Accidental Meetings

Pairings: KandaxAllen

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Rating for this Chapter: NC-17 for a Lemon. If you feel offended then do not read.

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Allen walked out of yet another office, shutting the door softly behind him. His eyes were downcast and he had what could only be described as a defeated expression. This was his fourteenth attempt on finding some information on Kanda Yuu. So far, none of the science teachers or secretaries or counselors of the University had any post graduation information on him.

Sure, many could tell you about his great marks as a student or about that one impressive paper he wrote, or even about his gruff and irritable personality, but none of them knew where he could be found now!!! And that was precisely what Allen wanted to know. Allen had hoped that someone would be able to tell him, but already two weeks had passed since the day at the cafe and later Allen's house – that memory still made him blush – and Allen had gotten no leads on finding the dark-haired man.

Actually, he had one lead. But that lead was just as hard to find, and seemed to do everything to slip past Allen's grasp. Honestly, you would think Cross would let down his guard eventually; but it was almost a month since their poker game with his big loss and Allen was still trying to track the old man down. Though his reasons for trying to get at Cross where more important then some petty change (change??? Ha). His main reason now was to get information on Kanda, since the long-haired man had been using Cross' labs to conduct his research. Of course Cross didn't know that and was therefore non-cooperative.

Sighing for the hundredth time, Allen checked his watch to see if he had enough time left to check Cross's office again, maybe he'd get lucky. He had not a lot of time -- but he thought he could manage it if he hurried. So he did; he hurried. But as always -- no matter how fast he was -- Cross was always faster; and Allen was once again met with an empty office. Allen noticed the still hot cup of coffee on his desk and wondered just how that big bulk of a man, with such noticeable red hair, could manage to hide this well in literaly seconds.

Not in the mood anymore to just leave and attend his accounting class, which is as boring as watching grass grow, if you asked him; Allen figured he might as well take advantage of the fact that Cross would skirt his own office since Allen was there, and flopped into the comfy chair still warm from the previous body heat. Getting comfy, he looked over the messy desk; it was covered in sheets of papers ranging from student work to his own research to random notes, even a grocery list and a couple of post-its were stuck in random places. Allen figured if Cross is this messy he probably wouldn't notice the difference if the mess was. . .shifted a bit.

So Allen got to work, looking through notebooks, binders, and any other place where Cross might have information on Kanda. He got through the desk top in a record time of half an hour and moved on to the drawers. The top drawer was filled to the brim with a variety of junk from broken rulers, chewed on erasers, paper clips, an instant coffee can to an ugly bright green tie. Okay so nothing there and Allen moved onto the next drawer. He pulled on it expecting it to hold another layer of useless junk and was met with a thud as the drawer stayed shut.

Ohhh? So he locks it? This definitely got a raised eyebrow from Allen, and his curiosity was instantly piqued. Deciding that he was more then entitled to know what was in that drawer after all the hassle he had been through because of Cross, Allen swiped a paper clip off of the messy table and proceeded to pick the lock on the drawer. After a minute or two there was a soft click from inside of the lock at which Allen whooped in triumph.

Now it's time to see exactly what you hide Cross-sensei.

Allen pulled the drawer open to reveal a fairly neat -- well in comparison to the desktop -- stack of notebooks. The bottom of the pile had a few colorful glossy picture corners sticking out of what Allen could guess was not meant for the eyes of the young. Deciding to not bother himself with the old man's porn collection – for what else could it possibly be? -- he looked over the other objects in the drawer.

He noticed a rather small leather book on the top of the pile and took it out. Flipping it open he saw it was an address book, and his heart beat just a bit harder in anticipation. Flipping through the book he landed on 'K', but sadly there was no Kanda. He almost gave up but decided to check under 'Y' for Yuu as well. Nothing there either, and Allen sighed heavily letting the sheets of the notebook get flipped by the wind from the open window, not really seeing the names on the page, until it turned to the last page. At the bottom of it there was a little comical drawing of a samurai with dark hair and evil eyes, the words 'Samurai Kanda' beside it and a number and address underneath. Allen blinked at it, then blinked some more before letting a impossibly wide grin stretch across his face, splitting it in half.

YES! Finally! Allen literally jumped out from behind the desk and frantically snatched a blank post-it to write the information on. Guess luck is on my side today. He chuckled a bit before pocketing the post-it note and walking out the door with all the air of a king who won the war. Maybe he would go to that accounting class today.

