This is a story I thought up and really liked. It's about the only prophesy ever recited to Muggles.

I do not won HP. It would be cool if I did, but I don't.


The tavern was noisy and crowded. Men flirted with women, friends chatted over beer and vodka, and someone at the bar was swearing at the tender who messed up his drink. There was only one thing that was out of place: a figure in a black cloak with the hood pulled up. It was sitting at a table, and ordered nothing. It was the only silent thing there. Nobody in the bar had ever seen such a person act such a way in such a place, but either dismissed their thoughts or got too drunk to notice.

With almost an inhuman-like patience it waited. Hours passed, and it said nothing. Finally it stood up and pushed back its hood.

The most beautiful woman any of them had ever seen was revealed. Slowly the room fell silent as they stared at her.

Her hair was molten gold cascading down her back, her eyes the clearest silver with veins of emerald. Her skin was so light that she seemed to fade into the air around her. Girls grasped the arms of their boyfriends, but the men who were not taken began to walk slowly towards her, entranced.

But the woman had no intention of hooking up with anyone. She spoke in a voice so beautiful it hurt the ears of all who listened, and it stopped all pursuers.

All that it gold does not glitter

Ron Weasley struggle with a levitation spell, annoyed when Hermione corrected him, making him look stupid. The same boy stared in amazement as his spell caused a troll club to fall upon the head of its owner, saving his best friend's life.

Not all who wander are lost

Seventeen-year-old best friends Harry, Ron, and Hermione Dissapparated from yet another hiding place.

The old that is strong does not wither

Albus Dumbledore raised his wand yet again at Voldemort. The atrium was covered in debris.

Deep roots are not touched by the frost

Harry faced Voldemort on the back of Quirrel's head, shouting that he would never join him.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken

Hermione stood in front of a bunch of Hogwarts students in the Hog's Head Inn.

A light from the shadows shall spring

Teddy Lupin took one last look at his godfather before boarding the Hogwarts train for the first time.

Renewed shall be blade that was broken

Harry stood with the Elder Wand in his hand, and said, "Reparo." Before his and his friend's very eyes, the phoenix feather wand, the twin of Voldemort's, repaired itself.

The crownless again shall be king.

Severus Snape was carried down an isle, peace finally smoothing the harsh lines in his face, his honor restored.


The woman fell silent. The room was deathly quiet. She spoke one last time, in a voice not quite so terrible, saying, "The time fast approaches." Then she pulled her hood up over her head, concealing her beauty, and strode out of the pub. Anyone who was by the door saw her fade into the darkness.

Mere hours later, Merope Riddle stumbled up the steps. Two hours later, as the sun was beginning to cast a grayish tinge on the horizon, the girl was dead, her son in the care of the orphanage that delivered him.

No one ever saw the strange woman again, nor anyone like her. Yet her prophecy hung in the air of the bar forevermore. Only those who had heard it knew what that strange feeling was. It was the only prophecy recited to Muggles, the only one never recorded. The Unknown Prophecy.


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