Here's the second chapter. It's a bit short, but I'm stuck and I feel bad because I haven't posted since last year sometime. Sorry for anyone who wanted this to come out sooner. I'll try to work on it more after this coming week, since I'll be busy with finals. After finals I should have time though. I don't own any of the characters or settings in this.

Ce'Nedra followed the dragon into a large cavern at the top of the mountain. It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the dim light inside the cave. What she saw when they did caught her breath.

Before her was a large dragon, lounging on the floor and watching the one that had led her there with amusement.

"King Kazul, I found you a princess!" It said excitedly, waddling forward. "See, she's a queen, but she was a princess before she was a queen, so she can be your princess, right?"

Kazul turned her gaze to Ce'Nedra, who shrunk back from the enormity of the beast.

"You are a princess, eh? From what country?"

"Um…Tolnedra, and I'm the Queen of Riva." Ce'Nedra said, very confused by this sudden turn of events.

The dragon blinked. "Tolnedra? Where's that?"

"It's…well…uh…" For the first time in her life, Ce'Nedra was at a loss for words.

"Oh, no matter. Now, can you cook chocolate mousse? Or maybe cherries jubilee?" The dragon brushed her hesitation aside.

"I…have never tried," Ce'Nedra replied, deciding not to tell the dragon that those things didn't exist in her world.

"Oh, well, it's easy. I'll find you the recipe and you can get to work. So, what brings you here? Most princesses run away because they want their knight or prince to prove his love by defeating a dragon. A few, like Cimmorene, run away to escape the tedious duties of being a princess."

"Oh…I think I'm here because I wanted adventure."

"You think?" Ce'Nedra could have sworn that Kazul smiled.

"I…I know. I'm here because I wanted some more adventure in my life." Ce'Nedra may have seemed a bit flighty at times, but she was not stupid. She could tell that the Orb had granted her wish, and had transported her to this world to give her some more adventure.

"Alright. Well, you may not get much excitement, per say, but I think life will at least be different for you here. Now then, let me show you around." Kazul got up off of the floor, and turned her stern gaze onto the young dragon. "And you will stop exploring around and will get out from underfoot." With that, she led the way down the hallway, with Ce'Nedra scurrying to keep up.


"Um…if you don't mind my asking, why exactly do you need a princess to do things for you? And why not a commoner or a serf? I'm sure many serfs would like to be a dragon's princess." Ce'Nedra asked Kazul, practically running to keep up as the large dragon showed her around the extensive cave system.

"Why would a dragon want a mere commoner? Do you have any idea how that would tarnish our reputations? And why would I want surf to help me? Waves can't make cherries jubilee, you know."

"Oh," Ce'Nedra said hesitantly. "A serf…is like a peasant. They work and pay tithe to their landlords in exchange for protection."

"What?" Kazul asked, turning to face Ce'Nedra. She jumped back as the dragon moved her great bulk.

"Never mind," she murmured. Obviously serfs were foreign in this strange land.

"Humph. Anyway, these will be your quarters." Kazul gestured to a cavernous opening with her snout as she said this. Ce'Nedra approached the opening cautiously and peered into the room beyond. There were all the amenities a human female might need, all in proportion to her species. She turned back to the dragon.

"You'll be settled in in no time, don't you worry. Now then, I'll give you time to clean up, and then we can see about making dessert."