Title: Close Encounters
Author: Madam Author
Pairings: None
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Clark Kent, nor Tom Welling's portrayal of him (though how I wish...) or any part of the Smallville series, nor do I own Daniel or any part of the SG-1 series.
Spoilers: Season 2 SG-1, Season 6 Smallville

Authors Notes: I am taking very great liberties in pretending that Season two of SG-1 and Season 6 of Smallville take place anywhere near each other in time. Just go with it. Certain pieces of Smallville canon have been removed to make things make better sense and certain bits of other Superman canon (from the movies especially) have been inserted instead. For example, Jor-El never visited earth, as he says in the movies "by the time you hear this I will have been dead many thousands of your years."


"P3X-724, MALP shows no life-signs, looks like the gate is in a temperate zone, nice sunny spring morning. You are clear to go SG-1," General Hammond said over the PA. They were testing one of the addresses that Jack had entered into the system when he had the Ancients information downloaded into his brain. They weren't expecting to see any Jaffa or Goa'uld presence, as this was not an address from the Abydosian cartouche, but they had been caught by surprise before.

Jack grinned and walked forward confidently with his team. Hopefully this would be a quiet easy mission. He popped out of the gate, gun ready but saw nothing as Sam, Teal'c, and Daniel arrived behind him.

"Well, this looks like it will be…" Jack spoke but stopped when there was a noise behind them. They all turned.

Jack and Sam brought up their guns up immediately. Teal'c's staff came down a half-second later.

"Um…how did I get here?"


Standing in front of the stargate was a young man with dark hair in blue jeans, a plaid shirt with a jacket over it and what looked like a piece of glass held in his hand. He was looking around in utter confusion. He glanced at the glass in his hand, as if it might have answers, and then around again.

"Who are you?" Jack demanded, his gun still leveled.

He hesitated a moment and then answered, "Cal." He continued looking around curiously, seemingly not at all upset that there were a number of weapons pointed at him, "And you are?"

All of them stared at him for a bit, then Daniel answered, "I'm Daniel."

"Right. So, how exactly did I get here?" Cal asked with a face the perfect picture of innocence finally looking at them instead of the surrounding area.

"We really don't know. But would be very interested in finding out." Jack said, finally lowering his gun. "I'm Jack," he indicated the other two, "these are Sam and Teal'c." The kid looked harmless and was definitely unarmed.

Cal was back to studying the thing in his hand perplexedly.

There was silence for a few moments and then Daniel said, "What is that?"

Cal looked at him in surprise, as though he had forgotten he was not alone, then he opened his hand and showed them an irregular pentagon made of clear crystal.

"Ok," Daniel said, "what is it?"

Cal looked at them and then at the thing in his hand, "A crystal."

Jack rolled his eyes.