"Can someone please tell me why the feck we're putting on a play? Especially one written by Tim Canterbury?" Gareth demanded, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back in his chair.

"Come on, Gareth. It'll be fun!" Dawn offered, giving his side a light elbow.

Frowning, Gareth huffed and shook his head.

"I highly doubt it!"

David had paid to rent a small theater for the performance; a small building on the edge of town that had clearly seen better days. Although he claimed that it had cost him a lot of money to rent the place, it was later revealed that the owner was his uncle who gave him a huge discount.

Walking down the row of seated performances, Tim handed out their parts for the play.

"David, you'll be the leprechaun…"


Blinking, Tim turned around and cocked an eyebrow.


"Why am I a bloody leprechaun?!"

"You've got the voice for it, David." Tim pointed out.

"So…Can I sing my lines?"

"…Sure." Tim relented, rolling his eyes. "Dawn, you'll be the witch."

"She certainly is!" Gareth snickered.

"Gareth is the princess…"

"No fecking way!" he cried out. "Why am I the bloody princess?"

"Because you look like a girl." Finch snorted.

"Gareth, we don't have any other women working here." Tim pointed out. "Now just be the princess!"

Growling, Gareth took his copy of the script and looked it over.

"Keith, you'll be the…"

"Wait a fecking minute!" Gareth screamed, getting to his feet.


"Who is playing the knight?!"

"I am." Tim said.

"Are you serious about this kiss we do?"

"Kiss?" Finch asked.

"We bloody snog in the end!"

"Gareth…" Tim groaned.

"I'm not kissing you! I'm not a bender!" he protested.

"It's just a kiss on the hand." Tim assured him. "Calm down."

"I'm not letting you kiss me on the lips." Gareth continued. "Bloody stupid Fischer Price man…"

"Oh, Sir Knight! Thank you for saving me!" Gareth cried out, smiling on the outside and seething on the inside.

It was two months later and the opening night of Tim's play. There was only a handful of people in the audience, but at least they weren't sleeping or throwing things at them.

Rehearsal had been a never ending torture for all of them; especially Gareth and the kissing scene. Tim constantly told him that it was just a kiss on the back of his hand, but Gareth refused to believe him.

He knew that Tim liked to wind him up and so he was on edge the whole time.

On stage, a bead of sweat ran down the back of his neck, making him shudder.

He was dressed in a tight fitting green and dark red dress; two foam balls stuffed in the top to make him look like he had breasts. He wore high heels donated by Tim's mother and offstage Dawn had applied his make-up of green lipstick and green eyeliner. On his head he wore a long red wig, his blonde bangs still showing in the front.

Wincing, he looked down at the ground and shifted a little.

These bloody shoes hurt!


Blinking, Gareth looked up and blushed as Tim held out a hand.

"May I kiss your hand, princess?" Tim asked, silently praying that Gareth wouldn't screw this up.

They had never practiced the kissing scene before and so Gareth held out a slightly trembling hand, biting the inside of his cheek to stop himself from shaking.

Taking his hand lightly, Tim bent down to kiss it.

Gay. Gareth thought, ignoring the fluttering feeling in his stomach.

That was when Tim suddenly straightened up and yanked him forward.

With a yelp, Gareth fell forward and was soon kissing Tim on the lips.

His eyes wide in horror, Gareth whimpered and struggled to get away as Tim held him tightly around his waist. His struggles and punches to Tim's chest were useless and with a soft whimper, he gave up.

He closed his eyes with a resigned sigh, kissing Tim back.

If you're going to kiss, you might as well kiss right!