Accidental Meetings

Pairings: KandaxAllen

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Warning: This story contains Yaoi or male x male. If you are offended by this then Do Not Read.

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Running down the halls of the chemistry wing of the south building Allen turns a corner sharply hoping to make it to the classroom before Cross-sensei hears that he's looking for him. Allen knows that if Cross hears before Allen tracks him down then there will be no hope of Allen getting his money. Really that old man should have known not to challenge Allen to cards. That was Allen's forte, he never looses. At least he never loosed when he cheats. But no one has to know that.

Grabbing the door handle Allen lets himself hope as he sees a figure through the blurred window of the door. He bursts into the room with a loud, "Shihou! You better pay up!" Only to be met with the stunned face of another student.

Kanda has reasons to be stunned, first of all he has never been called 'Master' before though he would welcome that kind of respect and second of all is the accusation.

"Pay up?" he asks in an even voice though the idea that he owes someone something -anything- has got him irritated. Allen stands in the doorway the handle still gripped firmly in his hand. He looks over the person in the otherwise empty chemistry classroom, this person is defiantly NOT Cross-sensei. Actually the only thing that would be similar between the two is the white lab coat. Cross is tall, broad and had wild red hair, he likes to flash his wealth – that he doesn't have- and act like a fool. The student -Allen assumes that he is a student because why else would a person be in the University chemistry lab?- is also tall but no where near Cross's hight, has a lean frame, long pin straight black hair that is tied up in a high ponytail and bangs almost covering his eyes, he looks straight at Allen with dark eyes that let Allen know that he isn't the joking type.

Allen lets his frantic breathing from the run even out before answering in a sincere apologetic tone, "So sorry. I got the wrong person. Would you by any chance know where Cross-sensei is. That old man owes me money but refuses to pay up." Allen huffs out the last part as he looks at Cross's messy desk as if yelling at it would help.

Letting the crease in his forehead even out now that he know that the accusation was not meant for him, Kanda proceeds to answer the question with a question of his own, "Who exactly are you and what do you want with Cross?" Kanda needs all the facts before he gives out information about his old teacher, especially about one that has been nice enough to let him use the labs even though he had already graduated.

Allen huffs a bit at the question but finds it reasonable enough to introduce himself, "I'm Allen Walked a sophomore here, majoring in Business. And I need to find Cross so he can pay up what he owes from out poker game last week. That old man ran away as soon as he realized he had no chance against me and has been avoiding me all week." Allen looks at Kanda hoping the other would understand the unfairness of the situation before continuing in his mini-rant, " I mean - I know that Cross has a Minor in Business so technically as a businessman he should know when not to risk money, especially when its money he does not have!" Allen finishes off and looks at Kanda again, "Ummmm, And you are?" He adds in a weaker voice with a small smile on his face as an apology for complaining.

Kanda lets a rarely seen but small smile brace his lips as he realizes that Cross has not changes at all since two yeast ago when Kanda was still a student in his course. He answers in a lighter tone that is just as rarely heard,"I'm Kanda Yuu. Graduated two years ago. I'm just here because I needed to use the labs." Allen is a bit taken back at the smile since he didn't take the dark haired man for someone so friendly but none the less smiles back, "Nice to meet you!" He beams his trademark innocent smile that has been known to make those around him swoon, though Allen himself doesn't know that.

"So about Cross-sensei?" Allen asks hopefully.

"Ah...yes." As much as Kanda respects his former teacher Kanda can't help but want to help Allen. It helps that Kanda thinks that Cross should face up for once! "Cross got a phone call that seemed urgent before you came and ran out of the classroom. I believe he said something about the North Biology Wing Laboratory, the one that's doing the freshmen experiments now."

Allen let out a frustrated sigh cause he just knew that that so called phone call was probably one of the other teachers calling to warn him about Allen's search. Allen then looked up at Kanda confused about the location given to him and turned towards the door in order to continue on his search tough he really had no clue which lab Kanda was talking about.

At the last moment Allen decided to make a risk, since he always had good luck and before closing the door stuck his head back into the class, "Ummm...wanna come with?" he blurted out.

Kanda looked up at the invitation and raised one elegant eyebrow.

At the silent question Allen quickly explained what he meant, "Well, I don't really know where this lab is so I need some help finding it. And I'm sure if there was two of us we can corner Cross that much faster." At the last sentence Allen let a slightly wicked grin show on his pale face.

Kanda put down the document he had been looking over and turned to look at Allen. The young man in the doorway was wearing casual clothes, a pair brown dress pants that had a worn out appearance and a white shirt with the tails untuck and a long red scarf that looped around his neck a couple times before trailing down his back. He had, what can only be described as white hair that Kanda wondered about for a second, pale almost silver eyes and a pale complexion. The most interesting visual characteristic was the scar that ran across one eye and extended onto his forehead to hide behind Allen's bangs. The lines of the scar where pale and almost unnoticeable but Kanda was still able to make out the shape of an upside-down start on Allen's forehead. Allen gave a hopeful smile that seemed to slip past Kanda's defenses.

"I'll come. Only because I want to see Cross pay up for once." Kanda answered not realizing that one of the reasons he was doing this is because he felt unconsciously drawn to the other male, instead convincing himself he had personal reasons for coming. Stacking his documents into a neat pile,"Let me just get my stuff."

Allen just nodded thanking his Lady Luck once again as he watched Kanda put all of his notes into a black shoulder bag and substituting the white lab for a dark navy pull over sweater. He fixed the collar of his white shirt underneath so that it pocked out comfortably out of the sweater and turned to Allen.

"Ah...Lets go then." Allen hastily moved out of the way so that they can exit. Then setting a close to running pace Allen made his way across campus towards the general location of the laboratory they where looking for, occasionally making sure the dark haired man followed.