After classes were over and done with for the day, Allen found himself wandering the small intertwining streets near the coffee shop where he met Kanda the second time. He had the post-it note grasped firmly in his hand, not wanting to lose it to the breeze, even if he already had the address memorized. Finally finding the small street with only a couple buildings and houses on it, Allen made his way down it to the clean-looking light blue 10-floor building. Walking into the lobby he managed to catch the main door before it closed and slipped in behind one of the tenants.

The whole place had a very neat and orderly look with no personal touches what so ever. There wasn't even a tasteful painting to decorate the walls of the lobby. To Allen personally, it seemed to resemble a hospital or maybe an office building. The elevator was no different, and as Allen took it up he wondered how the almost-white pale blue walls manage to stay clean of any marks. By the time he reached the 8th floor, the only plausible conclusion was that no one here left marks, but that seemed a bit far fetched.

Exiting the elevator, he made it down the hall to Kanda's apartment. Staring at the numbers on the door, he checked for the fifth time if it was the correct apartment before knocking. A minute passed. He knocked again a little harder. Another minute passed. He knocked a third time and leaned in to see if there was any noise inside the apartment to indicate that Kanda was there. There was none. Okay. So maybe Kanda isn't home. He checked again that it was the right apartment.

He sighed, Guess I shouldn't have expected him to just be at home waiting for me. So instead Allen sat with his back against the wall across from the apartment door, and prepared to wait for the dark-haired man.

A total of eight blocks from his apartment building Kanda sneezed and frowned wondering who might be thinking about him, but [pushed the superstition(1) from his mind, dubbing it coincidence. He knew nothing of Allen's sudden interest in him, or that the white-haired man went as far as to ambush him at his apartment door. And truly if he'd known he would have been at a loss of what to do.

On one hand he wanted nothing to do with the younger man, just forget the whole incident and clam shut so that no other person would ever get close to him like that. But at the same time a part of him wished for that same closeness, wished to experience having someone to rely on and trust, wished for someone to breach his walls, wished for Allen. Kanda growled at himself for that pointless wishing, knowing that it would never come true.

Over the last week he went through a variety of emotional stages: first was denial that anything happened, second was admitting it happened but refusing to believe that it affected him, third was admitting it affected him but only in proving that he is attracted to the same sex – nothing more, fourth was denying that he was attracted to men and deciding that he was attracted to women who looked with Allen, fifth was admitting that he was attracted to Allen because he was male, and finally sixth -- coming to terms that he liked Allen, liked!!! When was the last time he liked someone?

Anyone would think that finding a person you felt that towards would make a person feel like they're in a personal heaven, but in Kanda's case he just felt constantly agitated, frustrated, and angry. More like a personal hell.

Refusing to go down that trail of thought again today, Kanda turned back to his work. Not that there was much of it or that he was able to concentrate on it. For five minutes or so he busied himself going over the research material and checking the results of some of the larger labs, but when he caught himself reading the same results for a third time he decided to call it quits. There was just no way he would get any work done while thinking of a different matter entirely; a matter that had a name and face.

Looking over at the clock which read a little past six, about an hour before his usual day's end, Kanda gathered the rest of his things before leaving his desk with a short explanation to the secretary that he was not feeling well and would probably take a sick day or two. Not waiting for her answer – since there was no way she would refuse him a sick leave since over the last two years he had yet to take a single one – he strolled out of the glass double doors of the office and on his way to the apartment - he refused to call that place home.

Kanda continued to be completely unaware of Allen's visit even though fate gave him ample warning through his walk home in the form of sneezes, which Kanda just dismissed as allergies or something of the like. So when he reached his floor and made his way towards his apartment door, it was his own fault for being surprised.

Allen heard the muffled sound of footsteps against the carpeted floor of the hallway and lazily tilted his head up to see the newcomer, expecting to see yet another neighbor going to their respective door. What he saw was a tall figure in dark clothes with dark hair. It took him a moment to remember that this is the general description of Kanda. When he did, he jumped up excitedly with Kanda's name on the tip of his tongue. Though it never came out as he got a major head-rush after getting up so suddenly and nearly fell, only to be caught in a strong embrace from the man who he was about to greet. He felt a strong chest against his and one arm circling his back, making him feel warm and safe. Sighing in relief, he relaxed into Kanda and whispered softly, "Kanda. . .welcome home."

