-1The Galaxy's Soul


Dis. If there was a planet in the known galaxy that could be called hell, Dis was on the top of the list. The place was a molten nightmare, burned and dark. And yet it wasn't uninhabited. The lone structure was rather large, far to large to be a mere research facility. The place of current interest was the lab were two gothic dressed men were in converstation.

"At last the day we have waited for is upon us" said one of the men. The other was equally excited, though not as vocal "Indeed. Tell me sir, why did we wait so long to do this?" The leader turned to his associate "Because we didn't think we needed to. As humanity traveled among the stars, we figured we could find another way. We were wrong and now we must go for our original plan." "But sir, what of interference?" "What interference?" "Well many of transports have been detained by the military for being to close to forbidden territory. And of course much of our equipment transports have been taken by the G.O.T.T."

The leader was well aware of the delays and thought such things were of little significances "No matter. This will not deter us, nor the outcome." "But what of the vessel's transport? The destination is quite far from here. Though we can avoid any military problems, that route is in a area that has been crawling with smugglers. The G.O.T.T. has been monitoring that area like a hawk." "Not to worry. Using a ordinary cargo carrier should be able to get pass such things. We shall be successful this time."