I Want To Be Different


A/N: A poem about how Christians must swim against the current for their Savoir.

Dedicated and Inspired by FIREBRAVE!! You are awesome! You're poem inspired me so this one is for you and Jesus!!

I'm not sure who you are anymore,

But it's time for me to go,

You're asking me,

To go where I won't,

To be just like everyone else,

But I know,

I can't walk away from the Truth,

I can't leave the One,

Who died for me,

I close me eyes,

And I realize,

That my place is here,

In my Father's hands,

I hope you understand,

That I can't leave the One,

Who took my cross,

And died the death of sacrifice,

And rose again,

If you ever need a friend,

I'll be here,

But I won't walk away with you,

And ignore my Lord,

If loving Him is wrong,

Then I don't want to be right,

If loving Him isn't the same as everyone else,

Then I want to be different,

I'll swim against the current,

While everyone is being the same,

Thinking that God is so lame,

While inside you feel empty,

And when you realize,

That all your lies,

And selfish indulgences,

Won't fill the gap,

I'll be standing strong,

Even when all goes wrong,

Though I walk through the valley of darkness,

I won't fear,

Cause somewhere near,

He'll be there,

Whispering in the wind…

The End

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