Kanda's eyes softened a little at the greeting and his earlier surprise was quickly forgotten, replaced by a content feeling and the thought, I'm home. And for once he felt like his apartment deserves that name -- just because Allen was there. Allen could make any place warm and welcoming, even Kanda's white walled impersonal apartment and having the younger male there to greet him seemed to melt Kanda's already broken defenses into nothingness.

Kanda let a light chuckle escape his lips as he looked at Allen's sleepy expression, who just yawned in response and mumbled a "What took you so long?" even though Kanda knew nothing of the surprise visit. Kanda seemed to forget this too, and was carried along by the unexpected naturalness of the situation. So he answered, "Work, what else?" as if it's a conversation they had many times before.

He then shifted forward, Allen still cradled against him by one arm, as he unlocked and opened the door with a soft click. Allen looked behind him and into Kanda's apartment at the sound, but made no motion of moving. Kanda just sighed and took matters into his own hands, moving them both into the small front hall, where he took his coat and shoes off. Allen just yawned again but -- after getting a look from Kanda – mumbled and took his own sneakers off.

Kanda moved farther into the house with a jerk of the head to Allen who – after picking himself off of the floor where he had tripped over his own shoes – followed. They ended up in the kitchen, which like every other part of the house was plain, bland, and impersonal in every way. Kanda automatically went to make green tea, and after asking Allen's preference in drink, pulled out a black tea bag for him. While he busied himself with that, Allen sat at the small wooden table tucked into the corner and rested his head in his palm, looking curiously around the kitchen.

Kanda finished preparing their tea and set the two steaming mugs on the table, pushing the white one towards Allen while he took the black one. Allen eagerly took his own cup. After adding a large amount of sugar and taking a small sip, he smiled at Kanda and mumbled a "Thanks," though his voice was steadier and clearer then before, letting Kanda know that the white-haired man was less sleepy now that he had something hot in his system.

Taking a larger gulp, he winced a little at the heat sliding down his throat but managed a smile at Kanda who was watching him from across the table.

"Umm," Allen began, but the short almost-nap and the warm tea had effectively shut down his more logical and efficient part of the brain, leaving him fumbling for what exactly he came to Kanda's for. Instead he offered, " You need a little more life in here."

Kanda wanted to snort as if this was an understatement of the year, but restrained himself, "I have a cat." He told Allen.

"I don't mean literal life, more like personality." Allen shot, ignoring the comment about the cat though any other time he would have been jumping around asking to see it.

"This is my personality." Kanda shot back. The apartment described him as a person perfectly, even if he wished it was otherwise.

"I me-" Allen started but quickly shut up as he processed the statement, "This is your personality?" He swept his arm around to indicate the empty white walls. Snorting as if Kanda had just told a joke he continued, "I would have thought you to be more interesting then this." He eyed Kanda with a raised eyebrow.

Kanda just stared back. He always thought that his apartment was a good reflection of himself, but Allen had a thing for making Kanda check again and re-analyze. He let his eyes trail across the small kitchen taking everything in anew. Allen was right, Kanda had more to offer then this. Kanda might be strict and impersonal and even a bit of a neat freak, but he was also intelligent, highly traditional, and a lover of antiques. Though a lot of the prior character traits were to be seen in his plain decor, Kanda had to wonder why he never brought out the paintings his mother sent him, or why he hadn't bothered to put up any of his awards in sciences, or even why he never switched his white plastic and glass coffee table to that classical cherry wood one he had seen in the store. Maybe he had underestimated his apartment. Maybe he had underestimated himself and his own personality. Maybe he could do more then this. Maybe. Possibly. Most Definitely.

Especially if Allen was by his side.

Kanda inwardly winced at the last thought. He had been having those encouraging, hopeful, and sickly romantic thoughts for the last couple days. Even if he was never going to act on them, it would be better if he wasn't tempted. Not that anything would come of taking action. Allen didn't like him. At least not in the way Kanda wanted him to.

But then what exactly was Allen doing here?

Frowning a little, Kanda decided to find out the answer to that very question.

"Allen?" he began.

"Ummm?" The white haired man just looked up with puzzled look, wondering what Kanda wanted.

"Why exactly are you here?" Direct and Forward. As always. Kanda was never one to skirt around a matter.

