Chapter 36. Uneasy truce

Sarah stood at the highest point of the castle, the parapet that was above a turret. She looked down on the Kingdom she'd been crowned Queen of. A Queen whose rule was to be short lived the Kingdom that would go to her brother, the wished away child. Leaning over the balustrade she pondered what her place in life was. The soft sound of a bird behind her alerted her that Jareth had arrived. "How did you find me?" she grumbled in foul humor.

"An owl is a night hunter," He reminded her softly coming to lean on the balustrade beside her. "I can smell your scent in this Kingdom or any other."

"Go fuck yourself." She said coldly.

"I'd much rather fuck you." He teased.

"I'm sure; you've been doing that since I made the mistake of saying those God damned words." She closed her eyes and swallowed her bitterness. "It was all lies, right from the start wasn't it?"

"No," He said forcing her to stand straight and face him. "Not all of it was lies Sarah."

"You never cared about me, you only wanted the baby." She looked away, even as he held her steadfast, her eyes threatening tears she was refusing to allow to fall. "You never wanted me."

"I wanted you." He said coldly. "You refused me, I begged you to think but you still chose to say those words… ending our… game."

"Game?" she sobbed gulping air. "It was only a game?" She pulled away, turning her back on him. "Hate you right now, Jareth."

Jareth looked at her, fighting to keep control. "I've hated you since you crushed my heart." He said moving to stand behind her. "Yet," He placed his hands on her shoulders, "I was never prouder of anyone, than I was of you at your crowning." He turned her. "Damn you woman, I want you so much it is killing me." He forced her face up with his hands raking into her hair. Her lips opened in an angry protest as his mouth took it savagely; her struggles only kindling his desire. His body molded to hers, as he held her, raising his head, breathlessly he confessed. "God help me, I love you."

Sarah, tears shining in her eyes and her lips swollen and bruised by his assault, stared at him. Could she believe him, she wondered. "Why should you?" she asked trying to find common ground.

"Your eyes," He said pulling her to his heart, "Can be… so cruel." He sighed feeling her breathing matching his own. "Just as I can be… so cruel."

Sarah buried her face into the shoulder of his armor knowing it didn't matter if she believes him or not. For better or for worse, she was his Queen, and his wife.

"I'll paint you mornings of gold," He whispered as she shivered feeling his arousal."I'll spin you valentine evenings," He promised devoutly, drawing her face up, to read what was in his eyes and written on his heart.

"Move the stars for me," she whispered back.

Jareth swooped her up into his arms, "With pleasure, my Queen… with Pleasure."


Authors note:

Well, that's it… I hope you enjoyed this tale as much as I did. For those who don't feel it's a fitting ending… remember with this pair there is never a real ending…they go on forever…

So now, like a good little scribe, I shall go off and finish another tale and begin a new one.

To my readers who review. Thank you all for your words, good and bad. And to Bookworm, happy castrating!