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Warnings- Sakura hating, swearing.

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"Kyuu talking"

"Naruto talking to kyuu"

Sasuke woke up feeling very happy, because just yesterday he got the date he always wanted. Even though he couldn't be there as himself he was ecstatic.

Yawning, Sasuke got up and walked into the bathroom.

Sasuke turned his shower on and stepped into the warm, comforting water.

He despised the body he had this moment. It was disgusting to look at, but he would take this hideous body just for his Naru-chan.

Once he was clean enough he got out and tied a towel loosely around his body.

Walking into his room he put on a pair of boxers so he could be comfortable if only for a short period of time.

Rummaging through the girl clothes he bought he found the undergarments and tried to put them on. After about seven or eight tries he managed to get them on right, but now had the pleasure to put on the white skirt with a blue stripe on each side and one where the zipper was.

After he put that on he added a white halter top with a four inch blue stripe in the middle. The top came around the neck to hold it on his body.

Putting on his attitude Sasuke left his house and knocked on Naruto's door. He heard rustling from the inside before the door opened and then closed as Naruto walked out and said hi cheerfully, and then they were off.

Sasuke POV

We decided that we would just hang out, so Naruto went around introducing me to all his friends that I already knew but had to meet again.

The first person I met was Kiba who was walking Akamaru. Then I had the pleasure of meeting 

Shino, Hinata, Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, Ten Ten, Lee, Neji, and even Garra who was here from the sand.

After the talking and meeting it was noon so Naruto and I went to eat some ramen. In the middle of my first bowl and Naruto's tenth bowl Sakura came running up behind us.

"Heya Sakura-chan." Naruto said through the noodles in his mouth.

"Naruto –pant- Tsu –pant- nade was able –pant- to get the key. If we leave now we can search Sasuke's house." Sakura panted out of breath from the running she did. I mentally shivered at the thought of her searching my house, but ignored it.

Naruto hurriedly finished his and my ramen and we all left to go see Tsunade at Hokage Tower. The only thought running through my head was that they find that note.


"We were able to get the key to the Uchiha Mansion," Tsunade continued, "but you will have to have two other jonins along with Kakashi to be with you when you go."

In a puff of smoke Iruka and Asuma appeared on the right of Tsunade and took the keys away from her.

They decided that I was also allowed to come with them but I had to stay in eyesight of everyone.

We all then went in the direction of the Uchiha Mansion.


Normal POV

Asuma knocked on the door of the Uchiha mansion one last time before he unlocked the front door with the key he had in his possession.

The front door clicked open and the cold air washed over the six faces. The gloomy atmosphere was still held in the large house that only one person lived in.

The hard wood floor creaked under the weight of the six making the house echo every step. The light switch flipped up and light showed off the little furniture in the house.

All but one had a really freaked out look, which made all eyes turn to Sasumi. She seemed like this was what she had always had to see.

"Are you even scared?" Naruto asked her, tilting his head to the side.

Thinking of a quick excuse, Sasumi said, "Oh! Well I lived in my parents' home after they died 

and it was kind of similar, so I'm used to places like this."

"Okay." They all said at once. Unknown to the rest, Naruto was thinking how suspicious Sasumi seemed.

They walked around looking for anything that could give them a clue to where Sasuke went.

Sasumi went to where the note was written. Since she didn't find anything on the desk she looked around it.

'Maybe it just flew off the table.' She thought as she started looking around and under the table.

After she finished with that table she looked over the other furniture that was near that very table.

She mentally sighed in relief when she finally saw the note.

"Look what I found!" She yelled. Not even five seconds later she was surrounded by the others in the house.

"What is it?" Sakura yelled as she ripped the note out of Sasumi's hand.

"Bitch," Sasumi mumbled under her breath.

Sakura sent a hard glare to Sasumi, but quickly turned to start reading the note out loud.

Once she finished you could see the relief shine on everyone's face, glad that Sasuke was okay and safe.

"He should have told me he was going," Sakura whined, "Then we could both have been alone together for a whole week."

"Maybe he just hates you and wants to puke at your ugliness." Sasumi said expressing her true feelings.

"What was that?" Sakura yelled in a deadly voice.

"The truth probably." Sasumi said coolly as she walked towards the door.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Sakura spat towards Sasumi's retreating back.

"Home." Was the last word to leave her mouth, as she walked through the door and went outside.

"Sasumi, wait up! I'll go with you." Naruto hollered as he followed Sasumi to the apartments.

Sakura just stood there in shock.


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