It took Allen a moment to think of the answer. The first thought that came to mind was Aren't I allowed to just stop by? But that thought was quickly pushed aside by the fact that he had never stopped by before and wasn't ever invited. In fact, the only reason he had got the address was because of Cross' address book after searching – wait searching? -- for weeks – why had he done that again?

Oh. . .OHHHH!!! And then it all suddenly rushed back to Allen. And by all I mean all. Their. . .activities -- for lack of a better word – in his flat included.

Allen blushed, "You see. I wanted to apologize about -- before." Why did this seem strangely familiar? As if he had said it before. Lets try a different approach, "I mean I wanted to make sure you where doing okay and if you had gotten any answers from our. . .experiment." Allen blushed some more. Only because of the memory of that day. Only. It had nothing to do with his curiosity about what Kanda's answers might be. Nothing at all.

Surprisingly, even Kanda could not continue acting stoic at those words and a light red tint covered his cheeks as well.

Not wanting to lie, he just answered, "Yes."

"As in 'yes you're okay' or 'yes you got your answers'?"

"Both." More honest yet illusive truth.

"Ummm. . .if you don't mind me asking. . what was your answer?" Here came in Allen's inability to mind his own business, though in this case he had a right to know. Didn't he? He was used in said experiment for god's sake! And once again, it had nothing to do with the fact that he wanted – no needed – to know Kanda's answer. For a reason he wasn't too sure of himself yet. He just knew that it was important.

Kanda just smirked at the fidgeting male in front of him and, leaving his almost empty cup on the table, he got up. Still smirking he walked over to Allen's side of the table, practically looming over the white-haired man who was now looking up at him and leaned over.

"Are you sure you want to know those answers of mine?" He asked in a soft, almost quiet voice.

Allen gulped, "Yeah. . ." still looking up at the dark-haired male. His eyes traveled to the loose strands of hair that hung from around Kanda face and towards Allen's, nearing touching his nose. Next his eyes traveled up to the owner of the hair. Letting him take in the pale skin, high cheekbones, graceful but strong jaw line, and elegant eyebrows. Finally his wide silver eyes locked with Kanda's almond shaped dark ones, and surprisingly what he saw there was lust hiding behind the calm inky black. Unable to look away from those eyes[, he looked deeper and his eyes focused on the reflection of his own expression. Even more surprisingly, Allen's saw now that his own look seemed to mirror Kanda's. Lust clouding the silver. When had he let that happen? Why--

Kanda interrupted his train of thought with a hesitant. "Allen. . ." The silver eyed boy wrenched his eyes away from soft lips – when had they traveled there? -- at the sound.

Kanda leaned down a bit farther, letting his lips press lightly against Allen's parted confused ones in a chaste kiss.

"That's my answer." Kanda was always better with actions then words.

Moving with pure instinct, Allen stretched upwards and stole a light kiss of his own.

"And that's mine." He whispered without thinking; but as soon as the words left his mouth he realized they where true.

Kanda just stared down at the younger male. Had he just heard what he thought he heard? Had Allen – the man he wanted but was sure wound never get – just said that? Had Allen just stated that he had mutual feelings. Mutual!!! Not just friendly and helpful ones.

He had.

Finally getting it though his stubborn head, Kanda grinned. And he had every right to the oh-so-rarely-seen grin.

Then he swept down and pressed his lips firmly against Allen's. He had every right to do that as well now.

Bending down farther, Kanda pressed his lips harder against Allen's. Adding pressure, desperation, and an addictive harshness to the kiss. He let his teeth graze over Allen's lower lip, as if threatening to bite and Allen gasped at the unusual feeling.

Kanda just pressed on, snaking his tongue between Allen's conveniently parted lips to tangle and dance with the other's tongue. He let a small moan pass his lips to vibrate between their mouths as he mapped out Allen's mouth. Allen moaned back.

Kanda loved the sound, and wanted more.

One hand reached for Allen's slender wrist while the other pushed through soft white locks, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss. Gently, he pulled Allen to his feet making sure that their kiss continued. Only ever breaking for air, and resumed within the seconds time it took to gasp.

Pure instinct and a keen memory were all Kanda relied on, since his brain was thoughtfully distracted; but it seemed to be enough to get the two kissing males from the kitchen, across the living room, down the hall, into the bedroom, and flopping messily onto the bed.

