Amber's legs still hooked around Corny's waist as easily as they had the first time. Pushing her back flush with the slick shower wall, Corny kissed and nipped at Amber's neck, his hips thrusting in rhythm with her moans and groans. He preferred it this way, where Amber felt trapped and safe all at the same time. It felt like pure heat, fucking like some B-grade porno. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy making love as much, but it was easier to disassociate himself this way, to remove himself from the situation.

No, when they were in bed, the smells and sounds were all too familiar and he forgot (realized) that he wasn't (was) fucking (making love to) his 17 (26) year old girlfriend (wife). The way Amber's toes curled when she came, her perky voice dropping low into her chest made her sound so dirty, so experienced, when he knew that, in reality, he had been her first.

"Corny," Amber breathed as his fingers tore at her shirt, tugging the thin cotton polka dots off over her sweat soaked hair. "I..."

"Shhh," he whispered through a kiss, pulling her into him, all guilt and hesitation fleeting as she came to rest pressed against his body.

She had danced harder than he had ever seen her dance, actually tried during rehearsal. Inches away from her during the Madison, he could hear her breathy counts, leading him to forget his own steps and imagine what she sounded like...

No, no he couldn't imagine that, which wasn't to say that he hadn't. He had, stretched out on his bed, seen Amber, flushed pink, gasping his name as he rocked into her, her ankles linked together behind his neck. He had, as his hand tightened around his hardened flesh, heard Amber begging for more, demanding more.

"Corny?" Amber's voice was real this time, annoyed and rough. "Hi," she snipped, wiping the sweat from her brow, "anytime you'd like to participate, we'd really appreciate it." Corny rolled his eyes, kneeling and biting the inside of his cheek as his jeans pulled tighter across his groin.

It was after rehearsal that he let his guard down, that she made her move, when all along, she'd been prancing right in front of him. In his dressing room, he stripped of his polo and undershirt and had just unbuckled his belt when he felt her hands skirt across his back. He knew it was her and turned, grabbing her shoulders, forcing her against the wall, and kissing her so hard that colors yet unnamed exploded behind his eyelids.

Her shirt came off in shreds, polka dots fluttering to the floor as he picked her up, her legs wrapping around his waist easily after her jeans had been forced off. Her hand traveled down his tight chest and over his abs before dipping into his pants and tugging his erection out. Without a word or emotion, he thrust into her, surprised by the tension he met. Amber growled in pain, biting his shoulder hard. He yelped, surprised, as his chest heaved with deep breaths. Amber's muscles twitched and pulsed around him as she panted shallowly against his neck. He brought his head forward to rest against hers.


"Don't," she gulped, her legs tightening, "don't stop."

Leaning his weight forward so that Amber was snug against the wall, he began to thrust slowly, kissing her neck and running his tongue along her shoulder brushingly.

"Oh, Corny..."

"Oh God, Corny," Amber moaned, her head falling back against the tile. "Oh God..."

"I love you, Amber," he whispered, kissing her neck. "Oh..."

Twenty years of dancing had left his body muscled and strong, but with Amber around his waist and his body turning to goo, his knees were beginning to shake. Amber unwrapped her legs and set her feet down, her breath coming in short, punctuated gasps. She shut the water off before tugging Corny out of the shower with her.

Collapsing into bed, still soaking, Amber pushed Corny down and straddled him, leaning forward and pressing her chest to his.


"Shhh," she whispered, rocking her hips, kissing him deeply. Water ran in rivulets down neck, sloping between her breasts as she sat up, her head falling back on her shoulders, her mouth perked into a tiny smile. "Oh, Corny..."

Corny dug his fingers into Amber's hips, biting his lip against the building pressure in his stomach. "Amber, oh my God, Amber, ah..." Amber curled her fingers around Corny's shoulders, her mouth dropping open slightly as he flipped them, pinning her easily beneath him.

"Yes, oh my God, yes," Amber cried out, scratching her fingers down his chest. Corny kissed her roughly, skimming his fingers down her thighs as he pushed her knees up to touch her shoulders. His thrusts were quickening as he groaned her name with every stroke. "Harder, harder..."

The breathy pleading was all it took to send Corny over the edge. Crying out, he shuddered and collapsed, panting in tandem with Amber as she linked her legs together around his waist.

They stayed that way for a long moment, just breathing, until Corny rolled over, pulling Amber on top of him. He kissed her, his tongue tracing along the crease of her lips, nipping gently.

"Happy birthday, baby."