good work and err- Have fun!" She grinned and turned to get down.

As the party died down and people started to leave. Rinoa smiled at Seifer as she passed. Zell had now fallen asleep on Seifer's chest. The taller man smiled at Rinoa, Quistis and Nida as they passed. He stopped smiling for Xu though. She rolled her eyes.

They were started to walk back to garden and then stopped when they saw Raijin finally look like he was going to kiss Selphie so they walked back to Seifer's lounger and hovered.

Selphie leaned away from him and held up a hand. "Wait a minute."

They watched her pull over a chair to stand on and laughed when she stood on the chair to kiss him.

Rinoa and Xu both whistled at them. Zell woke up with a start, raising his head. "Huh?" He asked.

"Selphie kissed Raijin!" Rinoa announced.

"Oh." He said, put his head back down and went back to sleep.