During this whole expedition, Allen was also distracted and only noticed a change of location when he was unceremoniously pushed down on soft blankets, Kanda hovering over him.

At the sight of the dark haired stoic male above him he let a smile grace his face, knowing that the loose strands of hair, the flush, and the lust filled gaze that seemed to turn the ebony of Kanda's eyes into black bottomless pits was his fault.

Kanda let a small smile stretch across his lips as well upon seeing the white haired man below him, cheeks flushed, lips kiss swollen and stretched into a small smile, hair spread out in a halo around his head. Allen truly seemed to glow in the darkness of the room with only the light from the setting sun that seeped through the thin curtains.

Softly Kanda lowered his face, his bangs touched Allen's forehead as his lips ghosted over Allen's swollen and parted ones. As much as his libido wanted him to just jump the younger man Kanda wanted – needed -- to get this one taste, slow and unhurried. He breathed in, smelling sweat and arousal on the other man as well as a hint of a fruity shampoo, before letting his face finally lower all the way, lips connecting over lips.

The kiss started slow in comparison to what they shared in the kitchen. Kanda seemed to want to slow everything down, keep this one moment forever and Allen let him, enjoying the attention and closeness. Finally delving deeper, Kanda pushed his tongue past Allen's unresisting lips to get the taste of sweetness that he had grown addicted to. Their dance began again but with a slow rhythm that both calmed the who males as well as put them on edge.

The heat and intensity grew as minutes passed, but Kanda refused to give in and surrender his control. Instead he let his tongue roam further, running along Allen's inner cheek and molars, satisfying his hunger.

Finally he withdrew with a nibble on Allen's soft lower lips to get much needed air. The two panted, their harsh breaths ghosting over each others cheeks as they kept their faces close together, their foreheads touching. Kanda caught his breath first while Allen still panted, he let his mouth roam over the other's neck, kissing softly at the pale skin until it came to rest on a frantic pulse. Kanda knew that the strength and speed of the pulse were his fault, and smiling into the skin he let his mouth close on that spot, sucking gently to leave a dark red mark.

Allen arched his back as Kanda did so, and both where reminded of the clothes that restricted them, keeping them from touching skin to skin. Next thing they knew, hands where frantically pulling at each other's shirts until the material finally gave away and, unlike last time, were pulled all the way off and thrown aside as if they had offended their owners.

Looking at the expanse of naked skin below him, Kanda smirked and dove down again to nibble and bite the exposed collar bone, getting a strangled moan from the white haired boy as Allen arched his back, pushing himself hips to chest, flush against Kanda. At the sudden but much wanted contact, even Kanda had to show his appreciation with a growl at the back of his throat that was muffled by the skin he was kissing.

Liking the sound, Allen pushed a little harder. Feeling the heat from the other's skin as well as the heat from the still cloth covered skin. Why was there any skin still covered? Deciding to fix that problem as quickly as possible, he snaked his long pale hands to embrace Kanda's strong back and slid them down to rest at Kanda's hips, pushing a little at the soft material of the pants there.

Not wanting to be outdone, Kanda did the same; resting one hand on Allen's lower stomach and fingering the pant line of the worn out jeans, his other hand supporting his weight as he looked up at Allen, silently asking for permission to go further. Allen just gave a curt nod, shivering at the feel of the fingers drawing circles on his lower stomach threatening to go lower. And lower they went. Kanda quickly had the buttons of the jeans undone and was pushing them one handedly off of pale hips, leaving only a pair of white and black short boxers.

Allen just watched as Kanda undressed him, finding it an oddly arousing gesture. But by the time his pants where sliding down his thighs, he found that he didn't want to be the only on in boxers, so he took matters into his own hands. Pulling a little at Kanda's hips to get the other back over him, Allen wiggled out of his pants as his own nimble fingers found the zipper of Kanda pants. Before Kanda figured out what was happening, Allen had already pushed the soft dark dress pants of Kanda's sharp hips.

Kanda flushed at the attention, used to being in control and independent, but found that if it was Allen he could let it slide and allow Allen the privilege of being the only person he let his guard down around. But even if he let Allen have that, it didn't mean that he was going to allow the white haired man to slide from under him for something as trivial as getting a pair of pants off. So instead he pushed Allen back, and sitting up a little he pulled his own pants off and kicked them of to the floor, leaving himself in only a pair of black cotton boxers.

