This is just a short drabble that I thought of when I saw the 2005 version of the movie. The Bennet women had just been told Bingley was coming back to Netherfield and Jane and Lizzie are talking and Jane bumps into someone. This is what I thought that man's reaction would be.

I do now own. Whoops , typo. I do not own. Ha ha… I wish…


I had been strolling through Meryton for quite some time when I saw Wilbur Young. I stopped to talk with him for a few moments, leaning against a wall. Suddenly, someone bumped into me. I turned to see the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes upon. She looked harassed, apologized quickly, and then continued walking and talking to the woman who was with her. I tipped my hat to her and said so no one could hear me, "Bump into me anytime, miss."


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