Chapter 9-Going Home and Demons Released

I don't anyone or anything but the mysterious demons, and Munchie.

"Alright, Little Mikey, it's time for you to go home." Hybrid Don says.

"Thanks, Guys, I had a lot of fun here." Mikey says.

"Thanks for helping us." Hybrid Mikey says.

"Alright, my time warp is ready to go." Hybrid Donny says.

"See ya." Mikey says as the Time Warp takes him back to his own world.

"Bye!" The Hybrid group says.

"I'm gonna miss, Little Mikey." Hybrid Raph says.

"Yeah." Everyone says.

Meanwhile Mikey was flying back to his world.

"I hope I don't land in a rough spot." Mikey says.

Meanwhile everyone was chasing Munchie

"We have to get there before Munchie." Yusuke says as all of them ran.

Just then the warp spit Mikey out where everyone was.

"Whoa!" Mikey screams as he landed.

"Mikey!" Everyone says.

"Mike!" Kuwabara says.

"Guys, I'm glad to be back but what's going on?" Mikey asks.

"Munchie got 3 of the keys and now we're trying to get the 4th. Hiei says.

"Let's go!" Mikey says.

But when they got there it was too late.

"So long, suckers." Munchie says.

Yusuke growls. "I can't believe Munchie got all of the keys."

"Don't worry, we'll find him." Leo says.

"Hey, guys, I have to tell you where I been." Mikey says.

So he tells everybody

"I worked out and got big muscles." Raph says. "Wow, I gonna work out now!"

"I was evil." Leo says. "And Raph and I feel for a girl."

"I was in my demon form the whole time." Yusuke says.

"We had a student, Mike? Kuwabara says. "Wow!"

"Wow!" Don says. "All this is cool."

"Wonder what those the keys were for?" Mikey says.

Meanwhile at Karai's hideout

"I have the keys." Karai says.

"Now come to Demon world and release us." The Dark Demon with a generous voice says.

Karai flew her plane to Demon world and went to the Dark Demon Wall

"Now, put those in the proper places." The Dark Demon with generous voice says.

She put the key in the right places.

The Wall glowed and 4 Demons stood up above Karai.

"Thank you, Karai." The Dark Demon with the generous voice says.

"Who are all of you?" Karai asks.

"I am Haze the Dark Demon poisonous breath." The 1st dark demon says.

Haze look like a fat ninja turtles with pants and green-blue bandana on his head with long nails on his fingers.

"I'm Konti the Dark Demon with Oxbull powers." The 2nd Dark Demon says.

Konti looks like a short Oxbull with a head band on his forehead.

"I'm Red Vain the Female Dark Demon with Magic powers." The 3rd Dark Demon says.

Red Vain looks like a female turtle with scar down left eye all the way to her neck and wears a maroon bandana on her head.

"And I'm Danteus the Dark Demon with Dragon Powers." The 4th Dark Demons says.

Danteus looks like a blue dragon with grey pants on.

"And now we can rule Human world and Demon World Thanks to you, Karai." Danteus says.

"And here's your power." Red Vain says as she sprinkles some powder on Karai.

Karai doubles over transforms into a monster in the shadows as the Dark Demons laughs.

The End.