The two let their eyes wander over the other's body, both noting the others hardness as it throbbed under the only material left before letting their eyes go further up until their gazes met. The eye contact sent a pleasant shock (on Kanda's part) and shiver (on Allen's part) down to the base of their spines; and it felt like a tightly wound string had just snapped in both of the young men.

Kanda pushed the other down onto the mattress, letting his hands slide along the heated flesh while he claimed Allen's mouth once again. Allen gave in to the harsh kiss instantly, and wrapped his own legs around Kanda's hips pushing their still clothed erections together while his hands busied themselves in Kanda's hair, letting it down from the high ponytail to flow around his face.

Kanda moved away from the tempting mouth to kiss lower, getting to a pink nipple and nibbling on it as Allen whimpered and arched closer. The contact only worked to remind Kanda of how close they were and how hard he felt, so he let his hand snake below Allen's arched back and slide lower to the hem of the boxers.

Allen stilled for a seconds at the touch, but still welcomed it with a light moan and a scoot upwards, making Kanda's hand slide down farther. Taking the encouragement without complaint, Kanda let his finger slide under the material and slowly pull it off. The sudden air contact made Allen let out a whimper and blush furiously at the fact that he was fully naked underneath the dark-haired man. But he quickly pushed his embarrassment aside – though the blush was harder to get rid of at this point -- and reached a hand for Kanda's boxers as well.

Kanda didn't notice the hand until it connected with his hip but when it did, and when he understood what the blushing man under him wanted, he quickly complied, sliding his own black boxers off with a soft hiss at the cold air. Fully naked now and hovering over the white haired male, Kanda could swear the heat intensified ten fold at least. But for once his over controlling and analyzing mind didn't but in, and he just allowed his instincts to take over. He kissed Allen softly while one of his hands snaked down to wrap around both himself and Allen. Stroking their throbbing erections slowly, he let out a low growl that was drowned in the kiss that had steadily turned harder and more intense. He could feel every inch of his skin burning as the blood rushed down to to pool at his throbbing member, making it hard to keep in control, focus his eyes, and even breathe.

Allen's hips arched to rub against Kanda's, their erections slidding against each other with each slow stroke from Kanda's hand, pre-come already gathering at the tips. They rocked their hips up to the touch with each stroke, both letting small pleasurable noises into the others mouth as they kissed. As their thrusts grew in speed and need, Kanda forced himself to slow his hand no matter how much he just wanted to speed up and come.

Pulling away from Allen's mouth, Kanda choked out a strangled moan and stilled his hand all together refusing to continue the torturing slow pace, knowing that if he did then both he and Allen would come. And as much as he wanted that, he needed something more. Allen whimpered at the loss of movement, his hips still trying to thrust until Kanda forcefully stopped him with a hand on his hip and caught his mouth in a kiss.

The kiss was tender at the same time while being hungry and harsh, and conveyed Kanda's desperate need. Pulling away and looking into Kanda's almost desperate but lust-filled eyes[, Allen realized exactly what Kanda wanted and found that he wanted it too. So when Kanda pulled away and reached for the bottle of hand lotion on his nightstand, Allen could only nod his consent.

Kanda proceeded with a strange professionalism that he should by all means not have – this being his first time with a man. But since the time he admitted that he was attracted to the same sex, he refused to remain ignorant and found out exactly what sex between two men entailed -- no matter how embarrassed an flustered it made him. He didn't think he would be using the knowledge anytime soon -- if ever -- but here he was about to have sex with Allen. With Allen. The thought sent shivers of anticipation down his spine as he uncapped the lotion and dumped a generous amount on his fingers. One of the most important things he remembered was that it would probably hurt like hell for Allen, and the second was that lotion would work just as well as lube. Kanda warmed the lotion as it spread across his fingers before gently trailing the coated fingers up the back of Allen's raised thighs to Allen's butt.

Allen hissed at the contact, but didn't move away as he felt the hand slide gently between his cheeks to stroke first at the sensitive skin behind his balls and then to the ring of muscle that was his entrance. At the feeling of pressure at his entrance, he tensed. Kanda felt the way Allen's whole body seemed to become stiff, and in hopes of distracting the white haired boy, he slid a hand around Allen's cock only – not trusting himself to touch his own without coming -- and slowly stroked him, running his finger gently up the vein to pause at the slit and spread the large bead of pre-come along the shaft.

