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It was everywhere…Crimson river on the ground, strong smell in the air, the copper taste in my mouth and passing between my finger at every heart beat…


I've always been uneasy with blood…Let's get real, blood always scared me. When I was a little turtle, I even fainted sometimes at the sign of it. Now that I think about it I wonder…When my brothers stopped to tease me about it…Maybe at the same time I became the doctor in the lair.

Younger it was the simple sign of the deep red liquid that scared me. It was clashing so hard with our green skin…Like a warning sign of danger. Every time I saw it, someone I cared about was suffering and I couldn't stand it.

As I grew up and learned more things, I got more scared. Now I know how it could be dangerous when blood splat and the flesh wounds came in contact with the rest of the world. Infection, AIDS, Hepatitis, tetanus, blood lost, gangrene…


It's the word that always comes back in my mind when I deal with blood. The death of my enemy, when we can't avoid confrontation…The death of innocent people when we reach them to late…

The possible death of my brothers, father or friends, the day I could not treat the injury or that they will be beyond my knowledge and I couldn't do anything to save them.

That's why I'm so scared.

I can fight the Foot, the Purple Dragon, Triceraton or other crazy alien and monster….But I can't fight Death….

I wish my brother could understand that...Understand why I feel so miserable when they come to me to be fixed….Why I'm scared to be the only one with this knowledge.


I manage to look up at my brothers. The terror in their face, when they see my bloody form was so familiar…Maybe they understood my fear more that I ever imagined.

Too bad…That I realized it so late.

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