Mikey's Alternate Universe 2

I don't anyone or anything but the mysterious demons, and Munchie.

Chapter 1- A New Universe

Karai was thinking about what happened to her after she got beaten by the Demon Shredder.

"I need power so I will not get beaten by any being that is more powerful than me." She says.

"We can help you, Young Karai." A mysterious Demon says.

"Who are you?" Karai asks in frantic.

"We are the Dark Demons." One of them says.

"Dark Demons!" Karai says.

"Yes, let's get rid of some thorns from your side." The Dark Demon with the generous voice.

"You mean the Turtles, but they saved me from the Demon Shredder." Karai says.

"But who defeated your father in the space battle, Karai?" The Dark Demon with a lite voice.

"The Turtles did, especially Leonardo." Karai says.

"Now they have partners to help them remember, Karai." The Dark Demon with the Hazy voice says.

"Those Spirit Detectives." She says.

"Yes, now let us get rid of your thorns and get the Gems of Demon world to release us." The Female Dark Demon says. "Here's one of our demon followers, Munchie the shortest demon."

"Then I will send one of my foot soldiers with him." Karai says.

"Good." The Dark Demon with the generous voice says.

So Munchie and the foot solider went on their mission.

"So what are these Gems of Demon world?" Karai asks.

"They are the keys to free us." The female Dark Demon says.

"You would make me, a Dark Demon if I get the gems of demon World." Karai says.

"Yes you will be powerful." The Dark Demon with the lite voice says.

"So are you 4, the Dark Demon of legends." Karai asks making sure.

"We are the Dark Demon, you dare question us?" The female Dark Demon says.

"No, I don't but your demon follower and one of my foot soldiers are trying to find the gems of demon world." Karai says.

"Good!" The Dark Demon with the generous says.

"And make sure those detectives and turtles are out of the way." The Dark Demon with the hazy voice says.

"Yes, Masters." Karai says.

With the guys

"There they are." Yusuke screams.

"Let's stop them before they get whatever they're after." Leo says.

'Don't worry, Leo." Mikey says. "We've beaten the foot soldiers."

"But you haven't beaten a B-class Demon, Mike." Kuwabara says.

"Stop talking before the demon and foot soldier get away" Raph says.

"Alright, foot soldier, help me pull this rock." Munchie says.

The Foot Soldier nods.

"Where'd they go?" Raph asks.

"We're right here." Munchie says.

"So it's you, Munchie," Hiei says. "I guess you didn't learn from the last time."

"I did, but I grew, Hiei." Munchie says.

"Not much." Hiei says.

"Well, I can get rid of you." Munchie says.

"No, you won't." Mikey says.

"And you're first!" Munchie says as he threw Mikey in the cave.

"No, Mikey." Everyone but Kuwabara says.

"Mike!" Kuwabara says.

But it was too late; Mikey was thrown in the cave into a portal again.

Mikey flies inside the warp.

"Not again." Mikey says, "Whoa! This is déjà vu all over again."

Mikey lands on the ground.

"Whoa! Where am I? This world is a war zone." Mikey says.

"Look out!" A person says as he dived on Mikey and the bomb explodes.

"Ow!" Mikey says. "Who hit me?"

"You idiot, you could've been killed." The person says.

"Wait, I know who you are." Miikey says.

"Who am I?" The Person says.

"You are…:"

To be continued…