The much needed attention to his very sensitive and throbbing cock seemed to take some tension from Allen's body, and he let his body slowly relax. When Kanda picked a steady rhythm to stroke him, he let all the tension seep away and gave away to moaning and gasping instead. In the midst of all this, Kanda felt the ring of muscle he had been stroking give away and he let his finger slip in to the first knuckle. Allen didn't even seem to notice the slight intrusion as his cock was stroked. By the time Kanda slid the finger all the way in, Allen had began to tense again though the attention on his cock kept him from tightening painfully.

Not wanting to hurt Allen, Kanda leaned down to give the white haired boy a chaste kiss on his parted lips before whispering reassurances and instructions along the lines of "Just relax.", "Don't worry.", "I won't hurt you." and "Allen. . ." The last one seemed to have the best affect at reassuring the boy, who forced himself to relax around the finger and let it slowly move in and out of him – stretching him. Next came the second finger. Allen couldn't help but tighten around it as it entered him. He whimpered a little and turned his face away slightly, not used to the odd sensation.

"Allen. . .Allen. . .look at me. Please." Kanda gently cooed at the other. When Allen finally turned, he was relieved to see no tears and only a mildly uncomfortable look.

"It's weird." Allen meekly stated.

"Don't worry. Just relax. I promise it will get better." Kanda reassured the other. Making a promise that he hoped he will be able to keep. Allen needed to hear that after all.

Allen relaxed, trusting Kanda with a little nod and fisted his hands into the sheets underneath him. The second finger slowly pushed in beside the first and in experimentation Kanda curled them a little. Allen gasped. The good gasp. And Kanda decided to repeat the precess. This time Allen moaned. Loudly.

"D-do that a-ah-gain. . ." Allen choked out and Kanda complied. Making sure to hit the bundle to nerves, he continued to stretch Allen, scissoring his fingers as well as thrusting them in and out. In minutes Allen was putty in Kanda's hands, whithering and moaning at the feeling of his prostate being stimulated as well as the hand still slowly stroking his cock. Pre-come was once again gathering at the tip of Allen's cock and Kanda could only watch. Finally deeming Allen stretched enough, he paused both his hands but didn't remove them and leaning close to Allen, he made sure the silver eyes where focused on him before asking, "Ready?"

Allen blinked at him once before blushing and smiling, "Yeah. . ." he answered.

The fingers where gently removed and went back to the lotion. Uncapping it with one hand and pouring some directly on his cock, Kanda hissed at the cold make-shift lube touched his over heated sensitive skin. Slowly he gave himself a few strokes to spread the lotion and warmed it a little. The hand on Allen's cock slid the hold to his hip as Kanda positioned himself. Gently he slid the head in. Allen tensed at the feeling again – Kanda's cock was much bigger then a couple of fingers.

They lay there for a moment Allen, forcing himself to relax and Kanda forcing himself to stay still and not thrust into Allen when he wasn't ready. Finally Allen seemed to get his muscles under control and relaxed again. Kanda slid in further, inch by agonizing inch until he was fully buried inside of Allen. Letting out a small moan at the feeling of Allen tightening and relaxing around him, he waited for the other boy to adjust to his cock. Finally getting used to the felling of having something so foreign in him, Allen let out a shuddered breath and nodded to Kanda to continue.

Kanda did a small shallow thrust as experimentation and though it was not the best sensation ever, it was no where near painful either. Allen relaxed further and wrapped his hands in Kanda's messy hair while his legs where brought up again to wrap around Kanda's waist. The change in position seemed to change the angle and the next thrust left Allen gasping for air and tightening around Kanda. He moaned as the thrust came again. With each trust and moan Kanda seemed to get bolder, letting his cock slide out almost fully before pushing in fast and hard.

"Ahhh[. . .Kanda. . .ple-ah-se. . .Kan-n-da. . .h-harder. Yuu" Allen practically screamed, as Kanda hit his prostate directly. Kanda moaned as well, at the felling of Allen tightening around him, at the feeling of his orgasm approaching and at hearing his first name spill from the other's lips. Lowering his face again he found the juncture where Allen's neck met his shoulder and bit it, hard enough to draw blood. Allen just whimpered finding the pain mixed with the pleasure arousing as Kanda gently licked the small bead of blood coming from the bite.

Kanda looked at the bite, feeling oddly proud for the possessive mark he left on Allen and growled into the other's throat.

