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Summary--Sasuke loves naruto. Naruto loves Sasuke. Thing is both don't know it, so Sasuke comes up with a plan by becoming a girl to get Naruto, but with him in girl form where's Sasuke? Naruto tries to find out but what happens when he finds that Sasuke IS that girl?-

Warnings- This IS a yaoi and for you who do not know what it means then I will tell you. It means there will be MALE/MALE action!! If you don't like then go back now, but if you like then please read and enjoy!!!

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AN: OK this is my first fan fiction so it's probably bad but hey I tried. I will take reviews from anyone, even writing flames, but NO flames on how yaoi is wrong!! I am sorry if there are any mistakes but my spell check doesn't find em' all!! The Sasuke I'm describing on here is a picture I found (On my profile!) except the outfit is different.



"Kyuu talking"

"Naruto talking to kyuu"

Naruto lie panting under Sasuke as Sasuke moved in then out of the blonde. Sasuke gained speed going in a even pace wanting a release. He got faster and faster then…


Sasuke groaned as that alarm on his bedside table went off interrupting his dream of him and his Naruto. He through the alarm clock at a wall so it shattered, he would never had done that, but he was kind of stressing because of that problem between his legs.

Sasuke had to get it down, so he had to suck it up and think of the last thing he ever wanted to thing about…. That ugly whore Sakura!!(Sorry for those who like Sakura, but I hate her!!) In less than a millisecond it was gone.

Sasuke got up walked to his window, opened it, and sat on the sill.

As he sat there he started to think.

-sigh- 'How can I get Naruto? I liked him ever since he brought me back from that snake bastard.'

After sitting for at least an hour a thought popped into his head.

'I can use a jutsu to become a girl and get Naruto to fall for me. YES it's perfect! But of course it was I am an Uchiha!'

Naruto awoke up sweating he had another wet dream about Sasuke, but unlike Sasuke, Naruto went into the bathroom.

Naruto took of his red fox boxers and got in the bathtub, so he wouldn't have to clean up later.

He grabbed onto his engorged member and started slowly tugging and making sure to tease the tip to get full pleasure.

"Sasuke.. Harder…ah.. Fas..ah..ter!!" he yelled going faster, so he could reach his completion.

Naruto came with a shout of Sasuke's name. After he got over the high of his orgasm he turned his shower on and cleaned himself off.

He got ready and went to the bridge to wait for his sensei.

Sasuke went to his library in his house and went looking through scrolls until he found the one he was looking for. The jutsu was able to turn him into a girl for exactly one hundred and twenty hours or five days.

He read the scroll and preformed the jutsu. In a poof Sasuke was in a school girl uniform with his body more feminine and his hair had a purple tint, and was longer and tied in pig tails that go down to his thighs. He had long bangs that framed his new face, and his headband tied on his head. (Think of Naruto's sexy jutsu with paler skin and black hair!!) His eyes are now a dark ruby red and were gorgeous.

Sasuke looked in the mirror and saw how beautiful he was.

'Naruto has to love this, but first I have to go shopping.'

Sasuke wrote a note that he went on vacation and walked out of his house to shop and find a hotel to live at for the five days. Sasuke never went back to find that when he left the note flew under a desk where no one could see it.

Ok that was the first chapter I hope it is okay! I should get better after a while but I've never been able to put my imagination all out before which is why it's not that great in words!

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