What about Maxie?

Yeah. What can I say…I got bored…hope I don´t bore you too much.

„I like the way your hair moves in the wind."

„What the hell? Alec! Get lost!"

„Your lips are so delicious. Like desert."

„Alec, I´m trying to deliver packages. And you´re annoying."

„Your eyes are darker than my boxershorts."

„Can anyone free me from this freak?"

„Do you want to have a look?"

„You´re really sick, Alec. Probably Manticore did more to you than I ever thought. Don´t you have anything to do? Maybe delivering packages or watch some girls do their lapdance?"

„Nope, currently I´m enjoying my lunch break, and lapdance does regrettably not start before 10 PM."

„Great! Why don´t you go and annoy Logan?"

„It´s much more fun to annoy you!"

„That´ll be damn bad for you!"

„Sexy and funny!"

„Alec, why don´t you go and make something productive?"

„Sure! Would you like to produce some kids with me?"


„You can´t just let your problems disappear, 452. You have to live with them."

„Call me 452 again and you can say „Goodbye" to your noblest particles."

„What about Maxie?"

„That sucks! Now, hit the road!"

„Okay…maybe you visit me in my bedroom tonight…"

„Maybe I kill you right now!"

„That wouldn´t be funny."

„What a pity. Now, let me deliver my packages."

„Can we do it together?"


„Are you sure?"


„Cool, than let´s get started."


„You said „yes"!"


„Do you hate me?"



„No, I don´t hate you…much."

„Now, please be serious, Maxie. Do you hate me?"

„If you call me „Maxie" for sure."

„Sorry, Maxie!"

„Oh My God!"


„Shut up!"

„So, do you like me?"

„Oh! SHUT UP!"

„I take that as a YES!"