"Say that again."

"Ahh? W-wha-t?" Alen managed to ask.

"Say my name again."

"Yuu" Allen moaned out. Kanda shuddered at the sound.

"Allen." He breathed. This time it was Allen's turn to shudder.

Kanda thrust in again, harder and faster as the pace picked up and both of the males approached release. Kanda's cock brushed against Allen's prostate with every thrust leaving Allen moaning in pleasure. With each moan Allen lightly tensed making Kanda gasp at the heat surrounding him. They continued – lost in their own world – thrusting, moaning, calling each other's name. Kanda let his hand reach for Allen's cock again and began to stroke it hard and fast, in time with their trusts. Allen moaned loadly at the added sensation, writhing under Kanda with each thrust.

Kanda felt Allen tense all around him, burying him in a addictive heat and next thing he knew, Allen was screaming his name and coming across their stomachs. The sensation of Allen tightening almost painfully -- but not quite -- combined with his first name being screamed so loudly sent Kanda over the edge as well; and with one more desperate thrust he let his orgasm take over him, and spilled his seed into Allen's hot tight cavern before collapsing onto the spent body below him. They lied there for a moment in sated peace before Kanda gently pulled out of Allen and rolled over to the side.

Kanda let his coherent mind come back to him slowly, not wanting to lose the satisfied happy feeling he had at the moment. As proper thought process was established, the first thing he did was to turn and look at Allen who's eyes where still glazed over. Kanda smiled at the sight, happy with himself of being able to put Allen into such a daze. Carefully he slipped off the bed and padded down the hall to the washroom. He cleaned himself of quickly and came back with a wet washcloth.

In the mean time, Allen gained control over him own thought's and the first thing he did was to turn to look at Kanda who wasn't there. He vaguely remembered someone leaving, and realized now that it must have been Kanda. He panicked. And he had good reason to, since the last time something like this happened – though it didn't go as far last time -- Kanda had ran away as soon as they finished, and Allen was unable to do anything because he had been too sated and dazed to care. Now history was repeating itself.

He struggled to untangle the sheet that had wrapped itself around his foot and sat up when he finally got it off, only to look around and realize that he was in Kanda's apartment. Kanda wouldn't run away from his own house. This was confirmed when he heard footsteps approaching the room.

The door was pushed open and Kanda came in – still naked -- carrying a washcloth. The dark haired man just smiled a lazy smile and padded over to Allen. Handing him a washcloth, he suggested he clean up and climbed over Allen's body to the far side of the bed, where he pulled at the blanket that lay crumpled at the foot of the bed and covered his own rapidly cooling body with it.

Allen just blinked and it took him a moment to realize what had just happened, when he did he broke into a large smile that lit up his face. Kanda had stayed! It took him another moment to realize why he was so happy, but then he did and he blushed. I like Kanda. Preferring to use the more personal name he corrected himself. I like Yuu.

Quickly, he cleaned the hardening come on his stomach as well as the mixture of come and lotion that was all over his thighs by now. Putting the washcloth gently on the nightstand, he turned his body to face Kanda. He met the dark eyed gaze that was watching him from behind a curtain of messy hair, and bit his lip lightly. Kanda just gave a low chuckle and reached his arm to grab Allen's wrist.

"Come here."

"Okay." Allen responded sheepishly not being ably to keep the smile of his face as he climbed in beside Kanda, beneath the warm blankets and curled up against the long haired man.

"Thanks Yuu." He whispered for Kanda to hear, and then added as an after thought as he snuggled into a comfy position with his head on Kanda's shoulder, "I like this."

To himself Allen added a, "I like you."

Kanda -- being Kanda – heard it, even if it was said in such a quiet voice and flushing, he wrapped an arm around Allen's back drawing him into a comfortable embrace.

Allen just smiled into Kanda's shoulder and started drifting off to sleep.

Kanda figured the other man was already sleeping by the way he had slowed his breathing and let himself give in and return Allen's confession in a whispered, "I like you as well," before blushing and tucking his head into Allen's hair to try to get some sleep. He missed the blush that colored Allen's cheeks and the small smile that decorated Allen's lips at the confession.


1) The superstition mentioned is that when a person sneezes it means that someone is thinking about them. There are some different versions of it: such as sneezing someone is talking about you, or sneezing remembering you.

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