They made it into the building with no incidents though Allen was sure some teacher or other would stop them to question why they where practically running through the buildings – none did however and for this Allen was very thankful. He needed all the time he could get if he was going to catch up to Cross.

Finally making it across campus to the North Biology Wing they rushed to the entrance. Throwing open the large double doors Allen wanted to continue running, his hope of finding Cross rising by the second but he was forced to stop. The hall was filled with people, most of them seemed younger then him so he guessed they where freshmen. Turning to Kanda with a confused expression, "I thought you said a lab was being used for the freshmen experiments, no the whole building." Kanda just shrugged, "Thats right but I bet the rest of them are here trying to get some time in so that they finish before the due date. If I remember correctly all the science courses have their major labs due this week." And Kanda was right.

Allen turned back to the filed hallway and grabbing Kanda's wrist he started to make his way through the hall, ducking and sliding out of the way when needed so that some poor freshman doesn't loose his hard work. He trailed his eyes looking around for his prey...


At the end of the hall he swore he say a flash of messy red hair. Yelling out to Kanda to hurry up he dashed down the hall, pulling Kanda along by the wrist. Allen managed to dodge all the students in his way but Kanda was no where near as lucky. In any other situation he would have maneuvered his way flawlessly but the overexcited white haired young man still hadn't led go of his wrist and Kanda ended up bumping into more them one person.

As they neared the end of the hall, Allen made a sharp turn almost bumping into a graying man but managing got move out of the way in time, Kanda was not as lucky and he ended up with a face full of papers, beakers and (those dishes they grow mold in -- I can't remember) dishes. The graying old man shook his head and fixed a stern look on Kanda who only managed to get out "Sor-r-" before he has once again pulled of by Allen who had dismissed the whole accident in favor of pursuing the red haired man he once again got a glimpse of.

"WAIT! Do you know what you just DID?" The old man who Kanda had now realized was a teacher yelled after them, "That was months, MONTHS of research in there! GET BACK HERE!!!" he continued to yell at their retreating back before grabbing a nearby unoccupied student and ordering them to pick up the scattered papers while he chased down the delinquents who caused this mess.

Allen had managed to divert his attention from his frantic pursuit and turned to face who at this point looked very irritated and more then a little annoyed. Kanda also felt guilty but refused to show that on his face since it wasn't really his fault. Allen managed to catch the yelling directed at them and finally noticed the scattered papers and other scientific apparatus. Panicking he decided that if he was to get to Cross alive and with his education in the university unaffected he needed to escape the old man first. last thing he needed was to get expelled.

Turning the corner in hoped of loosing their pursuit Allen came face to face with a dead end, "Damn..." he looked around frantically clutching kanda's wrist tighter and caught sight of a door.

"Okay just trust me on this..." he mumbled to Kanda as he turned the doorknob...only to find it locked! Cursing to himself he let go of Kanda's wrist and rummaged through his pockets before pulling out a paper clip. Allen had luck on his side today!

Kanda looked a little bit confused at the paper clip, then he looked just bewildered as he realized exactly what the paper clip was for. Allen had unfolded the clip carefully making sure not to break it and stuck it into the keyhole. A few expert twirls of the metal later and the lock snapped open.

Grinning at his accomplishment Allen swung the door open and pushed Kanda inside before following himself. The space was dark and crammed with the only light coming from the crack under the door. They had just entered the janitors closet.

Allen made a soft shushing sound and strained his own hearing to see if the teacher had caught sight of them, he heard some muffled conversation and loud footsteps. Probably belonging to the very teacher that was after them.

"You say you saw someone enter this door, right?" Came a guff voice right outside the door and the only thought running through Allens' head at this point where Oh shit!

Kanda had less to worry about but that didn't stop him from being anxious about the whole situation. Where else was he supposed to find available laboratories to use for his own research then the university?

Gritting his teeth Allen steadied himself before turning around and facing Kanda in the cramped space, "Just play along for a second please..." and before Kanda had much of a chance to reply Allen had stepped closer and had a hand pulling at Kanda's hair, getting the hair band out of the neat locks in seconds just as the teacher turned the doorknob.

Next thing Kanda knew was a hand burring in his unbound hair pulled his head forward and a mouth crashed over his own just as the door opened letting light stream into the janitors closet.

"YOU THER-re...agh" the teachers accusations died in his throat as he looked at the two students making out in the closet. With his hair unbound and masculine body shielded by Allen, Kanda played a convincing female, or at least convincing enough for them to pass as someone other then the two who had messes up the research earlier."...sorrywrongdoor!" the teacher stumbled out a awkward excuse obviously not used to dealing with hormonal young adults in janitor closets and slammed the door shut. His foot steps could be heard practically running away from the door.

Allen pulled away from Kanda slightly, his breath still ghosting over Kanda's face and whispered in a relieved voice, "Close call huh?" he them looked up to meet Kanda's eyes with a small smile. He did not meet a relieved expression for escaping detection though, instead Kanda looked horrified and confused. Allen quickly realized that maybe kissing another guy even in dire situation wasn't the smartest thing to do.

"Look, I'm sorry but that was the only thing that I could think of at the moment. Don't take it to heart...please." Allen begged the other but his words where unheard as Kanda pushed past him and out of the closet his expression hard.

Allen winced, he really didn't want the other to hate him because of this, he hated leaving things on bad terms but chasing after the other seemed pretty pointless at the moment as well so he just collapsed in the closet. Dropping his head between his legs he cursed at himself.

Kanda for his part didn't really comprehend what was happening he just knew that he needed to get out of there and away from Allen so that he can sort his own raging emotions out. What he couldn't understand was why he had not been disgusted, and it more then confused him, it also scared him.

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