Emerald eyes stared back are amber ones, neither wavering, both serious. The wind blew softly and leaves danced around the two figures dressed in fall wear.

I thought you felt the same

And that no one could take you away

But I was wrong once again

Right when you said it's the end

I wish you knew how I felt

How I still feel

I wish I could tell you

How you brought me to tears

The emerald eyed person bent her head down and looked at the ground; they sniffed and rubbed their nose.

I loved you so much

But you were blind

All you saw was friendship

And we got into fights

Rotten luck I have,

This is the second time

And now I know

I was only made

To see people go

To see you go

Tiny sniffles turned into sobs and the figure rubbed their eyes fiercely. The amber eyed figure, which was taller than the emerald, looked down at her silently, unmoving.

One, Two, Three,

That's how many times I fell

I fell hard, oh so hard

When you came around…

Please, one more time

I want to love

This can't be the end

A light blush covered the amber's cheeks, they looked away from the other and they stuffed their hands in their pockets.

I worship you

Your personality is overwhelming

Your kindness brings me hope

And your friendship made me love

I adore you

You are my life

You are my love

You are what kept me sane

Sniffling was heard again, the sobs stopped, and the sky seemed to darken.

The distance between

You and I

Its suffocating

I understand

That's what ill say

When ever you say,

"Please let me think about it"

But you don't

You place it aside

Pretend you didn't know

Puffy red eyes looked up at amber ones for a few more seconds. Not being able to hold it in any longer, the figures embraced for the last time. It was a friendly embrace, unlike the others they've shared.

And now I feel so…

So foolish for ever…

Ever falling for you

You don't want me

You never did

I though it could work if you tried

But I made a mistake

I messed up again

Emerald pulled away and whispered goodbye and amber replied with a goodbye. Emerald turned around and walked away, her lime green long sleeved shirt cling to her figure and short honey-brown hair waved in the wind.

But I want you to know

I love you

No matter how foolish I feel

No matter how many times you say

Please let me think about it

Amber watched her walk away, her body getting smaller and smaller the farther she walked. Finally when she was no bigger than a dot, He turned around and wrapped his arm around another girl's waist, her deep blue orbs glistening with tears.

No matter where you are

Or what you do

The girl turned around when she figured she was far enough away. "Syoaran" She whispered, silent tears running down her face as she said his name.

I will never forget about you

And I will always

The boy turned around, arm still wrapped around the girls waist and whispered.



Love you.